Dear Entrepreneur, V3cube Takes Pride in Coding and Designing the World's Biggest Super App Clone - Kingx Pro.

Smart Entrepreneur, Our KINGX Pro App will help you make Easy and Quick Money in no time! And you'll go on to become the Next Self-Made Billionaire! How? Because you’ll be Earning Commissions on Every Single Service Booked or Order Placed through this Money-Making Super app clone.

What if we say you can Launch an App and conquer Businesses like Taxi, Transportation, Logistics, Food, and Grocery Deliveries, Health Care/Medical Services, Online shopping with Immediate Delivery, Ride Share/Car Pool, Money Transfer, Car Wash, Fitness, Beauty, Buying/Selling/Renting Cars - Real Estate - Other Items, and other 101+ Businesses with this Single App? Aspiring Entrepreneurs, kickstart your Multi-Service Business with the bigger and better Gojek Clone!

V3Cube's KINGX Pro has all the major Advanced Features that will allow your Customers to have Instant Online Video Consultations with Doctors, Tutors, Fitness Experts, Lawyers, etc via App. Also, a Newly-Introduced Trending Feature of this App is where your Customers can Post Task Details for the Services they need and get Real-Time Bids from Handymen! Newly Coded Features also include Finding Businesses Nearby your Location and Keeping Track of your Family Members and Employees.

Smart Entrepreneur, you are just one step away from becoming a Successful and Rich Businessman. Order Now and get Super app clone Delivered on your Stores and Server with your Branding, Name, Logo, Color, Preferred Language, Currency, Payment Gateway, etc. in just 1-2 Weeks. Let the money shower!

on demand business solution


As experienced mobile App Developers, we always think Outside the Box. We don't just develop Mobile Apps; we build complete Solutions so that your journey to Success never hits the brakes. With our Extensive Collection of Flawlessly Designed, Rigorously Tested, and Irresistibly Trendy Clone Apps, your Entrepreneurial Dreams will surely come true. We offer the Perfect Ready-Made Solution for Taxi Booking, Rapid Deliveries and Medical Services.

On-Demand Taxi App

taxi booking app

We offer you an End-to-End Taxi App Solution so that you can establish an Uber-like Business in just 1 to 2 Weeks.

Pre-integrated with the most Advanced Features, our app enables users to Book Taxis within a few clicks. This Next-gen Taxi Booking App includes crucial Features like Real-Time Tracking, Fare Estimation, Online Payment Methods, OTP Verification, Live Activities, and more.

While your users will be enjoying Taxi Ride Scheduling, Moto-Ride Booking, Taxi Rentals, and Ride-sharing, you'll be leveraging the Ease of Earning Money with this App.

By launching this App in your region, Taxi Booking and Scheduling will no longer be a Hassle. In Four Simple Steps, your users can Book a Taxi and reach their Destination. Users will be able to Sign up/Log in with their Face ID/Fingerprint, add the Destination, choose the Car Type and Payment Method, and BOOK the Ride.

Soon the Driver arrives, picks up the User, and starts the Ride. What more can one Ask for? So, Launch the App and start Earning Commissions on all Rides now.

On-Demand Services App

on demand service app

Allow Your Customers to Request for an Immediate Online Video Consultation Session with Doctors, Tutors, Lawyers, Yoga Trainers, etc. After the Video Call Ends, the App will Automatically Deduct the Money from your Customers' Credit Card. What’s in it for you? You get to Earn Commission for Every Single Confirmed Video Call.

Your Customers can Hire from Diverse Service Provider's such as Car Washers, Beauticians, Doctors, Lawyers, Massage Therapists, Dog-Walkers, Baby-Sitters, Maids, Security Guards, and even Physiotherapists and 62 More Registered Professionals.
On the Checkout Page, Your Customers get to Select the Service Location. Now it could be either their Home or Service Center of the Skilled Expert.

Customers will be able to Negotiate / Place Bids / Bargain the Service Charges Directly with Handymen such as Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Home Cleaners, etc. It is through these Online Negotiations that your Customer gets to have the Best Ever Offer at a Reasonable Price.
At this Point, your Customers can either Pay in Cash or Online using Credit Cards and In-App Wallet Funds. And Once Again you’ll be busy Making Good Amount of Commissions Per Task Booked.

on demand multi service app developer

Over 1320 Mobile apps launched since Jan 2016

Our dedication towards bringing better and smarter solutions for our clients is the sole reason for our success. We aim at mobilizing the use of latest in the world of technical infrastructure to produce surreal apps that can be the stepping stone for the success of our clients.

With Dedicated Practice through years, we've mastered and have expertise in Designing and Development of Websites, Mobile Apps for Android & iPhone/iOS Phones and Wearable Devices Apps. We've achieved excellence in crafting Clone Scripts for renowned Apps and Websites, including Taxi Services, On-Demand Solutions, Ride-Sharing, and more. Our clients can access these high-quality offerings at exceptionally affordable rates.

Because We Have Been Launching Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Optimized Apps on a Regular Daily Basis for Past Six Years Now, We Know this On-Demand Industry like No Other. We Know Which All Services are Highest in Demand and How can We Help Well-Educated Entrepreneurs like you to Go Live with your Completely White-Labeled App to Start Earning in Billions of US Dollars!

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If you have an awe inspiring idea for a business and want to watch it materialize, we are the solution. Our team of highly skilled expert professionals nurtures the seed of your ideas and helps it grow into a profit bearing tree.

Our interactive Mobile applications will make you forget average dreary and mundane apps by morphing them into ground breaking profit generating modern apps. Our application and website clones of some the most prominent sites are the perfect solutions to bring that buzz into your business. Ready to go live in just two days, they are the perfect solution to kill the monotony and bring fresh rewards back into your business.

In today's highly competitive business world, it is a matter of survival of the fittest and the most inventive. In the digital world, your inventions should be exclusive in order to be able to withstand the competition and that is why we at V3CUBE work tirelessly to provide exclusive, unique and powerful solutions. We design and provide products that will stand the test of time in today's highly competitive world, and ensure that your product will weather any storm and make you a force to be reckoned with.

Find buying online a challenge? Don’t worry at all! Our sales support team is the best in the market who guide you through the entire process and provide you the app of your dreams. For all your Mobile Application, Custom Web Development and Wearable Devices Development or any similar requirement, call the experts at V3CUBE.

  • founded 2005 FOUNDED
  • employees 52 + EMPLOYEES
  • apps launched everyday 2 APPS LAUNCHED
  • app launched 1320 APP
  • repeated clients 99 % REPEATED
  • customer satisfaction 100 % CUSTOMER

V3CUBE Your Mobile App Development Company for Life

We, the proud V3Cubians, work with the simple Aim to Deliver Perfection and the Best to Our Clients.

Watch these videos to hear our Client's Past Experience of working with Other Companies in their 10-15 Year Long Tenure and how those Companies took Hefty Money but were not able to Deliver the Quality Product that they Promised.

And how these Clients had to then hire Freelancers to Fix the Flaws in those Apps.

Then you’ll hear them share their Experience of working with V3Cube. Listen to them as they Discuss how they got Timely Delivery of the Apps that were Promised to them. How they have Stayed Connected to V3Cube for Years even after the Successful Launch of the App. They were Impressed with our After-Sales Service because we helped them keep their Apps Well-Maintained and Updated. Towards the End, they share their Future Plans of working with V3Cube Again. That they have Already Started Discussing their Second or Third Projects with us.

Concluding the Video, they are seen to be thanking the Technical Project Manager for their Support throughout the Entire Process and giving V3Cube the title "Developers for Life". They End on a Sweet Note by Encouraging other Entrepreneurs to come work with us.




My Dearest Entrepreneur, we know this ON-DEMAND SERVICE INDUSTRY Inside Out! We have been Launching such Apps for Many Years Now and have Almost Two Decades of Experience in the Software Industry.
So when you Launch any of OUR APPS in your City, and Invite Us Over, We would be Grateful to Have you as our Host! Also, we'll be Happy to Share our In-Depth Knowledge with you! Give us the Honor to Help you with Business Planning, Marketing and Discussing Ideas related to Technical Maintenance of the System.

See how few of our Clients invited us over to Join in for the Lavish Pre-Launch Party of their Gojek Clone App. The Client was in urgency and understanding the emergency, we launched a Fully-Functional Powerful Gojek Like App for his Company in a Record 10 Days! They just couldn’t Stop Complimenting Us for our Remarkable Work Ethic! And that is why they had sent in a Special Invitation and sponsored the trip for the V3Cube Team to Come and See What Big a Success this Super App Clone had already become in their Country. We are Grateful to them for this Experience!

So, If you too want to discuss Your Unique Ideas and Big Plans with any of our Products, Contact Us Right Away! When you’ll be busy making Arrangements for our Trip, we’ll Busy Strategizing a Business Plan that will Help you Capture the Whole of Market with our Mature and Market-Tested Apps.

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Products wide Range Of Products

We've done it all! Our portfolio has a diverse assortment of apps that our team has built. Need a service? We've got the app! We have been in the app building business for a very long time and are specialists in design and development of Websites, Mobile Apps for Android & iPhone / iOS Phones and Wearable Devices Apps. V3cube bestselling cloned script apps are:


7 days is all we need to launch your App. And from the moment you go live, you start raking in profits because that’s how the business model of our On-Demand Service Apps have been designed. With the purchase of the Package, we’ll also rebrand our base App with your Company’s Name and Logo. We’ll integrate your preferred Language and Currency for the ease of your customers no matter where you hail from.

become the next big thing




You just pay us once and get licenses for the code for lifetime for your Brand / Domain.

Your Technical manager will be available


Your Technical manager will be available all round the clock for after Sales Support.

If your changes and enhancement

Local Currency and Language Options

Your Preferred Currency and Language Options will be added to the system.


Free system installation on your servers & app stores

We ensure that we'll get your Application approved on Play Store & App Store and won't get it rejected for any technical issue.



We will never put your Apps on our portfolio nor put our name on the Apps, we'll deliver you. Confidentially will be strictly maintained.

free upgrade


Free annual upgrades included as per the package that you purchase.

When Clients Visit Us!

It's nothing but encouragement and appreciation
Mr. Ibrahima

Mr. Ibrahima, our old client from Senegal, visited V3Cube’s headquarters to learn more about our latest products that could help him expand his existing on-demand business. In his testimonials, he reveals that he trusts us because we are genuine and professional. We have been working with Mr. Ibrahima for 3 years now, and this testimonial is proof that entrepreneurs are investing in white-labeled and pre-built apps. Our client also pats us on the back for delivering all the projects on time. Mr. Ibrahima also says, "I recommend everybody to come and work with these guys because they are genuine and serious people!"

Mr. Ibrahima
Mr. Dahir A.

Mr. Dahir A., our esteemed client from the UK, recently made a surprise visit to discuss his project at our headquarters in India. In this testimonial, our client reveals that he invested a lot of money in five different app development firms before reaching out to V3Cube and how he faced disappointments every time. Mr. Dahir commends our professionalism and our quick launch process, as we helped him go live with a fully-fledged on-demand app in just 1-2 weeks! Our valuable client gives us “FIVE STARS” for our super quick white-label app development services.

Mr. Dahir A.
Mr. Moulai

Mr. Moulaye, our Tech-fluent Client from Istanbul, recently visited V3Cube's Head Office in India to discuss his Super App clone Project. He was kind enough to record a Testimonial, sharing some Heartfelt words.

During his visit, our Client also assessed the Quality of our Codes before making his Purchase Decision. Applauding our App’s Quality, Professionalism, and Warm Greetings, Mr. Moulaye stated that "V3Cube is one of the Best Companies in the Industry." In the video, our Client encourages his fellow Entrepreneurs to explore why we are the Best!

Mr. Moulaye
Mr. Jean

Mr. Jean, our Esteemed Client, with whom we have been Working Since 2019, recently made a Visit to our Headquarters from Switzerland. The Purpose of his visit was to Engage in Comprehensive Discussions with our Team and Sign his Fifth Project with us. Our remarkably Long Relationship with Mr. Jean serves as a Testament to the Trust, Satisfaction, and Achievements we have attained Together. Listen to Mr. Jean himself as he shares his Journey with us. In his Testimonial, Our Client also expresses his Plans to Continue Working with V3Cube in the Future.

Mr. Jean
Mr. Frank

Our 2020's existing client Mr. Frank and his team traveled from West Africa to visit our Head Office in India. He was kind enough to sit and record a video, telling us how his previous purchase from V3Cube was a success and that is why he wants to purchase another application, our Biggest GoJek Clone App - KingX Pro. In the end, our client also mentions that with our latest release, he can grow his existing business and make more profits.

Mr. Frank
Mr. Farag A.

Our Prestigious Client, Mr. Farag A. traveled all the way from Yemen to visit our Development Center on the occasion of our Foundation Day. Our client talks heartfully about his love for Indian Food and Culture. He appreciates V3Cube’s Professionalism and how content he feels about his recent Gojek Clone KingX App project with us. In closing, he wishes the team the very best and expresses his thoughts on working with us for many more projects!

Mr. Farag A.
Dr. Dorrasamy

Dato Shri Dr. Dorrasamy, our highly regarded client from Malaysia recently visited our Development Center. In a heart-to-heart with our team, he expressed how our Management Team showed support right from Day 1. He also mentions that our team is understanding and knows EXACTLY what their Clients want. In a gratifying manner, Dr. Dorrasamy also mentioned that the team is open to exploring the best for their clients and that’s what sets V3Cube apart!

Dr. Dorrasamy

A genuine client from South America visits our Development center. Mr. Juan shares his valuable and authentic experience regarding the working culture of the company. He also discusses the Multi Purpose App Clone that he purchased from us and delivered the words of thanks for developing such an amazing app without any inconvenience. Mr. Juan recommends V3Cube and also promised us to work in the future for his upcoming projects.

Mr. Juan

Watch this video to meet Mr. Majed, our client from Saudi Arabia who paid a surprise visit to verify our Development Centre and then ordered our latest application Gojek Clone. Take a glance through it to know about his experience of association with our organization from September 2019 to January 2020. Hear him as he explains how we made sure to give a detailed demo of the solution, encouraged other businesses to work with us and the happiness on the product going live in some days from now.

Mr. Majed

Have a peek into this video to meet Michael C. our client from Indonesia for whom we built and white-labelled Gojek Clone Solution. Hear him as he shares his experience of finding us and coming all the way to Ahmedabad to see us live at work. Listen to him as he commends us for the professionalism and hospitality and motivates other businesses to work with us!

Mr. Michael C.

Hear Archivaldo talk about how much he enjoyed his visit here. He fell so in love with India that bought our kinds of clothes and would wear them to office here. He talks about his inhibitions initially and later how he got comfortable as he met the development team here.

Mr. Archivaldo C.
Miss. M. Van

Catch our client Miss M. Van speak highly of V3Cube and its management team in this video! It makes us feel great content and confident about our products and services after listening to our clients pour their hearts out about their wonderful experiences with us. Not only were our clients happy with the products but they also appreciated our warm welcome, the food, and their stay in the city!

Miss. M. Van
Mr. David S.

Mr. David, our client from Uganda, visited our Head Office to see how we work and deliver high-quality products so quickly. In the video, he describes his firsthand experience of visiting our development center. Listen to him as he talks about his trip to India and his liking for our traditional food items. He also appreciates our project manager's expertise in completing his on-demand service app within the 5-day deadline as we promised!

Mr. David S.
Mr. J. Hamed

Our Client, Mr. Hamed from the USA paid a surprise visit to us at our Head Office. Realizing that 90% of the companies are scammers, he wanted to make sure that we could deliver him what he wants. In the video, our client tells how we exceeded his expectations and delivered the best app that would scale his business and make more profits. He also commends our professional work culture, hospitality, and honesty.

Mr. J. Hamed

V3cube’s Angolan Partners Have Won The 1st Prize

In Digital Startup Competition

The South-African Nation of Angola is where we found our client a while back. These self-motivated and hard-working Angolan Entrepreneurs were ideating and trying to finalise what service to offer and build their business on.

This is where V3Cube makes a classic entrance and woo them with their Apps to the extent that they are swept off of their feet. They bought a fully-functional and market-tested app from us and started running their business in their hometown in Angola. They allowed their App Users to pay in their official currency Kwanza and browse content in Portuguese. Their App became a household name in a matter of weeks’ time and they were doing well from the App Launch date itself. This is when they participated in their country’s biggest start-up competition and they undisputedly won the first prize.

We had rebranded our base app with their company’s name and logo and even changed their entire app’s colour theme to match with the colour of the company’s logo. We are so proud of our Angolan Clients for their success and achievements and feel grateful that we could be a part of it. This again is a living proof that we are the industry stalwarts and are the pioneers of futuristic mobile app development business.


Client Photographs Prove Testimony to Genuineness of Our Work Every time we deliver our clients with their desired solution, they leave behind with a smile on their face that gets captured by us in the form of a photograph to prove testimony to the genuineness of the services that we render to them.


Our offshore company works with clients around the globe, so we take every opportunity to create fond memories that will last a lifetime. Our recent adventures with our Yemen Guest are captured in these scintillating pictures. Mr. Farag A. visited us for his Gojek clone development requirements from Yemen.
What better occasion to invite him here for our upcoming V3Cube Foundation Day Celebrations at the Narayani Heights Resort. Mr. Farag A. enjoyed his brief stay with us and was impressed by our warmth and hospitality. The two-day trip seemed like a breeze as he participated in various games and explored diverse Indian cuisines at the Resort. We happen to capture some of the funniest, full of joy and happiness moments. Furthermore, the trip fostered the team members in forging strong bonds and become more engaged with one another. Working diligently under the guiding principle of "provide nothing but perfection," placing our clients' requirements first, we have made sure to consistently bring a smile with the excellent app products that we create.
We would not be where we are today without expressing our gratitude to the clients who had faith in us and the team who stood by us as we grew. We would be happy to bring a bright smile gleaming on your faces if you have any wishes and wish to have a good time when you visit us.

favourite sport golf
favourite sport golf

We, at V3Cube work as a family. While our focus is strongly driven towards delivering excellent solutions to our clients, we also understand that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Since we are an offshore company working with clients from all over the world, we take every opportunity of meeting with clients to create fond memories that can help us cherish them forever. Take a look at some of the scintillating pictures from our recent adventures with our clients. Here we have our client from Nairobi, Kenya who visited us for his Gojek clone development requirements. Over a cup of tea and a general discussion we found out that his


Our manager turned every stone to make his trip to India a memorable one by taking him to the COUNTRY’S LARGEST GOLF COURSE to play a game or two followed by a generous supper. His smile at the end of the day was a great prize for us. So, if you are planning to visit us in Ahmedabad to discuss your projects, rest assured we will do everything to see a BRIGHT SMILE ON YOUR FACE.

Outings and adventures are just one part of our work culture. Take a look at Archivaldo, our client from Chile who visited us for his own App development requirements. He is a patron of GOOD MUSIC and happened to tell us about his fondness of guitars. We arranged for a quick little concert in office for him where he got the stage to himself. He played some wonderful soulful songs by his FAVORITE ARTISTS, CAT STEVENS AND BEATLES FOR US. The whole office was murmuring with fervour and was totally refuelled with energy to work significantly more earnestly for every one of the clients. Many thanks ARCHIVALDO! WE LOVED YOUR SINGING AND CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE YOU BACK.

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We Deeply Believe In And Delivering Only High-Quality Products To Our Clients!

We are the Most Credible and Trustworthy White-Labeling Firm in the On-Demand Service Delivery Industry. Honestly, it is an Outstanding Achievement. And it is All because of the Following Set of Moral Values that We Hold Onto Dearly!



We run our company with the utmost integrity as we know that reliability, honesty and diligence are the reasons why clients prefer to work with us. We always strive for success and that is why we are the best in our field.



We are passionate about our work and work hard to make sure that our perseverance pays off. Our products have that unique mark of excellence that stands out amongst other similar products.



We listen to what you have to say and act according to your requirements. We respect and value all our clients and that respect is always reflected in the way we deal with you.



Your confidentiality will never be compromised when you work with us. We have a default Non Disclosure Agreement with all our clients and ensure that their confidentiality is never compromised. All our employees adhere to the strict company confidentiality and security codes.



Having been in the business since 2005, our team has a wealth of experience amongst them, which is reflected openly in our products. Our expertise in this field is match by none.



We aim to launch our product in approximately 3-4 days and we do exactly that. As soon as we receive setup information, we start the White Labelling Process. Every deadline committed to our clients is adhered to at all times.


little acts of kindness

What would this world be if there was no compassion in it? With the news being chockfull of dreary dystopian items, the only ray of positivity is the ones that we can bring into our lives and that of others.

To ensure that every member of the V3Cube family is secure, the management has insured them for a sum total of up to INR 5, 00, 000/- We value our team and would do everything in our power to make sure that they are safe, protected and secure.

Team V3Cube also got in touch with an NGO working tirelessly for the upliftment of animals. Apart from providing food in the form of nutritious dry kibble, funds and medication to the Jivdaya Charitable Trust that champions the cause of rehabilitation, care and medical help for un owned animals, we also provided them with two X Ray machines to be able to give medical attention to animals when needed.

But, it is not just the animals that are suffering. While we have been fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work and earn, there are many homeless people in need of many things. As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, our management makes it a regular affair to donate blankets, packaged hygienic food, clean water and other essentials to the homeless on a regular basis.

We embrace our responsibilities and hope to bring about joy as much as we can. What we are able to do might be a little, but our intentions are absolutely pure. If you know of someone who needs help in our city or state, whether it is an animal welfare organisation or an individual in dire need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to offer our assistance.

Make Your First $billion And Become The Most-Successful Entrepreneur Of This Era!

Our clients are already making more than 300,000 USD! This is the perfect time to launch the perfect App for your on-demand business - Multi Purpose Gojek Clone App, Taxi, Deliver All, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Pharmacy Delivery, All in one Medical App, Car wash, Uber For X and much more! If you don't spot a solution for your business, V3Cube can build it exclusively for you.



Do you want to know how you can buy v3cube’s authentic script? Or simply curious about our purchase process?

At V3Cube we have dedicated ourselves to work relentlessly towards Design and Development of Apps for Web, Mobile and Wearable Technologies. Each member of the V3Cube has a dream of giving their own contribution to the field of technology. This is probably the biggest reason, so as to why we have established a reputation of being the most reliable company offering IT solutions.

  • You like Our Product?

    We sell Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Optimized Apps ONLY! Cherry-Pick any One App or More from our Spectacular Portfolio of Sophisticated Products! Browse and Test Drive the Demo App for FREE for as long as you want until you are completely satisfied that it is ‘THE ONE’!

    app development

    It is all about You and Your Dream of becoming a Successful Entrepreneur! Go Gaga with your Imagination when it comes to Customizing your App YOUR WAY! Let our Technical Team work round the Clock to Gift-Wrap the App with Enhancements you asked for!

  • cart

    Place an Order immediately! Confused about how to do that? Simple, Contact Us! We are here to serve you! Our Technical Team will Brief you about all the Deliverables such as Android and iOS Apps, Admin Panel, Web Panel, and Kiosks before taking any Step Further. Then, we shall Confirm your Order only after you have made the Payment with Payment Milestones.

    white labeling

    Yes, We just need 3 Days! We’ll Rebrand our Base App with your Company’s Name and Logo. It is our sheer Pleasure to give you the CHOICE of the Language and the Currency you want to integrate into your Fully-Customized App. We’ll ask you to Review the Android and iOS Versions of the App on our Development Server. We’ll move onto the Next Step only after you Approve of the App.

  • app launch

    We'll need your Server Login Details to Launch the App on Google Play Store and Apple App Store! We'd do the heavy-lifting of getting the Apps Approved by the Play Stores!

    after sales support

    We will provide you 1 Year Support for Bugs that may show up in our Code. After Launching the App, we'll zip and send a Lifetime Licensed Source Code for one Domain at no Extra Cost with Purchase of the Package! Have a Query? Contact Us and we'll be there to assist you!

Mr Tarek
Mr. Tarek
Mr. Omar
Mr. Omar
Client from Turkey
Client from Turkey
Mr. Yaseer
Mr. Yaseer
Mrs. Polwat K.
Mrs. Polwat K.
Mr. Dahir A.
Mr. Dahir A.
Mr. Alphonce M.
Mr. Alphonce M.
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