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  • Android App installation on Google Play Store
  • Android App installation on Google Play Store
  • Android App installation on Google Play Store
  • Android App installation on Google Play Store
  • Android App installation on Google Play Store

Airport Taxi App Script

We have based the script of the Uber for airport ride app clone entirely on the tried and tested uber clone script itself, hence making it a 100% protected and safe script to use.

This script has been used my millions of users across the globe and therefore is known to be absolutely user friendly a responsive across various different platforms.

airport taxi app script

Getting to the airport or coming back home isn't a problem anymore!

  • This is the simplest app in the market exclusively for reaching the airport or coming back from the airport. All the user has to do is download your Uber for airport rides app and fill in personal details that will help build the user's profile. At this stage, the user can fill his credit card details for all future transactions.
  • Once the app is downloaded in the user's phone and the profile is built, your user can easily book any ride from or to the airport just by a few taps on the screen. Bing the admin, you can decide on what all categories of information you require to be added in the request including but not limited to amount of luggage, number of passengers etc. These categories can be guarded, customized or handled by the admin.
  • The charge for the rides too can be determined by you when you set up the other details at a charge per kilometre or mile rate.
  • There are two kinds of bookings which the user can make:
    • To the airport: This works just like a conventional taxi booking. The request for the ride along with the pickup location is sent out to the drivers in the region. Whoever accepts the ride first gets the job. The Drop location will always be the Airport.
    • From the airport: This works on the 'Gentlemen's rule' or the FIFO principle where in the driver waiting for the longest duration at the demarcated area in and around the airport will be sent the request first. If he accepts, he can pick the passenger up. In case he declines, the job is offered to the next in waiting based on duration. This continues till someone accepts the ride.
  • Since you are the admin, you can define the radius of action for the drivers. You can either use Geo Fencing to outline an area for drivers within that area will be given a request, or you can simply set a number such as a 2 mile radius for ride requests.
  • When the ride is accepted in either case, the driver and the rider both receive each other's profile along with details regarding the car number and so on and so forth.
  • On completion of the ride, the money is deducted automatically from the credit card details pre-fed by the client.
  • Both the rider and the driver can now rate each other for future context.
  • Your app will also allow the users to schedule rides for a future point in time. No one will ever get late to the airport now!
  • Thanks to your app, people travelling frequently will now have a hassle free journey from home to airport or back from the airport. You app can also be an excellent facility for employees at the airport. Since the destination is fixed, it will never have any issues at all! Help out your passengers and make good money while so!

Not just your average app- it's a whole bonanza of offers!

Just having the app might not help you so much and our ultimate objective is to ensure that you can start making money from DAY 1! This is why apart from just the app, we offer you a comprehensive kit with a user panel, driver panel and a web panel for the administrator, each designed specifically to ensure that the entire transaction is absolutely seamless and comfortable.

Have an idea that you'd like to squeeze within the app? Talk to us and we'll modify the app just to your liking. After all, it is your app and we will deliver nothing but the best. Get the Uber for airport transportation app now and start minting money right away!

airport transportation app
4 Steps To Your Product
  • Download our App
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores

Web Panel's Included

Web panel

All Airport Problems, One Simple Solution: Uber For Airport Rides App That Offers A Seamless Solution To Any And All Airport Pick Up And Drop Related Problems.

Let this app take your business to newer heights by allowing more and more people to book quick rides to and from the airport while making you very rich. Your customers get easy rides, your drivers get a lot of bookings and you get paid every time someone uses your app to make one!

We don’t just offer you an app. We have built an entire system that enables you to make sure that it serves in the best possible way. This is why we have included web panels in our bundle of offerings as well!

A one tie investment gets you everything neatly tied up and deployed on your app stores! Business couldn’t get any easier or better! Contact NOW for FREE demo!

Uber For Airport Rides App Pricing

We can customize our Uber for Airport Rides App Solution to suit your business model. V3Cube has the perfect solution whether you're a start-up or an established enterprise looking to expand into a new venture and become as big as the industry mammoths. We can help you with anything you need!

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