Free Features Of Uber for Airport Rides

  • Licensed Source Code Licensed Source Code

    You will provide the Licensed Source Code for free, so your Technical Team can Enhance/Modify the App whenever they want.

  • 1-Year Bug Support 1-Year Bug Support

    We offer One-year Free Bug Support. If you find any Technical Bugs in the Code, we will fix them for you at no Additional Charge.

  • Annual Upgrade Annual Upgrade

    After a year, you'll get a Free Update. Just tell us when you're ready, and we'll send you the Latest Update as per the Package you purchased from us.

  • White-Labeling White-Labeling

    We will host your App and Website on your Servers and list them on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store under your Name.

  • NDA & Privacy Policy NDA & Privacy Policy

    We follow NDAs and Privacy Policies very closely. We will never claim your Airport Taxi Booking App as ours or Display it in our portfolio.

  • Preferred Languages Preferred Languages

    You can add up to 25 Different Languages to the App as per your needs without any Additional Costs.

Airport Taxi Script

Launch your Airport Taxi App in just 1-2 weeks with our Ready-made Solution. Our Package includes all the important Scripts you need to start your Online Business, from iOS and Android apps to Web panels.

Let people Book Taxis to Airports and travel worry-free with your On-demand App.

airport taxi app script

Uber for Airport Rides - Workflow

  • Sign-up/Login: After downloading the app, the user needs to sign-up on the app or log in if they already have an account.
  • Booking a Ride: The user selects "Book a Ride" from the app's main screen and enters the airport as the destination. They can also specify the pick-up point; otherwise, the system automatically detects the user's live location and marks it as a "pick-up point".
  • Select the preferred taxi type: After the user selects the destination, all the available taxis are displayed - Basic, Normal, and Luxurious. Now, depending on the user's preference, number of passengers, luggage capacity, etc., they can choose to book a taxi.
  • Select the payment method: Based on the user's convenience, they can choose the payment method that they want - cash, credit/debit card. or in-app wallet.
  • Book Now/Book Later: Users can choose to book the taxi now or schedule it at a date and time they want.
  • Booking confirmation: The user gets notified after a taxi driver near them accepts their request.
  • Live tracking: Once the driver accepts the taxi ride, users can start tracking its location in real time. They can also see the ETA of the ride.
  • Ride starts: The driver starts the ride once they arrive at the user's location and pick them up. To start the ride, the driver needs to enter the OTP sent to the rider's phone.
  • Ride ends: After reaching the destination (Airport), the driver marks the trip as "Complete".
  • Invoice generation: When the driver ends the trip, an invoice is generated automatically. It includes a complete breakdown of the final bill, quoting base fare, airport surgecharge, extra miles traveled, etc.
  • Payment is processed: Money automatically deducts from the user's in-app wallet or credit/debit card if they choose one of the two online payment modes. Otherwise, they will have to hand over the cash to the driver.
  • Rating & Review: Riders and drivers can rate and review after the payment is done.

Benefits of Launching Airport Taxi Booking App

Launching an Airport Taxi Booking App offers App Owners numerous benefits. Firstly, it Streamlines the business, Enhancing your user's overall Satisfaction. Moreover, your app's User-friendly Interface will attract more and more users, ultimately Increasing your Sales and Profits.

The system also offers Real-time Tracking and Route Optimization, improving your Operations and helping you complete Jobs quickly.

With the help of the Admin Panel, you can access Reports and Analyses of your business and quickly take decisions. Additionally, with your app, riders and drivers can Directly Communicate, Minimizing Errors and Improving Service Quality.

By launching Uber for Airport Rides, you can also make Transactions Secure and Seamless. In short, a Mobile App can help you win the Competition easily.

airport transportation app

Uber for Airport Rides Package Pricing

We will White-label and Customize the Uber for Airport Rides App solution as per your Needs. Whether you want to start a New Business or Expand an Existing one, with our Perfect Packages, you can make your Dream come true! Glance through our Pricing Page for more details.

Web panel

Website and Admin Panel

Crafted using State-of-the-Art Technology, our Responsive Website is meticulously tailored to enhance your Airport Taxi App Business. The website allows Riders and Drivers to Register, Edit their Profiles, and also look at Past/Upcoming jobs. They can also view the In-app Wallet Transactions.

Meanwhile, the Robust Admin Panel allows Admins to manage Rider and Driver Profiles, manage In-app Notifications, Gain Insightful Reports, etc. Using the Admin Panel and its useful features, you, as the owner, can easily Manage and Control your business with only a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Uber for Airport Rides?

    The app is based on the Uber model, which allows users to book rides to or from airports with ease. It works just like a simple taxi booking app. However, it offers them the convenience of booking a taxi based on different criteria like luggage capacity, allowed passengers, affordable or luxurious taxis, etc.

  • How much time does it take to start the Airport Taxi Booking App?

    Our experts take 1-2 weeks to White-label and submit your apps to the App Stores. After the Google Play Store and Apple App Store review and approve the apps, they're ready to be downloaded on the user's device.

  • Who gets Ownership of the app after it's Launched?

    Once we launch the app and finish all the necessary formalities, we will give you the Licensed Source Code based on your purchased Package. Moreover, we sign NDAs and Privacy Policies, keeping our projects confidential.

  • Can the app be Modified after it's Launched?

    Once you have the Source Code, your technical team can make the required changes as per your needs.

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