Gojek Clone App Features

Unique Advantages of Gojek Clone Kingx Pro App

Running a Gojek-like business is not a cakewalk! It requires a huge amount of persistence and efforts and one may face many challenges along the way. We have added some Advanced Features in our Apps that will help you to cope with all major Technical Challenges you may face while running this business. Some of which are listed below.

Book Your Taxis Instantly

With The Taxi Apple Watch App!

Now, booking taxis becomes even easier for your iWatch users as you can empower them to book their taxis instantly using their wearable smart watches! We have introduced some of the top features in this industry to ensure that the app on the Apple Watch works seamlessly and your customers can enjoy the convenience of hiring a cab right from their iWatch!

apple watch app
Deliver Anything, Anywhere!

Empower your Customers to enjoy service like never before with the Delivery Genie & Runner Feature!
Now, your customers will have the option of hiring a Delivery Person who will Pick-Up / Drop / Fetch anything for them from the city. Even do small Errand Jobs, Deliveries and Purchases as per your Shopping List.
This is a very popular feature and used by many customers in their day to day life.

Delivery Genie

Google Maps Alternative

We got an alternative to the Google Maps

Usage of Google Maps APIs is sometimes expensive as their Service is of high quality. However, you may not always require high quality expensive service and can run the Apps using your Local Maps Company.
We thus researched to find the best alternative to Google Maps. We were successful and were able to integrate many API’s from other Map companies into our Apps. These Maps are as good as Google and not expensive at all. *This is a Paid Add on. Please contact us for more details.

google maps alternative

Book Services in Multiple Ways

Through Website, Android Phones, iOS Phones, Huawei Phones, Kiosk Tablets, iWatch & Manual Phone Calls to Admin

Business must come - no matter through which medium. And since the customer is the King, he must get facility to order Services via any medium. Normal customer may book via Smart Phones doesn't matter if its Android, iPhone or Huawei Phone. Also, via Tablets or iWatches too.
Non technical users can book via Phone Calls. We completely understand not everyone is so gadget savvy or proficient with the operations of a Smart Phone like the aged, say for example. Thus, to make it easier for them as well as those who are not too gadget savvy, KingX Pro App has advanced and complex features like “Booking Services” through “Website by Users” (Limited Features) and by “Backend Team” from their Panel when they get Service Requests via calls.
Your Customers will simply call you and provide the details about the Service they want and you will book the Service on their behalf. Major Services are available via Manual Booking and Website (and not all). This ensures that you as the business Owner can take the requests from users who do not have the App and dispatch the Services in the same speed as when done through the App.

multi service app

One Digital Platform

101 Plus Value-Driven Services

This Super App is home to more than 101 Plus Value-Driven Services that Users can have instant access to by logging in just once to Book Services and Shop till they reach their Credit Card Limits. Now, the App Users no longer have to painstakingly go through the Process of Downloading, Installing and Registering with Hundreds of Different Apps that caters to only a handful of Services at a Time but ends up consuming the Smartphone's Entire Storage Space! The App User can Book Taxi Rides, Rent Cabs and Moto Rides, Transport and Logistics, Order Food and Groceries online, schedule an Online Video Consultation with a Doctor, or hire a Beautician On-Demand and even avail Car Washing Services.

more than 101 Plus services
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gojek clone medical services


Allowing your Users to Book Real & Video Appointments with Doctors/Nurses, Book Ambulance, Order Pharmacy, etc

We now have one more Feature that will help you to make more money.
As we know, Health is the most important sector that has most of the monies in it. Today, people are ready to Spend Money on At-home Medical Attention, whether it be for Ordering Medicines or Consulting with a Doctor Online via a Video Call!
We thus bring you a feature that will allow your Users to Book Appointments with Doctors where they visit Patient’s Home or Patient’s can visit Doctor’s Clinic for treatment. And an advanced feature that allows User’s/Patient’s to Video Consult with Doctors from all over the world.
During Emergencies, your Users would be able to Book an Ambulance with Few Clicks or Order Pharmacy, Medicines, Plasma/Blood from authorized Blood Banks to be Delivered at their Room in the Hospital.
And you as an App Owner will make hefty money as Commission on all Medical Services Booked form the Apps. In-short, this innovative Medical Services Module, guarantees to put your business One Step Ahead of your rivals.



    Our team completely overhauls the app's appearance by putting in your logo and brand name everywhere on the app. After all it is your app and deserves to be launched under you brand name!

  • NDA & Privacy Policy
    NDA & Privacy Policy

    We won't tell anyone! We adhere to a strict non disclosure policy which ensures that your company's name or the name of the app is never revealed in our portfolio. We don't want your competitors snooping around!


    Holding years of experience in Android App Development, we guarantee a successful launch of your app on the Play Store with zero hassles.

  • Currencies of your Choice
    Get upto 25 Currencies of your Choice

    If you launch the Gojek app clone anywhere in the world you'll need local currency. This is why we incorporate 25 additional currencies based on your preference along with the standard USD absolutely FREE!


    Having just an App is not going to cut it for you. To ensure that your online Web Presence is just as good as your App presence, we offer FREE SEO Friendly Website to you. The Website includes booking of major Services too (Taxi, Moto, Single Parcel Delivery & Store Delivery).


    We shall stand by your side at all times. Thus, when we submit your app to the app store we shall make sure it gets approved and not rejected for any technical reason whatsoever.

  • Languages of your Choice
    Get upto 25 Languages of your Choice

    Our App is a global one. You can launch it in any country. This is why we offer adding 25 extra Language Options of your preference into the app along with English. Go ahead; launch this business anywhere in the world with local language integration. Check list of available languages here.


    Our Gojek Clone Script Website Panel is designed to ensure that it is accessible by everyone. Our team has put together a responsive design for the website that can be accessed via any PC's, Android Tablets, iPads, Laptops of latest Resolutions and in all major Smart Phones.


    You will be provided with License Source Code for the System. License Source Code will allow your Tech Team to Modify the System Code as per your needs for your Domain.

Trending Features of Gojek Clone Script

The Software industry has defined a list of features that current Users “Want & Demand”. If these Features are not available in your Apps, there is 99% chance that your Apps will fail. We being pioneers in Mobile App Development, welcomed all such recommendations of the Software Industry and Coded these features in our New Apps. These features are “must” in any App and are required by Users for top experience. If you provide such Trending Features, your customers will love your Apps and prefer to use your Gojek Clone App repeatedly. Thus you make high profits from your Loyal Customers.

  • face id unlock feature

    Easy Login

    Login via Face and Thumb Scan

  • Video Consulting

    Video Consulting

    Consult Online with Experts

  • Mobile Money

    Mobile Money

    Pay via Mobile Money Payment along with Card

  • Real Time Bidding

    Real Time Bidding

    Post Tasks and get Bids

  • Secure Payments

    Secure Payments

    All Payment Transactions on App be 100% Safe

  • Video call service

    Discuss on Video Calls

    Video Call Service Providers, give Instructions or discuss Tasks

  • User Friendly apps

    User Friendly Apps

    Easy to use Apps with Top Design

  • There are Hundreds of such Features available in our Apps. Please check the Demo or ask us for Details.

InDrive Clone and Uber Clone

Introducing GoJek Clone's with Most Advanced Taxi Booking Options

Presenting Gojek Clone App, offering a Quick, Easy and Affordable Ways to Book Taxis. We offer App Owners the choice of Two Algorithms for Taxi Bookings : the Standard Uber-like Flow or the Innovative InDrive-like Bidding Flow.

Standard Uber like Taxi Booking Flow: This is the most generic Flow.
This Booking Flow is followed by Uber and most famous Taxi Apps around the World.
This Flow works like Uber where User Pays as per the Rates defined for Vehicle Type, Distance and Time.

InDrive like Taxi Bidding Flow : In this process, the user initiates the Ride by entering a "Bidding" price that they find suitable. This price is proposed to the Taxi Driver. If the Driver agrees to the offered Price, the Ride is confirmed. This unique system allows users to suggest a price they're comfortable with and gives drivers the option to accept or negotiate, resulting in a mutually agreed-upon fare for the Ride.

We have above two Flows for Taxi Bookings, packed with the Trending Features and an Easy-to-use Interface for both iOS and Android platforms. If you're in Search of a Efficient Taxi Booking Process, we've designed this App with the aim of helping you stay ahead in the competition by adapting to industry changes.

taxi bidding feature


The use of mobile apps has risen significantly since people like to order everything online, including groceries, medicines, booking taxis, etc. The kind of convenience that the Gojek clone app has offered to its consumers has made all the difference in the on demand service business in Countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and USA. While enabling app owners to garner more profits, this app has single handedly ensured that local service providers and businesses too can grow their income by using the potential of the digital platform.
Today, Gojek clone app has truly become the King of the industry by offering over 101 different kinds of services within a single mobile application. All the users need to do is download one app and log in to it once to be able to access any of the services. From on demand transportation to product purchase and delivery, hiring service providers, or availing services like car wash, this App Like Gojek has got it all. Dive in deeper for more information!

iphone app
Landing Screen
Taxi Booking
Parcel Delivery
Food Delivery
Grocery Delivery
Video Consultation
Service Bid
Medical Services
Other Services
home taxi delivery food delivery app grocery video call services Medical services handy services
why v3cube is better?




Why does our App look expensive?

  • We have built the whole App from Scratch using 16 Developers, 4 Project Managers over 4 years.
  • We provide you with a fully 100% Working, Tested and finished Product not a Basic Prototype stolen from Online Forums.
  • We are experts and have specialization in GoJek Clone App. So our Apps are well Tested and Matured.
  • You can go live in 1-2 Weeks with completely White Labeled Apps.
  • We have Launched more than 1,200 apps all over the world.
  • Our App is ready so our price is a Onetime Investment.
  • You get after Sales Support and FREE Yearly Upgrade. You will be covered under warranty for bugs.


Why their App may look cheaper?

  • They are probably selling you a Prototype and their App isn't 100% ready yet.
  • They may have purchased their base code from Black Market and their code must be compromised and have backdoors. All your Users Credit Card and Personal Detail may be accessible to them and can be misused in future.
  • Your money will be used by them to Develop their current incomplete App so they can sell complete Apps to their future clients.
  • They may take more than a few months to deliver the App to you.
  • They will rely on other pre orders to solve your bugs.
  • Because the app is not 100% ready, their price will be low. Once you are LIVE, you will realize that many important features are missing. And you will end up paying a lot more to them to develop those missing features.

V3Cube - Original Gojek Clone Developers Since 2017

These are our Video's from 2018 when not many Entrepreneurs knew about Go-Jek Business. We are 1st and original Developers of Go-Jek Clone Apps and helping entrepreneurs like yourself to start Go-Jek like Business since 2017. Even 5 years back, you can see us explaining what Go-Jek is and how smart entrepreneurs can make easy money by starting a Apps Business like it.
Original Go-Jek Apps has added a lot of features in their Apps since 2017 and so have we. Our KingX Pro Apps are now much advanced and matured compared to the Apps we had in 2017.
These 2 Video's of ours from year 2018 are still trending and have almost 13,000 and 26,000 Views. Check these 2 Video's to understand base functionality and how you can start a business like Go-Jek and how we will assist you in starting it.
What does it mean when we say that we are launching Go-Jek Clone Apps for our clients since more than 5 years? It means we are experts in this App, our White-Labeling, Launch and Delivery Process is very smooth, our Apps are most Advanced and Matured compared to Apps of our competitors who just started their Development company in recent years.
V3Cube, Helping Entrepreneurs like yourself since more than 5 Years to make money with Go-Jek Like Apps.

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