Free features of our Taxi Plus Delivery App Clone

That Others Charge For
  • apps installation Apps Installation

    We carry out the process of configuration, uploading and installation of the Code, Database & Web Services on Online Web Server, Google/Android Play Store & Apple/iOS App store for no additional cost.

  • Apps Approval On Play Stores Apps Approval On Play Stores

    Our app is superior in all technical fronts. This is why we assure you that we will ensure that your apps get approved by the iTunes & Google Play Stores. We take complete responsibility for all technical issues and will ensure that your apps can be launched on these stores easily.

  • White Labeling White Labeling

    This app will be re-skinned and white labeled with your company or brand name and logo everywhere to make it absolutely yours. This service too is free of cost!

  • Advanced Analytics Advanced Analytics

    This feature allows you to keep a tab of everything that is going on in your application. Know how many rides have taken place, how many cancelled, how much commission you have been able to make and so on and so forth.

  • Advanced Reports Advanced Reports

    This feature enables you to take a look at exactly how much you are earning and the particular breakdown for the same. These advanced reports will also show you if there is a particular area that you need to put your focus on and put in extra efforts. You can also decide whether you need to change the rate of commission.

  • Wallet Wallet

    This feature will facilitate the passenger to add money into his digital in app wallet. Mobile Money can be used to make an addition to it or the Admin can also top up the customer's account if somehow, the cash is sent to him through another means.

  • Life Time License Life Time License

    We take care of the license for your brand / one domain. Once you pay us for the app, there is no additional cost for buying the license or even renewing it.

  • Licensed Code Open For Customization's Licensed Code Open For Customization's

    The License Code provided to you will allow your Team to Modify the System as per your Requirement. The License will be connected with your Domain Name so your Team will be able to Edit the Codes and Customize it for the system on your Domain Name.

  • Responsive Web Panel's Responsive Web Panel's

    The web panels that our designers have created for the Cuberideplusdelivery app is absolutely responsive. The main website as well as the app for the customers as well as the service provider is also very responsive. Being so responsive this app works beautifully on any device ranging from PC's, Tablets, Android Phones, iPhone/iPad, Windows or Blackberry Phone, etc.

Get Taxi & Delivery App Clone Start Your Business!

The market is continuously evolving and people are looking for solutions that can make their life easier. With the help of the taxi plus delivery app clone you can give your customers the luxury of booking taxis as well as sending across parcels quickly and easily.

The app has been specially designed to be ‘launch ready’ when you purchase it! Yes! On purchase of the Ride Plus Delivery App Clone, we can launch the app for you from your servers, with your logo and your brand name in just 7 to 8 business days!

This is your chance to shine in the on demand delivery market and become the reigning name in the horizon. A single app that transforms the way people have been looking at taxi booking and parcel deliveries is now here just for you!

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High Honors for Our Taxi Plus Delivery App

“I will definitely buy another app from V3Cube,” these are the exact same words our client speaks out loud and clear after their first experience with us. Well, it gives us immense pleasure to work for entrepreneurs around the world and take them a step closer to their dreams. Nothing can make us more grateful than a few words of appreciation from our clients. Here, listen to one of our clients share their experience working with V3Cube for the first time. He heartily mentions how our Project Manager and the entire team helped him devotedly throughout the app development process, right from the beginning to the day of publishing on App Stores.

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Watch Live Demo Uber Taxi with Delivery App!

See how your money will be put to use! Play video to see exactly how the ​S​ender​/Rider​ and ​Driver communicate right from the beginning all the way up to the end.

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Explore How Taxi Plus Delivery Clone Works

Each section of the app explored with screens
User App
Driver App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
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What Makes Our App So Successful?

Are you wondering what makes our app better than the rest available in the market? Well, apart from its flawless design and intuitive flow, our app has been designed and crafted after a very careful analysis of the market so that we can produce not just an application but a holistic and practical business solution.

We believe in providing you not just with an app but with a total solution that works as a potent practical business solution and covers all aspects be it from the customer’s side, or the driver and delivery driver’s side. Take a look at everything that you get when you purchase our On Demand Ride plus Delivery Clone App for your business.

  • On-Demand Ride - Delivery Website
  • Company/Merchants/Individual/Rider User iOS App
  • Company/Merchants/Individual/Rider User Android App
  • Company/Merchants/Individual/Rider User Web Panel
  • Carrier/Driver iOS App
  • Carrier/Driver Android App
  • Carrier/Driver Web Panel
  • The Admin panel that will manage the whole works - Payments, Company/Merchants/Individual/Rider, Carriers/Drivers, etc.
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Boost Your Ride Plus Delivery Business

with Innovative Industry Features
Our experts have curated some of the top features that will help you propel your business through the skies and make you absolutely undefeatable. Take a look at how you can pioneer in this field with our app and its features.
User App
Driver App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
  • Mobile number & Social Media Login and Signup Login / Register using Mobile number & Social Media
  • Book a Taxi Book a Taxi
  • Send a Parcel (Single / Multi Delivery) Send a Parcel (Single / Multi Delivery)
  • Track Ride / Delivery< Track Ride / Delivery on Map
  • Call / Message Driver Call / Message Driver
  • Multiple Payment Multiple Payment Options
  • Booking History Booking History
  • Booking History Edit Profile
delivery driver app
  • Mobile number & Social Media Login and Signup Login / Register using Mobile number & Social Media
  • Accept / Reject Taxi or Delivery Request Accept / Reject Taxi or Delivery Request
  • Track User’s location Track User’s location
  • Call / Message User Call / Message User
  • Receive Payment by Cash, Card or Wallet Receive Payment by Cash, Card or Wallet
  • Payment History Payment History
  • Manage Vehicles Manage Vehicles
  • Edit Profile Edit Profile
  • Social Media Login and Signup Social Media Login and Signup
  • Book a Taxi Book a Taxi
  • Call / Message Driver Call / Message Driver
  • Cash Payment Cash Payment
  • Booking History Booking History
  • Manage Vehicles Manage Vehicles
admin panel
  • robust dashboard Robust Dashboard
  • Clear Map View of Booking, Drivers and Users Clear Map View of Booking, Drivers and Users
  • Access to Records of Users and Drivers Access to Records of Users and Drivers
  • Payment Reports Payment Reports
  • Admin Reports Admin Reports
  • Manual booking of Ride / Delivery Manual booking of Ride / Delivery
  • God’s View God’s View
  • Mass push notification to Users Mass push notification to Users

Explore Smart Workings of Ride & Delivery App Clone

  • Efficiently designed as a two in one solution, this ideal investment will bring returns one way or the other. Riding one minute, delivering the next.
  • Clients who are looking for a ride or want a parcel delivered will register on the app. Apart from providing his personal details, he will also provide details of his credit or debit card.
  • Whenever they want to use the service, they simply log onto the app and select the service of their choice, ride or delivery. If they select on the ride, then they get to select the type of car, where and when they want to go. Available drivers in the area will show up on the screen. The rider will be able to see their profile, picture, reviews and ratings.
  • The rider will choose the vehicle that they want to travel in. Once the driver accepts the ride, the passenger will be able to communicate with the driver via chat and text messages and also be able to track him in real-time as he makes his way to pick you up.
  • Once the passenger reaches their destination, the ride will be marked as complete and the payment will be automatically deducted from the passenger’s credit/debit card. The rider and the driver can rate and review each other.
  • If the user decides to choose the option of delivering, then he will have the option to choose the mode of delivery i.e. foot, bicycle, bike, car, truck, lorry etc. depending on what he wants to be delivered. He then chooses the mode of delivery, details of what he wants to be delivered, to whom he wants it delivered to, and when he wants to be delivered. The user also gets an estimate of the delivery, depending on the mode he has chosen.
  • Available couriers will appear on the screen and the user can have a look at the profile of the courier, ratings, and reviews and then make an informed decision on which courier will get his business. The chosen courier will be able to communicate with the user via phone and text messages and be able to view the details of the delivery.
  • The courier will make his way to pick the parcel at the scheduled time. He will pick the parcel up, update the on demand parcel delivery app like Uber, and mark the delivery as "started". A text message will then be sent to the receiver with a verification code. The receiver will now be able to track the courier as it makes its way to deliver the parcel.
  • Once the courier reaches their destination, he will hand the package or parcel to the recipient, input the verification code the receiver gives him onto the Uber for Parcel Delivery and update his status as “delivered”. This will trigger the generation of an invoice, a copy of which will be posted to both the sender and the courier. Payment will automatically be deducted from the sender’s debit/credit card as soon as the courier selects the “Collect Payment” on the on demand delivery app using Uber.
  • The sender and the courier can rate and review each other if they so wish.
  • As the owner of the uber for courier service, you make a nice little commission for every ride and/or delivery that is made using the services of your app.
Uber like Delivery And Taxi app solution

Cost of an On-Demand Delivery with Taxi Booking App

Starting a business is an expensive affair, especially, when it comes to building an app from scratch. An app as complex as the On Demand Ride plus Delivery app can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and anywhere between 16 to 18 months.

To make all of this easier for you, we have built the app for you already. Our app has been built and kept in a ready to launch state so that you can test it before you have to pay even a single buck on it!

general features pricing
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4 Steps to your Products

We follow the 4 step formula below and do the hard work so that your work becomes much easier.

  • Download and get an ‘on road testing’ environment

    You don’t have to trust us blindly. First check our demo app! Download the Cuberideplusdelivery demo app from the app stores and then take it for a live test on road before you commit. The demo apps are just to show you what the app feels like for and can be modified as per your requirements.

  • Language & Currency Preference

    The default setting of the app offers the standard language of English. The default currency that is integrated is USD. However, in case you plan on launching this app in any other country we can integrate the language and currency of your choice within the app.

  • Provide Server, Play Store & Your Logo

    You are free to send us your Server & Play Store details so the team can create the clone app with your logo/brand name and upload/configure them any time after you make the purchase.

  • Your app is launched in your name on your app store

    In order to ensure that you can start making money right from the word go, we will launch the app for you on the play stores complete with your brand name and company name everywhere after we get it completely approved for launch on the Google/Android Play Store and Apple/iOS Play Store.

grab clone app web panels

A Holistic App for your Business

We deliver our promises and we have always aspired to ensure that our clients can make the most of their business aspirations. To benefit your business prospects, we have built an entire system for you. It is not just the app anymore. With this app, you get web panels.

The app offers a web panel for the admin to facilitate the app owner to track and monitor the entire working operations, apart from the delivery driver/ taxi driver panel and the smart user panel. The website of the app is an extension of your brand’s identity. The website will enable you to showcase information about your company and brand while also enabling your customers to book rides and send parcels online.

Explore the Flow of the Website and Admin Panel

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