CubeJekX 2021

Advanced GoJek Clone App

Here's presenting you the clone of Asia's Biggest Multi-Service Provider App promising 100% Profits from Day 1!

The app features Taxi Rides, Moto Rides, Delivery Services, Taxi Rental Services, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery and a host of over 52 other Services including On Demand Tow Trucks, Car Wash, Electrician, Plumber, Dog Walker, etc all packed into one. our Latest 2021 Version has 2 Home Page Variations for you to choose from : Traditional and Modern.

Why to go for CubeJekX 2021?

A sense of worry seeps in to the mind of a common man when he has to download and use Multiple Apps for using day-to-day services. Usually there are Single Apps for each Services. Eg. A dedicated App for Taxi Booking, another App for Ordering Food, yet another for getting Grocery Delivered, etc and so on.

To make sure that your User doesn’t have to download numerous Apps, we have Go-Jek kind of App which has multiple Services inside it. So a user would register just once, set his Profile & Payment Detail once and starts using all the Services. He can be doing a Taxi Ride and at same time, order Food or get Grocery Delivered to his home.
Users prefer to use Apps that allow them to book Multiple Services.

If you were planning to develop such advanced Multi-Services Apps and launch it in your country, then CubeJekX 2021 is the best solution for you.

We’ll be available to White Label the Apps and make it ready for launch on your Play Stores within a week with your Name and Logo, your Preferred Color Theme, Language & Currency on it. Thus giving you an opportunity to own such business and start earning good money easily as you make commission on every Service that is booked via the Apps.

why CubeX2020

Major Services Present on CubeJekX 2021

(These Services can be booked through Application as well as Website)

services included

Services included in the App

  • Taxi Ride App
  • Moto Ride App
  • Car Rental App
  • Moto Rental App
  • Small packages delivery App
  • Fly
  • Food Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Cargo Delivery App
  • Stationery Delivery Stationery Delivery
  • Pharmacy Delivery Pharmacy Delivery
  • Wine Delivery
  • Delivery Genie Delivery Genie
  • Delivery Runner Delivery Runner
  • Babysitting App
  • Beauty Service App
  • Car Wash App
  • Carpenter App
  • Cuddling App
  • DJ App
  • sanitization services sanitization services
  • Disinfecting Services Disinfecting Services
  • Doctor App
  • Dog Grooming App
  • Dog Walking App
  • Electrician App
  • Fitness Coach App
  • Home Cleaning App
  • Home Painting Service App
  • Insurance Agent App
  • lawyer app
  • Lock smith app
  • Maids App
  • Massage App
  • Pest Control App
  • Physiotheraphy App
  • Plumber App
  • Real Estate Agent App
  • Security Guard App
  • Snow Plows App
  • Tour Guide App
  • Tow Truck App
  • Travel Agent App
  • Tutor App
  • Vet App
  • Worker App
  • Barber App
  • Car repair App
  • Carpet Repairer App
  • Computer Repairer App
  • Fire Fighters App
  • Helpers App
  • Mechanic App
  • Mobile Technician App
  • Office Cleaning App
  • Party Cleaning App
  • Lawn Care Lawn Care
  • Language Tutor Language Tutor
  • psychologist Psychologist
  • Sofa Repair Sofa Repair
  • Translator Translator
  • TV Repair TV Repair
  • Yoga Yoga
  • Spa Spa
  • Interior Design Interior Design
  • Road Assistance Road Assistance

2021 Version Advanced Features

  • Taxi Booking iWatch App
  • Restricting Driver’s Fraud in Taxi Components Carpooling app video
  • Re-Assign Delivery Driver for Store Orders Re-Assign Delivery Driver video
  • Restaurant menu multiple options/toppings in Food Components
  • One Store under several categories (i.e XYZ store can be under Food and Grocery also) in DeliverAll Components
  • Free Delivery Promo Codes for Specific Delivery Stores Free Delivery Promo Codes
  • Advanced Rating Flow for Food Items and Delivery Drivers Free Delivery Promo Codes
  • Location Wise Banners throughout the System Location Wise Banners
  • Location Wise Push Notifications throughout the System Location Wise Push Notifications
  • Advanced and detailed Service Search in Service Provider Components Location Wise Push Notifications
  • Cookie Consent Popup throughout the System
  • Using Firebase For Mobile Number Verification through the System
  • SKU Code For Store Delivery Items
  • Restricted Passengers Limit - Corona Related Feature Restricted passengers limit
  • Face Mask Verification - Corona Related Feature Face mask verification
  • Safety Checklist - Corona Related FeatureSafety checklist
  • Safety Ratings & Reviews - Corona Related Feature
  • Ride Cancellation - Corona Related Feature
  • Apply Toll Cost Manually - For Taxi Module
  • Taxi Fare Calculation 2 Models - Fixed model and Incremental Model
  • Store Wise Commission - For DeliverAll Module
  • Day Wise Separate Timeslots - For DeliverAll Module
  • Item Name Searching - For DeliverAll Module
  • 18+ Age Confirmation - For DeliverAll Module
  • Voice Instruction for Store Delivery Drivers
  • Delivery Driver can have a Helper to assist him
  • Restaurants to upload Pictures of their Kitchens
  • Order Cancellation option for Store Delivery Driver
  • OTP Verification to Start the Task
  • Graphical Status of Rides and Order in App notification

Unique Advantages & Features of CUBEJEKX 2021

Running a Gojek-like business is not a cakewalk! It requires a huge amount of persistence and efforts and one may face many challenges along the way. We have added some Advanced Features in our Apps that will help you to cope with all major Technical Challenges you may face while running this business. Some of which are listed below.

Finding an Alternative to Expensive Google Maps

A point to remember, Google Maps APIs are very expensive and some of our very dear clients had to pay enormously for the Google Maps APIs. Their prices has increased 2 to 3 X times since the time they became popular. And they keep on increasing the costs. We thus researched to find the best alternative to Google Maps. We were successful and were able to integrate many API’s from other Map companies into our Apps. These Maps are as good as Google and not expensive at all.
*This is a Paid Add on. Please contact us for more details.

CubeJekX 2021 App Flow

Booking Services through Website & Phone Calls

We completely understand not everyone is so gadget savvy or proficient with the operations of a Smart Phone like the aged, say for example. Thus, to make it easier for them as well as those who are not too gadget savvy, we present advanced and complex features like “Booking Services” through “Website by Users” and by “Backend Team” from their Panel when they get Service Requests via calls.
Your Customers will simply call you and provide the details about the Service they want and you will book the Service on their behalf. This ensures that you as the business Owner can take the requests from users who do not have the App and dispatch the Services in the same speed as when done through the App.

70+ Services under One Umbrella

Users prefer to use Apps that allow them to book Multiple Services. To make sure that your User doesn’t have to download numerous Apps for booking each service, we created this App that will allow them to register in just 1 App and book all kinds of On-Demand Services.
With single Login, users can book all kinds of services like Taxi Booking, Grocery Delivery, getting appointment with Doctor, Ordering Food, all at a go – in real time.

CubeJekX 2021 App Flow

Give Your Customers the most Secure Shopping Experience

The world is struck by a deadly virus and the need to maintain hygienic practices has become the need of the hour. To ensure that your customers don’t have to worry about unhygienic shopping and delivery processes, our app is now equipped with the best safety measures. High end features included in the latest app include Contactless delivery option to avoid any contact with the delivery driver, Safety Badge for stores which enable the admin to provide a safety badge to various stores showing the commitment of the stores towards ensuring the best ever sanitation and security procedures and a Take away option to ensure that you can pick up the orders yourself to avoid any involvement of a delivery driver.

Major Components & Apps Flow

This is a super App that has Multi Services like Taxi, Courier Delivery, Fly, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Super Market Delivery, Car Wash, Towing, Massage Service, Baby Sitting, Dog Walking, etc and many On-Demand Services. All Services can be booked via Apps and Website. Here is basic flow of the App for your understanding. View Complete Workflow


When you purchase the CubeJekX 2021, here are all the basic items you get that ensure a profitable on-demand service industry promising quick services to customers and making sure that service providers can serve better!.

  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • User Web Panel
  • User Huawei App
  • Driver/Service Provider iOS App
  • Driver/Service Provider Android App
  • Driver/Service Provider Web Panel
  • Store iOS App
  • Store Android App
  • Store Web Panel
  • User Kiosk iOS App
  • User Kiosk Android App
  • Food Ordering Kiosk App
  • Hotel/Tourist Office Booking Panel
  • Main Website
  • User Web based Panel for Taxi Booking, Moto Booking, Fly Booking, Parcel Delivery Booking, Food/Grocery/Supermarket/etc Delivery Booking, Car Wash, etc other On-Demand Services Bookings from Website
  • Service Provider Company Web Panel
  • Organization Web Panel (This is for Corporate Profile - Taxi Booking)
  • Billing / Accounts Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel (Manual Booking)
  • Administrator Web Panel to manage all Apps & Web Systems, Payments, Rates, Users, Provider, Stores, Services, Reports, Settings, etc
app development cost

Application Flow Video

Transport yourself towards a successful on-demand service journey with this video. Watch this video to have a peek into the unique flow of this magnanimous solution – the CubeJekX 2021

Major Features

  • Free White Labelled Solution 1 DOMAIN LIFETIME LICENSE

    1 Domain Lifetime License for Website, iPhone & Android App for Lifetime Open licensed Source Code that will allow you to Modify / Customize all what you want.


    We will submit the iPhone Application in iTunes for you. And we take the guarantee that we will get it approved if it is rejected for any technical reason.


    We have years of experience in developing Apps for Android. We therefore ensure that your App gets launched in the Play store without any trouble at all.

  • Free Language & Currency Integration UP-GRADATION

    Technology is continuously evolving and you will need to upgrade your GoJek clone app accordingly. Why pay for it when you can get it for FREE! You heard it right. In order to ensure that your App works flawlessly with time, we offer One Free Annual Upgrade for next 2 Years.


    Our team completely overhauls the App's appearance by putting in your logo and brand name everywhere on the app. After all it is your app and deserves to be launched under you brand name!

  • Languages and Currencies 15 Additional Languages and Currencies

    We offer 15 additional languages and currencies from which you can choose the one suiting you best.

  • Free Installation Changing the color theme of Web & Apps as per your Logo

    We believe the business is your brainchild and thus you are the sole owner of your dream. Thus, when you buy the solution from us, you can be assured that we shall change the color theme of the web and apps as per your logo. After all, it is your dream, make it large!

  • LAUNCH OF WEBSITE 14 Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways

    Choose any one Token based Payment Gateway of Your Choice from the list or Contact us to get additional Payment gateway.

  • Unlimited Users, Drivers and Rides Booking From Website And Application

    All the Services can be booked through Website like Taxi, Delivery, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Car Wash, Home Cleaning etc.

  • color theme 12 Months Support

    We provide 365 days free Bugs support.

  • Free Upgradation 70+ Service Categories Added

    Our Advanced Gojek Clone has not 1 not 2 but 70+ service categories present inside to ensure that your customers can avail of whatever services that they may need and your service providers can get jobs and earn smoothly with zero hassles.

  • Free SMS gateway Integration In App Wallet Integration

    Includes wallet to wallet money Transfer.

  • Support System Manage Notification Sounds and Ringtones

    We have provided this unique feature wherein you can manage Sounds and notifications of the Application.

  • ios store Real Time Tracking

    This feature shall assist your customers and service providers operating the Advanced Gojek Clone to track the whereabouts of each other and know each other’s location.

  • payment gateway Schedule Bookings

    Utilizing this feature, your customers can schedule a booking from the service provider for a later date as per their convenience thus making it easy for them to complete their important tasks if any.

  • advanced marketing Availability Toggle

    Utilizing this feature, your service providers simply need to place a tap on this toggle in order to set their availability online or offline.

  • privacy Promo Codes

    This exciting feature helps you utilize different events and offer discounts to your customers respectively in order to become popular thereby retaining your old customers along with generating new one as well along the way.

  • kiosk booking Geo Fencing

    This feature will ensure the 100% security of your service providers, the engine of your business. Using this, you can simply create a virtual border around areas that may be considered unsafe after dark or having criminal history.

  • kiosk booking Privacy

    We follow a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement) policy making sure that nowhere in the website will your business name or name of your app gets disclosed.

  • kiosk booking VOIP based Call Masking

    Ensure the privacy of your customers and service providers with this feature. This feature will ensure that your service providers and customers while placing a call to each other neither of the two get their numbers revealed to each other thus ensuring the security of both.

  • kiosk booking Corporate Rides

    This feature empowers a rider to create a Corporate Riders' profile, avail corporate rides and take trips from the organization.

  • kiosk booking Admin Rights & Roles

    This feature strengthens you the owner of the magnanimous Advanced Gojek Clone to offer a few rights to the sub-admin who may be handling a particular ride or service.

  • kiosk booking Live Chat

    In case your customers get stuck while using your Advanced Gojek Clone App, the live chat feature present in the app will assist you to assist your customers thus keeping them retained to your solution for a considerably long time.

  • kiosk booking Earning Statistics

    This feature will help your service providers to keep a check on the earnings made by them through the services they offer.

  • kiosk booking Manage Services (On / Off)

    This feature shall help you set services that you wish to offer by tapping the same on or off.

app development cost

Overall Cost to Develop the Gojek- Like App

In case you plan to get the GoJek like app developed and built from scratch, it is going to cost you your entire pocket to say the least and years! We at V3Cube understand the sentiments that you attach to this business, therefore we have spent a considerable period of time into building this solution especially for you.

We have implemented many optimizations so as to ensure fast operation of the CubeJekX 2021 always and at all times!

You may come across many other GoJek like solutions present in the market, but what makes us stand out is that our solution is thoroughly tested, without the pain of building it from scratch using the latest technology stack. Do you want to know the icing on the cake? We also provide you with Free Upgrades and a Ready to Help Sales Support.

Wireframes – This is How CubeJekX 2021 Was Made

Have a look at the diagrams below to take a peek into how the Advanced Gojek Clone solution, was made.

User App

Have a look into the screenshots of the App of the user. Take a peek into them to see how it works on the app of the user promising them of a quick delivery and quick services everytime they place the order from their Android or iOS device or place it from the website.

  • user app
  • user registration
  • user login
  • user booking option
  • user app menu
  • taxi booking
  • bike taxi booking
  • delivery option
  • restaurant choice
  • rent aircraft booking
  • user requesting to driver
  • driver accept & arrived at location
  • driver trip completed notification
  • Enroute map
  • Enroute map
  • trip rating
  • Email/Phone Login
  • Register using social media
  • OTP Verification
  • Access Multiple Services
  • OTP Verification
  • OTP Verification
  • Schedule Booking
  • Vehicle Options
  • Track Driver Location
  • Wallet, Credit Card & Cash Payments
  • Corporate Rides RIDES
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Fare Estimation
  • Car Pool
  • Hail Moto / Taxi
  • Car Rentals
  • Moto Rentals
  • Geo Fencing
  • X tO Y Location
  • Internal Text Chat
  • Call Masking
  • Favorite Driver
  • Stop Over Points
  • Contactless Delivery
  • Take Away
  • Stop Over Points
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Gender Based Preference
  • Add Destination Later
  • Delivery Confirmation by unique code
  • Tracing Ride by Family/Friends
  • Advertisement Banners
  • Scan Credit Card for Payment
  • Airport Rides/Surcharge
  • Child Seat Preference
  • Book Ride for someone else
  • Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer
  • Multiple Addresses Management
  • Tips to Driver
  • Filter Restaurants
  • Add to Cart
  • Cancel Ride / Delivery
  • Toll Calculation
  • Promo Code
  • Emergency Panic button
  • Manage Emergency Contacts
  • In-App Notifications
  • Booking History
  • Email Notifications
  • Invite friends and referral system
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Manage Profile

Service Provider App

Here are the screenshots of the different screens of the service provider’s app. Have a peek into them to take a glance into how the service providers would be successful in offering close to 52+ services through the magnanimous solution and how they can manage their different services and earn an excessively good income at the same time.

  • driver app
  • driver app register
  • driver app login
  • driver gets online
  • driver gets online
  • driver app menu
  • driver accept or decline ride request
  • driver arrived
  • driver arrival confirmation notification
  • driver slide to begin trip
  • driver slide to end trip
  • driver collect payment
  • Email or Phone Login
  • register using google or Facebook
  • OTP Verification
  • Availability Options
  • Set Service Radius
  • Offer Multiple Services
  • Alerts on Requests
  • Membership Subscription Plan
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage Vehicle Options
  • Waybill Integration
  • Call / Message User
  • Map Navigation
  • Earning History
  • Cancel Trip
  • Wallet Integration
  • Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer
  • Accept/Reject Scheduled Bookings
  • Heat View
  • SOS / Emergency Panic button
  • Manage Emergency Contacts
  • Manage Profile
  • User Feedback
  • Manage Bank Details
  • Booking History
  • Invite friends and referral system

Store App

These are the screenshots of the different screens present in the app of the store that provides different deliveries like grocery, food, water, etc. Have a glance at these screenshots to see how the stores will be able to make enormous money right from Day 1!

  • restaurant or store app
  • restaurant app registration
  • restaurant app login
  • new order list
  • order confirm or decline
  • restaurant assign to delivery driver
  • delivery driver confirmation
  • restaurant order statistics
  • restaurant bank details
  • restaurant menu items
  • restaurant details
  • Manage Orders
  • Dispatch Order
  • Allot Driver
  • Manage Store Items
  • Manage Store Details
  • Minimum Order Amount
  • Invite friends and referral system
  • View Earnings

Kiosk App

With the CubeJekX 2021 Package, you get the Kiosk App for Android and iOS both
You can set the KIOSK in all the hotels of your city from where Tourists can book a Taxi without entering too many details. This is a rewarding app for you as you make commissions with the app owner on each ride booked via Kiosk of your hotel. The kiosk is available in multiple languages to make it easy to operate for the tourists living in your hotel.

  • kiosk app
  • select destination
  • select destination
  • vehicle selection
  • book taxi
  • send request by kiosk
  • send request by kiosk
  • Book Taxi from Hotel Reception
  • Choose Your Taxi
  • Send Request
  • Track Driver
  • Invoice Summary

Website - Front End

The Website Front End assists customers the freedom to book a vast array of services directly from the website. The website also gives the users the freedom to manage their profiles seamlessly, the service providers the flexibility to manage their profiles, their earnings, etc. It also helps the company, the store and you, the business owner to manage the profiles of your customers and services, keep track of your progress and manually dispatch orders.
  • web front panel home page
    Home Page

    Attractive Home page where in you can browse through all the Services.

  • Choose Your Language
    Choose Your Service

    List of Services will be listed here. Book the Service you want.

  • Choose Your Language
    Choose Your Language

    We will set the languages you choose in Apps and Website.

  • Book a Taxi by panel
    Ride - Book a Taxi

    Individual Page of Taxi Service will be shown. All the Information related to Taxi will be displayed here. This content is manageable by Admin Panel.

  • Order Your Food by panel
    Eat - Order Your Food

    Individual Page of Food Service will be shown. All the Information related to Food Delivery Service will be displayed here. This content is manageable by Admin Panel.

  • Get Things Delivered
    Deliver - Get Things Delivered

    Individual Page of Delivery Service will be shown. All the Information related to Delivery Service will be displayed here. This content is manageable by Admin Panel.

  • Book A Moto
    Moto - Book A Moto

    Individual Page of Moto Service will be shown. All the Information related to Moto Service will be displayed here. This content is manageable by Admin Panel.

  • Book An Aircraft
    Fly - Book An Aircraft

    Individual Page of Fly Service will be shown. All the Information related to Fly Service will be displayed here. This content is manageable by Admin Panel.

  • Sign Up to Earn
    Earn - Sign Up to Earn

    Individual Page of Earn will be shown. All the Information related to Earning will be displayed here. This content is manageable by Admin Panel.

  • About Us
    About Us

    The information about the entire Website will be displayed here. The content is manageable by Admin Panel.

  • Contact Us
    Contact Us

    Your Customers can contact you from here. The content is manageable by Admin Panel.

  • Privacy Policy
    Privacy Policy

    This page will Show website Privacy Policy. The content is manageable by Admin Panel.

  • How It Works
    How It Works

    This page will Show website and working. The content is manageable by Admin Panel.

  • FAQ

    This page will show Frequently asked Questions. The content is manageable by Admin Panel.

Web Booking

Making services available to all, our GoJek Clone presents customers with the Web Booking service. Using this, customers can book different services like Beauty, Massage, Taxi, Food Delivery, and other more than 70 services directly from the website itself.
  • Login

    Users can login from here using email or Mobile number. They can also login using their Facebook and Google Account.

  • Register

    Users can login from here using email or Mobile number. They can also login using their Facebook and Google Account.

  • Choose Taxi Types
    Choose Taxi Types

    User can choose the Vehicle Type, provide other details and can send the request to nearby Driver.

  • Parcel Delivery
    Parcel Delivery

    User can mention their Parcel details, address of the Recipient and choose the Vehicle type.

  • Fly Options
    Fly Options

    User can choose the different Fly options available like Normal Jet, Business Jet etc.

  • Choose Moto Types
    Choose Moto Types

    User can choose the Vehicle Type, provide other details and can send the request to nearby Moto Driver.

  • Ordering Food
    Ordering Food

    Users can provide their current location details and the Category.

  • List Of Restaurants
    List Of Restaurants

    Based on User's current location, nearby Restaurant will be displayed.

  • Choose Food Items
    Choose Food Items

    User can choose Food Items and Place the Order.

  • Take Away
    Choose Delivery Type

    User can choose delivery type as Take away.

  • Contactless Delivery
    Choose Delivery Type

    User can choose delivery type as Deliver at Doors

  • Choose Food Items
    Order Grocery

    User can enter his current location and the Category as Grocery Delivery.

  • Choose Food Items
    View Grocery Stores

    View list of nearby Grocery Stores based on User's location.

  • Choose Food Items
    Choose Grocery Items

    User can choose Grocery Items, add to Cart and place the Order.

  • Choose Food Items
    Order Wines

    User can enter his current location and the Category as Wine Delivery.

  • Choose Food Items
    View Wine Stores

    View list of nearby Wine Stores based on User's location.

  • Choose Food Items
    Choose Wines that you want to Order

    User can choose Wines from selected Store and can add to cart.

Manage Account

This panel present on the website provides the customer, service provider, the company as well as the organization with the access to manage their respective profiles and update the details in a smooth manner.
  • Login
  • Register
  • My profile
    My profile
  • My trips
    My trips
  • My orders
    My orders
  • My wallet
    My wallet
  • Provider profile
    Provider profile
  • My Taxi's
    My Taxi's
  • Provider Services
    Provider Services
  • Provider Availability
    Provider Availability
  • Provider Trips/Jobs
    Provider Trips/Jobs
  • Provider Orders/Earnings
    Provider Orders/Earnings
  • Provider Earnings
    Provider Earnings
  • Provider wallet
    Provider wallet
  • Restaurant Profile
    Restaurant Profile
  • Food Categories
    Food Categories
  • Restaurant Items
    Restaurant Items
  • Processing Orders
    Processing Orders
  • Restaurant Earnings
    Restaurant Earnings
  • Restaurant Settings
    Restaurant Settings
  • Organization Profile
    Organization Profile
  • Organization Users
    Organization Users
  • Organization User Trips
    Organization User Trips
  • Organization Trip Report
    Organization Trip Report

Administrator Panel

This is your gateway towards a successful on-demand service industry. Keep track of the profiles of all the users, companies, stores, service providers, earnings, etc. through this powerful panel.
  • Dashboard
  • Site Statistics
    Site Statistics
  • Admin Groups Management
    Admin Groups Management
  • Companies Management
    Companies Management
  • Manage Drivers
    Manage Drivers
  • Membership Subscription
    Membership Subscription
  • Membership Subscription Report
    Membership Subscription Report
  • Manage Rental Packages
    Manage Rental Packages
  • Manage Fly Stations
    Manage Fly Stations
  • Manage Fly Vehicle Types
    Manage Fly Vehicle Types
  • Manage Fly Fare
    Manage Fly Fare
  • Users Management
    Users Management
  • Manual booking
    Manual booking
  • Ride/Job Later Bookings
    Ride/Job Later Bookings
  • Manage Trips
    Manage Trips
  • Manage Restaurants
    Manage Restaurants
  • Order Food Manually
    Order Food Manually
  • User Wallet Report
    User Wallet Report
  • payment report
    payment report
  • geo fence locations
    geo fence locations
  • general settings
    general settings

Dispatcher Panel

This panel is to help the dispatcher admin seamlessly book 52+ services like food delivery, grocery delivery, massage service, beauty service, cab, moto etc. to name a few on behalf of the user.
  • Manual Booking
    Manual Booking
  • Ride/Job Later Booking
    Ride/Job Later Booking

Billing Panel

The panel helps the billing Admin keep track of the earnings made by each of the 52+ services and get them filtered in an easy and smooth manner.
  • Trips
  • Membership Subscription Report
    Membership Subscription Report
  • Processing orders
    Processing orders
  • cancelled order
    cancelled order
  • All orders
    All orders
  • admin earning report
    admin earning report
  • payment report
    payment report

Get a Live Feel with the Demo

Excited already? Want to take a live ride through this magnanimous solution? Don’t worry, we won’t keep you waiting. Take a live ride through the demo of CubeJekX 2021 and see how it promises enormous profits for you and also makes sure that the customers can receive quick services, and the service providers and stores can make a good income along the way!

Request Demo

Facts & Detail

Here are some know how you should probably know. This will help you be aware of what makes us unique in comparison to other businesses in terms of Advanced Features, Facilities & Support. :

One-Time Payment Pay once when you purchase the license from us, then no more monthly subscription fees payment! Once you purchase the license, you are assured of unlimited rides and users!
Test Apps Live Before Purchase We believe what you see is what you get! Take a test drive through the demo we provide to you before making a purchase of the same.
Licensed Source Code Delivery As soon as we complete your project, we shall email you a modifiable licensed source code for your domain.
Delivery Done in a Week We need just 1 week to make Apps ready as soon as you have provide us with your detail related to Color, Language, Currency, Logo, Name, etc
24*7 Assured Support We provide 24*7 round the clock support for issues that may be critical
Work in Strict Adherence to NDA Send us your NDA in case you wish to have one signed.
1 Year Support We provide a one-year support for bugs and other related issues.
FREE Upgrades 2 FREE Upgrade included.


The features that you can avail on CubeJekX 2021 are available at a price that promises great profits for your new on-demand service business. Here are the major features available in the package.
Features and Pricing


  • 2005Founded
  • 52+Employees
  • 2Apps Launched Everyday
  • 1200App Launched
  • 99%Repeat Clients
  • 100%Customer Satisfaction
  • 100+Countries
  • 70+Products
  • 100+Client Video Reviews
  • 100%Guarantee of Successful App launch
  • 100%Successful Products

What Makes the App Unique in Comparison to the Previous?

The CubeJekX 2021 is the latest version of our GoJek Clone with over 70 services like Cab, Moto, Fly, Beauty, Massage, Handyman, Food Delivery, delivery everything etc., to name a few that your customers can avail of both from the App or Website. Yes, you heard it right! Now, customers can avail of the different services in case they do not have the app directly from the website itself. Other reason being it is optimised in nature, designed as per latest Trend. Launch your own App in just 3-4 days.

Unique Attributes of CubeJekX 2021

  • Booking From App And Website

    Book 70+ services through Web and Apps.

  • Top Design

    Apps are designed & optimized as per latest industry Standards.

  • Map Options

    We have come up with different Map options to minimize you expenses.

  • Bookings through Call

    You order Taxi, Food, Grocery, Delivery etc on a Phone call.

Technologies Used

The Apps are built in Latest and Stable Technologies. We use some of the advanced technological stacks so that your solution takes your business towards new heights.
  • ios
  • java
  • android
  • php
  • jquery
  • mysql
  • bootstrap
  • linux
  • node
  • sc
Technologies Used

Payment Gateway Offered

Below is a list of the payment gateways you can choose from or if you have one in mind you can let us know!
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Stripe Available Worldwide
  • PayMaya Payment Gateway Paymaya Available in Philippines
  • zoop Payment Gateway Zoop Available in Brazil
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Xendit Available in Indonesia
  • PayBox Payment Gateway PayBox Available in Countries:
    • Kazakhstan
    • Kyrgyzstan
    • Russia
  • Iyzico Payment Gateway Iyzico Available in Turkey
  • iugu Payment Gateway Iugu Available in Brazil
  • paypal Payment Gateway Braintree (Paypal) Available Worldwide
  • senangpay Payment Gateway Senangpay Available in Malasiya
  • M-Pesa MPesa (Via Flutterwave) Available in Kenya
  • omise Payment Gateway PayFort Available in Countries:
    • UAE ( Dubai )
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Qatar
    • Egypt
    • Lebanon
    • Jordan
  • payu Payment Gateway Payu Available in Countries:
    • Brazil
    • Mexico
    • Colombia
    • Chile
    • Romania
    • Turkey
  • Paymentez Payment Gateway Paymentez Available in Countries:
    • Mexico
    • Ecuador
    • Venezuela
    • Colombia
    • Brazil
    • Chile
  • omise Payment Gateway Available in Countries:
    • Singapore
    • Japan
    • Thailand
  • adyen Payment Gateway flutterwave Available in Countries:
    • Nigeria
    • Kenya
    • Ghana
    • South Africa
    • United States

Client Reviews

Watch these videos to take a peek into what clients have to say about us. These will help you corroborate in what we say – Commitment to Perfection!. View More hundreds of video reviews

Genuineness Captured through Client Photographs

Here are some photographs that we have captured with clients who have visited us from far off lands. The smile on their face is enough to testify the genuineness that we deliver to them through our work.

our client from Thailand
our client from Malaysia
our client from Dubai
our client from Kazakhstan
our client from UK
client from thailand
client from US
our client from Thailand client from north america
our client from Malaysia our client from Chile
our client from Dubai our client from Uganda
our client from Nigeria client from zambia
our client from Dubai our client from Thailand
our client from South Africa our client from South Africa
our client from Malaysia our client from Dubai
our client from Malaysia our client from Malaysia
our client from Katar
our client from Dubai
our client from Kazakhstan
our client from UK
our client from Malaysia
our client from Iran

Avail the Gojek Clone

to Make Profits in Your Multi-Service Provider Industry

Watch this video to get a brief idea of what Gojek Clone promises for your new business. Also find out the different services your customers can avail of through the solution and get answers to all the queries you may have and kickstart your on-demand service provider industry with this video.

Committed to Genuine Services Always

Take a look at this video to meet Adam who worked with us after a previous setback he faced with another company. Watch this video to see how we are different to the company he worked with prior and what makes us a company you can rely upon.

CubeJekX 2021 Team

Just as Rome was not built in a day, neither was our CubeJekX 2021! CubeJekX 2021 was built by a workaholic team of 16 developers, designers, architects, DB Analysts, System Analysts, QA and 2 Project Managers, respectively.

All the design and deployment took place under one single roof and we are proud of this strong team.

If you want to meet them, visit our About Us page. Here you will meet our strong workaholic team who work together as a team to make your dreams a reality!

Color Templates

Here are the different colour templates that you can choose from in case it matches with the colour of your logo. In case you have a colour in mind, let us know, we shall help you with the same.
  • YELLOW app theme YELLOW X1 YELLOW X1
  • BLUE app theme BLUE X3 BLUE X3
  • PURPLE app theme PURPLE X4 PURPLE X4
  • SEA BLUE app theme SEA BLUE X5 SEA BLUE X5
  • GREEN app theme GREEN X6 GREEN X6
  • BLACK app theme BLACK X7 BLACK X7
  • GOLD app theme GOLD X8 GOLD X8
  • VIOLET app theme VIOLET X10 VIOLET X10

CubeJekX 2021 Help Videos

  • Introduction to Food Service
  • Manage Services and Rates
  • Referral Code
  • Services Arrangement in Landing Screen of User App
  • Geo Fence Location and Restricted Area
  • Manage Surge Charges
  • Manage Services and Rates
  • In App Caling VOIP based for Call Masking
  • Working of Kiosk Application
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