Uber Clone Pricing

Business can be done best if you know what options you have in hand! Whether you are a start up with the idea of beginning small and expanding soon, or an established enterprise willing to branch out into a new venture and come out as big as the industry mammoths, we at V3Cube have the perfect solution for you! If you need something, we have it for you! Based on the size of investment and scale of business that you wish to go for, we have designed two special versions of our app-

Standard Version: This is the perfect place to kick start a new business. The standard version comes with all the necessary features that you might require to get your business rolling and to understand what all you might further need to reign over the industry. Like something from the enterprise version? Don't worry! You can avail it easily at a nominal price as an ADD-ON feature!

Enterprise Version: You are already a successful entity and wish to come out lashing as a mammoth in this domain as well then the Enterprise option is the one for you. Loaded with features no one else in the market can offer, this is the perfect option for you to go big. After all, you business should be a reflection of your success so why start small?

General Features

($3299 USD)

($5999 USD)

  • A.Deliverables 
  • 1Native iOS Driver AppYesYes
  • 2Native iOS Rider AppYesYes
  • 3Native Android Driver AppYesYes
  • 4Native Android Rider AppYesYes
  • 5Main Website (Responsive Marketing Website)YesYes
  • 6Driver Web PanelYesYes
  • 7Rider Web PanelYesYes
  • 8Sub-Taxi Companies PanelYesYes
  • 9Manual Taxi Dispatcher PanelYesYes
  • 10Billing / Accounts PanelYesYes
  • 11Administrator PanelYesYes
  • B.More Features 
  • 1Licensed Source Code - Open for all modificationsYesYes
  • 2iOS Apps Submisstion/Installation to iTunes StoreYesYes
  • 3Android Apps Submisstion/Installation to Google App StoreYesYes
  • 4Support for bugs & Issues1 Year1 Year
  • 5License DurationLifetimeLifetime
  • 61 Week text and Banner ChangesYesYes
  • 7Free Integration of 1 Language of your choice along with EnglishYesYes
  • 8Free Integration of 1 Currency of your choice along with USDYesYes
  • 9Free Integration of 5 Languages of your choice along with English NoYes
  • 10Free Integration of 5 Currencies of your choice along with USDNoYes
  • 11White Labelling/Branding - Adding your Logo & Name to the AppsYesYes
  • 12Changing the color theme of Web & Apps as per your Logo NoYes
  • 13Removing our Name, References as Developer of the AppsYesYes
  • 14Single App can be configured to be used in Multiple CountriesYesYes
  • 15Configure App's Distance units - KM/Miles as per your target CountryYesYes
  • 16Configure Drivers Documents per your target CountryYesYes
  • 17Configure Vehicle's Documents per your target CountryYesYes
  • 18Restrict Pickup and Drop in crime prone areas Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 19Advanced Auto Backup FeaturesYesYes
  • 20Rent A Car With A Chauffeur : Set prices as per distance and time for e.g: 40 miles within 8 hours priced at X amount. (Available from 15th May 2018) Carpooling app videoNoYes
  • 21Internal In App Wallet Integration Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 22Masked Call between Rider and Driver Carpooling app videoNoYes
  • 23Internal Text Chat between Driver & RiderYesYes
  • 24Auto Toll Calculation for USA Carpooling app videoNoYes
  • 25Waybill Integration NoYes
  • 26Ride request based on GenderYesYes
  • 27Ride Taxi with Handicap Accessibility Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 28In-App NotificationsYesYes
  • 29Taxi Hailing Carpooling app videoNoYes
  • 303 Algorithm's for Ride Request Allotment. Choose the model as per your businessYesYes
  • 31Cash, Online (Debit Card, Credit Card) & Wallet Payment Options Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 32Promo Code and Referral Reward Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 33Surge Pricing Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 34Fleet Management by Taxi CompaniesYesYes
  • 35Registration with Email, Phone Number, Facebook, Twitter & Google AccountYesYes
  • 36Emergency ContactYesYes
  • 37Ride Cancellation Feature and Report in Admin PanelYesYes
  • 38Local Payment Gateway integration (Token Based)NoYes
  • 39OTP Verification for a New UserYesYes
  • 40Free upgradation1 Year3 Years
  • 41One Month Marketing support including content creation of one Press Release, 2 Articles & 2 Blogs. And their submission on WWWNoYes
  • 42Advanced Marketing & SEO support at discounted rates for 1 YearNoYes
  • 43Dedicated Support via Support SystemYesYes
  • 44Availability of Technical Project Manager through Skype and Whats App Text ChatYesYes
  • 45Availability of Technical Project Manager through Skype CallsNoYes
  • 46Availability of Technical Project Manager through Phone CallsNoYes
  • 47Availability of Technical Project Manager through EmailsYesYes
  • 48Allotment of dedicated Project Manager throughout the Set up and Launch ProcessYesYes
  • 49Fix Fare for X to Y Location Carpooling app videoNoYes
  • 50Twilio SMS Gateway Pre IntegratedYesYes
  • 51Local SMS Gateway IntegrationNoYes
  • 52SOS/Emegency Panic buttonYesYes
  • 53Mass Push Notification from Admin PanelYesYes
  • 54Schedule a Ride Later from ApplicationYesYes
  • 55Heat View in App and Admin Panel Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 56Invite friends and referral system Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 57Tip Optoin for DriverYesYes
  • 58Add destination later and change destination anytime Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 59Adjust driver's cash ride commission from Wallet Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 60Navigation using Google map and WazeYesYes
  • 61Android Store Designer ScreensNoYes
  • 62App Store Designer ScreensNoYes
  • 63Unlimited Drivers ?YesYes
  • 64Unlimited Riders ?YesYes
  • 6510 USD Hourly Rate for all kind of enhancementsYesYes
  • 66Stripe Payment Gateway Pre IntegratedYesYes
  • 67Braintree (Paypal) Payment Gateway Pre Integrated (Available from 15th May 2018)YesYes
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