Uber Clone App Pricing

Business can be done best if you know what options you have in hand! Whether you are a start up with the idea of beginning small and expanding soon or an established enterprise willing to branch out into a new venture and come out as big as the industry mammoths, we at V3Cube have the perfect solution for you! If you need something, we have it for you!

Based on the size of investment and scale of business that you wish to go for, we have designed two special Versions of our uber clone:

Standard Package: This is a package that has been specially created for entrepreneurs who just want to test the taxi market and start slow. It is intentionally priced low and has very limited features.

Shark Package: This package caters to anyone who is a Serious and Smart Entrepreneur and who aims at growing in the Taxi Business with help of a feature rich on-demand Taxi Booking platform like Uber.
This package includes all features that will aid in monopolizing the market and becoming the top contender in the Taxi business of their country.

General Features

Standard PackageLow Budget Package Currently
($3299 USD)

Shark Package

Best Selling
Taxi Apps Package
($6999 USD) ($9999 USD)
Discount offer available for
limited period
  • A.Deliverables 
  • 1Native iOS Driver AppYesYes
  • 2Native iOS Rider AppYesYes
  • 3Native Android Driver AppYesYes
  • 4Native Android Rider AppYesYes
  • 5Main Website (Responsive Marketing Website)YesYes
  • 6Driver Web PanelYesYes
  • 7Rider Web PanelYesYes
  • 8Sub-Taxi Companies PanelYesYes
  • 9Manual Taxi Dispatcher Panel (Admin Panel)YesYes
  • 10Billing / Accounts PanelYesYes
  • 11Administrator PanelYesYes
  • 12Hotel/Tourist Office Booking Panel Carpooling app videonoYes
  • B.More Features 
  • 1Licensed Source Code - Open for all modifications Yes Yes
  • 2iOS Apps submission/Installation to iTunes Store Yes Yes
  • 3Android Apps submission/Installation to Google App Store Yes Yes
  • 4Support for bugs & Issues 1 Month 1 Year
  • 5License Duration2 YearsLifetime
  • 61 Week text and Banner ChangesYesYes
  • 7Number of Free Languages along with English1 Language10 Languages
  • 8Number of Free Currencies along with USD1 Currency10 Currencies
  • 9White Labelling/Branding - Adding your Logo & Name to the AppsYesYes
  • 10Changing the color theme of Web & Apps as per your Logo NoYes
  • 11Removing our Name, References as Developer of the AppsYesYes
  • 12Single App can be configured to be used in Multiple CountriesYesYes
  • 13Configure App's Distance units - KM/Miles as per your target CountryYesYes
  • 14Configure Drivers Documents per your target CountryYesYes
  • 15Configure Vehicle's Documents per your target CountryYesYes
  • 16Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways:
    - Stripe Payment Gateway (Worldwide)
    - BraintreePaypal Payment Gateway (Worldwide)
    - Flutterwave Payment Gateway ( Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, USA)
    - Omise.co Payment Gateway (Thailand & Singapore)
    - Paymaya Payment Gateway (Philippines)
    - Xendit Payment Gateway (Indonesia - Available from 9th July 2018)
    - Payfort Payment Gateway (Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan)
    - Zoop Payment Gateway (Brazil)
    - Paybox Payment Gateway (Kazakhstan)
    - Iyzico Payment Gateway (Turkey)
    - Iugu Payment Gateway (Brazil)
    - Payu Payment Gateway (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Romania, Turkey)
    - Paymentez Payment Gateway (Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Chile)
    - Senangpay Payment Gateway (Malasiya)
    Stripe or Braintree (Paypal). You can choose one from these 2.Any one Payment Gateway from the list provided. Or any one Payment Gateway (Token Based) of your choice from your country.
  • 17Restrict Pickup and Drop in crime prone areas Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 18Advanced Auto Backup FeaturesYesYes
  • 19Rent A Taxi With A Chauffeur : Set prices as per distance and time for e.g: 40 miles within 8 hours priced at X amount. (Available from 15th May 2018) Carpooling app videoNoYes
  • 20Internal In App Wallet Integration Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 21Internal Text Chat between Driver & RiderYesYes
  • 22Auto Toll Calculation for USA Carpooling app videoNoYes
  • 23Waybill Integration NoYes
  • 24Ride request based on GenderYesYes
  • 25Ride Taxi with Handicap Accessibility Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 26In-App NotificationsYesYes
  • 27Taxi Hailing Carpooling app videoNoYes
  • 283 Algorithm's for Ride Request Allotment. Choose the model as per your businessYesYes
  • 29Cash, Online (Debit Card, Credit Card) & Wallet Payment Options Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 30Promo Code and Referral Reward Carpooling app videoNoYes
  • 31Surge Pricing Carpooling app videoNoYes
  • 32Fleet Management by Taxi CompaniesYesYes
  • 33Registration with Email, Phone Number, Facebook, Linked In & Google AccountYesYes
  • 34Emergency ContactYesYes
  • 35Ride Cancellation Feature and Report in Admin Panel Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 36Local Payment Gateway integration (Token Based)NoYes
  • 37OTP Verification for a New UserYesYes
  • 38Free upgradationNo2 Years
  • 39Advanced Marketing & SEO support at discounted rates for 1 YearNoYes
  • 40Dedicated Support via Support SystemYesYes
  • 41Availability of Technical Project Manager through Skype and Whats App Text ChatNoYes
  • 42Availability of Technical Project Manager through Skype CallsNoYes
  • 43Availability of Technical Project Manager through Phone CallsNoYes
  • 44Availability of Technical Project Manager through EmailsYesYes
  • 45Allotment of dedicated Project Manager throughout the Set up and Launch ProcessYesYes
  • 46Fix Fare for X to Y Location Carpooling app videoNoYes
  • 47Twilio SMS Gateway Pre IntegratedYesYes
  • 48Local SMS Gateway IntegrationNoYes
  • 49SOS/Emegency Panic buttonYesYes
  • 50Mass Push Notification from Admin Panel Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 51Schedule a Ride Later from ApplicationYesYes
  • 52Heat View in App and Admin Panel Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 53Invite friends and referral system Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 54Tip Optoin for DriverCarpooling app videoYesYes
  • 55Add destination later and change destination anytime Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 56Adjust driver's cash ride commission from Wallet Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 57Navigation using Google map and WazeYesYes
  • 58Android Store Designer ScreensNoYes
  • 59App Store Designer ScreensNoYes
  • 60Unlimited Drivers ?YesYes
  • 61Unlimited Riders ?YesYes
  • 6210 USD Hourly Rate for all kind of enhancementsNoYes
  • C.Website Features 
  • 1Interactive Home PageYesYes
  • 2MultilingualYesYes
  • 3Login Using EmailYesYes
  • 4Login Using Facebook, Linked or Google AccountsYesYes
  • 5Registration of User, Provider/Driver, Company and Organization Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 6Separate Panels for User, Provider/Driver, Company and OrganizationYesYes
  • 7Attractive DashboardYesYes
  • 8NoYes
  • 9View Booking SummaryYesYes
  • 10Manage Verification DocumentsYesYes
  • 11Manage Vehicles (Taxi, Moto and Delivery Vehicles) YesYes
  • 12Manage Wallet Money YesYes
  • 13View Earning ReportYesYes
  • 14Manage Drivers (From Company Panel)YesYes
  • 15Manage Scheduled BookingsYesYes
  • 16Manage RidesYesYes
  • 17Edit ProfileYesYes
  • 18Manage PasswordYesYes
  • 196 Information Pages - Text and Images can be managed from Admin PanelYesYes
  • D.Admin Panel Features 
  • 1Attractive DashboardYesYes
  • 2Graphical Statistics / ReportsYesYes
  • 3Manage UsersYesYes
  • 4View/Manage DriversYesYes
  • 5Manage CompaniesYesYes
  • 6Manage OrganizationsYesYes
  • 7Manage Vehicles Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 8Manual Booking Of Taxi Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 9Manage TripsYesYes
  • 10God’s View Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 11Heat View Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 12Scheduled Booking ManagementYesYes
  • 13View/Manage Payments Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 14View/Manage CommissionYesYes
  • 15View Earning ReportsYesYes
  • 16Referral ReportYesYes
  • 17Cancelled TripYesYes
  • 18Time Variance reportYesYes
  • 19Manage Geo Fence LocationYesYes
  • 20Restrict AreaYesYes
  • 21Set Locationwise FareNoYes
  • 22Manage Language LabelsYesYes
  • 23Manage Email & SMS TemplatesYesYes
  • 24Manage Currency ratesYesYes
  • 25Manage Documents required From UsersYesYes
  • 26Send Push NotificationsYesYes
  • 27Manage SurchargesYesYes
  • 28CSV export for Major ReportsYesYes
  • 29Manage Promocodes Carpooling app videoYesYes
  • 30Manage Advertisement Banners Carpooling app videoNoYes
  • 31Manage Information PagesYesYes
  • 32Manage Contact PageYesYes
  • E.Advanced Features available from 1st Jan 2019.These features can also be purchased along-with Standard & Enterprise App Packages that are ordered in 2019. 
  • 1Corporate RidesCarpooling app videonoyes
  • 2Car Pool / Ride Share Carpooling app videonoyes
  • 3VOIP based Call masking Carpooling app videonoyes
  • 4Company Dispatch Panelnoyes
  • 5Admin Rights & RolesCarpooling app videonoyes
  • 6Tracing Ride by Family/Friends Carpooling app videonoyes
  • 7Advertisement BannersCarpooling app videonoyes
  • 8Realtime Chat with Support Team Carpooling app videonoyes
  • 9Block Fraud Riders Carpooling app videonoyes
  • 10Shop/Stop/Eat while Riding Carpooling app videonoyes
  • 11Linkedin Loginnoyes
  • 12Real time Currency Ratesnoyes
  • 13Airport Rides/Surcharge Carpooling app videonoyes
  • 14Child Seat Preferencenoyes
  • 15Book Ride for someone else Carpooling app videonoyes
  • 16Newsletter Subscribenoyes
  • 17News Feed Carpooling app videonoyes
  • 18Insurance Reportsnoyes
  • F.ADVANCED Paid Add-on FEATURES.Available From 1st June 2019. 
  • 1Multiple Destination / Stopover Points in Taxi Booking Carpooling app videonoYes
  • 2End Of Day Trip For Taxi Drivers Carpooling app videonoYes
  • 3Mark driver as Favorite Carpooling app videonoYes
  • 4Membership Subscription Plan Carpooling app videonoYes
  • 5Wallet to Wallet Money Transferwallet to wallet money transfer videonoYes
  • 6Manage Notification Sounds and Ringtones wallet to wallet money transfer videonoYes
  • 7
    Pubnub Plugin replaced by Socket Cluster Technology
  • 8
    Booking of Taxi through Website
  • G.Paid Addons available from 1st december 2020 
  • 1
    Orange Mobile Money
    (Available countries: Botswana, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Guinea, Jordan, Kenya, Mali, Madagascar, Mauritius, Niger, Senegal, and Tunisia)
  • 2
    M-Pesa Mobile Payment Gateway
    It will be integrated via Flutterwave.com (Available in Kenya)
  • H.Paid Addons available from 1st december 2020 
  • 1
    Rounding Off (Rounding Invoice Amount as per Currency)Carpooling app video
  • 2
    Email Address Optional (Users can Login & Register via Mobile Number only)Carpooling app video
  • 3
    MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Referral System Carpooling app video
  • 4
    System Diagnostic / Error Console - For quick fixes and issues related to Server and App Interface Carpooling app video
  • I.Corona Related Advanced Feature
    (Paid Addons available from 1st Feb 2021)
  • 1
    Restricted Passengers Limit Carpooling app videoYou may want to limit passengers in each Taxi as per the government rules.
    So a SUV may have 5 passenger's capacity but during Corona you may want max 3 passengers in it due to Govt Rules, Social Distancing, etc.
  • 2
    Face Mask VerificationCarpooling app videoDriver needs to upload his selfie every time he starts a Ride. This is to make sure that he is wearing a mask.
  • 3
    Safety ChecklistCarpooling app videoList of safety measures that Rider and Driver must follow during this Covid Era to be displayed at booking of each ride.
  • 4
    Ride CancellationAllows User and Driver to cancel a Service if the other party hasn't followed Safety Measures.
  • 5
    Safety Ratings & ReviewsCarpooling app videoRider is asked to review safety measures related to Corona that were followed during the ride by the Driver.
  • 6
    Apply Toll Cost Manually Carpooling app videoMany countries dont have Toll API.
    In such cases, Driver will be able to add Toll charges at the end of the ride. Once confirmed by Rider, it will be added to the Ride Invoice.
  • 7
    Taxi Fare Calculation 2 Models - Fixed model and Incremental ModelCarpooling app videoSelect the Fare Calculation Model: Let Rider Pay as per Fare Estimate showed before Ride begun OR as per the road traveled by Taxi.
  • J.Paid Addons (Available from 1st March 2021) 
  • 1
    OTP Verification to Start the Task Carpooling app video
    Customers to provide OTP to Taxi Drivers to confirm the start of Taxi Ride.
  • 2
    Graphical Status of Rides Carpooling app video This feature shows status of booked Ride via Graphical Icons as in App Notifications.
  • 3
    Native iOS Kiosk User App Carpooling app video
  • 4
    Native Android Kiosk User App Carpooling app video
  • K.PAID ADD ONS (Available from 10th September 2021) 
  • 1
    Taxi Booking iWatch App Carpooling app video
  • 2
    Restricting Driver’s Fraud in Taxi Components Carpooling app video We have added a new Feature that will not allow the Driver to mark Ride status as “Arrived” unless he is in X Meters/Feet distance from the Rider’s Pickup Location. We have been receiving complaints about Drivers marking Ride status as “Arrived” even when they are far from Pickup Location to trouble Rides.
  • 3
    Location Wise Push Notifications throughout the System Carpooling app video App Owner will be able to send Push Notification to all Users of selected Location.
  • 4
    Location Wise Promo Code Carpooling app video App Owner will be able to create Promo code Specific to Target Location. Only Users belongs to that location can use that promo code.
  • 5
    Cookie Consent Popup throughout the System Carpooling app video Cookie Consent Popup is for alerting users about the use of Cookies on your website to comply with GDPR & EU cookie Directive. You can disable it from Back End if you don't need it.
  • 6
    Using Firebase For Mobile Number Verification through the System Carpooling app videoFirebase Authentication provides backend Services to authenticate users by verifying their phone number. Using this technology, you can avoid verification of User's Phone Number that uses expensive 3rd party SMS.
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