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Enable users to track their employees and loved ones in real-time

Build a Live Tracking App that allows users to Locate and Track their Loved Ones and Employees. With our Life360 Clone, you can Start your Business in just 7 days. Our Family and Friends Locator App is carefully designed to offer a Seamless Tracking Experience to your users and help you establish a Big Brand Name in no time.

With our app, Businesses can provide peace of mind by tracking their Employees' Locations and ensuring their Safety. Families can also Stay Connected and Worry-free by keeping a watchful eye on their Loved Ones' whereabouts.

Don't let users settle for Guesswork. Give them up-to-the-minute Locations of their Close Ones with just a click! Our app is Pre-built, Secure, and Reliable, and it uses the latest GPS Technology to ensure Accurate Tracking. We also offer a Free Trial so you can try it before buying it. So, contact us today to learn more about Live Tracking App Development.

Family and Friends Locator App

What Does Our Package Include to Build an App Similar to Life360?

Our Live Tracking App Package includes everything you need to Start your own App-based Business. From Android App to your Website, Admin Panel, etc., our Package includes many Technologies! So, when you Buy our Package, here’s what you get:

  • User App Android App
  • User App Web Panel
  • Tracking Android App (For Family Member or Employee)
  • Main Website (Responsive Website)
  • Billing Administrator Panel
  • Administrator Web Panel to manage all Apps & Web Systems, Payments, Rates, Users, Members, Reports, Settings, etc
Life360 clone

Build Your Location Tracking App with V3cube

At V3Cube, we create Next-gen Apps for our Clients. That's why we start by Discussing and Understanding your Tracking App Development needs. Our team also offers Recommendations to Improve the App, considering Current and future Market Trends.

Once we have the Blueprint, our Expert Developers will begin White-labeling and Customizing your Apps, Website, Admin Panel, and other Ready-made Scripts.

After we finish Developing your Real-time Location-tracking App, we will carefully test it before submitting it to the App Store. Once our team has completed all of the Tests, we'll provide you with the App to Test it on your Devices. We'll then Submit the App after you've Tested it and given us the Green Light to Launch it.

Now, your Users can Download the App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and begin Tracking in Real-time.

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Tracking App Website & Admin Panel Demo

Our Smart Website and Admin Panel are the Perfect solution for Users. They can Conveniently keep Track of their Loved Ones or Employees in Real Time. Our Live Location Tracking App lets users see the whereabouts of the People they care about the most. Users can see in which Direction they are Moving, where they've Stopped, or if they've Paused the Tracking.

We have Designed our Website and Admin Panel considering your user’s Convenience and Ease of Navigation. Moreover, they give you Complete Control over your Family and Friends Locator App. Also, you can add New Users, Manage their Permissions, get Earnings Reports, etc. from a Single Dashboard. In brief, from Monitoring multiple devices to Customizing settings, everything is available at your Fingertips.

So, stay one step ahead with our State-of-the-Art Technology. Request a Demo now and see how our Tracking App Website and Admin Panel work.

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Why Choose Us

Are you Looking for the Best App Development Company? Choose V3Cube. We offer Pre-built Solutions that you can Personalize to Fit your Needs. Many Entrepreneurs like you Trust Us because we offer them Apps with Advanced Features, Seamless UI/UX, and more. Moreover, our Team of 52+ Experts makes sure of Quick Family and Friends Locator App Development, Launch, White-labeling, and Reliable Support.

  • Ready to launch app solutions
  • World-class quality
  • Ready to launch app solutions
  • NDA
  • 24/7 Support

Benefits of Life360 Similar Apps

What's Stopping you from using our Powerful Tracking App Script? Let us tell you why Launching our Live Location Tracking App will be great for your Online Business. In fact, with this App, your users will be able to ensure their Loved Ones Safety and Monitor their Employees. Moreover, Easy Profit Generation and One-click Access to Business Reports are some of the Perks of Launching your App using our Ready-made Solution.

  • Generate Revenue

    Our flawlessly Designed and Developed Tracking App will help you gather Useful Insights from your Users and Improve the Platform accordingly. You can use the Information in Marketing Campaigns and, ultimately, Generate more Revenue.

  • Scalability & Flexibility

    Launching the Tracking App gives you the Flexibility to Add/Remove Elements. Additionally, by leveraging the Market-insights you get from the App, you can Scale your Business.

  • Wide Reach

    Our Live Tracking App allows you to reach a Wider audience and Convert them into Paying Customers. Since you’ll no longer be Restricted by Location Barriers, this will Benefit you in the Long-term.

  • Meet User’s Needs

    With this App, you can meet your Users Needs by giving them the Convenience of Tracking their Close Ones or Employees.

  • Cost-effect Business Solution

    Using our Ready-made app, you can Save a ton of Money by ‘not’ Developing the App from Scratch.

  • Quickly Launch the App

    It takes 1–2 Weeks to Launch your App; thus, you can Quickly enter the Market and gain a Competitive Advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

It will take us 1-2 Weeks to Develop and Launch your Application. During this time, we will White-label your App and customize it by adding the features you want. Moreover, we will also Run Multiple Tests to make sure your App Performs well on Android Devices.

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