Honoring Our Caretakers
Festival of Gratitude - AUGUST 2023

food supplies
grocery goodie bags supplies by v3cube
distributing food supplies
distributing grocery supplies
handed food bags
handed grocery bags

In the midst of joyful celebrations and festivities, it's important to remember those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly – Our Caretakers.
During a recent festive occasion, V3Cube organized a Donation Drive, where the Team Management distributed one month's worth of Food Supplies and Groceries to support underprivileged individuals, including housekeepers, security guards, physically challenged lift operators, gardeners, cleaners, and other maintenance personnel. V3Cube Team enthusiastically took part in the Donation Drive, aiming to not only support the well-being of the these families but also to express a deep sense of gratitude that often goes unnoticed.
Giving warm and heartfelt salute to these generous spirits because We Believe in Those who 'have', should take care of those 'have not'. Together, we made an extraordinary impact !!!!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in giving back just as much we believe in growth. With every step that we take forwards, our spirit of helping others around us is refueled. While we always continue to carry out various CSR activities to make sure that we can contribute towards happiness in the lives of those that matter most to us, this year, we decided to focus our attention towards un owned and free roaming animals that rely on the kindness of passers by for their sustenance or medical attention.

We donated 2 medical equipments to aid in X Ray testing to Jivdaya Charitable Trust. Jivdaya Charitable Trust is a reputed charity that works towards rehabilitation and medical care for free roaming or injured birds and animals.


While the covid-19 strain of virus has affected our finances and our daily lives, the ones taking the biggest heat are the stray dogs. They almost always depend on humans for their food. Amid total lockdown, stray dogs are starving.

To help our furry canines who are out on the streets all by themselves, V3Cube partnered with an NGO to provide them good food. Bearing the baton of ensuring that no stray dog that we can see goes hungry, team V3Cube purchased loads of nutritious dry dog kibble and handed it out to our NGO partners. These kind souled brave hearts go out amid the lockdown to find and provide this kibble to the strays. Feeding Strays have been happening since April 2020 and still continues everyday till the situation becomes normal.

Right now, we humans are most fearful of Covid 19. The 2nd thing that is most feared by us is the suffering and Hospitalization Expenses we need to spend to recover from Covid 19.

The management of V3Cube is very kind and caring for everyone connected to them.

All the employees (Support, Admin, and Technical) of V3Cube have been provided with special insurance for Corona that covers hospitalization expenses for upto 5,00,000 INR. So if you are an employee of V3Cube and fall sick due to Covid 19 in the next 1 year, you are covered by the insurance of V3Cube.

Coronavirus has taken away a lot from us, but it is the perfect time to search our souls and find our humanity. V3Cube took an oath to be a beacon for living beings. We believe it as our responsibility to give back to society.

Provide Nutritious to NGO Dogs

How we do it?

How we do it?
  • Distributing Food amongst the hungry and homeless regularly
  • Feed street dogs high quality kibble daily
  • Empower underprivileged sections with awareness and information
  • Charitable activities ongoing
  • Involve community efforts in growth and sustainability
  • Building relationships based on Trust and humility

Join US

2 hands are always better than one. This is why we are always happy to welcome any philanthropists who are keen on joining us for any charitable event or activity. We also welcome new ideas and hope to make a difference in the lives of the people that truly need us.
donation to handicapped
food distribution to poor food distribution to needy festival gift sharing to workers
blanket distribution in charity food sharing
gift sharing to handicapped
food distribution to Dogs

The management of V3Cube celebrated the Indian festival of Raksha bandhan by sharing food and groceries with 30 hard working yet underprivileged people such as janitors, housekeeping staff, security, lift men, so that they can celebrate their festival with their children and families with full bellies. We always work towards building a better society and giving back to the people that surround us. The CoVid 19 pandemic has been hard for many people and we would like to do whatever little that we can do to help people.

Covid-19 Cover for Every V3Cube Member

Special Covid Cover for V3Cube Member
Allocate Special Covid Medical Insurance
Special Covid Medical Insurance to Every Member
Covid Medical Insurance to V3Cube Member

Covid Medical Insurance Description

Feeding The Hungry Lot

Feeding underprivileged People
Distributing Food by V3Cube Team
Distributing Food to underprivileged People
Food Charity

Food Charity Description

Independence Day Charity

celebrating Independence Day by Charity
distributing Gifts
distributing Gifts to unsung Heros
Honoring Heros by distributing Gifts
Distributing Gifts by V3Cube Team
Charity Drive at V3Cube
Charity Drive at V3Cube by Distributing Gifts
Distributing Gifts on Charity Drive
Distributing Gifts to our Building's Management Team
Distributing Gifts to our Building's Security Guards

Independence Day Charity description

Food Drive for those in Need

Distributing Food to homeless people
Conducted Food Drive for homeless
Conducted Food Drive for Despaired
Food Distribution for homeless people
Food Distribution for Despaired
Food Distribution by V3cube Team
distributing food to homeless family
distributing food to homeless family by V3Cube
food distribution by V3Cube Team
Helping homeless families by food distribution

food distribution description

V3cube saves Shilu

Save life
Save life of female labrador
Save life of female labrador by V3Cube

Save life Description

Independence day Charity Drive

Independence day Charity Drive at V3Cube
Distributing New Tiffin Sets
Distributing New Tiffin Sets by V3Cube
Distributing New Tiffin Sets to Gardener
Distributing New Tiffin Sets to Complex's Management
Distributing New Tiffin Sets to Security Guards
Distributing New Tiffin Sets to Liftman
Distributing New Tiffin Sets to Physically Challenged
honoring unsung heros by Distributing New Tiffin Sets

Distributing Tiffin Sets Description

Food for homeless Charity Drive

Food for homeless
Food Distribution charity by V3Cube
Conducted Massive Food Distribution
Distributing food packets to under Privileged People
Distributing food packets
Distributing food packets by V3Cube
Food Distribution drive by V3Cube
V3Cube Family conducted Charity
Food Distribution with Client
V3cube Distributed Food Packets
V3cube Distributed Food Packets to homeless
Food Packets to homeless
Distributed Food Packets to homeless
food Charity Drive by V3Cube
Food Distribution Charity by V3Cube

Food Distribution Charity Description

diwali celebration

diwali celebration with needy
diwali celebration with needy people
diwali celebration by V3Cube
V3Cube celebrate diwali with needy
diwali Charity by V3Cube

diwali Charity description

Higher Education Sponsorship

Higher Education Sponsorship by V3Cube
V3Cube offer Education Sponsorship
V3cube Sponsors Higher Education to students
Sponsors Higher Education to students

Higher Education Sponsorship Description

Blanket Donation

blanket donation by V3Cube
blanket donation by V3Cube

blanket donation description

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