Free Features Of Our CubeMaids

That Others Charge For
  • maids on demand app installation
  • maids on demand app approval on play store
  • maids app white labelling
  • advanced analytics
  • advanced reports
  • wallet
  • life time license
  • licensed code open for customization's
  • responsive web panel's

Cleaning Service App Script

We use our top selling taxi apps which are already pre approved by the Google Play stores and the iTunes gallery as the basis to create our cleaning service app. This means we not only offer the app but also the Maids Website, The Maid Web Panel and the user panel have been specially designed to be 100% responsive to work seamlessly across multiple platforms and operating systems including iPhones and android devices, smart phones, PCs and tablets.

Our Uber for maids is power packed with the following features.

  • Main Website (Includes booking from website)
  • Maid iOS App
  • Maid Android App
  • Maid Web Panel
  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • User Web Panel
  • Maid Company Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage all - Payments, Commissions, Users, Maids, etc.
maid service app script

How Is Uber For Maids The Most Efficient App To Manage All The Household Errands

  • The demand for maid services is prevalent at a global scale. No matter which country you are in, there are people who have looked for help online in the area of maids. Sweeping, cleaning or cooking, someone always needs assistance.
  • Your clients will first have to download the app. Once they do it, they will fill in their profile and all necessary details including payment details of credit card/ debit card.
  • If and when they feel the need for a maid, they can simply get on to your on demand maid service app and specify the exact nature of requirement. Your app will display a preset list of services like cooking, vacuuming etc. After this your user will have to select the date and time of the task. These tasks can be booked at an advanced date to be undertaken future point in time.
  • All the maids in the vicinity who fit the job description and are active will become visible on screen. Their profiles and past ratings too will be mentioned so that your users can choose easily. The rates per maid will also be mentioned.
  • Once the client makes his or her choice, the maid gets a request. She will receive a text message as well as an email notifying her of the job confirmation.
  • The maid will reach the location and mark the task as 'Started' at the appointed time. Once, the entire task is successfully completed, the maid will mark the task as 'Finished'. The total price will be calculated on the basis of the time taken and the rates of the maid. An invoice will be generated, a copy of which will be sent to both the parties.
  • Since the details of the credit card are pre-fed, the money is automatically debited for an absolutely seamless and user-friendly transaction

A Digitally Handled Maid Service: The Next Big Leap Of Technology To Solve Domestic Help Issues While Earning You Money!

In the day and age of digitization, let your new on demand maid service be the harbinger of lots and lots of profit making capacity for you, while addressing domestic help issues for our clients globally. This on demand maid service app has an extremely user friendly interface which allows booking a maid a matter of seconds. No more tedious maid hunting sprees!

Our team of technical experts has dedicated a lot of time, money and energy to bring to you a perfect app that will help you rise to the zenith of the industry. Take that step NOW to be at the top of your game.

Uber For Maid Service on demand maid service app
4 Steps To Your Product
  • Download our App
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores
Core Feature maids app
multilanguage/multicurrency feature in app cash or pay by cash
real time tracking & booking scheduling option features in app

Included Web Panels

Web panel

Cleaning Service App Package - the Cultivated Website, the made Maid Web Panel, and a fresh Client Web Panel for That vital Service

On Demand Maid service app comes with a list of pre defined services; however, since it becomes your app the moment you buy it from us, we will take all your suggestions on board! Tell us all the little value ads and changes that you would like to incorporate within the app, and we'd be happy to implement them.

Be your own boss, and start a new business that helps people with their home work, lets maids get jobs easily and makes you tons of money! The best thing about the way we have made this entrepreneurial package for you is that you don’t have to do anything. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the way the app works. Keep making money each time someone uses the app to make a booking to hire a maid. This is your chance to open doors to an opportunity like never before.

Simply fill the following form and we will respond with detail about costs and setup process :

We shall get back to you within the next 8 - 10 hours !!!

for sales and technical support
On demand maid service app

In today’s modern world, people are completely reliable on their smartphones for their every need. With the entry of Uber for maids, an on-demand app in the market, it made people’s life easier and comfortable.

Our Uber for maid app is the best on demand app for providing the best possible service to the customers. It is loaded with the best attributes that an on-demand service provider app should have. This app makes our life easier and simple.

  • Language and currency of your choice: We provide local language along with the currency.
  • Schedule time option: We provide you a special feature by which one can schedule a fixed time for the service to be availed.
  • Referral points and promo codes: Referral points and promo codes attracts customer easily as they get a good discount on the service using the promo codes. It is also a good way for marketing and it helps in booming the business.
  • Pay with your choice: This feature helps the customer to pay by cash or with the credit cards. Customer can also pay by wallet option available in the application.
  • Track your clients: You can easily track your customers and check where you have the most customers looking for your service.
  • User friendly app: This app is very easy to handle. There are no complications using this app.
  • Pre-Demo Test: If one wants to develop an app like uber, he/she can take a pre-testing of the app from our end. It is totally free of cost and provides satisfaction level to the customer and helps them to decide whether to go with it or not.
Our additional Features
  • Guaranteed approval on play stores: We take full guarantee of app approval on play stores. We the team of professionals follow ethical and optimized methods to develop the applications. So, all our apps easily get approved by the Google play store and Apple play store (iOS).
  • White labeling: We white label our applications and make it the way you want. We do changes in the applications according to the customized needs of the customers.
  • Exclusive Reports: Using our modern and advanced apps you can easily know exactly how much you are earning. By knowing this, customer develops a feeling of earning more and more.
  • Free lifetime license: We don’t charge any extra amount for the renewal of license every year.
  • Wallet: There is wallet option in the application by which customer can pay the bill. Wallet can be easily recharged with debit or credit card.
  • Sympathetic Web Panel: We provide 100% responsive web panels for main website, service provider and customer.
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