Features of Our on Demand Beauty Service App Prive Clone

You Won’t Get Theses Anywhere
  • Licensed Source Code

    You get the full licensed source code for free - that means your team can customize and enhance PRIV clone app however they want.

  • 1 Year Support

    Free updates for the first year! Just let us know when you want the latest version and we'll hook you up with the updated code.

  • White-Labeling

    The PRIV clone app will be fully white-labeled as your own app and website - your branding, your servers, your app stores. Our name is nowhere to be seen.

  • NDA and Privacy Policy

    Your privacy is locked down with an NDA and privacy policy. We won't ever claim your apps as our work or show them off.

  • Language of your choice

    Localization is built-in for 25 languages of your choice, completely free. Just tell us which languages you need.

  • Currency of your choice

    Same goes for currencies - we'll add 25 currency options you want at no extra cost.

  • Localization feature Add-On

    The localization add-on lets you run your biz across multiple regions from the admin panel. Adjust services, rates, fees and more based on location. Again, totally free.

  • Web installation and launch

    We'll handle all the setup, configuration, and launching your website and web panels on your hosting. No extra charges.

  • iOS App Installation on App Store

    iOS app? We'll submit the PRIV clone app to the App Store, provide full support if needed.

  • Android App Submission To Google Play Store

    Android app? You got it - we'll publish to the Play Store, with assistance if required.

  • Accounts Web Panel

    The accounts web panel gives restricted access to reports/data downloads for authorized staff only. Privacy protected.

  • Wallet, Credit Card and Cash

    For payments, the PRIV clone app integrated with Stripe for cards, plus options for cash and an in-app wallet too.

Priv Clone - A Beauty on Demand App

the most efficient script

Priv Clone is based on our top selling Taxi Apps which are ready to be launched on the Google Play Stores and iTunes app Stores. The Beautician Website, Customer side of the application and the Beautician side of the application are 100% responsive, which will work flawlessly on all personal digital assistants such as iPhones, iPads, all types of Smart Phones, tablets and PC Browsers.

  • Beautician Website
  • Customer iOS App
  • Customer Android App
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Beautician iOS App
  • Beautician Android App
  • Beautician Web Panel
  • Beautician Agency Company Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the app i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Customers, Beauticians, etc.
Beauty on Demand App

Screen Flow of Beautician on Demand App

A Visual Display of how your On-demand App will Look
User App
Beautician App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles

Step into the Amazing Beautician On Demand App

Now and See How It Works

Have a glance through how the beautician on demand app works on the screen of the app of the user as well as the app of the beautician.

  • Both the user and the beautician need to sign-up or login using their Facebook or Google Account IDs or their basic details like name, mobile number, email address, etc.
  • The user and beautician next need to verify their mobile number with an OTP that they receive.
  • The user now gets logged into the beautician on demand app and is presented with a list of all the services that the beautician on demand app offers like nails, makeup, waxing etc and can choose either one service or multiple services at a time.
  • Upon choosing the service/services, the user gets empowered with a list of all the featured beauticians and the gallery and review of all their past work.
  • The user can also filter their search based on nearby beauticians or ratings.
  • The user now selects the beautician of their choice along with the services they require from them which can be multiple services.
  • The user now gets the booking detail of the beautician service.
  • On receiving the details of the beautician service, the user needs to select the preferred mode of payment which includes cash or card along with the location where they need the beautician service, i.e. location of user or location of beautician along with the date when they need the beautician service, i.e. same day or later date.
  • The request now gets sent to the beautician who is online containing the details of the entire booking along with the location where the beautician service is required, i.e. location of user or location of beautician thus empowering them to either accept or reject the request.
  • On accepting the request, the user gets notified with ‘Beautician Service Confirmed’ and can now track the location of the beautician and remain connected with them via VOIP based Call Masking or Internal Text Chat.
  • On arrival, the user gets notified with ‘Beautician Arrived’ and then the beautician service begins and again they get notified with ‘Beautician Service Started’ and the beautician can take a photo of the services they are offering.
  • On completion, the user gets notified with ‘Beautician Service Completed’ and the beautician again can take a photo of the services offered and can have it uploaded in the gallery.
  • Upon the completion of the beautician service, an invoice summary gets generated on the screen of the beautician which also gets shared with the user containing the details of the beautician service and the preferred mode of payment.
  • Upon the payment process getting completed, the user and the beautician both can rate and review each other.

Watch this Video to Take a Live View of

Our Genuine Services

Have a look at this video to meet Adam who wants to start his beautician on demand service industry but is unable to find genuine help in finding a perfect App development company and see how he finds our company and then takes our support to build a successful beauty on demand app for his beautician on demand service.

Beauty on demand app demo

Advanced Features of Our On Demand Beauty Service App

Here are some of the most different features available in the Beautician System (User App, Beautician App, Website, Admin Panel).

User App
Beautician App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
user features
beautician app
provider features
website features
admin panel
admin features
Beautician Web Panel

Front End & Admin Panel

Our On-Demand Beauty Service App is a complete suite aimed to grow your On-Demand Beauty Services Business.

The Priv clone app package includes an Admin Panel to manage and monitor the entire business operations on a real-time basis, as well as Responsive Website which will be the extension of your company's brand, that can be utilized on the website to display information.

What Is the Cost Of
Hair Salon Booking App?

When it comes to building an Priv clone app that works in real time, it is not only a very time consuming affair, but also something that requires deep pockets and a big budget. Building a beauty on demand app requires resources, time and infrastructure that all involve heavy investment. But don’t fret! We’ve got your back. Our team of expert developers has already created the app for you and to make it simple on your pockets, we have also crafted custom packages with feature bundles. This means that you only need to pay for the features that you think are necessary for your hair salon booking app and leave the rest. All you need to do is select the package with the features that suit you and that’s all! Take a look at our various packages and opt for one that is most suited for your business needs.

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