Innumerable Deliveries One App

Starting from food, to grocery to even pharmacy, wine, flower, you name it, the DeliverAll app has it all. This app will help you provide innumerable deliveries and earn a good deal of revenue along the way and you know the icing on the cake, you can also update the Deliveroo clone app as per your choice. This means you can add more categories or store types as per your choice and generate profits like never before.
  • food delivery

    Let your customers order food online and get it delivered right at their doorstep instantly!

  • grocery delivery

    No time to buy vegetables? Help your customers get their staples delivered to their homes right from this app.

  • pharmacy delivery

    Why force your customers to run to the pharmacy when you can bring their meds right to their homes? With the help of this category, your customers will not have to go anywhere.

  • wine delivery
    Wine - Alcohol

    Ensure that none of your customers ever go without booze in the middle of the night. If they want it, they can have it delivered at their home!

  • Medical Marijuana delivery
    Medical Marijuana

    Need for Marijuana? Well, you can now get medical Marijuana delivered instantly when your customers place their orders through your app.

  • flower delivery

    Fresh flowers brought right to your clients home through just a few taps on their smartphones

  • bottled water delivery

    Ensure that your clients never have to worry about about bottled drinking water ever again with your smart and unique bottled water Delivery app

  • stationery delivery

    Whether it is office supplies or back to school, the stationery delivery has a little something for everyone. Enable your customers to enjoy the comfort of getting everything delivered at your doorstep.

  • more categories
    More Categories

    More Categories can be added as per your choice

2021 Version shape
advanced options for delivery clone app
  • contactless delivery
    Contactless Delivery

    Contactless Delivery Option

  • take away
    Take Away

    Take Away Option

  • safety first
    Safety First

    Safety First Option

Deliveroo Clone App flow

Deliveroo clone app flow
delivery app solution during corona crisis

The Corona Virus Can’t Beat Your Business

The corona virus is beating the world economy. More and more businesses are falling down the fiscal pit, but the corona virus can’t beat your business. This app will allow you to ensure that even amid the lockdown, your business continues to thrive and you can serve the people of your country.

Even though there is a lockdown, people will always require their basic necessities like food, groceries etc. With the help of this Deliveroo clone app, you can allow your customers to place orders for all their essentials from the safety of their homes and get them delivered right to their doorstep at the designated hour.

Many entrepreneurs are jumping the gun at this time to make sure that they too can help their country during such stressful times while continuing to do steady business. Use this opportunity to make sure that you can help people by keeping a low margin during this chaos and settling to a higher one once things normalize. This will give you ample time to set your footing in the business and build your reputation. V3Cube’s app has been specially designed to ensure that your customers can meet their requirements in a secure and safe way to keep corona virus at bay.

V3Cube in Istanbul Our App helps the locals

This is a review testimonial by one of our clients, Mr. Hani, from Istanbul to share how our app has been helping the locals over the past year. Our dear client goes on to speak about his experience in working with V3Cube and how our project managers assisted him at every step of the leg with any and all enhancements that he needed.

He further adds the significance of a delivery app during the corona virus pandemic to highlight how more and more people in Istanbul are using it to stay indoors and stay safe.

online grocery business during corona crisis

Our Happy Delivery App Clients

Top Features

  • web and mobile apps Web And Mobile Apps

    Allow users to place orders through multiple mediums.

  • free license Free License

    Enjoy a lifetime free license of the app to have complete ownership of the application.

  • language integration Language

    Get 10 languages integrated in your app so that you can launch it anywhere you like.

  • currency integration Currency

    Get 10 currencies integrated in your app so that you can launch it in multiple countries.

  • white label app Complete White Label

    Get a completely white labeled app with your brand name and logo.

  • Free Upgradation Free Upgradation

    Get free Upgradation of the app within the next year to keep your app latest.

  • bug support Free Annual Bug Support

    Get 365 days support to always assist you with bugs (if any).

  • Quick Turn Around Time Quick Turn Around Time

    Get your app launch-ready in 4 to 5 business days.

Real Time Application Demo

We know you want to see what the app feels like. Here's a video that explains each step of the Deliveroo clone app per screen. Take a look at the video and take the Demo for yourself to experience the professional profitability of the application.
delivery app solution
Delivery boy app

What We Offer

Our Deliveroo clone app is a business solution. We have built this Deliveroo clone app to ensure that it becomes the easiest way for you to make money. This is a holistic app aimed at catering to the massive requirement that is there in this world for getting things delivered from one place to another.

Gone are the days when delivery is restricted to sending parcels. Today, the business of delivery has evolved into a much more complicated sphere. Our focus is to ensure that our app is capable of helping you reach out to the maximum number of people. This is why our app is 100% responsive and work seamlessly in android, iOS etc.

6 Native Apps :
  • User iOS APP
  • Driver iOS APP
  • Store iOS APP
  • User Android APP
  • Driver Android APP
  • Store Android APP
6 Web Panels :
  • Main Website includes ordering from Website
  • User Web Panel
  • Driver Web Panel
  • Store Web Panel
  • Accounts Panel
  • Administrator Web Panel to manage all - Payments, Commissions, Customer, Stores, Delivery Driver, etc.

Delve Into Our DeliverAll App

This app is a combination of multiple apps fused into one. Dive into the app to get an exact idea of how the app works. Click on the application that you need information on and see all the details.
Customer App
Delivery Driver Apps
Store Apps
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • grocery store app
  • grocery items
  • set timings
  • store details

Front-end / Website of Deliverall System

front end delivery system
  • Home
    website home page
  • Restaurants List
  • Food Items
    Store Detail / Food Items
  • Food Items
    Store Detail / Food Items
  • Login
    website login page
  • My Profile
    manage users from website
  • Orders
    manage vehicle provider from website
  • Search Nearby Store
    manage vehicle type from website
  • My Wallet
    manage categories from website
  • Driver Profile
    manage items from website
  • Driver Vehicles
    manage types of item from website
  • Driver Earnings
    all orders listing in website
  • Driver Order Detail
    manage promo code from website
  • Driver Wallet
    god's view availability from website
  • Store Profile
    reviews listing from website
  • Store Drivers
    admin earning report from website
  • Item Categories
    referral report generating from website
  • Edit Item Category
    geo fence location status from website
  • Store Items
    general settings from admin panel
  • Processing Orders
    manage countries list from website
  • Store Earnings
    website store earnings
  • Store Create Order
    order from store with website
  • Store Settings
    store setting from website
  • About Us
    About app in website
  • Contact Us
    contact us from website

Admin Panel - Management Tool for Your Deliverall Business

  • admin panel dashboard
  • add admin groups from panel
    Admin groups
  • manage store from admin panel
    manage store
  • manage providers from admin panel
    manage providers
  • manage user from admin panel
    manage user
  • add vehicle from admin
    provider vehicle
  • add vehicle type from admin
    vehicle type
  • manage categories from admin
    manage categories
  • manage items from admin
    manage items
  • manage types of item from admin
    manage item type
  • search processing order from admin
    all orders
  • add promo code from admin
    manage promo code
  • drivers availability checking from admin
    God's view
  • reviews filtering from admin
  • search users earning report from admin
    admin earning report
  • driver and user referral report from admin
    referral report
  • add location from admin
    geo fence location
  • general settings country code, analytics code from admin
  • add country from admin
    manage country

Advanced Features Tailored For You

Our experienced team of tech developers has designed the Deliveroo clone script with years of experience to ensure that this app is loaded with all the features that are important for your website. Here’s a list of all the features in each component of the application.
Customer App
Delivery Driver App
Store App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
  • Easy Registration Easy Registration
  • advanced search filter Choose Store Types (Food, Grocery, Wine etc.)
  • grocery items description View nearby Stores
  • Order now Order now & get Items Delivered immediately
  • Place Multiple Orders Place Multiple Orders
  • Contact Less Take Away or Home Delivery Option (Contact Less)
  • Pay using Cash, Card or Wallet Pay using Cash, Card or Wallet
  • Store Safety Guard Badge Store Safety Guard Badge
delivery driver app
  • Manage Availability (Online/Offline) Manage Availability (Online/Offline)
  • accept or decline delivery request Accept or Decline Delivery Request
  • Add multiple Delivery Vehicles Add multiple Delivery Vehicles
  • Track location on Map Track location on Map
  • Call  / Message Customer Call / Message Customer
  • View Order Status View Order Status
  • earning statistics Earning Statistics
  • Manage Availability Manage Availability
Grocery store app
  • Manage Availability Manage Availability
  • manage orders Manage Orders
  • Manage Store Items Manage Store Items
  • track incoming orders Track Incoming Orders
  • earning reports Earning Reports
  • Assign Delivery Driver Assign Delivery Driver
  • View Order History View Order History
web panel of grocery delivery app
  • Social Media login and Signup Social Media login and Signup
  • View nearby Stores View nearby Stores
  • Place Order from Website Place Order from Website
  • Manage Orders Manage Orders
  • Separate Panel for Customers, Drivers & Stores Separate Panel for Customers, Drivers & Stores
  • Take Away or Home Delivery Option (Contact Less) Take Away or Home Delivery Option (Contact Less)
  • Edit Profile Edit Profile
  • View Order History View Order History
admin panel of grocery delivery app
  • Attractive Dashboard Attractive Dashboard
  • create map view of orders Clear View of Orders, Stores and Drivers
  • Manage Stores and their Documents Manage Stores and their Documents
  • View different reports View different reports
  • God’s view God’s view
  • Manual Ordering Manual Ordering
  • Manage Promo codes Manage Promo codes
  • Manage Information Pages Manage Information Pages

Deliverall App Pricing

This is your one stop destination to making enormous revenues through the different deliveries you make. So, get an idea of what you get in the app when you purchase the same from us.

grocery app priciing package
View Features & Pricing grocery delivery business

Tutorial Videos

Reading can get boring! This is why; our team has compiled a list of videos that take you through the inner workings of our (soon to be yours) application.
  • Contactless Delivery Feature Contactless Delivery Feature
  • Best Safety Practices Badge for Store Best Safety Practices Badge for Store
  • Take Away Feature Take Away Feature
  • Payment Flow Payment Flow
  • Order Management Order Management
  • Delivery Driver App Flow Delivery Driver App Flow
  • Store Items or Offer Management Store Items or Offer Management
  • Store Registration Store Registration
  • How to Cancel the Order How to Cancel the Order
  • KOT Print via Bluetooth printer KOT Print via Bluetooth printer
  • Food Ordering via Website by User Food Ordering via Website by User
  • Manual Booking from Administrator Panel Manual Booking from Administrator Panel
  • Prescription Uploading Prescription Uploading
  • Mr. Gideon V.
    Mr. Gideon V.

V3Cube Negative Reviews

Gotcha! We’re joking! Our clients have all been extremely happy with our services and have graciously offered to provide reviews to help you understand how it is, working with us. In spite of our non disclosure agreement, our clients have gone out of the way to speak their hearts! Hear it for yourself.
  • Mr. Richard S.
    Mr. Richard S.
  • Mr. Mahmut F.
    Mr. Mahmut F.
  • Mr. Aiman H.
    Mr. Aiman H.
  • Mr. Amjad J.
    Mr. Amjad J.
  • Mr. Ricardo M.
    Mr. Ricardo M.
  • On behalf of Ms. Jovy
    On behalf of Ms. Jovy
  • Mr. Iman
    Mr. Iman
  • Mr. Lukas H
    Mr. Lukas H
  • Mr. Joseph
    Mr. Joseph
  • Mr. Benny C.
    Mr. Benny C.
  • Mr. Mohammad S.
    Mr. Mohammad S.

Want a Specialized Delivery App for Just 1 Type Of Delivery?

Are you looking to start a business with a specialized delivery service for just one type of delivery? Well, don't worry! We can do that for you. In case you are looking for just a Pharmacy delivery application, or food delivery app like Deliveroo, feel free to try our dedicated single delivery app types listed below. You can start your business quickly and easily with the help of these individual apps. Check them out!
It is our endeavor to make sure that we provide you with nothing but the best. This is why; we use only the latest technology to keep our apps latest and updated. Take a look at what we work with in our state of the art development center.
  • ios
  • java
  • php
  • bootstrap
  • swift
  • android
  • jquery
  • mysql
  • linux
  • Node js
  • Socket Cluster
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