1. Marijuana not legal in your state? Or perhaps you don't want to get into the Alcohol delivery or flower delivery business? No need to get worried! This app is so dynamic that it will allow you to hide any service that you don't want to start off! If in future, things look brighter, you can turn it on right from the Administrator Panel at no additional cost!

2. Want a specialized delivery system for just food? Or do you just want to go for the Grocery delivery business? We've got it! We have a special independent food delivery app or even a grocery delivery app as well! There's no need for you to buy the whole system, if you just want one!

DeliverAll App Demo Video

We know you want to see what the app feels like. Here's a video that explains each step of the DeliverAll app per screen.
Take a look at the video and take the Demo for yourself to experience the professional profitability of the application.
DeliverALL app demo video
Delivery boy app

What We Offer

Our app is a business solution. We have built this app to ensure that it becomes the easiest way for you to make money. This is a holistic app aimed at catering to the massive requirement that is there in this world for getting things delivered from one place to another.

Gone are the days when delivery is restricted to sending parcels. Today, the business of delivery has evolved into a much more complicated sphere. Our focus is to ensure that our app is capable of helping you reach out to the maximum number of people. This is why our app is 100% responsive and work seamlessly in android, iOS etc.

6 Native Apps :
  • User iOS APP
  • Driver iOS APP
  • Store iOS APP
  • User Android APP
  • Driver Android APP
  • Store Android APP
6 Web Panels :
  • Main Website
  • User Web Panel
  • Driver Web Panel
  • Store Web Panel
  • Accounts Panel
  • Administrator Web Panel to manage all - Payments, Commissions, Customer, Stores, Delivery Driver, etc.

important features

  • Application installation
  • Play/App store approval
  • White labeling
  • Licensed source code
  • Advanced reports
  • Wallet

Medical Prescription

A feature assuring the users to get their prescriptions uploaded and sent to the medicine store if the medicine they require needs a prescription. This in turn will save the user from the worry of visiting the medical store to show the prescription. A tech savvy solution for those who wish to get their medicine delivered fast.

*This feature will only be available in Pharmacy on demand Service.
web panel

A single app like uber can never be a complete solution to a business. This is why we give you everything to ensure your business is a raving success. Your success is more than just a pat on our backs. It is a sign that our app is the best solution in the market for you!

Our package includes every aspect needed to conduct your business smoothly. We offer you a Customer App, a Delivery driver App, an Admin dashboard web panel and a Website. This is the solution you have been looking for. Make money every time your application is used to make any kind of delivery!

Have a fleet? Give more and more users access to your delivery service so that you can drive up sales of your existing business.

Don’t have an existing delivery business? Get this app and make it a platform where independent individual delivery drivers can register and start offering their services. Each time a customer uses your app to make a delivery; you stand to make a handsome commission!

It’s your time to succeed!

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