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A floral solution to your business needs is here to make you money!

An flower delivery app loaded with the best in class features and built on high end technology is the ultimate solution for your business needs.

Build branded on-demand Flower delivery apps that seamlessly connect shoppers and Florists/Flower Sellers. With our on-demand app solutions, you can entirely revolutionize your flower delivery business as they include high-tech features and functionalities that are meant to improve your customers' experiences. Everything you need to maintain your competitive advantage in this market is included in our on-demand flower delivery app. It will help you establish, run, and optimize your store, lowering overhead expenses and boosting both new and repeat business.

This On-demand Flower Delivery App can help your business Dominate the Flower Industry with our 100% White label, Custom, Readymade solutions, available on iOS and Android.

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  • apps installation
  • apps approval on play store
  • white labelling
  • analytics
  • reports
  • wallet
  • life time license
  • licensed code open for customization's
  • responsive web panel's

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Flower Delivery App is based on our top selling Taxi Booking App which are pre-approved by the Google Play Store and Apple iOS Store. The Flower Delivery Website, Delivery Driver & Client Web panel's are 100% responsive, which will show up on all personal digital assistants such as iPhone, iPad, all types of Smart Phones, tablets and PC Browsers.

The whole package is loaded with the following incredible sub systems and apps enabling the site owner to manage the system perfectly.

on demand flower delivery app

How the Flower delivery app works

  • Nothing says you care like flowers do. But more often than not, people find it very hard to make time to go buy flowers and deliver them to the person concerned. This is where utilitarian Uber for flower delivery app becomes the perfect solution for your customers.
  • The user has to first download the app and log in to it. This log in can be done via any of their social media accounts, or the user can choose to create a new profile by filling in all the necessary details in the app.
  • The user will also have to fill in their credit card details to ensure easy and seamless payment when the flowers have been delivered.
  • Now, whenever the user wishes to get flowers delivered anywhere, they can do it just by going on the website and choosing hat they like. They will have to first choose from the type of flowers, like Rose, Lily, Orchid, Chrysanthemum etc. Once the main category is chosen, the user will have to choose from the sub category like small, medium or large.
  • After this, the request is sent out to all the flower delivery drivers available in the area. Once a delivery driver accepts the request, the order is processed to the florist. The florist prepares the bouquet and the driver picks it up at the time booked for.
  • The delivery driver gives the order number to the florist who hands him the bouquet. At this point the payment is deducted automatically from the card details fed in earlier. The driver picks up the order and delivers it to the necessary place.
  • The florist is notified of the driver’s details like registration number and vehicle, so that there is no confusion. This entire procedure can be tracked on the map by the user through the integrated map on the flower delivery app.
  • Once the flower delivery driver has completed the job, your customer is notified of the same.

Perfume Your Customer’s Lives With Freshness And Joy With The On Demand Flower Delivery App

The Uber for flower delivery is the simplest solution to get your customers to place flower delivery orders easily and quickly. An efficient solution that brings joy to your customers while lining your pockets with a lot of moolah!

The flower delivery app that we have created is the best business solution for you! It is simple, clean and effective and brings a whole lot of money into your account continually! Wondering what you have to do? Nothing at all! All you need to do is make a onetime investment and the app helps you earn automatically every time flower delivery order is placed through your app!

Making deliveries is easy as pie, you just need the on demand delivery app for Flower and once you start, people will rave about your efficient services, while all that money gets delivered directly into your account.

Uber for Flower Delivery
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