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Get ready to make the most of the newest opportunity in the service industry by investing in the Uber for snow removal app. Make your clients snow problems disappear and line your pockets at the same time!

Uber for Snow plow

Free Features Of Our CubeSnow

That Others Charge For
  • snow removal app installation
  • snow removal app approval on play store
  • snow removal App white labelling
  • advanced analytics
  • advanced reports
  • wallet
  • life time license
  • licensed code open for customization's
  • responsive web panel's

A perfect app for everyone

This is a business solution that is aimed at helping more and more people be able to get a simple professional solution towards getting their snow problems addressed. In order to ensure that more and more people can utilize and access this app, we have made it completely optimized and responsive. This snow plow app will work flawlessly on different digital assistants like a tablet, phone or any other.

  • Snow Plow Website
  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • User Web Panel
  • Snow Plow Driver iOS App
  • Snow Plow Driver Android App
  • Snow Plow Driver Web Panel
  • Snow Removal Company Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the app i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Snow Plow Driver, User, etc.
uber for Snow shoveling


  • Using this snow clearing app is as easy as one two three. To begin with, the user has to download the snow plow app and fill in their profile details including their name and address. They will also be required to submit their credit card details at this stage.
  • Of the categories available and presented, one will be required to choose as per their preference. These categories will include but won’t be restricted to options such as residential or commercial and much more. These categories can be controlled, modified or managed by the admin.
  • The rates for the services too can be decided by you when you set up the other details, or you can simply allow your snow plow professionals to choose a rate at which they would like to undertake the job.
  • After selecting the kind of service that the client wishes to avail, your uber for snow plow app will allow them to view all the snow plow professionals in and around their neighborhood with an icon for their profiles.
  • On clicking on the profiles of these professionals, one would be able to get all the details that the snow removal contractor has put in on his profile. These details will include the pricing along with ratings from previous clients. This will help your client in making an informed choice about who they want for the job at hand.
  • Your snow cleaning app will give the client a choice so as to whether they want to avail the services immediately or schedule it for a later time.
  • nce the client has made the choice the snow plow professional will get a request on his app. Once he accepts the request. On acceptance, the client will be notified that about the same.
  • On the commencement of the task the snow removal professional will mark the task as ‘started’ and on completion mark it as "completed".
  • The cost of the service will be calculated based on the time taken and the money will be deducted automatically from the pre fed mode of payment of the client. Since you are the owner of the app, you will be able to earn a commission every single time a payment goes through on the app.
  • After the entire process is completed, both, the client and the professional under taking the snow removal will be able to rate each other
  • Client and Snow Plow Driver then can Rate and Review each other. After the rating, both parties will be given an invoice of the service.


You never know when a storm can come and dump snow all around your driveway and walkway. With this user friendly snow cleaning app you are giving your clients an opportunity to clean up easily without any troubles at all. This app is so easy that even a child can use it! And while someone is getting an easy solution to their winter problems you are making some good money!

The on demand app industry is thriving right now and by giving such custom solutions to your customers, you will be able to tap the potential of an unexplored market. Take the leap of faith now! Join the appreneur bandwagon and get rich, get famous!

uber for snow removal snow plow app
4 Steps To Your Product
  • Download Our CubeeSnow Apps
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Snow Plow App On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores
Core Feature of app
God Eye View Feature multicurrency and multilanguage
Booking Scheduling Feature

Web Panel's Included

Web panel

A comprehensive snow removal app kit – all delivered right in your hands!

We understand that only a snow plow app might not be everything you want and so, we offer a whole package of a website and two snow shoveling app panels for the user and the service provider. The whole thing has been arranged in such a way that all you need to do is to invest in it. Everything else is taken care of by our expert app development professionals.

Got some ideas too? Feel free to get in touch with us and we will incorporate them in the existing format to ensure that you can get everything you need in order to give the best service to your clients! This is the easiest way in this industry to make money with no efforts at all. Just lay back and watch your uber for snow plow app do the work for you!

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  • On Demand SNOW Removal app graphical flow
  • Uber for snow-plow App Splash Screen
  • Uber for snow-plow app introduction screen
  • User and Snow plow driver login/registration screen
  • User and Snow plow driver account verification screen
  • On Demand Snow removal App Menu Screen
  • User choose the snow-plow service where they want
  • Client book a Snow plow driver
  • Snow plow driver get online
  • User choose payment mode
  • User sending request to Snow Plow Driver
    Snow plow driver accept or reject user request
  • Plow driver accepted job request
  • Internal Chat between User and Snow Plow Driver
    Chat between user and snow plow driver
  • Plow Driver reaches at the job location
  • User and Snow removal driver job started screen
  • plow driver job completed screen
  • On Demand Snow Removal App invoice summary screen
  • user app book later option screen
  • user select best snow plow driver in their area
  • upcoming and pending job request screen
  • On Demand snow plow App job history screen
  • On Demand snow plow App view past and upcoming jobs
  • Snow plow driver manage services
  • User and plow driver payment option screen
  • Snow plow driver job and earnings statastics screen
  • User and Plow driver edit profile and invite friends to join app
  • emergency button for user and plow driver
  • User and Snow plow driver feedback screen
  • On Demand Snow removal App support menu & about us screen
  • On Demand Snow removal App contact us & help screen
  • On Demand Snow removal app terms and conditions & privacy policy screen


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