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  • Uber clone driver and rider login screen

Quick Signup

Riders can signup or create a new account using their phone number or social accounts.

Rider Panel Registration Screen

Easy Login

Riders can log into their account using their email/phone number or social accounts like Google.

Rider Panel Rider Sign in

Rider Panel

Web-based Taxi Booking

Users can book taxis via the website by entering pickup and drop off locations, vehicle type, payment method, etc.

Rider Panel My Trip

Manage Profile

Riders can edit their email, phone number, country, etc., from the web panel.

Rider Panel Manage Profile

Manage Trips

Users can search, sort, and view their previously booked trips on the web panel.

Rider Panel My Trip

View Invoice Details

Riders can view their invoice details such as driver’s name, trip date, pickup/drop-off time, etc..

Rider Panel Invoice Details

View Wallet Transaction Details

Riders can view all the details of the transactions they made online/offline.

Rider Panel My Wallet

Driver Panel

Quick Signup

Taxi drivers can signup or create a new account using their phone number or social accounts.

Driver Panel SignUp Screen

Easy Login

Taxi drivers can log into their accounts using their email/phone number or social accounts like Google.

Driver Panel Login

Manage Profile

Drivers can edit or manage their profile, see the uploaded documents, etc., through the web panel.

Driver Panel Manage Profile

Accessible Side Menu

The driver’s web panel has a sleek menu where they can easily access pages like My Earnings, Wallet, Booked Trips, and so on.

Driver Panel Profile Menu

Edit Personal Details

Drivers can edit their personal information, like name, country, and email.

Driver Panel Edit Profile

Manage Registered Vehicles

Drivers who have registered multiple vehicles that they’d be using for taxi service can easily edit, delete, or add one right from the panel.

Driver Panel My Taxi, Manage Your Vehicle Screen

Add Vehicle

Taxi drivers can add more than one vehicle to their profile and manage it right from the web panel.

Driver Panel Add Vehicle

Manage Trips

Drivers can manage the trips and see the booking number and date, user, fare, and other details on a single page.

Driver Panel Manage Trips Screen

View Invoice

Drivers can view invoices for the trips they have completed so far in one place.

Driver Panel invoice

Access Earning Reports

Drivers can get earning reports, which include details like booking ID, fare, commission, tax, tip, and payment request.

Driver Panel Total Earning Reports Screen

Manage Wallet

Drivers can manage and view their wallets, check the transactions, and keep track of their wallet balance.

Driver Panel Total wallet Screen

Withdraw Wallet Amount

Drivers can send a request to withdraw money from their wallets. They need to enter a few details, like Account Holder Name, Bank Name, Account Number, etc.

Driver My Wallet withdraw

Organization Panel

Register an Organization

Fleet companies or organizations can register easily by providing a few details like phone number, name, social accounts, and so on.

Organization Registration

Quick Login

Organizations can quickly log into their accounts using their social accounts or credentials.

Organization Login

Manage Profile

Organizations can manage their profiles right from the web panel. Alongside, they can view the number of trips they’ve completed, get trip reports, and much more.

Organization profile view Panel

Side Menu

The web panel incorporates a side menu that gives one-tap access to different pages like organization user, trip report, and user trips.

Organization menu

Manage Organization Users

The web panel integrates useful features like managing users. The organization can manage the users (drivers), view their phone numbers, edit their profiles, block or delete their profiles, and see the number of completed trips.

organization users

Manage Organization Trips

Organization Panel incorporated the functionality of organizing user trips, viewing booking numbers, driver’s details, etc.

organization user trips

Access Trip Reports

Organizations can access trip reports that include detailed information about the fare, invoice, pickup location, driver, and user names.

organization trip report

Contact Us Page

The web panel also includes a Contact Us page wherein you can showcase your contact form, email and phone number, and your business’s address.

Contact Us
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