Uber Clone Taxi App Web Front Panel Flow

User FriendlyWeb Panel's with Advanced Features

Seeing is believing and that is why we have prepared visuals for Uber clone. To get an idea of how the clone works, take a firsthand look at our Uber clone Visuals, which include a demo as well as mobile visuals. They have been designed in such a way that each screen is understandable and leaves you in no doubt whatsoever on how the app works.

For any entrepreneur wanting to know how the whole system works, just look at our Uber script visuals.

uber clone front web panel

main home page

01Choose Your Language and Currency
Uber clone web home page 
Uber clone driver and rider login screen
Rider Panel Registration Screen

Easy Registration & attractive Features

Riders can register themselves and can manage their Trips, Profile and Wallet.

Rider Panel Rider Sign in

Log In

On reaching this screen, the Rider will be able to log in to their profiles. Log in can be done using Facebook or Google.

Rider Panel

Rider Panel My Trip

Booking a Taxi

User can book a Taxi from Website by entering pick up and drop off locations and other details.

Manage Profile

Manage your profile details like Name, Address, Password, Mobile number etc..

Rider Panel Manage Profile
Rider Panel My Trip

My Trips

Search, Sort, View your previous Trip details. Click and view Invoice details.

Invoice details

View Trip summary and Fare breakdown of previous Trips.

Rider Panel Invoice Details
Rider Panel My Wallet

My Wallet

Manage your Mobile money /wallet and see total transactions done till now. Rider can send withdraw request to Admin once threshold amount is reached.

Driver Panel

Driver Panel SignUp Screen

Hassle free Registration & attractive Features

Driver can register themselves and can manage their Trips, Vehicles, Profile and Wallet.

Log In

The Driver will be able to log in to the app from this screen. They can either log in using their email IDs or use Facebook or Google for their Log in.

Driver Panel Login


The driver can manage his profile information like Name, Password, Address, Bank Details, Mobile number etc..

Driver Panel Manage Profile

View Driver Menu

This is a panel that will allow the Drivers to view their menu including Profile, Vehicles, Trips, Earnings and Wallet.

Driver Panel Profile Menu


The Driver can manage his profile from right here. They can add details such as their name, email ID, Country, phone number, Currency etc.

Driver Panel Edit Profile

Manage your Vehicles

Vehicles and its Documents are manageable from both Web based Panel and Application.

Driver Panel My Taxi, Manage Your Vehicle Screen

Add Vehicle

The Driver can use this screen to add a vehicle to their profile. The Driver will be able to add their vehicle make, model and number from this screen itself.

Driver Panel Add Vehicle

Manage Trips

Click and check Invoice details. He can search, sort & view his previous Trip details.

Driver Panel Manage Trips Screen

View Invoice Details

This screen is where the driver can see the entire invoice of the trip conducted. It has the entire break down of the fare, the trip details etc.

Driver Panel invoice

Total Earnings Reports

Driver can view total Earnings statistics here. They can send "Transfer request" to Admin once threshold amount is reached.

Driver Panel Total Earning Reports Screen


The Driver's Wallet is a key feature that allows Admin to adjust commission for Cash rides. A minimum wallet balance is needed to accept cash rides.

Driver Panel Total wallet Screen
Driver My Wallet withdraw

Withdraw Wallet Amount

Here, the Driver can withdraw the amount that is there in their wallets. They will have to fill in the details of the Account Holder’s name, Bank Name, Account Number etc.

Organization Panel

Organization Registration

Organizations who are looking for Corporate Rides can register on the system.

Organization Registration

Organization Login

Organization can login on the system once their account is approved by the Admin.

Organization Login

Organization Profile Viewing Panel

This is where the organizations registered by the Users for their corporate booking will be visible.

Organization profile view Panel

Organization Menu

This is where the organization can choose to view their Profile, Organization Users, Organization User Trips and Organization Trip Reports.

Organization menu

Organization Users

This is where the Organization can view the list of all the users approved by them. They may also take actions and set status from here.

organization users

Organization User Trips

This is where the Organization can see the number of trips that the users have taken.

organization user trips

Organization User Trips Report

On this screen the organization will be able to view reports of the trips taken by the organization’s Riders. They can mention the start date and the end date for the report needed.

organization trip report

Contact Us

User can contact Administrator through this page.

Contact Us
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