Uber for X & Other Individual Services

We have it in us to build the app for you as you want them
Uber for X script

Upon the enormous success of the Uber Taxi & Uber Delivery clone, we are happy to announce that now we have started developing a Uber for Various Services. No matter what may be the on-demand service app requirements, feel free to share your ideas with us and leave the rest to us as we would customize our apps for you and provide them to you at the most economical cost.

KingX App

KingX Pro (Gojek Clone)

Solidify A Strong Business Presence Across The Globe With Our KingX. Well-crafted and scalable, this All-in-One KingX Super App has got “Happening Features” and Improved UI/UX that can put you in the Billionaire List in short time. KingX is beyond an app for online transportation, food delivery, Video Consultation, Service Bid, Logistics, and daily services comprising 101+ services. Drive maximum Profits to your business utilizing our On-Demand Multiservices Gojek-like App.

V3Cube can help you launch an App like Gojek in just 7-10 days! Only taking few minutes to rebrand the app with your company's name and logo, you'll be able to integrate your preferred language for your customers to conveniently browse through your online offerings in one single App and also be able to accept their payment in their local currency using the Payment Gateway of your choice. Our Demo App is completely free to use until you are completely satisfied that it is the perfect Gojek Clone App you were looking for!

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Uber Clone App

Uber Clone

Buy Customized Top Uber Clone App Solution made from the Domain Experts. Start your On-Demand Taxi Booking Business using our Next-gen App Uber Clone App. V3Cube’s On-Demand Uber-like App Solution is available with New Ground-breaking Features that are going to lure your user’s heart and driver’s mind.

V3Cube will add your taxi company's name and logo as well as match the color scheme of your company's logo to our base app. We’ll also integrate your desired Language, Currency, and even Secured Payment Gateway for your user’s convenience.

Check out the best native Uber-like Taxi App available for iOS and Android, branded for your taxi company to shoot up your taxi business’s profit-making ratio. To join the On-Demand Transportation Industry check out the demo of our Power-packed featured Uber Clone Taxi Booking App Solution Now.

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Mini Gojek Clone

Mini Gojek Clone

Looking for an app that allows your Users to avail of Rides and Deliveries at one single place? Then this is the solution you have been looking for. The white-labelled solution offers Services that include Rides - Cabs, Moto and deliveries - food and parcel that your customers can book through the app or from the website itself.

Your users simply need to get the app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store respectively and thereafter Login / Register. They need to provide their location details upon which they need to choose the Ride type or Delivery type and then book. Within a few minutes thereupon the ride or delivery will be at their doorstep.

So take the plunge into powerful Mini GoJek Clone and make huge revenue right from Day 1 and give your Drivers and Restaurants an opportunity to earn a good income and efficiently manage their daily tasks.

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Set-up Modern On-Demand Delivery Services With Our DeliveryKing App In 7 Days!!, Where everything is available at one click away, it’s the perfect time to Claim the Opportunity by building a customized DeliveryKing App.

Bring the revolution to your business by buying Ready-to-Use White-labeled On-Demand Delivery App to get Gigantic Benefits regardless of your business size. Delivery Genie, Delivery Runner, Parcel Delivery, Ordering from Website, Call direct to Store, Multi-languages/currencies and orders, and much more, to get your hands on the most up-to-date on-demand delivery App. Launch your DeliveryKing App loaded with Futuristic Features in just 7-9 days.
DeliveryKing is a one-stop shop for any kind of delivery you'd like to make. We'd want you to watch a quick demo to have a better understanding of the features and workflow before setting up a call with us.

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on demand service apps

Service Provider on Demand

Uber for service provider is the newest solution in the world of on demand service support for any and all issues that an individual might need. Whether it is the requirement of a cook or a maid, electrician or a plumber or even a courier delivery, this app is the one stop solution that will ensure that your customer can avail any on demand service with the tap of a few buttons. The app first requires your customers to enter it through their profiles and click on any service of their choosing. Once the service is selected, they can give details of the job required to be undertaken and choose from the service providers that are offering it.

This seamless app has been built on the most robust and advanced technology to ensure that it works perfectly over all platforms. Whether your customer is an android user or an iPhone user, this app will be his own home butler for every requirement. Your customer will also get multiple payment options including cash, card or in app wallets. This app is meant to be the next benchmark in digital success. Curious to find out more?

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medical app

All Inclusive Healthcare On Demand App

Health is Wealth, an old yet true proverb. Without a healthy body, one cannot function in the best possible manner. Thus to help your patients recover their old health back, the all inclusive healthcare on demand app offers them the services as well as the doctors that they can choose from like pediatrician, gynecologist, dentist, nurse, etc., and services like ambulance, pharmacy store, VET, blood bank store, etc., to name a few.

All that the users have to do is login to the application and book the services and then make the payment through respective payment mode of their choice, cash, card or wallet. Other attributes include multi-language in order to help local customers book the medical services, multi-currency to facilitate the launch of the app in any country and geo-tracking in order to track the real-time location of the doctor on the map, etc., to name a few.

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on demand delivery app

​O​n ​D​emand D​elivery ​A​pp

We bring to you the ultimate courier app which will change the way people have been looking at on demand delivery. No matter what the size of the consignment, you’re on demand delivery app can make sure it reaches wherever your customers want it, whenever they want it. This app is made for everyone. IF anyone needs to move any item from point A to point B, then this will be your go to app. The delivery drivers in this app have a vehicle range of bicycles, scooters, Cars, Lorries or even trucks. Anyone with a vehicle willing to make deliveries can register as a delivery driver on this app.

Everything from envelopes to big bags of cement can be delivered using this app. Even restaurants wanting to send out their orders are welcome to use the delivery drivers from your app to get their items delivered. This app is your ultimate chance to make it big in the world of digital transportation. Find out more about what this app really does.

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Sanitization Services

Sanitization Services On Demand App

Lower the bacteria, increase your sanitization bookings with our ondemand sanitization app service. With so little time to focus on sanitization needs – We understand the demands of keeping a safe and hygienic space.

Our ondemand sanitization app provides a simple way to book a friendly sanitization service with few taps on your smartphone. Our easy-to-use platform connects verified and trusted sanitization service providers with customers who are seeking a reliable and hassle-free sanitization service.

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ride with delivery app

Taxi Service plus On Demand Delivery Service Combined

This is a unique application that allows you to get more business just with the help of a single app. presenting the Taxi service plus On demand delivery service combined. This is an app that will help your customers to choose between getting a ride for themselves or to send across a parcel from one place to another.

When the app is opened, they can either select taxi to book a ride or click on the “delivery” option to send parcels. The app is so versatile that it allows the users to send any kind of item using different modes. Say for example, an envelope can be sent on foot if it is being sent close by, and a few bag of cement may require a truck. The User can choose the vehicle type when he chooses delivery. It’s that simple and of course, very profitable.

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DeliverAll app


Want to earn even more from an On demand app? Well, we bring to you the DeliverAll application. An app that will allow your users to select, add to cart, check out and order items directly from the application itself. This app gives you options of ordering Food, getting Grocery delivered, Buying Wine online and much more. Each time someone uses the app for ordering something, you end up making a hefty commission on it. Give your users the power to buy whatever they want to from the hundreds of stores registered on your apps.

To order things, the user simply needs to download a single app and register into it. They can use the same app to order food, buy groceries, buy alcohol, marijuana etc. Restaurants and shops can register with your app and can manage their inventory and much more. Take a FREE trial to see it all.

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mobile Car wash

Car Wash on Demand

Give your customers the joy of booking their car washes easily with a few clicks on their smart phones! A sleek and smart way to allow your customers to choose any car wash service for their cars is right here! You have the power to transform and modernize the way car washing is done and looked at today with this unique, user-friendly and interactive mobile car wash app. A complete ready to use package ensures that you waste little time setting it up and more time earning from it.

Wondering if this app is a good business for you? Well, it is an uncomplicated, a trouble-free and speedy way of earning. This app is hard at work, even while you nap! There’s no live effort needed from you at all. You stand to make a big amount of money every time someone gets their car washes or uses any other car wash related service from your app. With core features like God’s view, Multi currency, multiple languages, payment options and so on and so forth, this app is centered on the comfort of the client.

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uber for tow trucks

Tow Truck On Demand

You can now offer a road side rescuer to all your customers with this new Tow truck on demand app. This app is specifically made to help people who are stranded in the middle of nowhere to get their vehicles towed away. No matter what the problem is: Stuck in a ditch, ran out of fuel or got a flat tyre? This app will allow your customers to simply log in and state their pick up point and make and model of their vehicle and have a tow truck pick them up! All they need to do is mention the nature of their problem and they will receive assistance easily.

The customer will be able to track the location of the help to get an idea of exactly how much time will it take for someone to pick you up. The client can also speak to the tow truck driver who is scheduled to come and pick them up via chat or calling. This app is so simple that it will keep earning money for you with no effort from your side! Learn a little more about the business right here!

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on demand escort app

Escorts on Demand

The stylish way of making profits with a pleasurable business is right here. This is an on demand escort service app that allows escorts and other companionship providers offer their services to people looking out for some company or intimacy in a safe and secure way. This app gives you all the options that your customers can ever think of to choose from. Pleasure and satisfaction has found a new address and it is right here in this application.

If in need of someone’s company, this is the go to app. This next gen app features portfolios and listed services that the individuals are willing to perform. Taking pleasures to newer heights in a much more streamlined way, this app could be your solution to tapping into this vast industry and making lots and lots of money on it without actually having to do anything at all. With complete anonymity and admin rights, this app is the next big business idea in the market today! This is a premium and sophisticated app with advanced technological features to ensure you have market dominance. Is your curiosity lifted yet?

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Doctor On Demand app

Doctors on Demand

Medical attention is a constant in most people’s lives. With the doctors on demand app you allow your customers to pick and choose doctors and specialists based on your affliction and requirement and get them to visit you right at your doorstep. This app works by first having your customers log in and choose the category of doctors that you require like pediatrician, gynecologist, dentist, orthopedic etc. Then your customer can choose the nature of requirement with patient details and other such issues. Post this; an appointment can be set for the doctor who will then visit your customer’s place at the suggested address.

This app has many features including payment options like cash, card or in app wallet. Post rendition of the services the payment is auto debited from the customer’s account (based on the choice that he made right in the beginning) for a completely seamless financial transaction. Other top features include multi currency (to facilitate launch in any country), Multi language (to help local customers book services), Geo tracking (to track the doctors real time on a map) etc.

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on demand beauty apps

Beauty Services On Demand

Beauty is the only thing that is keeping this world from going mad! This is why we offer to help out in our own way! This is an app that will allow you to help your customers book the services of any beautician in and around their areas whenever they feel the need to pamper themselves or get decked up. Whether it is a spa treatment or a make up for a function, everything can be booked through this app. All that your customer needs to do is, create a profile, and mention the service that they need, define a time and a place.

When the user does this a request is immediately sent out to all the service providers in the area who are interested in or are registered with the app for providing that service. The beauty service professional can accept the job and reach the mentioned location at the stipulated time and start the service. When the service is completely rendered, the payment is automatically deducted from the customer’s account which is mentioned by him or her right at the beginning of the booking.

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uber for security guards

Security Guard on Demand

Provide the ultimate standard in security to your customers with the help of this app. This is your ticket to become the best on demand security guard providing company globally. With this app you can offer security services anywhere in the world. Loaded with the best features like licensed code for open customization, responsive web panels, lifetime license, advanced analytics, security apps installation, on demand bouncers app script and more, this is the next generation solution to hiring guards to secure any kind of location regardless of whether it is commercial or residential.

This app is designed to ensure that your customers can get their guard on point just with a few clicks on their smart phones, and while they get the service that they need, you can get a commission every time a booking is made. All you need to do is buy this app and then forget about it. Everything will be taken care of automatically as you continue to draw money easily!

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uber for Workers

Workers on Demand

More often than not, customers have big projects on hand and they just can’t find the man power to take care of it. This app allows you to empower your customers to find workers of different professions whenever needed. The customers can do this by first creating a profile by entering their details, then choosing the category of work that they wish to get done. The app is very seam less and follows the flow of any normal taxi application.

This app is encrusted with features like multi language and multi currency to facilitate a launch in any country or region. What’s more, its advanced features like God’s eye view for the administrator, responsive web panels that work flawlessly across various platforms like iOS and Android make it the best in the market by any industry standard. Pull in the reins of this business and offer a much needed service to your clients with this on demand workers application. If we have piqued up your curiosity to know more about this app, take a look for yourself.

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on demand HandyMan app

Handy Man on Demand

Everyone needs a handyman at some point in their life. Invest in this app to make life a lot easier for your customers. This on demand handyman app allows your customers to get service of handymen in and around their area simply by logging in and putting gin a request. This app is the easiest way to get your job done without breaking a sweat.

The app is based on the robust script of the popular taxi applications that have been tried and tested across the globe and have millions of users. We also ensure that your app is successfully launched in the app stores without every worrying about rejection! Now is your chance to make a whole lot of money with the help of this app as more and more people depend on your for their handyman requirements!

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On Demand Dog Walking

Dog Walking On Demand

Rid dog parents of the guilt of not being able to take their furry family members for long walks by investing in this dog walk on demand app. This app is an intelligent way of connecting worried dog owners with responsible dog walkers offering their services in and around their areas. With the help of this app, your customers will be able to locate and hire reliable and pet loving dog walkers who really care about your pets!

We are known to make international quality apps and so, have integrated multiple language options within the app to help you launch it in any country of your choice! We also have added advanced currency options that will make payments quite the walk in the park no matter which country you launch the app in!

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uber for airport rides

Airport Rides on Demand

A onetime investment can get you a booming business with the Airport on demand app. This is a simple hassle free app that allows users to head straight for the airport without having to wait for any other cab. All airports pick up and drop services will be handled with this simple, swift and easy app.

We create our apps to ensure that you can make maximum returns on minimum investments with sure shot solutions. There are thousands of riders in every city heading for and from the airport every day. Get a commission on every single booking that is made on your app with this one stop solution for every airport ride!

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uber for Marijuana

Marijuana on Demand

Whether for medicinal purposes or for recreational ones, you can now help your customers with doorstep marijuana delivery from safe and reliable sources through your app. With a big demand for this service right now, this is your time to enter the Marijuana on demand app.

A simple, robust and efficient app based on the latest technologies, the Marijuana on demand app is all set to ensure that your business booms from day 1. Our app comes with many high end features like multi language, multi currency etc. absolutely FREE!

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On Demand Massage App

Massages on Demand

Venture into this business by making a platform available for your customers to reach out to professional and skilled masseurs in and around their area at the best prices. And while you are at it, massage your bank accounts as well! Every booking through your app is going to earn you a handsome commission!

This app features multiple payment options such as credit card, cash and in app wallets to ensure that your customers have a seamless transaction and a hassle free massage session! Our apps are designed with the latest in technology and are all set to give you the head start in this business that will leave your competitors envious!

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uber for snow plows

Snow Plows on Demand

No more broken backs for your customers! Offer them the snow plow on demand app which will help your customers get on demand snow ploughing services whenever they need. This is a simple app that works on the taxi principle and now booking a snow plow professional is as easy as booking a taxi from your smart phone!

This holistic app is power packed with the most advanced features and brings with itself innumerable business growth opportunity. Fill your coffers while the snow is sloughed off now! Don’t forget to take a FREE demo!

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on demand fitness app

Fitness Coach On Demand

This is a fantastic opportunity for business for you! While the world is bending backwards to get back into shape and feel fit again, this could be the best thing that you can offer to your customers. A onetime investment brings you a lifetime of business with the on demand Fitness Coach App which will bring a fitness coach’s services accessible by your customers just with a few taps on your user’s smart phones!

We understand that the app needs your own branding and labeling, which is why we completely re-skin the app as per your logo and place your name and logo everywhere. This process of white labeling is done within a matter of 3 days after which we can hand it right over to you for a successful launch!

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uber for ambulance

Ambulance on Demand

Save lives with your app. The most noble and efficient way to earn money is now available to you with the ambulance on demand app. Give your customers the ability to call for an ambulance just with a tap on their smart phone. A single investment can go a long way in establishing your on demand ambulance services app business.

We believe in the client’s privacy and security and so adhere to a very strict non disclosure policy. We never mention the names of our clients in our portfolios or anywhere on our website. We will even remove any mention of our name from the app. If we say it’s yours, it is totally yours!

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u drink i drive app

You Drink, We Drive

Let your customers drink happily with no worries about driving back home with this new fantastic app. This app allows your customers to make a quick booking to take a ride back home after a crazy night of partying. It works pretty much just like an ordinary taxi booking app except for the fact that it requires for your customer to add the request for pick up before he gets drunk!

So, when your customers make up their mind to go to a party or to get drunk, they immediately can book a ride for later in the night. This helps your customers to enjoy their drinks without having to worry about making a booking while drunk!

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food delivery apps

Food Delivery On Demand

For as long as there are humans, there will be the need for food! This is why we bring to you the ultimate food delivery app! This app allows you to offer your customers the power to place orders for the food of their choice from restaurants around their areas.

This app is based on a robust taxi app model and works efficiently. Crammed up with features like multiple languages, multiple currencies, call masking, invoice generation and much more, this app is sure to set your names next to the biggies of the industry!

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uber for maids

Maids On Demand

Now you can help people getting help! Yes, this amazing new app can be the quick road to your success. Once you buy this app, you will be able to offer your clients to ability to book maid services through their smart phones. This revolutionary on demand maid service app enables maid service providers or independent maids, reach out interested clients and offer their services easily.

Our app has been specifically designed such that it is usable by everyone with access to any kind of digital assistance like smart phones, laptops, PCs or even tablets. Being responsive in nature it works perfectly over Android or iOS.

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uber for Private Jets

Private jets on Demand

Give travel another definition of style with the on demand private jet service. This app allows you to tap into the enormous market of jet transportation and make a lot of money per booking. Every time someone uses your application to hire or book a private jet in the area that you have launched this app, you will stand to make a hefty commission!

This app comes with multi language and multi currency options which enable you to launch this app anywhere in the world. You can identify high traffic and demand areas and ensure that you can make the most of it by launching the app there.

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on demand house cleaning app

Home Cleaning On Demand

Give your customers the magic wand to get their homes cleaned! This app will help you empower people to procure home cleaning services whenever they need it. The app works by allowing your customers to create a profile and then choose from a list of service providers once he has mentioned his requirements.

Requests for the task are sent out to all the service providers in the area and who have registered with the app. Whoever accepts the request, gets the job. They reach the customer’s place at the specified time. Once the task is completed, an invoice is generated and the payment is deducted automatically.

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Tutors On Demand app

Tutors On Demand

Educational apps have been around for a while, but your app brings a tutor to the doorstep of keen students! Young minds need proper guidance at every step to ensure that they can make the most of their formative

Transparent rates are shared before the booking is made so that no one feels cheated. Automatic payments, multi language, multi currency, in app notifications, responsive website and web panels are just some of the many features that this app has to offer.

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physiotherapy apps

Physiotherapy services On Demand

Can a business be nobler than offering help and health services to your customers? This app can be the go to solution for your customers that are in need of certified and reliable physiotherapists in and around their areas. This app will bridge the gap between the doctors and the patients and will become a much more cost effective and practical solution.

Our app is made with the latest in technology and is of international quality. We offer full support in getting app approvals across the different play stores. Our apps are known to have superior look and feel. We also offer lots of freebies with it!

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on demand moving app

Packers and Movers on Demand

When it's time to pack and move on, make your app the only thing that comes to the minds of your customers. This is the smartest and easiest way to get going. A simple, user friendly and power packed app is the ladder for your success.

This app will allow users to book packers and movers services from their phones. They can choose the service provider based on their pricing, previous ratings and reviews and other such factors. The user can also choose payment methods from cash, card or in app wallet.

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uber for plumbers

Plumbers On Demand

Invest in this simple and user friendly app that connects professional and skilled plumbers to users in need. This app has an option for all kinds of plumbing related issues that will help your customers to get the required services in an instant. The app allows people to book services for the present time or schedules it for a later time.

When the user logs in to the apps there are various categories to choose from. In choosing the exact nature of their requirements, they can proceed to make a booking. The service provider that is selected gets a request and on accepting the request, gets the job. This app is your key to success!

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electrician apps

Electricians On Demand

Wire up your bank accounts with the new electrician on demand application. This is quite an electrifying app that is all set to ensure that more and more people start using apps to get their electrical issues addressed. This app has been specifically designed to ensure that all kinds of issues where an electrician may be required can be addressed with the help of this app.

Our app is built with the most advanced native technology which ensures that your app functions seamlessly. The app is specifically crafted to ensure that the app owner doesn’t have to put in any hard work but can reap the maximum benefits of the app. Make a commission on every booking!

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On Demand babysitting app

Baby Sitting on Demand

Why does babysitting have to be a trouble? You can offer to your customers the power to pick up their handsets and order a babysitter for the duration that they want to just with a click of a button! The app works in a very simple way. Users can log through their profile and specify their requirement. Based on their specific needs the app will match profiles of all the registered babysitters in the area. Your customers can click on the thumbnails of the available babysitters and then get to see all the details in their profiles regarding their experience and ratings by previous users.

This app has been developed by using the latest in technology to ensure superior performance. Every time there is a booking through this app, you will make a commission. The percentage of commission too can be set by you. This is your chance to make it big with a simple idea!

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uber for pizza delivery

Pizza Delivery on Demand

Everyone loves pizza! And now your app is giving your customers the easy facility to quickly book pizza delivery through their smartphones. Pizzaholicism is the best syndrome and you can help its addiction with this amazing app, while it feeds your bank account lots of money on every booking!

This app has amazing features like multi language and multi delivery to ensure that such an awesome app can be launched anywhere in the world! It also gives your users the convenience to choose the method of payment from Cash, card or in app wallet.

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grocery delivery app

Grocery Delivery on Demand

Fast lives leave no time for the people today to go and buy their own grocery. Let the people order their grocery online and get it picked up by the professional service providers who register on the app. You get bags full of money every time someone books a delivery driver through your app.

The grocery app is specially designed to make the process of getting all the household items delivered to your doorstep without the trouble of having to waste any time doing it. This app is based on the primary structure of a taxi app which has been used by millions of people thereby making it a robust and successful one.

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pest control mobile app

Pest Control on Demand

Give your clients the easiest pest control solution with this robust app. Invest once and reap the benefits of a handsome commission each and every time someone gets their pests removed through the help of your app. This app is handy, intuitive, user friendly and the smartest solution to pest issues.

The pest control on demand app is a robust app specifically designed to assist customers through any device. This is why it is 100% responsive and can be used from a tablet, PC or a desktop apart from a Smartphone.

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uber for catering

Catering On Demand

No matter what the occasion is, this app is going to be the easiest solution for your customers to book a catering service with their smartphones. A quick and hassle free system that allows you to earn a commission every time someone books the services of a caterer.

We have based this app on the structure of the models of very successful taxi apps which ensures its unfailing glory! This app is your next step to the big business dream you have always had. Make a onetime investment and reap its benefits forever.

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wine delivery app

Wines on Demand

Booze it up with the wines on demand app that allows you to let your customers book the most exotic wines right from the comfort of their homes. One quick and easy selection on their smartphones and someone comes to deliver the best of wines right to your doorstep.

This is a robust app that has been created using state of the art technologies. We offer not just the app but a lot of freebies along with it. With a single investment, you can own a big business that is ready to launch in a matter of days!

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uber for flower delivery

Flowers on Demand

Make the most beautiful thing in the world available to your customers through your app! ‘Flowers on demand’ is a beautiful app that allows customers to get flowers delivered anywhere they want to get it delivered! Sending flowers has never been as easy as this.

Whenever someone makes a booking to get flowers delivered, you will end up earning a handsome commission. This commission is a percentage value, which too can be set by you as the admin. You not only make money, you decide how much money you want to make per delivery!

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real estate agent app

Real Estate Agents on Demand

When it comes to buying a home or even an office property, people only want the best possible services. Give your customers the power to choose the best insurance agents in their areas with the help of this app. By logging into the app, the customer can submit the exact nature of his or her requirements and find a property of their liking quickly and easily.

This app functions on the taxi hailing applications’ fundamentals therefore is extremely user friendly and intuitive. It has many unique features like push notifications, chat between real estate agent and the customers making it the best solution in the market!

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On demand App for finding Real Estate Properties

On-Demand App For Finding Real Estate Properties For Sale And Rent

Obliterate the need for any real estate agent with this app. All you need to do is invest in this app once and reap its benefits every time a customer uses it to fulfill his dream of finding the right property. This will require your customer to create a profile on the app and use the multiple category selection modes to select and filter the exact kind of property that he or she needs.

Based on this, the app will find a list of properties that deem fit as per the need of your customer. The customer is now free to explore the properties listed. The app owner continues to make a commission every time a booking to visit the properties.

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Lawn Mowing apps

Lawn Mowing on Demand

Invest in the lawn mowing on demand app development that enables your customers to book lawn mowing services from expert professionals at competitive prices through your application. This app allows your customers to make an informed choice about the charges that a particular lawn mower would levy before the actual booking is made.

The app owner can decide a commission percentage right at the beginning and the app will automatically deduct it from the total amount and transfer it to the app owner’s account. The app is 100% responsive and works seamlessly over various platforms and devices.

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on demand pharmacy delivery app

Pharmacy On Demand

Invest in this amazing hassle free method to get prescription drugs delivered right to your door step. Now your customers won’t have to worry about going to a drugstore every time there is a need for medicines. This simple app permits your customer to order the medicines required online and get it delivered straight away to their door step.

Loaded with state of the art features like push notifications for events within the app, real time tracking of the medicine delivery personnel etc., this app is the key to your success. Take the big leap and go ahead with a foolproof business model right away!

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Uber for disabled people app

Taxi Solution For The Disabled

Start off your new business by helping the disabled! The Taxi solution for the disabled is an app that allows people to book handicap accessible taxis for your special clientele. This app features a registration of all the taxi drivers who have handicap accessible vehicles which can be chosen based on the exact requirements.

This app has features like God’s view for real time tracking. Google maps are integrated within the apps for a perfect navigation. You stand to make a fixed amount of commission every time someone books a handicap accessible taxi from your application.

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Have an idea that is Unique?

If you have the most unique dreams for an app that may not be listed above and may take you a fortune to develop, contact us and share them with us so that we can build the app for you at the most minimal costs.

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