V3Cube Support

We offer you support on the software absolutely FREE!

We don’t just sell products for the heck of it. We understand how much it means for a person to invest in an application and then rely a whole business on it. This is why we give you all sorts of support after we sell you the software.

It’s not just about the app. We are here to give you a business solution that will keep you going straight ahead on your way to success. We believe that the more our customers succeed, the better will it get for us. We have a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals who have built the apps completely to ensure that they function in the best p. but sometimes, our clients aren’t technical people, so, our experts are always available for support.

Licensed for the Lifetime

We give you the autonomy of moving out of the nasty circle of having to worry about license expiration. We are a team of pragmatic and expert technical force. We ensure that our solutions are the best business option for you. So, leave the license worries to us. We ensure that every time a client makes a purchase from us, we offer support for script and a license that is already extended for a lifetime. This means that all you have to do is get the site from us once and just forget about it.

We don't believe in hidden costs and unnecessary hassles. This is that one time investment opportunity for you that will reap you a lifetime of benefits with support and no license worries at all. What more could you possibly ask for? A user base waiting to use your services and ready to complement your site, all with our scripts & the support system!

Supporting apps

There is no denying the fact that today is the day and age of mobile apps, and we are the leaders in building them! Our apps range from hiring cabs, to motorbike taxis and delivery services to any kind of service provider requirements from massage therapists to beauticians and plumbers and electricians and much much more.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced technical experts who will be available to offer support for your application whenever you want. We are the best team you can have! Don’t miss out on this chance!

This is your app and you deserve to have it just as per your personal specifications. This is why we want you to make sure that you speak to us about your requirements. Is there a special change you would like? Can we help you in making the app more to your liking? Don’t hesitate! Just tell us how you would like it and we will draft out the feasibility for you.

Below after sales support will be provided at no additional cost to you as per your package :

You will get a dedicated technical project manager who will be available on calls, mails, support panel, skype and whatsapp. In case of any issue, you can always contact him.

The manager will assist you in registering with all 3rd party licenses like Server, Play Stores, etc.

Do the White labelling, Setup & Launch of Apps on your Server & Play Stores. And also take guarantee that he will get Apps approved if they get rejected for a technical reason.

And once Apps are live, get after sales support for bugs and issues. And provide you annual upgrades too.

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