online massage business during corona crisis

Let Not COVID-19 Slow DownYour Business

COVID-19 induced social isolation, altering the relationship that consumers used to have with businesses globally. With the physical world now slowly getting back on track, consumers are suddenly more reliant on the App on-demand apps for shopping, staying healthy, entertainment, getting on demand Massage Therapist, and not to forget getting massage luxuries right at your doorstep.

Embracing the on demand economy with open arms, consumers are finding it quick, easy, and convenient to manage their lives in lockdown. And in this situation, these apps are offering the perfect solution. Now no worrying about COVID messing up your business, run a back rub with our on-demand Uber for Massage Therapists App.

Gift your customers the ability to book and enjoy Massages comfortably at their homes. In today’s digitized economy, investing in a robust mobile application for your business has become somewhat of a necessity. We offer you a white-label tried and tested app software in the form of On Demand Massage Therapists app development. Powered with the latest features, built to be completely customizable, the app lets you grow and expand your Massage Therapist business even during challenging times.

Witnessed 100% Massage Booking Growth Learn From Our Happy Client

Our client Mr. Hammer from Phuket, Thailand came up with the on demand massage therapist app requirement for us. Our team understood his business requirements and worked dedicatedly to develop an efficient on demand Uber like massage clone app suiting their business needs. Our Uber for Massage Therapist app helped Mr. Hammer to gain control over his business activity, enabling to scale up his business 100% in Phuket. He is very happy with our team and project manager and looks forward to sharing future app projects with us.

app developed for our client during corona crisis
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Beautician app client

Mobile Massage App Script

Just a few taps on the smart phone can enable your customers to get the perfect massage right at the comfort of their own homes. Our team has developed this mobile massage app with careful consideration so that it works flawlessly on all personal digital assistants such as iPhones, iPads, all types of Smart Phones, tablets and PC Browsers.

  • Massage Therapist Website (Includes booking from website)
  • User/Client iOS App
  • User/Client Android App
  • User/Client Web Panel
  • Massage Therapist iOS App
  • Massage Therapist Android App
  • Massage Therapist Web Panel
  • Massage Therapist Company Web Panel (Manage Massage Therapists, Jobs, Payments, Manual booking for Customer etc.)
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the App i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Massage Therapists, Users/Clients, etc.

Have a Glance through the Step by Step Flow of the Massage On Demand App

See How It Works
  • Today’s hectic lifestyle demands a little rejuvenation and a little relaxation. This in turn makes it necessary to adopt a massage on demand app so that not only the users get a flawless massage service in the comfort of their place of work, their house but also your massage therapists can earn along the way and build a name for themselves.
  • Talking about the operation of this unique app, the user as well as the massage therapist first logs in to the app with a single tap with their LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook IDs or by creating an account with their name, mobile number and email address.
  • As soon as the user completes the login, they are presented with a list of all the nearby massage therapists along with their past ratings and location.
  • Upon tapping the massage therapist of their choice, the user gets presented with a list of all their services, their ratings and the gallery of their previous work.
  • User now taps the massage/massages they require from the massage therapist. User can book multiple massage services from one single massage therapist.
  • As soon as the user completes this step, they are presented with a booking summary containing the details of their booking.
  • User now taps on the location where they want the massage service to be provided, i.e., their location or location of massage therapist along with the mode of payment, i.e. cash, card or wallet.
  • As soon as the user books the massage service, the request for the same gets sent to the massage therapist app as soon as they set their availability as online. The massage therapist needs to accept the request within the time set by the timer.
  • As soon as massage therapist accepts the request they tap on ‘Booking Accepted’ and the user gets notified with ‘Massage Therapist Accepted Request’ and is ‘Out for Service’.
  • User & Massage Therapist remain connected till the arrival of the massage therapist via internal text chat or calls over the internet.
  • Upon the arrival of the massage therapist, the massage therapist taps on ‘Arrived at Service Location’ to confirm their arrival.
  • The user gets notified with ‘Massage Therapist Arrived’ and then the massage therapist begins their massage on demand service.
  • The massage therapist begins the massage service and begins a timer to track the progress of the massage therapy. The user can also track the progress of the massage therapy.
  • The massage therapist takes a photograph of the massage therapy service being offered by them in order to give the other users knowledge about the massage services offered by them.
  • Upon the completion, the massage therapist slides on ‘End Job’ to confirm the end of the massage therapy and the user gets notified with ‘Massage Therapy Completed’.
  • Massage Therapist takes a photograph of the after massage look of the user in order to upload the same to their gallery.
  • Upon the massage therapist completing their service, an invoice summary gets generated on their screen containing the details of the massage therapy along with the mode of payment chosen by the user.
  • The user also gets the details of the invoice via a mail and makes the payment to the massage therapist via the mode of payment chosen by them during the time of booking.
  • As soon as the payment process is completed, the user and massage therapist provide a review for each other and rate each other based on the experience of the massage on demand services.

Glimpse Of Our Uber For Massage Therapist App Screen

Easy & Quick Work Flow To Book Massage Appointment
User App
Massage Therapist App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles

Massage Therapist App Pricing

(Shark Package is available from 1st Jan 2021)

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Genuineness of Our Work

Meet Adam who wants to build his very own successful massage on demand service kingdom. Watch this video to see the reasons leading him to choose us as his ‘Developers for Life’.

Free Features Of Our CubeMassage

That Others Charge For
  • licenses source code
  • free support
  • updates
  • white labeling
  • NDA & Privacy Policy
  • Language Integration
  • Currency Integration
  • Localization
  • Website Launch
  • iOs App installation
  • Android App Submission
  • Manual booking from admin
  • Accounts web panel
  • App rejection support
  • Multiple payment
  • Service booking from website

Essential Features Of

Massage on Demand System
Available on both Android and iOS with advanced features (User App, Massage therapist app, Website, Admin panel)
Client App
Therapist App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
user features
Massage Therapist App
provider features
website features
admin panel
admin features


Website of On Demand Massage Services Business
  • Home
  • Select Language
  • Login
  • Register
  • User Profile
  • Booking from Website
  • Select Provider
  • User Bookings
  • Invoice
  • User Wallet
  • Masseur Profile
    Masseur Profile
  • Masseur - Manage Services
    Masseur - Manage Services
  • Masseur Availability
  • Masseur Jobs
    Masseur Jobs
  • Masseur Earnings
    Masseur Earnings
  • Masseur Wallet
    Masseur Wallet
  • Payment Withdraw Request
  • Company Profile
  • Company - Manage Masseur
    Company - Manage Masseur
  • Add Masseur
    Add Masseur
  • Manual Booking through Company Panel
  • Job Later Bookings
  • Company Jobs

Admin Panel

Easy Management Tool for Your Massage Services Business
  • Masseurs

How Much Does Uber For

Massage App Cost?

There is no “one size fit rule” when it comes to developing Uber for Massage Therapist App. A lot of factors determine – Interface design, App technology used, Customized features, App platform, Location, etc.A white label app on-demand massage therapists solution is a ready-to-go pre-developed, pre-tested app solution that in a little time can customize to your requirements. This means you will be paying only for the features that you wish to integrate within the app and leave the rest over to us. Select the package, customize the features and you are all set to launch your ondemand massage business in as quick a 7 days.

general features pricing
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