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We are an ethical company. Our sole aim is to rise in the market of technology by ensuring that our clients are always successful. Our apps are built with expert attention and are crammed with the best features available. We offer all of this to you for FREE with our Water Delivery App!

  • White-Labelled Solution

    The business is your brainchild so why have our name. We provide you a white-labelled solution that shall contain your business name, logo as well as colour theme matching the colour of your logo. After all it’s your business why make it small?

  • Location Integration

    To help your customers and service providers locate each other and know the whereabouts of each other, this location integration shall certainly be an assistant along the way for the both.

  • Language Integration

    We provide you the English Language free of cost for your solution. But in case you wish to add one more language or add a new language for your solution because the people living there are not too affluent with the same, let us know, we will assist you in the same.

  • Social Media Integration

    To ensure quick verification of customer and service provider, we provide you social media integrations like Facebook and Gmail so that the both can smoothly operate the solution.

  • Currency Integration

    We provide you with the USD free for your water delivery solution. But in case you want another currency where USD is not accepted, let us know, we shall have it done for you.

  • Licensed Source Code

    We provide you with a licensed source code for your single domain so that you can customize the solution in the near future based on the changing needs of your business, your customers or the region where you launch it.

Waterboy clone

Tania clone Water Delivery App Script

Write the history of a powerful water delivery business that shall ensure quick water delivery to your customers and bring immense profits for you with this powerful and responsive Water Delivery Script that your customers can operate through platforms like Android, iOS, etc.


Delivering water straight to the home or location of your users in the shortest available time, this is how the water delivery app works,
  • Water is undoubtedly one of the most important necessities of any human being or an animal also. However, unfortunately the resource is quite in scarcity. Thus, to make sure that it is available anytime anywhere, the on-demand water delivery app is here to help you in it.
  • See how the water delivery app shall provide quick water delivery to your customers and bring immense profits to you along the way.
  • The customer enters into the application by providing their social media credentials like Facebook or Gmail or name, mobile number and email address and thereafter provide their location.
  • As soon as they provide their location, they would get connected to the water delivery stores nearest to them.
  • The customer needs to now simply select the quantity they require. In other words, they can choose, single or bulk.
  • As soon as they have completed the selection, they now need to make the payment choosing from modes like cash, card or wallet and enter their address and book the delivery either for the same day or have it scheduled for a later date.
  • With them performing this step, they shall receive a notification stating that their request has been sent to the store and on acceptance they shall be notified of the same.
  • The request now gets sent to the water delivery store that accepts it and sends the request to the delivery driver who accepts or rejects it as per their choice. With the driver accepting the request, first, they receive the details of the delivery that needs to be made and second, the customer is notified that the delivery driver is on the way to pick up their order.
  • The delivery driver now reaches the location and picks the order and takes a snap to confirm the same. With them performing this step, the customer receives a notification that the delivery.
  • Driver is on the way to deliver their order and is provided with their name and mobile number and now both the delivery driver as well as the customer can track the location of each other As soon as the delivery driver arrives, they tap on ‘Arrived at Location’ to notify the app as well as the customer of their arrival and delivers the water to the customer and receives payment for the same.
  • With the delivery being completed, the delivery driver as well as the customer both can give feedback and rate each other.

Deliver Money to Your Account with
Water Delivery App

Build a powerful water delivery industry that shall make enormous profits for you with every water delivery made through your app with this powerful and robust water delivery solution and promising quick water delivery to your customers anytime and anywhere.

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4 steps to your product

  • order the app
    Order the App

    Place a call or email us and make an order for the water delivery app and we shall provide you with all the details of the same.

  • schedule appointment
    Schedule Appointment

    As soon as you have ordered the app from us, book a slot to schedule an appointment so that we can get an idea of your dreams.

  • give us your requirements
    Give Us Your Requirements

    Once you perform these two steps, provide us with your requirements in your water delivery app and we will take a note of the same and see the best way to serve you.

  • get the app delivered
    Get the app delivered

    Get the app delivered to you with a licensed source code and fully white labelled as per your requirement.


  • Order In Single/Bulk Quantity Order in Single/Bulk Quantity

    With this feature, your customer can order water either in single quantity or in bulk as per their choice.

  • Wallet Wallet

    Ensure zero frauds for customers when they order water with this unique wallet feature. This feature shall help your customers smoothly and securely pay for the water ordered by them.

  • real time tracking Real-Time Tracking

    Help your water delivery professionals as well as customers track the location of each other with this unique feature.

  • Book for now or later Book for Now or Schedule for Later

    Allow your customers to have the water delivery booked either for the same day or schedule it for a later date as per their convenience.

  • Heat view Heat View

    This feature shall ensure to help you in gaining a greater customer outreach. In other words, with the help of this feature, you can find and locate the customers in real-time who are in need of water delivery services and have it delivered to them and earn commissions along the way!

New and Unique Web Panel

For the not-so tech savvy crowd, the web panel for water delivery shall ensure that they get a quick water delivery much the same way it is done through the app. Here are some of the constituents of the web panel
  • Order Water through the Website

    This feature ensures that your customers can locate the water delivery store nearest to them and have it ordered for them directly through the website.

  • Login and Manage Profile

    Just the same way in the app that the customer and water delivery professional need to login and start operating the solution, the web panel will allow the both to do the same. The delivery driver and customer can login and manage their profile with their name, mobile number and email address or with their social media credentials like Facebook, LinkedIn or Gmail

  • View Order History

    This feature shall allow your customers as well as your delivery drivers both to keep track of all the orders that were delivered by the driver and ordered by the customer.

  • Manage Orders, Payments etc. through the Web Panel (For Water Delivery Store)

    With the assistance of this feature, the water delivery store can manage all the orders, payments, the inventory, etc., directly from the web panel itself.

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An app designed with the latest state of the art technlogoy at very economical rates.

In fact, you will get more than you bargained for at the price you pay. The perfect deal for that perfect venture! Take your business to a new level with our app.

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