Uber Clone Demo

Here is the Live Demo of Uber script that you can download on your phone and test it in real on Road for unlimited time.

We have cloned the most famous On-demand Taxi Concept called Uber. The Apps and Websites are available for purchase for Entrepreneurs and Taxi Companies.

Taxi Rider App Demo Taxi Rider iOS App Passenger Android Apps Passenger Web Panel

Rider iOS App, Android App & Web Panel Demo

  • Rider iOS/iPad Apps
    ios/iPad Application

    Download the passenger’s iOS App and check its working in real time by requesting for a ride.

  • Android Application
    Android Application

    Download the passenger’s Android App and check its real time operation on your Android Smartphone.

  • uber clone front end
    Passenger Web Panel

    The passenger can view the history of his/her rides along with other details from the web panel along with managing his/her account.

Driver App Demo Taxi Driver iOS App Driver's Android App Driver's Web Panel

Driver's iOS App, Android App & Web Panel Demo

  • Apple Apps Store
    ios/iPad Application

    Download the driver’s iOS App and check its real time working by remaining online and accepting rides.

  • Android Play Store
    Android Application

    Download the Driver’s Android App and check its real time working on your Android Smartphone.

  • application web panel
    Driver's Web Panel

    Driver can view the history of their rides, payment details, manage the cars and its documents, other details, etc., from the web panel and also manage his/her account.

Uber Clone Front Demo Uber Clone Admin Panel Demo

Uber Clone Website & Admin Panel Demo

  • Front End Panel
    front end

    View the Front End of the website that will be visible to users. You can list your Company's detail here. Drivers and Passenger's will be able to see links to their panel from here.

  • uber clone admin panel
    admin panel

    View the Admin panel and see how easily you can manage the Drivers, Passengers, Ride History, Payments, Commissions, etc


This Taxi App has been designed by keeping the Business Travellers / Tourists in mind. The Kiosk is a simple stand that will have an Android Tab fixed on it and would run a Corporate Traveller Android App on it. A Tab worth around 100 USD should be best for the Apps.

Why a Traveller/Tourist App at the hotel reception? When a tourist is in other city/country, he/she may not be aware of the Taxi Booking process of that country. There are chances that they would neither know the language or the currency of that country and their Phone/Internet/SMS/Email might also not be working in that new location. Our business team while travelling to other countries faced these issues and they suggested us to build something that would make the life easier for other travellers and also help Taxi companies increase their revenue at the same time.

Here is the flow as a story : When a traveller comes to the Hotel reception, he/she will be able to book a Taxi using this App in 30 seconds. They would simply select their Preferred Language and Currency on the 1st screen. This in turn would make their life easier as they would now see the App in their language and the fares in their currency. No registration is required. The traveller sets their destination on the map or enters it in the App manually. Soon all the Taxi Drivers in that Hotel's X Miles/KM range receive the Taxi Ride Request and whoever accepts the lead come and pick the Traveller up. The Traveller would see the Driver's as well as Taxi's Detail and approximate fare for the Ride on the screen along with the estimated time of arrival. That's all. The Ride gets booked in 30 seconds and now the next traveller can book the ride.

What does the Hotel make for keeping your App at their reception? For each ride that is booked form the Kiosk on the Hotel's reception, the Hotel makes X% commission along with you (the App owner).

Note : This is an add-on and not part of the Standard Package. Let us know if you need this Kiosk Android Rider App and we'll provide you additional estimates.

Hotel taxi booking kiosk Taxi arrived here screen Book a taxi now

Uber Clone Apps - Live Work Video

Want to see how the uber clone app works in real? Watch this video and observe the interaction between the passenger and the driver apps with each other.
Also observe the steps how a rider searches for the taxi, the driver accepts the ride, the booking process, ride ending process, reviewing and payment process along with how the Passenger and Driver Apps interact with each other.

Uber App Clone Video
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