Let Your Users Browse And Shop For Wines Anywhere

There are very few things in life that can measure up to the joys of having a drink delivered right at your doorstep just when you want it. Get your own uber for booze delivery business kick-started with the help of wine on demand app, that will help your customers start a party anytime anywhere!

Your customers can easily browse for wine shops near their location and place their delivery orders with a single click. They can track their delivery, give feedback, and mark the wine shop as a favorite if they want to, pay for it online, find wines by searching their name, and more - all on this single app. Develop and launch a wine delivery app for your customers with a ‘launch-ready’ solution in just 1 week and start making money on every order!

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Uber for wine Delivery

Free Features of Our Wine Delivery App

That Others Charge For
  • app installation
  • app approval on play store
  • app white labelling
  • life time license
  • licensed code open for customization's
  • responsive web panel's
  • advanced analytics
  • advanced reports
  • wallet

Wine Delivery App Script

The backbone of any successful app is its script. You know you are set to succeed if your app is genuine and based on the primary functioning of a very successful tried and tested taxi app service.

Your very own on demand Uber for booze app has been designed to be completely responsive such that it plays well over any platform and any device.

We don’t just hand you an app. We are keen on providing you a full fledged solution to be able to start making money in your industry. This is why we offer you a 100% responsive site and web panel. Worried about what you are going to get? Here’s a list of all the components that we offer when you make a purchase with us:

wine delivery app

Uber for Wine On Demand App: No More Going Out For Wine In The Dead Of Winter!

    Take a glance at the step by step functioning of the alcohol delivery service app and see how it will not only make sure to deliver the wine to your users on time but also ensure at the same time that your delivery drivers can earn a good income and you earn hefty profits for yourself.

  • A wine is a prerequisite for any occasion but finding it at your convenience is a herculean task in itself and thus to support your users to get the wine whenever they need it just with a few taps, the uber for wine on demand app is here.
  • The operation of the wine delivery app is simple. User and delivery driver needs to login or signup on the wine delivery service app by a single click with their Facebook or Google ID or by simply entering their name, mobile number and email address
  • Upon successful login, the user gets presented with a list of all the nearby wine stores along with their ratings, their minimum order value and the time taken for delivery
  • User taps on the wine store and takes a glance at the wines delivered by them and taps on the wine that they need or require
  • User now selects the wine that they require and adds them to the cart and gets provided with a cart summary of the wine ordered by them
  • User now taps on the mode of payment to choose the preferred mode of payment for the wine selected by them and also selects the location where they want the wine to be delivered.
  • User gets notified with ‘Order Placed and Will Be Delivered Shortly’ and the details of the same are sent across to the wine store who can either accept or decline the order
  • As soon as wine store accepts the order request, the user gets notified with ‘Wine Store Accepted Request’ and store taps on ‘Assign Driver’ in order to assign the delivery to a delivery driver
  • The driver receives a request of the delivery on their app and need to accept it within the time set by the timer as failure to do so will lead to the request getting sent to the next driver
  • As soon as driver accepts the request, they get presented with the location of the wine store from where they need to pick the wine from and reach the location
  • Delivery driver reaches the wine store and picks up the order and takes a photograph to confirm the pickup of wine and the user gets notified with ‘Driver Picked Up Order and is Out for Delivery’
  • User and the store can remain connected with the delivery driver via phone calls and text messages to track the progress of the wine delivery
  • Driver reaches at location of user and delivers the wine to the user and as soon as the wine gets delivered, the user gets notified with ‘Order Delivered’ which also gets sent to the wine store who place a call to the user in order to get their opinion on the delivery and the delivery process
  • The user leaves a review for the delivery driver and the delivery driver leaves a review for the wine store based on the swiftness of the pickup process for the delivery driver

Your Uber for Wine Delivery business can begin in just 2 days!

Help your customer's party full on with home delivery of booze right on demand with your new Uber for wine delivery app. Make money while people order the wines of their choice and enjoy at home. Each time someone books a driver to pick up a bottle of their fancy, you end up making money.

The beauty of this business is that you can get started in just a matter of two days. We are ready and equipped with a locked and loaded application. All it needs is your hand and you can be on your way to making history with the most successful beer delivery app.

This is a tried and tested application that is sure to run seamlessly to ensure that the business of your dreams is quickly turned into reality. We want to be able to bring to you the perfect turnkey solution that can grow as you do.

wine on demand app uber for booze on demand app
4 Steps To Your Product
  • Download Our App
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores
Core Features
  • Multicurrency/ Multilanguage
  • God Eye View
  • Cash or Pay by Card
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Book Now Or Schedule
  • Promo Code and Referrel

Web Panel's Included

Web Panel

Uber for Wine Delivery App: a tipsy web panel, a trippy user app and a clean driver app- the best way to succeed in your on demand wine delivery app business!

We understand that an application is more than just a digital innovation for you. It is a business that we want for you to flourish and thrive. That is why our professionals cast a complete package for you that is seamless to use and quick to develop. We offer not just the user app but a store end web panel ad a driver end app panel for perfect operations

Although our app is shot up neat, if you have a cocktail of ideas that can give this Uber for Wine Delivery App a big hit, feel free to share it with us and we will integrate it within our app for you! Call us now and get a FREE demo.

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