Accomplished and well developed IT infrastructure arrangement to establish ultimate work effectiveness

It is important to know who you are doing business with. So, let us take this opportunity to help you know us a little more. We are located in the heart of one of the most prosperous states of the country. Gujarat, known for its business acumen, has one of the largest flows of cash due to business.

Take this chance to know our facility a little more intimately. We are proud of our accomplishments and wherewithal that supports us to be one of the most reputable companies in the On Demand App based industry.

Our robust and marvellously designed infrastructure is qualified to support and handle new-fangled services and first-class applications. Our rigorous focus on quality, security and firmness of the whole infrastructure formation place us a level advanced when it comes to delivering services and software solutions timely.

Our main idea towards data security is always on priority. We asseverate a faultless data security contrivance with the most advanced and modern equipment, confirming full privacy and security of the information.

our office location

Location We are based in western part of India, in the most propitious state of Gujarat.

You know when they say it’s all about Location, Location and Location! Well, it’s absolutely true! To find success and growth you have to find a place that harbors good thoughts, positive energies, progressive vibes and a whole lot of corporate charisma.

This is why we have strategically located our offices in one of the most successful corporate blocks in the city. Both our development center and headquarters oversee the beautiful S.G. Highway which opens our minds to growth and corporate fertility.

With a combined space of over 6600 sq. ft. in Mondeal Square, we are proud to be situated where most companies dream of being able to make to.

old office Entrance
old office reception

205 CEntrance & reception

Nothing starts a day like a warm reception and blessings from a deity of success and wisdom. Our headquarters welcomes all the employees and guests alike with a warm wooden reception be-speckled with gold that symbolizes growth and luxury.

Our deity positioned poised by the door to bless everyone that sets foot in here has been with us through our journey since a very long time. Custom wood benches and a textured wall stimulate our creative chords every morning!

New office Entrance
New office Entrance
New office reception

206 CEntrance & Reception

If you wish to know how modern workspaces look like? Come Over.

The power of first positive impression - our visually appealing entrance and reception of our office has a well-thought-out layout.

That clean, uncluttered furnishing entrance leads you to office space that does not feel crowded together but close enough to create a welcoming work environment.

Stepping in, it has adequate seating for the number of employees, making it a comfortable, inviting atmosphere, that plays a vital role in their work productivity. Floorings covered with soft sober colored rugs, this side of the section has a large space to hold events as well. Simple, yet eye-catching our entrance interiors brighten up the day every time you hold the door and walk-in.

new office entrance and reception

907 C Entrance & reception

Focusing at adding value to your trade, our reception and entrance premises are adequately assembled with the most advanced amenities, sitting space and relatedness to assure a cosy, joyful work culture for our consultants. Our reception and entrance area fit perfectly to match the requirements of our consultants.

core product development center
core product development center

Core ProductDevelopment Centre

There’s a lot that goes on in building an app and we are not stopping at anything to keep in sync with technology every day. In order to ensure that we are well versed with the present day technology and to make sure that we have the grips over the latest in the market, our core development team sits here.

Empowered with the state of the art technology, these minds the same ones, which bring new features and new apps to the market for you. Take a look at how the genius of this room leads to your success with the apps.

delivery center
Deployment Centre

Deliveryand Deployment Centre

We love our clients and want to make sure that we can deliver the best of the apps for them all the time. This is why we have made it absolutely certain that the development team that works on your apps gets everything best that technology can offer.

We have therefore equipped them with some of the most exclusive technologies. Our primary product delivery team along with some of their best team members sits here and creates the magic that results in a flawless app for you.

Our meeting room
our marketing team
our sales team


If only product development could get us by! A successful business runs only like clockwork when all the cogs run correctly. Although our focus has always been building the best technology and developing our products for our clients, we pride ourselves in having a great sales team, a remarkable marketing team, a snazzy content production and multimedia team.

Our creative designers and graphics team also waltz along just fine here. We offer them everything they need from latest cameras for the best videos that you see to dedicated cabins and work zones for highest efficiency in their work.

office lounge room
Our Gaming room

Funand More Fun

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, to keep Jack nice and sharp, we’ve built a gaming den! Yes! That’s right! Developing app is a strenuous and tiresome task. So, everytime the team needs to take it a little easy, they can pop in and enjoy a game or two on our Play Stations.

Alternately, they can just chill for a while on the sofas, read a book or even listen to some music. Did someone say music? Well, we have a beautiful Television set too!

Our Client area
client discussion space


One of the perks of being an offshore company providing products to overseas clients is that we get lots of visitors! We love it when our clients pay us a visit and work with us on their apps. But we do understand that they need their own proper place for work.

So, we have created a dedicated social area for our clients where they can work, discuss confidential things, and prepare along with us for their apps and much more. We always insist that our clients must treat our office like it were their own!

Recreation Area
Recreation Area
Recreation Area

Recreation Area

Need to give your minds a little breather? No problem! Hop into the recreation area and puff to yoru heart’s content. We have specifically built this area to ensure that our clients and our team can have an informal space to interact with each other.

Or, if you just want a break and need to stand by yourself, use this room or just plonk on one of the many colorful beanbags strewn across. This is an area where everyone can be anyone. We park work outside the doors of this room, take a break and then swim right back with our fresh thoughts to regroup in our working areas.

Interview & Recruitment Area
Interview & Recruitment Area

Interview& Recruitment Area

A clean and formal environment is a prerequisite to having a proper hiring process. To encourage the candidates that come in for an interview and to calm their nerves, we hold all our interviews in an intimate all white cabin.

This maintains the professional quotient of the company while ensuring that no one is put through any kind of pressure. Everything white, everything peaceful and everything encouraging marks this room.

Manager cabin
Director's cabin

Managerand Director's cabin

A good director of the company is one who can be in sync with the whole team. This is why our director’s cabin has been created with all glass doors and walls. This keeps the directors completely connected with the whole team at all times.

Clarity and transparency breed positivity in thought and action. It also makes them more approachable by the rest of the team. We are nothing if not positive and progressive people. And so, our physical office space reflects just the same.

rest and relax room

Restand relax

After a hard day at work, it is only fair when someone wants to nap for a while or stretch their limbs out. What’s more, sometimes, some of our clients who visit us don’t have a big budget. This is why we have custom built an accommodation entirely furnished to cater to your stay.

This room has a separate washroom, 3 beds and some storage for you as well. When clients aren’t staying over, this room serves perfectly for those hard working employees that pull all nighters to deliver our client’s apps on time!

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