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Vanquish the CoVid 19 Corona Virus PandemicAnd Stand Victorious

Every kind of business has been affected vastly due to the CoVid 19 Corona Virus pandemic outbreak. However, that should not be something that can stop you. As the world is coming to terms with the new normal and beginning to hit the road with new safety measures, they will once again need roadside assistance, and with this app, you can be there for them!

This app can allow your users to feel safe on the road again regardless of the pandemic. With special features added within the app to make sure that your customers and service providers are safe and healthy, this app can be your rocket to success during these difficult times.

Social distancing and sanitization may be the need of the hour, and to ensure that you can thrive in a market like this, you will have to ensure that your app addresses all the issues and can support you accordingly. Don’t let the CoVid 19 Corona Virus pandemic bully you and your business. You can stand tall with this app so don’t waste any more time!

Real Client Experience of Our AppDuring the CoVid 19 Pandemic

The CoVid 19 pandemic has hit every quarter of the world. But life still has to go on. We have to find ways to support our families and maintain our livelihoods. Our team of expert developers was dedicatedly working from home during this crisis to make sure that they can provide our client’s with the kind of solutions that they need even during these times. Here is a testimonial from a client who explains how our app helped him regain and sustain his business during this unimaginable crisis.

app developed for our client during corona crisis
towing service app client
developers for life
tow truck app client

The Perfect Script

Towing service app is based on our top selling Taxi Apps which are pre-approved by the Google Play Stores and Apple Stores. The Tow Truck Website, Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Assistant & Client Web panel's are 100% responsive, which will show up on all personal digital assistants such as iPhones, iPads, all types of Smart Phones, tablets and PC Browsers.

  • Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Assistant Website (Includes booking from website)
  • User/Car Owner iOS App
  • User/Car Owner Android App
  • User/Car Owner Web Panel
  • Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Assistant iOS App
  • Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Assistant Android App
  • Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Assistant Web Panel
  • Tow Truck Driver/Roadside Assistant Company Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the app i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Tow Truck Drivers/Roadside Assistants, User/Car Owner, etc.

Take a look at the step by the step functioning

of the on demand towing app
  • Both the user and the tow truck service provider need to sign up or login to the tow truck on demand app using their social media links like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ or with their basic details like name, email address and mobile number
  • The user now needs to add their mobile number which in turn would empower them with an OTP and get them successfully logged in
  • Now the user picks the service they require from the tow truck service provider, like, flat tire, key tire, out of fuel, etc. User can also select multiple services at a time
  • User now gets a list of all the tow truck drivers and gets the freedom to filter the search on the basis of featured, nearby and rating
  • User now chooses a particular tow truck driver and is able to view their gallery as well as review
  • User now selects the tow truck driver and the service/services they require
  • User gets a booking detail and chooses the preferred mode of payment, i.e., cash or card and location where the tow truck service is required
  • Request now gets sent to tow truck driver containing the details of the tow truck service and the location upon which the tow truck driver can either accept or reject the request.
  • On accepting, the user gets notified with ‘Booking Confirmed’ and can keep track of the location of the tow truck driver and on their arrival get notified with ‘Tow Truck Driver Arrived’
  • The service begins and is highlighted on the app of the user with ‘Tow Truck Service Started’
  • On completion, the user gets enlightened with ‘Tow Truck Service Completed’
  • An invoice gets generated on the screen of the tow truck driver that gets shared with the user containing the details of the tow truck service along with the mode of payment chosen by the user
  • On payment completion, user and tow truck driver leave a review for each other and rate each other

Understanding the Various Sides of the

Tow Truck Roadside Assistance App
User App
Provider App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • Driver app
  • work location
  • job request
  • Booking Details

Road Side Assistance App Pricing

(Shark Package is available from 1st Dec 2020)

Free Features Of Our CubeTowTruck

That Others Charge For
  • licenses source code
  • free support
  • updates
  • white labeling
  • NDA & Privacy Policy
  • Language Integration
  • Currency Integration
  • Localization
  • Website Launch
  • iOs App installation
  • Android App Submission
  • Manual booking from admin
  • Accounts web panel
  • App rejection support
  • Multiple payment
  • Service booking from website

Taking a Dive into the DetailsWith a Holistic View

To understand the exact nature of the app and its flow, one must be able to view the app and its various screens holistically. Dive into the working flow and the look and form of the app right here!

Tow truck app graphical flow View Step by Step Graphical Flow

Top Features of the Tow Truck App

Best in Class, State of the Art, Advanced Features for a smooth functioning of your business
Get an insight on some of the best features that make this app so popular and successful right NOW!
Car Owner
Tow Truck Driver App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
user app features
Tow truck driver app
provider features
website features
admin panel
admin panel features


Website of On Demand Beautician Business
  • Home
  • Select Language
  • Login
  • Register
  • User Profile
  • Booking from Website
  • Select Provider
  • User Bookings
  • Invoice
  • User Wallet
  • Beautician Profile
  • Beautician - Manage Services
  • Beautician Availability
  • Beautician Jobs
  • Beautician Earnings
  • Beautician Wallet
  • Payment Withdraw Request
  • Company Profile
  • Company - Manage Beauticians
  • Add Beautician
  • Manual Booking through Company Panel
  • Job Later Bookings
  • Company Jobs

Admin Panel

Easy Management Tool for Your Beautician Business

The Costs Involved in the Making of

An On Demand Tow Truck App

Building any kind of an on demand app that works real time with features such as in app chatting and GPS tracking facility is not only an expensive affair but a very time consuming one. We have always worked towards helping our clients and therefore, instead of forcing the same app on multiple clients, we have created custom packages that you can choose from. All you need to do is pick a package that has the right features that you need so that you only end up paying for that and not for the features that you don’t want. Take a look and make your pick!

general features pricing
View Features & Pricing
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    Mr. Gideon V.

Real Client Experiences

Take a look at some of the real experiences that our clients from all over the world have shared.

  • Mr. Richard S.
    Mr. Richard S.
  • Mr. Mahmut F.
    Mr. Mahmut F.
  • Mr. Aiman H.
    Mr. Aiman H.
  • Mr. Amjad J.
    Mr. Amjad J.
  • Mr. Ricardo M.
    Mr. Ricardo M.
  • On behalf of Ms. Jovy
    On behalf of Ms. Jovy
  • Mr. Iman
    Mr. Iman
  • Mr. Lukas H
    Mr. Lukas H
  • Mr. Joseph
    Mr. Joseph
  • Mr. Benny C.
    Mr. Benny C.
  • Mr. Mohammad S.
    Mr. Mohammad S.
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