gojek clone app

Gojek Clone with Innumerable Services

This is not your average delivery or taxi booking app. You can add as many services starting from plumber to the packers and movers, maids, home paintings services, etc., to this and make whopping commissions through each ride/delivery or other services that are booked from the Gojek Clone App. Not just that, you also get options like food delivery, grocery delivery etc on any other merchant delivery app along with the freedom to manage and control the categories as well as subcategories as per your convenience from the admin panel.Note – Our Gojek Clone has limited services and is not a 100% clone of Go-Jek.

  • Taxi Ride App Taxi booking
  • Moto Ride App taxi bike booking
  • Car Rental App car rental booking
  • Moto Rental App taxi bike rental booking
  • Small packages delivery App package delivery service
  • Fly air booking
  • Food Delivery food delivery app
  • Grocery Delivery grocery delivery app
  • Cargo Delivery App cargo delivery service
  • Stationary Delivery Stationary Delivery app
  • Pharmacy Delivery medicine delivery app
  • Wine Delivery alcohol delivery app
  • Babysitting App babysitter on demand
  • Beauty Service App beautician on demand
  • Car Wash App car wash on demand
  • Carpenter App carpenter on demand
  • Cuddling App cuddler on demand
  • DJ App DJ on demand
  • Doctor App doctor on demand
  • Dog Grooming App dog groomer on demand
  • Dog Walking App dog walker on demand
  • Electrician App electrician on demand
  • Fitness Coach App fitness trainer on demand
  • Home Cleaning App cleaning service on demand
  • Home Painting Service App home painting on demand
  • Insurance Agent App insurance on demand
  • Lawn Moving App lawn mowing on demand
  • lawyer app lawyer serice on demand
  • Lock smith app lock smith on demand
  • Maids App maids service on demand
  • Massage App massage therapist on demand
  • Pest Control App pest control on demand
  • Physiotheraphy App physio on demand
  • Plumber App plumber on demand
  • Real Estate Agent App real estate agent on demand
  • Security Guard App security guard on demand
  • Snow Plows App snow plow on demand
  • Tour Guide App tour guide on demand
  • Tow Truck App towing on demand
  • Travel Agent App travel agent on demand
  • Tutor App tutoring on demand
  • Vet App vet on demand
  • Worker App workers on demand
  • Barber App barber on demand
  • Car repair App car repair service on demand
  • Carpet Repairer App carpet service on demand
  • Catering App catering on demand
  • Computer Repairer App computer repairing on demand
  • Fire Fighters App fire fighter services on demand
  • Helpers App Helpers on demand
  • Mechanic App mechanic on demand
  • Mobile Technician App mobile repair on demand
  • Office Cleaning App office cleaning on demand
  • Party Cleaning App party cleaning on demand
  • Lawn Care lawn care app
  • Language Tutor language tutor on demand app
  • psychologist psychologyst on demand app
  • Sofa Repair Sofa Repair app
  • Translator Translator on demand app
  • TV Repair TV Repair on demand app
  • Yoga yoga instructor on demand app
  • Spa spa on demand app
  • Interior Design Interior Designer
  • Road Assistance Road Assistance app


Go-Jek is constantly evolving at a tremendous rate. Recently they have upgraded their Technology, Graphical Interface and added many useful features to it to cover 100% market of On-Demand Apps. Being the number one seller of "Go-Jek kind of App" and having studied them in-depth, our analysts could foresee the future of the Go-Jek Apps and thus started working on it in mid 2019.

Our new CUBEJEKX 2020 Apps has an Advanced Algorithm related to MAP API’s. This special Algorithm will prefer to use FREE or Cheaper API's from the Pool of famous Map API's that we would integrate in the Apps. A total of 8 maps along with Google Map will be integrated.

For every API call, cheapest or FREE Substitute of Google MAPS API will be used as per the priority order that you would have set from Back End. This way your Map's API expense will be much less when compared to using API's only from Google. If you want to rule the market just like Go-Jek is doing now and make easy money, we recommend you to go with the newly launched CUBEJEKX 2020 Go-Jek Clone Apps today!

Show me the Next Technology: “CubeJekX 2020” Go-Jek Clone App

We Deliver What We Commit

See this video to know about the commitment we hold to what we say. We stand true to what we promise and hold firm belief as well as confidence in our services that makes us unique in comparison to others.

Gojek clone package

We present to you an all in one GoJek Clone script with over 52+ services included in it apart from the usual Taxi, Rental and Delivery options. Services such as massage, beautician, dog walking, guides and many more can be added as per your preference. This is the chance that every new entrepreneur is looking for. A single app that caters to all the needs will ensure maximum number of bookings and thereby bring to you maximum returns and that too right from the first day! We are dedicated to help you succeed and therefore here's everything that we offer:

  • Native iOS Driver/Service Provider App
  • Native iOS User App
  • Native iOS Store / Restaurant App
  • Native Android Driver/Service Provider App
  • Native Android User App
  • Native Android Store / Restaurant App
  • Main Website (Responsive Marketing Website)
  • Driver/Service Provider Web Panel
  • Store / Restaurant Web Panel
  • User Web Panel
  • Driver/Service Provider's Companies Panel
  • Dispatcher / Manual Booking Panel
  • Billing / Accounts Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the app i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Service Provider, Client, etc.
gojek clone script
gojek clone web panel

Gojek Fast Experience for Food, Grocery and Wine with Web Panel

Gojek Fast Experience for Food, Grocery and Wine with Web Panel Food, grocery and wine delivery made easier now through the website. Get ready to get the Gojek fast service for food, wine and grocery delivery through the web panel. Order your favourite meal, wine or basic groceries through the website, track the order and be assured of a Gojek fast delivery in a jiffy.
*Available from 15th July 2019

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Gojek Clone Shark Package

services included
  • taxi on demandTaxi
  • delivery on demanddelivery
  • car rental on demandcar rental


This feature allows users to hire a taxi or a bike instantly using the app.



Using this feature your customers can send any item from location X to Y.

CarTwo Wheeler

This feature allows users to hire Cars or Two wheelers with drivers for fixed durations at fixed prices.

Store & Delivery feature Store & Delivery Feature
  • Food delivery on demandFood
  • Grocery delivery on demandGrocery
  • wine delivery on demandWine
  • Delivery AllOther


This is a bundle of all sorts of deliveries like Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, and Wine Delivery and much more. If you do not wish to use Wine Delivery, you can hide it too! Just use the delivery options that you want and leave the rest!

View Details
Other On Demand Services Other On Demand Services
  • Car Wash on demandCar Wash
    on Demand
  • Beautician on demandBeautician
    on Demand
  • Other 52+ ServicesOther 52+

On Demand Services

This feature of the app includes a host of different on demand services such as On Demand Electrician, On demand Plumber, On Demand Massage therapist and much more. This app is absolutely dynamic and so allows you to make sure that you use only the ones that you want! All these options are available for you to add/modify and edit as per your liking! Have another service in mind? You can add it too if it can be set on a fixed cost per hour parameter.

View Details



This is a complete and holistic solution for your customers so that they can choose from Taxi service (Car and motorbike), Delivery service (4 wheelers and 2 wheelers) or any other different services that are offered in the app. View Complete Flow


Free Features

  • White Labeling Absolutely Free White Labeling Absolutely Free Our team completely overhauls the app's appearance by putting in your logo and brand name everywhere on the app. After all it is your app and deserves to be launched under you brand name!
  • Privacy Policy Privacy Policy We won't tell anyone! We adhere to a strict non disclosure policy which ensures that your company's name or the name of the app is never revealed in our portfolio. We don't want your competitors snooping around!
  • Additional language Additional language Our app is a global one. You can launch it in any country. This is why we offer adding an extra language of your preference into the app along with English. Go ahead; launch this business anywhere in the world with local language integration.
  • Any currency in the world Any currency in the world If you launch the Gojek app clone anywhere in the world you'll need local currency. This is why we incorporate an additional currency based on your preference along with the standard USD absolutely FREE!
  • Free Website for the app Free Website for the app! Having just an app is not going to cut it for you. To ensure that your online web presence is just as good as your app presence, we offer FREE website installation for you.
  • Submission to iTunes App store Submission to iTunes App store We shall stand by your side at all times. Thus, when we submit your app to the app store we shall make sure it gets approved and not rejected for any technical reason whatsoever.
  • Submission to Google Play Store Submission to Google Play Store Holding years of experience in Android App Development, we guarantee a successful launch of your app on the Play Store with zero hassles.
  • Responsive design Responsive design Our Gojek clone script designed to ensure that it is accessible by everyone. Our team has put together a responsive design for the app that can be accessed via any device like smart phones, laptops or tablets over any platform like android or iOS.
  • Licensed Source Code Delivery Licensed Source Code Delivery We believe in doing right by you. In compliance with ethical app development we hand over the 100% editable licensed source code of the app so that you can modify it as per your preference at any point in future.

unique paid addons

purchase and integration

  • corporate ridesdemo app for corporate rides
  • carpooldemo app for carpool
  • call maskdemo app for call mask
  • booking from kiosk appdemo app for
  • booking from hotel appdemo app for booking from hotel
  • company dispatch panel
  • admin rightsdemo app for admin rights
  • tracing ridedemo app for tracing ride
  • advertisement bannerdemo app for advertisement
  • scan credit card
  • realtime chatdemo app for realtime chat
  • block frauddemo app for block fraud
  • shop while ridedemo app for shop while ride
  • login via linkedin
  • currency rate
  • surchargedemo app for surcharge
  • child seat preference
  • book ride for someonedemo app for book ride for someone
  • newsletter subscribe
  • news feeddemo app for news feed
why v3cube is better?




Why does our app look expensive?

  • We have built the whole app with 16 developers over 4 years
  • Our Go-jek clone app is completely ready
  • We sell you a fully working, tested and finished product not a basic prototype
  • We have more than 600 apps all over the world
  • Our app is ready so our price is a onetime investment
  • We deliver ready to launch apps to you in just 5 working days


Why does their app look cheaper?

  • They are selling you a prototype because the app isn’t ready yet
  • Because the app is not ready, the prices are tentative. You will end up paying a lot more as add ons as the app is developed
  • Your money will be used to research and develop the app
  • They may take a few weeks or a few months to deliver the app to you
  • They will rely on other pre orders to solve your bugs
  • They are selling you a prototype app and not a tested and analyzed product.
  • 01View Graphical Flow

    Graphical flow of the app. Understand everything in an easy step by step way to ensure that you understand how the app works in detail before you spend a single dime on it.

    View More
  • 02 Web Panel Visuals

    Get to experience exactly how the web panel looks right here. Take a look at the demo and understand how you can ensure that the app functions smoothly.

  • 03 Features

    Loaded with the best features in the industry this Gojek clone script is the best all in one mobile application solution of NOW. We offer the best features in an all inclusive package with no Hidden Charges.

  • 04 Add ons and customizations

    Need more than you are offered? Don't worry at all! We bring to you the best possible customizations and add ons! Just name your requirements and we will get the most affordable pricing for you!

  • 05 Pricing and Purchase options

    Not a big business? Just a startup like Gojek? We have an option for you! Or are you a business giant, preparing to take over the entire market with your new app? We have the best package options for you! Choose from the Standard package or the Enterprise package to suit our needs.

    View More



Get all the top tips to build your own business with the help of the GoJek clone. Know how to buy the right app, the services covered under the clone of Gojek and other important answers in this video. Kick start your own on demand service provider app with this video.

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Established company, Authentic Clients

Our products have a real value in the market. We are a brand to be reckoned with. We always encourage our clients to visit us at our development centre and watch us work on their projects. We also visit our clients when they need us for onsite assistance. After all, real clients and real apps need real interaction!

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Technologies Used To Develop The Whole Package of Gojek Clone Script

In order to ensure that our clients get nothing but the best, we have made use of the latest and the strongest technologies. Our team consists of specialized experts who have years of experience in these technologies and work effortlessly through them to develop the best gojek app clone for you!

  • Swift
  • iOS
  • Java
  • Android
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap
  • Linux
  • Node
  • Socket Cluster

Payment Gateway Choices that we offer you!

A vast app like the Gojek Clone needs a payment gateway to support all transactions. We understand that since this app is international, different clients have different payment gateway needs. This is why we offer you so many choices to select the one that suits you best.

  • Stripe Payment Gateway Stripe Available Worldwide
  • PayMaya Payment Gateway Paymaya Available in Philippines
  • zoop Payment Gateway Zoop Available in Brazil
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Xendit Available in Indonesia
  • PayBox Payment Gateway PayBox Available in Kazakhstan
  • Iyzico Payment Gateway Iyzico Available in Turkey
  • iugu Payment Gateway Iugu Available in Brazil
  • paypal Payment Gateway Braintree (Paypal) Available Worldwide
  • adyen Payment Gateway flutterwave Available in Countries:
    • Nigeria
    • Kenya
    • Ghana
    • South Africa
    • United States
  • omise Payment Gateway PayFort Available in Countries:
    • UAE ( Dubai )
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Qatar
    • Egypt
    • Lebanon
    • Jordan
  • payu Payment Gateway Payu Available in Countries:
    • Brazil
    • Mexico
    • Colombia
    • Chile
    • Romania
    • Turkey
  • Paymentez Payment Gateway Paymentez Available in Countries:
    • Mexico
    • Ecuador
    • Venezuela
    • Colombia
    • Brazil
    • Chile
  • senangpay Payment Gateway Senangpay Available in Malasiya
  • omise Payment Gateway Omise.co Available in Countries:
    • Thailand
    • Singapore
  • Couldn't Find Your Payment Gateway? Contact Us now!
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Gojek Clone Script: The Best Business Option

If you have always wanted to get your hands on a ground shattering new kind of business that will also push you up the ladder of success, then this is the solution you have always been waiting for. This is how you too can launch your own business empire!

The world is migrating towards single apps that can offer multiple services. This Gojek clone application does just that. With the help of this application you will be able to rule the market in no time! You will be able to make money each time someone uses the app to book any kind of service using the app.

Whether it is to hire a doctor or a carpenter, whether someone wants to get their dog walked or wants to get their car washed, no matter what your use wants, you will always make money. Give the people what they want while getting everything back and more!

What is the Gojek Clone?

The Gojek clone is a single application that allows you to do everything you ever wanted. There are so many services that are covered using this application that you will mint money faster than you ever thought possible.

The app covers services like On demand massage therapist, On demand electrician, On demand plumber etc. But that’s not where it stops. This app also allows the users to book a taxi, Send an item from one place to another or order food from your favorite restaurant.

While this is happening, you money each and every single time. With over 55 different kinds of services bundled up and put in a single app, you get the chance of earning a good commission on 55 different services per user.

This is bigger than ever! With a single download and single registration, your user can get anything that they want. They don’t have to download 55 different apps, nor will they have to register again and again. A single login empowers you so much!

How can any user leave this and want anything else! Since each request is routed using the application, you stand to make a whole lot of money every single time.

Let us take a look at all the different parts of the Gojek Clone application:


The first component of the application, it allows your user to book a taxi in the same manner when done through Uber. All they do is enter the app, tap on taxi and provide their pickup and drop locations respectively and thereafter go to their desired destination with ease thereby making the process quick, suave and comfortable on a whole for them.


This is another very important feature available in the application. This allows your users to basically send across just about anything from one location to another. The app is a convenient medium for people to send any item from point A to point B.

With this app, the user can send across any item such a wrist watch that a User left at their friend’s place the previous night or a few bags of cement that need to be sent from the warehouse to the construction site.


This is probably the most interesting component of your gojek clone app and the reason for your instant success. The DeliverAll part of your application will basically empower your users to purchase items and get them delivered to your doorstep instantly!

This part of the application not only enables you to send items, but also allows you to be able to add items to cart and shop for them instantly and make payment for these items directly using the app. The possibilities are unlimited.

You can have a restaurant app like Zomato or a Wine delivery app like Saucey or even a bottled water delivery on demand application just as you like right in the app. The more the people use these apps, the more you stand to earn.

On Demand Services

There are 52 different kinds of services being offered through the app including On demand plumber, on demand electrician, on demand, dog walker, on demand physiotherapist, on demand doctor, on demand tow truck, on demand beautician, on demand massage therapist, on demand maids, on demand home cooking, on demand dance teachers, on demand fitness trainer, on demand handyman, on demand babysitter and much more.

This essentially allows the user to select the services that they are interested in and choose from all the options that the app provides. The app takes a look at all the different service providers in and around the area and sends the user a curated list.

This list also shows the price that each one wants to charge along with the rating that they have received from other users in the past. It makes it very easy for the users to hire the service provider most suited to their requirements.

Top features of the Gojek clone script
  • Single Download
  • Single Registration
  • Single Log-in
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Service Providers
  • Unlimited Restaurants/stores
  • GPS navigation
  • Multiple payment options between Cash, Card or In App Wallet

And much more.

Get your language and Currency!

Our Gojek app clone is a global one. Our dedicated team of experts have sat down together to bring one of the finest apps in the world such that it can be launched anywhere in the world. We want to make sure that your business is a success anywhere in the map.

So, we integrate the language and currency of your choice into the app so that you can go ahead and launch it. We are there to back you at every step! This is one of the best turnkey solutions that you need!

Take a free demo now and get amazed with all the possibilities.

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