Advanced Features of Our On Demand Physiotherapy App

  • Multiple Payment Methods

    Users can use online methods like credit/debit cards and in-app wallets to pay their physiotherapy experts. The app also supports cash payment bookings.

  • Licensed Source Code

    With the purchase of our package, you will get a lifetime licensed source code that you can use to modify your app at any time.

  • App submission and launch

    Besides white-labeling, we will also submit your apps to the iOS and Android App Stores and ensure they go live quickly, without any complications.

  • Annual app upgrades

    When you invest in our advanced physiotherapy app development services, we also ensure you get annual app upgrades. Depending on the package you buy from us, we offer annual upgrades for 1 or 2 years.

  • Real-time tracking

    Once the physiotherapist accepts the booking request and they are on their way to the user’s location, users can see their live location, which route they are following, and also see the ETA.

  • Biometric authentication login

    The app feature facilitates users logging into the app using their Face ID (iPhone users) or Fingerprint Scanning (Android users), skipping the hassle of entering credentials every time.

Our Perfect On Demand Physiotherapy App Script

Our comprehensive package includes everything you need to launch your app for physical therapy. The package incorporates ready-made scripts for a website, iOS and Android apps, an admin panel, and other supporting panels too. All our scripts are scalable. In short, you can expand your app by integrating more on-demand healthcare services and app features at any time without affecting your business operations. Our entire package is loaded with incredible solutions for you to launch your Uber for Physiotherapy App and make easy money.

  • Main Website
  • Patient iOS App
  • Patient Android App
  • Patient Web panel
  • Physiotherapist iOS App
  • Physiotherapist Android App
  • Physiotherapist Web panel
  • Billing Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the App i.e. Patient, Physiotherapist, Commission, Rates, Payments etc...
on demand Physiotherapy app script

Uber For Physiotherapy App Screen Flow

Patient App
Physiotherapist App
  • User App
  • User Profile Setting
  • Service Category
  • Edit Cart and Checkout
  • Delivery Driver App
  • Select Your Vehicle
  • Delivery Driver Profile
  • Manage Vehicles

How Does Uber for Physiotherapy App Work?

  • Sign Up/Log In: Users can create an account using their social media, email, or phone. On the other hand, users who already have an account can simply use their Face ID/Fingerprint to log in.
  • Select the service: Users now need to select the physiotherapy service they wish to book, like respiratory physiotherapy, acupuncture, sports physiotherapy, electrotherapy, etc.
  • Find the physiotherapist: After selecting the service, users will be able to see a list of all the available physiotherapists in their location. Users can tap on each of their profiles to explore their portfolio, reviews, other services, and so on.
  • Book Now/Later: Users can choose to book the physio service immediately or schedule it for a later date or time as per their preference.
  • Service confirmation: Once the physio expert accepts the service request, the user will receive a confirmation notification on the app.
  • Live location tracking: Users can easily track the physiotherapist’s live location on the map and also see the accurate ETA.
  • Invoice generation and payment: Once the physiotherapist marks the service as 'complete,' an invoice is generated. The system will automatically deduct the billed amount from the user’s account, or if it’s a cash payment, the user can hand the payment to the provider.
  • Rate and review: The user and the physiotherapist can rate and review each other based on their experience.

Why Choose a Ready-Made On Demand Physiotherapy App?

Wondering why you should choose a ready-made app and not build one from scratch? Opting for a ready-made solution will give you the freedom to focus on marketing the application, making growth plans, and executing money-making strategies rather than worrying about bugs, UI, or API integrations. A ready-made Uber for physiotherapy app is quick to market. You can go live with a perfectly white-labeled app in just 1-2 weeks and start earning good revenue. Moreover, you can save billions of dollars by choosing the right pre-built solution for your business. Furthermore, it’s pre-tested in the real market, hundreds of entrepreneurs have already used it, and you don’t even have to worry about annually updating it.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a trial of our demo Uber for physiotherapy app right away.

Uber for Physiotherapys

What’s the Cost of On Demand Physio Booking App Development?

Developing an app from scratch takes billions of dollars as it involves hiring developers, designers, marketers, AQ testers, and so on. On the other hand, investing in a pre-built application is far more inexpensive! You can launch a highly competitive, advanced, tested, and bug-free app by spending a few thousand dollars. Look at our pricing page to learn more about the cost of launching your own on demand physiotherapy app.

pharmacy delivery app pricing package
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Physiotherapys Web panel's

Launch a Robust Website and Admin Panel

At V3Cube, we've got you covered when it comes to the 'technical' requirements of launching your on-demand app for physiotherapy service booking. With the purchase of our pre-built app package, you get a perfect script for launching your official website that integrates your branding and has a customer-centric design. Also, our website incorporates a ton of functions, such as quick login and sign-up, profile management, browsing services, accessing booking history and details, etc.

Our package also comes with a sturdy and fully functional admin panel that lets you manage all the business activities from a single dashboard. It is packed with features like managing ads, setting commissions, god's eye view, accessing earning reports, and so on. Look through the graphical flow of our website and admin panel to get an idea of how they work.

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