Step by Step Graphical Flow

Loading Screen

Tow Truck App user screen
  • The application of the Patient with the logo of the app would get displayed for about 2 to 3 seconds.
  • The logo of the business will show here.
  • The Doctor’s Application Splash Screen containing the logo of the app would get displayed for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • The logo of the business will show here.
Tow Truck App Driver Screen

Introduction Screen

Tow Truck user App menu
  • The Doctor on Demand App having more than 1 language and more than 1 currency will allow the Patient to use the app in the language of their choice and pay in their local currency as well along with the option for Login and Register.
  • The Doctor on Demand App having more than one language and more than one currency will allow the doctor to operate the app in the language of their choice by selecting the language from the dropdown menu and pay in their local currency by selecting from the dropdown menu.
  • This Introduction Screen also allows the Doctor to login or register on to the app.
Medical Expert App menu

Login & Registration

  • Patient can login via their Facebook & Google social media profiles.
  • In case the Patient forgets their password, they can retrieve and recover the same by simply tapping on the Forgot Password Button.
  • The Patient can also register into the app by simply entering their full name, email , create a password and mobile
  • Doctor can login via their Facebook & Google IDs.
  • The Doctor can also create an account for themselves by simply entering their name, mobile number and email address.


Medical Expert and user Account verification Medical Expert and user Account verification
  • Patient and Doctor would have to verify their mobile number via an OTP received by SMS.
  • Patient and Doctor would also need to verify their email address via a code that they receive on the email. This step is followed so as to avoid fake registrations of any kind or spam.

Application Menu

Tow Truck user App menu
  • The Application Menu is an easy way for the Patient on a whole to access all the features of the app and view through its operation and functioning.
  • The Application Menu allows the Doctor to manage the services that they offer, their Profile, Documents, Availability, Gallery, Bookings, etc, all just through this simple Application Menu.
Medical Expert App menu

Choose the Service You Need

    The Patient can choose the Service they need right now from the categories that are listed here.
  • Patient can choose multiple categories and book.
    Doctor slides on the 'Online' tab and sets themselves available to start accepting the requests from the Patients.
  • As soon as Patient sends a request to the Doctor, the Driver receives the request upon setting their availability as online.
  • This section allows the Doctor to edit their work location.
  • This section enables the Doctor to slide on the online or offline tab in order to set their availability to take the requests of the Patients.

Book A Doctor

    View the nearby available Doctors.
  • The section displays the list of Doctors along with their rating and distance.
  • The section also presents the User with a map view of the Doctors

Manage Services

    Manage Services and Personal Documents from the On Demand Medical Services App for Doctors.
  • This section allows the different Doctors to update the details of their services and their respective documents right through the medium of an app.
services detail cart
    Select the Services
  • Upon the user finding the Doctor of their choice, they select them and choose the services that they require from the Doctor and add special instructions for the Doctor that they need.
services detail & gallery services detail & Reviews
    View Gallery and Reviews
  • This section presents the user with a past review of the Doctor selected by them.
  • Gallery and Reviews Section also presents the Patient with a gallery containing the photographs and snapshots of all their previous work in order to ascertain trust in them.
Booking details profile and payment
    Provide Your Location and Make the Payment
  • This section allows the user to select the location where they require they Medical Services.
  • The Patient can choose from the following two payment methods, namely, cash and card.
Book Now & Book Later
  • This section allows the Patient to choose the location where they would want to receive the medical services and select, i.e., location of user or location of Doctor.
  • This section allows the Doctor to edit the details of their work location including the work radius and manage the same.
Manage Work Location
finding a medical Expert

A request will be sent to selected nearby Doctor.

Selected Doctor will receive request from Patient and can either Accept or Reject the request.

loading icon job request

Job request accepted

Job request accepted
  • As soon as Doctor accepts the request for the Medical Service of the Patient, the Patient receives a notification with ‘Booking Request Accepted.
  • The Patient can track the status of the Doctor through this section.
  • The Doctor receives the details of the location where they need to provide the medical services on demand to the Patient.
  • The Doctor can view details of the user and their requested services etc and cancel their job from this section.


This feature allows the Patient and the Doctor to communicate with each other via the in-app chat feature. However, it is to be noted that the feature is only valid when the Doctor accepts the request and until they arrive at the work location and begin their services.

top arrow
bottom arrow


No more fears of the private numbers getting revealed to each other! With the exciting VOIP based Call Masking feature, the Patient and the doctor can remain connected to each other through calls placed over the internet. This in turn saves the both from the worry of their respective numbers from getting revealed to each other. However, it is to be noted that this feature only works till the arrival of the Doctor.

Doctor reaches the Job location

job progress
    guide arrows
  • Upon the Doctor reaching the location of Patient a notification gets sent to them ‘Doctor Has Arrived’.
    guide arrows
  • The Doctor reaches the location of the user and confirms their arrival upon tapping on Yes when asked if they have arrived at the work location.
slide to begin job

Job Started

user receive notification for job started
  • The Patient gets notified that the Doctor has began his services.
  • The Doctor slides on ‘Begin Job’ to begin their services and can track the progress of their job.
Driver track job progress

Job Completed

User see notification job completed
  • Upon doing this step, an Invoice Summery containing the details of the job along with the mode of payment chosen by the Patient gets displayed there.
  • As soon as the Doctor completes their service, they slide towards the right on the End Tab to confirm the end of the job.
Medical Expert slide to end job

Invoice summary

User see notification job completed
  • Upon the completion of the on demand Medical Services an Invoice Summary gets shared with the user containing the details of the Medical Service.
  • This Section also allows the Patient to share their reviews for the Doctor.
  • Upon the Doctor tapping on the End Job to confirm the end of their job an invoice gets generated on their screen.
  • The invoice summary contains the details of the service along with the payment type chosen by user and the breakdown of the fare.
Medical Expert slide to end job

Other Features

Restricting Doctors’s Fraud

Manage Vehicles choose sub categories
  • This feature allow Doctor to mark the Job status as “Arrived” unless he is in X Meters/Feet distance from the User’s location.
  • Doctor will see the message on the screen as “The Job cannot be started as you are still far from the Job location requested by the User.”

Location Wise Banners

Cost Manually Cost Manually
  • App Owner will be able to create Application’s Home Page Banner’s Specific to Target Location. User will see Banner according to the Location Address in User Application Home Page Screen.

Location Wise Push Notifications

  • App Owner will be able to send Push Notification to all Users of selected Location.

Detailed Service Search

  • With this new Search Services, a User can Search Services based on keywords and wont have to scroll till end of screen while looking for all Services.

Using Firebase For Mobile Number Verification through the System

  • Firebase Authentication provides backend Services to authenticate users by verifying their phone number. Using this technology, you can avoid verification of User's Phone Number that uses expensive 3rd party SMS.
  • User can enter his phone number and verify.
  • An OTP will be sent to user on his number for verification.

How The Book Later Option Works

job progress
  • With this option, the Patient can schedule their appointment with the Doctor for a later date.
  • Patient needs to choose the time and day and then tap on ‘Continue’ to confirm the booking.
  • The Doctor can schedule their availability with this feature.
  • They can select the days they are available to work and the timeslot as well at the same time to make their availability known to the Patient.
slide to begin job
job progress
  • With the Patient scheduling their appointment, they receive a notification stating that the Doctor has received the request and would get back to them shortly.
  • The Doctor receives the request for the job from the Patient in their 'Pending Jobs' section and thus can accept or decline the Job request. They can also view the requested services through this section.
slide to begin job

Wallet Integration

user and provider manage their wallet
  • The User and the Doctor will both have an in App wallet.
  • This wallet can be recharged or topped up whenever they want.
  • Users can pay for the Job using Wallet.

Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer

allet to Wallet Money Transfer Wallet Money Transfer
  • Looking for a seamless way to make payments easy for your Patients and assist the Doctors to receive the money directly in their wallet. Then, the wallet-to-wallet money transfer feature will turn out to be a blessing in disguise for your Users and Doctors.
  • Through the pre-integrated wallet present, your Patients can smoothly make payment through their wallet and have it sent to the Doctor’s wallet especially if they do not have the change for the services that they have booked.
enter verification code you have successfully
  • All that they would need to do is select from the two options present in the wallet to whom they wish to send, the Patient or Doctor and then choose their respective mobile number or email address and then they need to transfer the money from their wallet to the wallet of the Doctor.
  • This feature will surely be a blessing in disguise for your Patient and Doctor who may be wary of sharing their card details.

Membership Subscription Plan

Membership Subscription Plan select payment method
  • Admin can define the Membership plan for Doctor like 2 months subscription and 1-week subscription plan.
  • Doctor can subscribe for the Plans and can provide the Services.
my Subscription Pending Subscription
  • The unique feature that will ensure that no Doctor is able to provide their services until they have subscribed to the subscription plans present on the Membership Subscription Plan.
  • All that the Doctor needs to do is enter their application and then tap on My Subscriptions.

Favorite Doctor

Favorite medical expert Favorite Doctor
  • The User can mark the Doctor as favorite from his App. Also, he can remove the Doctor from the favorite list anytime.
  • In the case when you do the Job with any Doctor and you want that Doctor again, then mark the Doctor as Favorite.
  • This feature allows the system to set the Priority in sending the request to all favorite Doctor first whoever is marked as favorite by the User.
  • This way User gets the chance to book the Job with any specific Doctor.
save as Favorite medical expert ?
  • Once the Job is completed the User will be prompted to rate the Job and provide the feedback.
  • Apart from this, the User will get the option to mark the Doctor as a favorite so that next time they got the chance to do the Job again with them.

Edit Profile

User can edit their profile
  • With this feature, the Patient can update the details present in their profile which includes their first & last name, their email, phone number, language as well as currency
  • With this feature, the Doctor can update the details present in their profile which includes their first and last name, their email and password, their mobile number as well as currency and language.
Doctor can update their profile

Manage Documents

Doctors upload ID documents from panel
  • The Doctor will be able to upload all the documents that are required, like Experience certificate etc from this panel on the app.

Manage Gallery

manage gallery
  • The Manage Gallery Section allows the Doctors to update the photographs that they have added to the gallery. In other words, they can add, edit or delete photographs to show their past work.

Payment Options

user receive notification for job started
  • The user can pay via card through this section.
  • User needs to add their card details that include their card number, expiration date of card as well as their CVV number.
  • With this feature, the Patient can pay via the in-app wallets without having to take the pain of entering their card details or feeling at bay when falling short of cash.
  • The Patient needs to simply add money into their wallet and start availing the medical services by the Doctors.
Driver track job progress

job history

your Bookings
    View Past and Upcoming Jobs
  • Past jobs and its related invoice details can be viewed by the user.
  • The status of all the upcoming jobs would be visible to the user. In case of the request getting declined by the Doctor, the User would be able to send the request to another Doctor from their App.
    View Past and Upcoming Jobs.
  • The Doctor can take a glance through all the Pending, Upcoming as well as Past Jobs along with view their past jobs in a date-wise method.
your booking and total Earnings

Notifications and Newsfeed

manage gallery
  • This section allows the Patient using the on demand Doctor App to view the notifications and the respective newsfeeds that are relevant to them. These newsfeeds are customized as per the searches of the Patients and the bookings they make.
Manage Notification Sounds and Ringtones
    Manage Notification Sounds and Ringtones
  • Using this unique feature, you the owner of this expansive Doctor app can manage the notification sounds and respective ringtones of the store, the Doctor and the Users respectively.
  • The notification sounds may include the request sound for the Provide and User, notification sound for the provider including the message and notifications, notification sound for the user including the message and notification, and finally, the VOIP based (voice over internet protocol) call.
  • All these sounds are already present in the solution itself. However, other sounds may be downloaded from the admin panel.

Promo Code

Promo Code
  • App Owner will be able to create Promo code Specific to Target Location. Only Users belongs to that location can use that promo code.
  • With this feature, the Patient can apply a promo code for their booking and avail a discount thereby not pay the full cost for the booking of the Doctor.

Emergency / Panic Button

user receive notification for job started
  • This feature enables the user to add up to 5 contacts which may include their close family members or friends as their emergency contacts to ensure their safety and in case of any emergency let them know about the same.
  • With this feature, the Doctors can add up to 5 contacts as emergency contacts and let them know about their whereabouts if in cause they are caught in a situation where they need help.
  • The Doctors can add up to 5 contacts as emergency contacts through this section.
Driver track job progress

Advertisement Banners

Advertisement Banners
  • Showcase your offers and promotions on the Home screen of the App. When the users open the App, they can see your advertisement.
  • You can keep advertisement, promotional content and any kind of information that you want to highlight about the App right here.

User and Doctor Feedback

  • Upon the completion of the services and collection of payment, both, the Doctor as well as the user can provide a feedback to each other based on the experience of the services and provide them with ratings as well where 5 stars means excellent and 1 means poor service.

Invite Friends & Manage Bank Detail

user and Doctor upload their bank details and invite friends to download app
  • Doctor can provide his Bank details in order to get his earning from Admin.
  • The Invite Friends feature allows both the Patient and the Doctors to invite their friends and earn a credit into the wallet once the referred friend completes the first booking. All that they need to do is tap on ‘Invite Friends’ which in turn would present them with a shareable link which they can share via different social media handles and thereby share it with them and with a successful booking from the referred family member or friend, they earn a credit into their wallet.

Earning Statistics

  • The Statistics feature allows the Doctor to view their daily earnings as well as their tasks in a graphical or statistical format.

Other Information Screens

  • This section contains the other screens that the user can use while using the on demand Doctors App. Some of them include About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Live Char, Contact Us and FAQ.

Contact Us & Help

  • There will be help and contact Pages on the Doctor on Demand Apps.
  • The Administrator will be able to Edit the Information Pages from back end.
medical Expert faq
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