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It's time to bid farewell to the old and archaic apps in favour of our latest and most advanced UberEats clone app! This feature rich app comes loaded with some of the most relevant industry favourite features that is a practical solution for your food delivery business.

With the latest design and smooth interface of this app give your users an experience like never before. With this new app, you can now go live in just a week’s time and start generating revenues and making profits like you've never done before!

This is the first of its kind app in the market designed specifically to be user friendly, light weight and profitable for you. Our team of top app designers from the world over have rendered the best design for a food delivery app clone in this new and latest version of the Uber Eats Clone. Dive in to learn more!

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Multiple Revenue Streams of Our Uber Eats Clone App

Are you an Entrepreneur who plans to start his own Food Delivery Company where customers will Order Food from Online Restaurants in a way that it gets Delivered to their home in Real Time then this is the right App for you. And we have plans and methods via which you will make good money in a short time.

In this App, the Restaurants Owners would Register themselves via Restaurants App and add their Food Items and Cuisines with Options, Toppings, Discounts, etc. So that Customers can place orders on their User Apps and pay Online or in Cash (COD) to get Order Delivered to their Home. The Drivers will Register to accept Food packages from Restaurants and Deliver to Customers.
In the whole process, Customers get the best food in a timely manner, Restaurants and Delivery Drivers make money for their Service.
We, being experienced in this field and have successfully delivered hundreds of such Apps in the past few years, have added many important aspects where you as an App Owner make good Money from this Business. Below are a few ways in which you as an App Owner will make money via this Advanced App of ours.

  • Commission on Food Orders
    Commission on Food Orders

    Charge a commission on every order placed using the app for food from across any restaurant registered on your app.

  • Earn Commission per Order from Restaurants
    Earn Commission per Order from Restaurants

    Regardless of which restaurant your user places an order from within your app, you can make a commission on it, every single time an order goes through!

  • Advertisements

    Empower vendors and shop/ restaurant owners to place their ads on specific landing pages on the banner and select locations to get additional income.

  • In App Purchases
    In App Purchases

    Offer in app advantages such as Gold Membership, Monthly Subscription and more by giving out packages at a fee to get more money. This feature is available for Delivery Drivers.

Flow of Food Food Restaurant Delivery Apps

Food delivery app flow

On-Demand Food Delivery Clone App

Have A Look How Our App Work In Real-time Basis
Food Delivery App
Food Delivery App

Our Service Earns Endless Applause

Building an App is no big deal nowadays, but crafting a Solution that reaps Benefits is Challenging. However, that's precisely the Challenge we Embrace when serving our Clients! Mr. Lavine was looking for the Perfect Ready-to-go On-demand app, and now that he has one, he happily Compliments us, saying, “Thanks to V3Cube, I have a powerful Food Delivery App.” Our client from Paris shares that he has found the Right Solution for his Food Delivery Business. In the Video, he also shares how we took Care of his Project Requirements from start to finish, leaving No Stone Unturned.

Industry Leading Features in ourDoordash clone App

  • apps installation Apps Installation/Submission on iOS App Store and Android Play Store

    The installation as well as the submission of the code and database on the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store shall be done free of charge.

  • apps approval on play store and app store Apps Approval on Play Store and App Store

    Your food delivery app is our responsibility. We follow extremely stringent methods when building your app thereby ensuring your app gets approved immediately on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store with zero hassles.

  • White Labeling White Labelling

    Seamless Clone App we build for you shall be white labelled by us on your company as well as the brand name.

  • lifetime license Lifetime License

    The license we offer for your brand/domain has lifetime validity and thus you don’t have to pay any extra amount for the renewal of your license.

  • license source code Licensed Source Code Open to Customizations

    The licensed source code you get is 100% open and is free of charge. With the support of this, you can customize your Grubhub clone script and freely make modifications in the code.

  • advanced analytics Advanced Analytics

    This feature will support you track the activities of your customers as well as service provider, the number of services that are booked, the commissions you have earned, an idea of the preferred mode of payment that customers use and locate the areas with maximum customers.

  • advanced reports Advanced Reports

    The advanced reports will help you get an idea of your earnings, the areas you need to invest more efforts, analyze if you need to increase the rate of commission or do more marketing thereby acting as a companion to planning your business well.

  • 365 days free bug support 365 Days Free Bug Support

    Despite holding strong confidence in what we do if at all you feel (though we strongly hope you don’t) any problems while operating your app, don’t worry we offer 365 days bug support absolutely free of cost to ensure you can deliver seamless food delivery experiences to your customers.

Choose The Best Plan for Your Restaurant Food Delivery App

The premise of an on demand food delivery application such as the UberEats clone sits on a very complex structure of codes and schematics. In order to ensure that your business goes on smoothly, you will need more than just a single app. There is a bundle that cohesively comes together as a system to ensure on demand delivery takes place effectively. Take a look at everything you get when you purchase the UberEats Clone apps from us.

  • User iOS APP
  • Delivery Driver iOS APP
  • Restaurant iOS APP
  • User Android APP
  • Delivery Driver Android APP
  • Food Ordering Kiosk App
  • Restaurant Android APP
  • Main Website (Includes ordering Food)
  • User Web Panel
  • Delivery Driver Web Panel
  • Restaurant Web Panel
  • Billing Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Administrator Web Panel to manage all - Payments, Commissions, Customer, Restaurants, Delivery Driver, etc.
Grubhub clone app

Enhance Accessibility Accept Orders Anywhere!

This on demand food delivery system based on the UberEats like clone that we have developed for you will empower you to accept order from Phone, Web, App and the Restaurant directly as well!

  • ordering from application Ordering from Application

    Allow customer to order Food from Restaurants through Android and iOS Apps.

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  • ordering from website Ordering from Website

    We provide you a feature that allows users to Order Food from Restaurants through Website in Real Time.

    The experience will be rich and advanced as if ordering from Apps.

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  • Call directly to Restaurant and order Call directly to Restaurant and order

    Users can directly call Restaurant and Order Food. Restaurant will then process order and get food delivered through the Apps.

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  • Call your Company Call your Company / Administrator and order

    Users can directly call your company and Order Food. Your back end Team will then process order and get food delivered through the Apps.

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Explore DoorDash Clone Enhancing Food Delivery Experiences

Customer App
Driver App
Restaurant App
Admin Panel
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • restaurant app
  • restaurant menu items
  • set timings
  • store details
  • restaurant app
  • restaurant app

User Friendly Website and Admin Panel

This section showcases the look and feel of the Website Frond End and Admin Panel that you get with your On Demand Food Delivery App.

Responsive Website
Admin Panel
doordash clone

Become the King of the Food Delivery Business

With the latest Uber Eats app’s new design and feature rich unveiling, make sure that you are at the top of the business pyramid. Whether you wish to base your app on an existing model or launch a whole new concept, this is the right solution for you. Take a look at all the various food delivery apps that our Uber Eats clone not only matches but surpasses!

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Top Features of the

UberEats Clone app: Latest Version

We understand that change is a part of evolution and every new year brings with itself a set of opportunities to enhance what we already have. In order to make sure that the app you purchase from us is absolutely the best in class, we have added some exciting new features. Take a look at some of our top noted features in the UberEats clone App.

Latest UX/UI Design

Let your Users Experience One-click Food Ordering Convenience with our On-demand App. Designed on Figma, our latest UI/UX Design is meant to reimagine your Online Food Delivery Business swiftly.

Live Activity: Food Delivery Status Notifications

Your iPhone users can now see the Current Status of their Order on the Lock Screen. The Live Activity feature displays the Real-time Status of the Order, including ETA, in an Interactive Notification Bubble.

Gift Certificate

Your users can now send Gift Cards to their friends and family members, which they can Redeem and use to Order Food Online from their favorite restaurants. They can choose the Theme of the card and the Amount they want. Also, they can Preview the Gift Card before sending it.

New UI/ UX for Sign in and Sign up Process

This latest feature includes a much more streamlined and easy to use log in and sign up process for users, drivers and restaurants.


Face ID and Fingerprint Login

Allow your iOS users to log in using their Face IDs and your Android users to log in using their Fingerprint scan quickly and easily.

Item Photo with Video and Multiple Images

Empower your restaurant partners to upload appetising photos and videos of their menu items.

Facebook Ads Integration

Bring your users directly to the ordering page of your restaurants in the app from Facebook Ads.

Google Ads Integration

Bring in your users directly to the food ordering page of your restaurants in the app from Google Ads.

Video Call Your Delivery Driver

Now, know exactly where your delivery driver is by giving him or her a video call.

Multiple Credit Card Management

Empower your users to be able to use multiple credit cards for ordering food through your Uber Eats clone in the most secure way.

Location Wise Banners

The Admin can set the Home Page Banner Location-wise when he wishes to target a specific location and users.

Re-Assign Delivery Driver for Store Orders

The App owner/Admin will re-assign the pending delivery order to another delivery driver under the following circumstances:

  • Not showing delivery drivers in the area for the pickup.
  • Delivery drivers are available but rejected the order request.
  • Delivery drivers canceled even after confirming the order.

Restaurant menu multiple options/toppings

Allowing restaurant owners to add multiple toppings/options to the food items listed in their menu. For instance- A customer is ordering pizza. He gets to choose from Thin crusts/regular/cheese burst. For the topping, he adds a few of his favorite. That’s how the cost of the pizza increases.

Advanced Rating Flow for Food Items and Delivery Drivers

The feature allows the users to provide ratings and feedback on the delivery made and for the items they ordered. This helps the Restaurants to improve their Services.

Free Delivery Promo Codes for Specific Stores

The App owner will set the Promo Code offering “Free Delivery” from the list of options for specific or all stores. The customers can apply the same to avail free deliveries on their orders. The feature can be set On/Off accordingly.

Location Wise Push Notifications throughout the System

This feature allows the Admin to send mass notifications and alerts to particular locations so that it makes it easy to win targeted audience attention.

Location-specific Promo Codes

The App Owner Geo Fences a particular area or locality and then curates special promo codes for the residents of that area itself. And no other individual from a different locality can avail the same Promo Code for oneself.

Cookie Consent Popup throughout the System

The Cookie Consent popup feature alerts the Users about the Cookies complying with the GDPR / EU Cookie directive for the websites.

SKU Code For Store Delivery Items

SKU Code is the product code assigned in the systems. Typing SKU codes in the system makes it easy for the restaurants and stores to get the product details quickly.

Restricting Delivery Driver’s Fraud

This feature restricts the Delivery Driver from clicking on the “Arrived” icon when he is clearly miles away from the Pick-Up location. There have been reported instances in the past wherein Drivers marking status as “Arrived” even when they are far from Store Pickup Location. With this feature, the App Owner gets to decide the distance in meters before which the “Arrived” icon won’t be activated for the Delivery Drivers.

Mobile Number Verification

Using Firebase for Mobile Number Verification allows the app owner to accommodate 10,000 free verification per month. It requires paying extra when it exceeds the number. It is super cheap when compared to expensive 3rd party SMS.

Voice Guided Instructions for Delivery

The customers can now send a voice message to inform the delivery driver of their location and to give other instructions pertinent to the delivery of the order.

Search by Item Name

The app facilitates and promotes quick and seamless searching. The customer can search the menu items that they are looking for, simply by entering its name. Our search bot will do the rest!

Different Store, Different Commission

Different products have different rates. We understand that. In order to make sure that you don’t have to incur losses in order to promote one product, we have offered a unique compartmentalized commission feature. This feature allows you to set a different percentage of commission for every different store.

Day Wise Store Operations

Different regions follow different cultures and have different holidays. In order to ensure that one store doesn’t have to suffer for another because of a day’s discrepancy, the app now features the ability to keep designated days for store operations, independent of the toher store’s operation days.

Food Status Graphical Depiction

People are almost always in a hurry. A graphical representation shows the exact status of the order so that your customers are always aware of exactly where their order is. The steps of order placed, order confirmed, order in kitchen, order on the move and order delivered will all be represented.

Kitchen Images

Using the feature, restaurants can upload photos of their kitchens, exhibiting their hygienic cooking and food packaging spaces. To assure your customers that everything is being done to keep their safety as a priority, the restaurants with the app will have the option of uploading pictures of their kitchen on the app.

Order Cancellation by Store Driver

The store driver will have the option of cancelling the order in case they are not in the region so that the request can bounce on to the next driver therefore making the process of order delivery as smooth as possible.

For Their Own Business Who Can Use Our

Food Delivery App

  • app registration Single Food Store

    In case you run an independent restaurant with no other branches, this app can work wonders for you too. Run this app to deliver food in your CITY or only your area and make it your personal app for business. This app will then only be used for your business and not for any other restaurant at all. You can receive the order and send out your own delivery drivers to make the deliveries.

  • restaurant app Food Delivery Startups

    This is the perfect app if you want your customers to be able to place orders for food from the restaurants closest to them. Any restaurant across the country can register into your app, but, when a customer logs in; they will only see the restaurants closest to their physical location. This geographical radius for restaurant selection can be set from the admin.

  • driver app Food Chains

    In case you own a chain of restaurants and wish to use the app for food delivery for all of them, you can use this app too. When a customer logs in, they can see the branch of your restaurant that is closest to your customer’s location. The app has been designed specifically to make sure that orders can be received from the closest restaurant and assigned to the delivery driver closest as well.

  • driver app Cloud Kitchen

    Our Uber Eats clone empowers you to remunerate the unique Cloud Kitchen format as well!

Food Kiosk Solution

Launching a self-service KIOSK for food ordering is the best way to attract more Customers who are fed up with waiting in lines to place their orders at Restaurants. Let your customers enjoy Browsing the Menu and Ordering their favorite meals without hassle. Moreover, the Fully-fledged Kiosk App Script comes with our On-demand App like Uber package for Food Delivery.

Our intuitive, Android-based self-ordering system can take more orders in less time, without increasing payroll. The orders automatically get sent to your “Admin Dashboard” reducing communication errors and can be viewed on a real-time basis.

A fully customizable visual menu guides diners through the self-serve experience. The Food Kiosk screens can be used as a marketing tool, letting you share promotions and display your restaurant’s branding. When guests place orders via self-service kiosks, the restaurant can generate more sales in less time while reducing labor costs. You can reassign the staff from taking orders to higher-value tasks.

Food Kiosk Solution

Cost To Develop Grubhub Clone Food Delivery App?

To determine the overall cost of developing an on-demand food delivery Doordash Clone App isn’t an easy task to say the least and when built from the scratch will cost a considerably huge sum of money from your end. Thus, to assist you in the same, we have an attractive package designed specifically for your food delivery startup so as to ensure you make considerable profits right from Day 1! Visit our Features & Pricing Page to know more about how much does it cost to clone grubhub?

general features pricing
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Our Clients Testimonial Section

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Diverse Delivery Options Explore Additional Revenue Streams

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an UberEats Clone app?

    An app like Ubereats lets users find restaurants near them and order food online. Moreover, local restaurants and well-established food joints can register on the app and take online food delivery orders. The app works similarly to the Ubereats model, helping users connect directly with restaurants within a few clicks! Additionally, it facilitated live order tracking, chat support, online payment options, and much more.

  • How much does it cost to build an UberEats Clone app for on-demand food delivery?

    It takes millions to build a complicated and fully-fledged app like UberEats from scratch. On the other hand, investing in a pre-built app takes only a few thousand dollars. Moreover, investing in a ready-made solution means you not only get an app but an entire package that includes a website, admin panel, supporting panels, KIOSK apps, etc.

  • Do you offer a food delivery app depending on different regions?

    Our ready-made UberEats-like app is designed after carefully studying different markets around the world! Apart from offering on-demand food deliveries, you can scale up the platform and build a multi-delivery business in your region.

  • Can I modify the provided source code?

    Yes, you can modify the source code as per your requirements. You can hire an app development team and make the necessary changes. For more details, contact us!

  • Who can launch your UberEats Clone app?

    Anyone who wants to start an on-demand food delivery business can invest in our pre-built UberEats Clone app. If you already own a restaurant or wish to enter the on-demand food delivery business, this app is the right option for you.

  • Why should I choose your ready-made UberEats-like app?

    Our ready-made UberEats app is budget-friendly and it is ready to launch. Moreover, with the purchase of our package, you get free white-labeling services, along with a guarantee of 100% confidentiality as we sign the NDA. In addition, we will ensure the quick launch of your app.

  • Where can I connect in case of queries?

    Send us an email at [email protected] asking us all your queries, or simply submit an inquiry form available on our website.

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