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The Global Online Marketplace App for your Users to Buy, Sell, and Rent Anything!

Want to build a One-stop Solution to help users Buy, Sell, and Rent Properties, Cars, or General Items? We have the Best App for you. Our ready-made Buy and Sell app lets Entrepreneurs like you set up an Online Business in 7 days.

Well, you don't have to worry about Building any Piece of the App from Scratch. With this Next-gen Solution, you can easily provide an End-to-End online Marketplace app to your Users. We will Custom-brand it for you, integrate Features you want, add Languages or Currencies, you like, and more. So, whether they are searching for Apartments, seeking Quality Equipment, or looking to Monetize unused Assets, this app Fits all their needs.

Our Team has Designed, Developed, and Tested this Letgo clone App so that you can enjoy all the perks of owning an App-based Business. So, Start your Entrepreneurial Journey today with our Online Classified Script.

Buy and Sell app

What Can Your Users Buy, Sell, and Rent?

Real Estate

Real Estate

Your users can Buy, Sell, and Rent Commercial and Residential Properties, eliminating the need for a Broker/Agent.



Users can list their Cars for Sale or Rent, while others can Search for them and Contact the Car Owner easily.

General Items

General Items

Users can Buy, Rent, or Sell Furniture, Machinery, Electronics, and other Goods on the App and also Find Genuine Deals easily.

What Is Included in the Buy and Sell App Package?

Our Buy and Sell App Package includes everything you’ll need to Establish a 360-degree Business. From the Admin Panel to Smart Apps, Websites, and more, you’ll have to worry about nothing after Purchasing our Package! Here is a List of what you will get in our Package.

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Letgo Clone

Why Choose V3cube?

Since 2005, we have been building Clone Apps. Our Team of 52+ Experts has developed Top-notch Apps for Hundreds of Entrepreneurs. Why do Entrepreneurs choose us as their App Development Partners? Well, that's because our Ready-made Scripts, Advanced Features, and Flawless UI/UX never fail to Impress them.

  • Ready to launch app solutions
  • World-class quality
  • Ready to launch app solutions
  • NDA
  • 24/7 Support

Streamlined Flow Of Buy and Sell App Screen By Screen

  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout

Nurture Your Business Profits With Top-notch Market-ready Buy and Sell App

Our Pro Package is curated with all the User-friendly functionalities and Trendiest Features to soar high in your niche. Available at an Unbeatable Price. Just make a call and get your On-demand Business up and running in just 1-2 weeks!

general features pricing

Launch Your Buy and Sell App in a Week!

You can Develop and Launch your online Marketplace App in just One Week! It sounds like a Surprise, but our Experts can make it Happen. We'll first Understand your App Development Requirements and provide Suggestions to Improve them.

Our Experts will then Begin Working on your App. They will White-label it as per your Branding Needs. The Team will also Customize it by Integrating Features, a Color Theme of your Choice, etc., and Test it.

Once it Passes all our Quality Tests, we’ll give it to you so you can Check how it works on your Devices. After you tell us the App is Good to go, we’ll Submit it to the iOS and Android App Stores.

Now your users can Download the App and Start Buying, Selling, or Renting Properties, Cars, or other Items like Furniture, Machinery, etc.

Perks Of Our Buy and Sell App

Invest in our Buy and Sell app and Take your Business from 0 to 100 in a Flash! These Benefits include Advanced White-labeling Options, a Flawless UI and UX, the Latest Feature List, and more. So, take a look at the Additional Benefits you can enjoy Opting for our Comprehensive Letgo Clone App Solutions.

  • generate revenue
  • scalability
  • wide reach
  • meet user needs
  • business solution
  • quick launch app

Try Our Website and Admin Panel Demo

Want to Quickly set up your Buy, Sell, and Rent Platform? Our Well-designed Website and Admin Panel can assist you in getting your Online Business Up and Running in no time. With its User-friendly and Seamless Features, you let Users Create Profiles, List Properties, Cars, or Items, and Find Genuine Deals. Moreover, we have Developed them using the Latest Technologies, ensuring Top-notch Performance all the time.

Also, the Admin Panel Dashboard gives you complete Control of your Business. You can Manage User Profiles, Access Reports, Control In-app Advertisements, and more, all from One Place. So, Request a Demo Today to see how our Buy, Sell, and Rent Website and Admin Panel work!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any Questions about our Buy, Sell, and Rent app? We have Compiled a List of Questions that Entrepreneurs like You Frequently Ask Us. And, if you cannot Find the Information you are Looking for, feel Free to Connect with Us. We are Happy to Respond to All of them.

There are a few things you need to do to Start your Online Business with our Buy, Sell, and Rent App. First, you need to decide which Features you want to Integrate into your App. You'll also need to Choose a Platform for your App, such as iOS or Android. We offer Clone Scripts for both Platforms. Therefore, you can Launch a Multi-platform Business. Once you've done that, we'll start Developing your App by adding all Branding Elements like your Name, Logo, Color Theme, etc.

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