Italian Lunch with Tasteful Deserts Closing off This Month with Fun and Laughter - April 2024

Who doesn't enjoy a nice lunch hangout with coworkers to share thoughts and have a laugh? At V3Cube, we make sure to balance out the workload with some fun foodie gatherings. It's a great way to shake up that monotonous daily routine by bringing together people from different teams and backgrounds to create a lively, refreshing atmosphere - something to actually look forward to. You'd be surprised how quickly friendships can blossom over authentic Italian pasta, garlic bread, pizza, and tasty desserts when you're just casually snacking and chatting it up with your office mates.

Celebrating the Spirit of Womanhood A Glimpse into Our Women’s Day Celebration - March 2024

This International Women’s Day, V3Cube presented a small gift hamper as a token of respect to each of our leading ladies. Not only are we thankful but we also appreciate them standing tall and supporting everyone in their lives, including us. Their unwavering willpower speaks volumes about their hard work and we are lucky to be surrounded by them. We value the many ways they contribute and the support they provide to their families, friends, and coworkers. A gift hamper is a small way for us to express our gratitude and respect for these remarkable women.

Dinner And Games At Our Farmhouse! Casual Conversations In A Lively Environment - Feb 2024

We ended the month of March with a relaxed evening of dinner and fun at our farmhouse! After the hustle and bustle of the workweek, we thought it'd be great to gather in a cozy, lively setting and have some laid-back conversations. Work is what brings us together as a company family, but we also believe it's important to nurture the human connections between us. This is a chance to learn new things about your colleagues and catch up without any work-related agenda.

Welcoming The New Year with a Touch of Class and a Delicious Lunch! - Jan 2024

V3Cube commenced the New Year celebration early with a touch of class as our team donned formal attire for a special celebration!
We headed to one of the city's renowned restaurants for a fabulous lunch, sharing laughs and creating memories that will last a lifetime. From capturing moments in pictures to relishing a delicious meal together, it was a fantastic end to 2023! The team concluded the day by saying cheers to a year ahead filled with achievements, collaboration, and more exciting moments of celebration!

V3Cube Celebrates New Year in Style A Day of Fun in Black & White - December 2023

Black & White Day took our office by storm! The team showcased their style prowess by wearing black and white attire. To make the day even more fun, the entire team played several games. Well, every moment was full of fun and joy. To sum up, it was a day that became a vibrant celebration of style, unity, and the joy of working together at V3Cube. Catch a glimpse of our unique celebration.

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