One App All On Demand Services

One App All On Demand Services

On Demand services has become the need of the hour. With our service on demand app in the market, you will be able to offer your customers the ability to hire any kind of service provider like On Demand Doctor, On Demand Beautician, On Demand Electrician, On Demand Plumber and over 72 such different services from the convenience of their smart phones.

Customers and service providers can enjoy guaranteed transparency on pricing, timing, and quality of work. The on demand service provider app has been specifically designed to ensure that your customer just have to log in to it once and forget about it! Whenever the need arises, they simply need to whip out their smart phones, make a few clicks and it is done! Their selected service provider will come to the mentioned destination to offer their services each time!

Our All in One Service Provider app has been designed after careful analysis of the market trends to ensure that when you go live with the app, you can start earning right from the first day! Our process is simple and transparent to promote a healthy and continued relationship between our clients and us.

And if you thought that was all, well, here’s some more! We offer complete non disclosure with a structured NDA to protect all our client’s identity and privacy.

Advanced Free Features Of Our On Demand Services Apps

That Others Charge For
  • apps installation Licensed Source Code

    You get Licensed Source Code for Free. So your team can make the enhancements they want.

  • apps installation 1 Year - Free Support

    You are covered under our support of 1 year for any Issues or Bugs.

  • apps installation Updates

    Get an upgrade for free in 1st year. Let us know when you want it and we'll send updated code to you.

  • apps installation White-Labeling

    Uber for Services App and Website will be on your name, on your server and play stores and nowhere show our company's name.

  • apps installation NDA & Privacy Policy

    We will never claim your Apps to be our work in market, nor show case your Apps in our Portfolio either.

  • apps installation Language of your choice- FREE

    Every region has a specific requirement. We will integrate 25 languages options of your choice in the app. What’s more, we do this absolutely FREE of cost. All you need to do is inform us of your required language and we will take care of it.

  • apps installation Currency of your choice- FREE

    We understand that only the USD setting in the app might not be enough for you. So, we customize it as per your requirement and add 25 currencies options of your choice into the Thumbtack clone app. Be it GBP, SAR, EUR, AUSD, RIYAL or anything else, we will do it at no additional cost.

  • apps installation Localization feature ADD-ON FREE

    This tremendously functional add-on will permit you to run your business in an assortment of different regions just from your admin panel. It enables you to alter, modify and adjust the Service, their rates, surcharges and much more based on where the app is used.

  • apps installation Website Installation and launch - FREE

    Complete configuration post QA will be done by us. We will also assume the responsibility of launching Website, Rider's Web panel, Driver's Web Panel, Company Web Panel, Billing Administrator Panel, Manual Dispatcher Panel and Administrator Panel on your Hosting Server. All this will be done at no additional cost.

  • apps installation iOS App Installation On App Store - Free

    After thorough Q and A, we will also launch the iOS app on the iTunes App store. We provide full support in case of rejection. Get more details on our rejection assistance for iOS Apps here.

  • apps installation Android App Submission To Google Play Store - Free

    On approval, we will upload, install and do a thorough QA of the app. We will then launch the Thumbtack clone app on the Google Play store for you as well. In case of rejection our app rejection assistance team will provide full support. You can go through our details on rejection assistance for Android Apps.

  • apps installation Manual Booking from Admin Panel- FREE

    This is a very useful feature for users without access to smartphones or the internet. They can simply place a call to the admin and the Service can be booked manually through here. This feature will help in increasing users. This too is an added freebie.

  • apps installation Accounts Web panel - FREE

    Enjoy the ability to give selected and restricted access to Accounts related Pages, Reports and downloadable CSV/Excel Files to only people concerned with such work without having to expose personal client information to anyone. Again, our team gives this as a FREE add on.

  • App Rejection Support App Rejection Support

    We have been working on apps for the iOS and Android for a very long time and have a very fruitful experience in the same. This allows us to ensure that your app gets launched on the App Store without any hassles at all due to any technical reason. In case the app is rejected due to any other reason, we will stand by you as your ethical guides.

  • Wallet, Credit Card & Cash Wallet, Credit Card & Cash

    We offer you the ability to provide your clients with three options of payment. Our advanced Thumbtack clone app comes pre-integrated with the Stripe Payment Gateway for debit card and credit card type payments. Apart from this the user has the option of making a direct cash payment as well as payment through an in app wallet.

New & Latest Features

Service Provider on Demand App
Video Consulting

Video Consulting

Book a Video Call with your preferred Doctor, Psychiatrist, Physician, etc and Pay instantly for the Service.

Service Bidding

Post the details of your Task /Work and let Handymen of your area Bid for it. Hire the best one as per Rates, Review and Budget.

Service Bidding
Video Consulting

Get Services at Your Place

Book a Service Provider to Serve at your preferred location (Home / Office)

Get Your Services done at Service Provider's Location.

Book an appointment & get Service at Service Provider's location.

Service Bidding
  • Face Mask Verification Face Mask Verification

  • Safety Checklist Safety Checklist

  • Job Cancellation Job Cancellation

  • Safety Ratings & Reviews Safety Ratings & Reviews

  • Graphical Status of Order in App notification Safety Ratings & Reviews

  • OTP Verification to Start the Task Safety Ratings & Reviews

  • Restricting Service Provider's Fraud Safety Ratings & Reviews

  • Advanced and detailed Service Search Safety Ratings & Reviews

  • Location Wise Push Notifications Safety Ratings & Reviews

  • Location Wise Promo Code Safety Ratings & Reviews

  • Cookie Consent Popup throughout the System Safety Ratings & Reviews

  • Using Firebase For Mobile Number Verification through the System Safety Ratings & Reviews

online Service Provider business during corona crisis

Is the Covid-19 Outbreak BreakingYour Business?

Get Profitable instantly with Service Provider On Demand App

If you are one of the many entrepreneurs who have taken the CoVid-19 Novel Corona Virus Outbreak Lockdown hit on your business and are looking for a profitable solution, then this is the answer to all your problems. Get your own on demand service provider app and rise above your competition. While the outbreak has disturbed global economy, this app could be your chance to redeem your entrepreneurial capacity by offering people the services that they want delivered right at their homes. While you are at it, this app can also become the perfect opportunity to ensure that you can help local service providers continue a steady stream of income.

Entrepreneurs all over the world are looking for an opportunity to make the most of this situation and this could be your chance to get ahead. Get your own On Demand Service Provider app built by some of the best experts around the world and launch your profitable business even during the pandemic within just 4 to 5 business days!


Our Hawaiian Client Sends Love and Affection for Our Service Providers’ On Demand App from the Island of Paradise itself! Look at Him, He is All Smiles while shooting this Video Testimonial for us! He said it himself that he couldn’t have been more Thrilled with Our Product. We are so Grateful to his Kind and Soulful Words!

He thanked the Entire Team of V3Cube for their Sheer Professionalism and their Exemplary Work Ethic! Then he went on to Compliment us for our Exceptional Communication Skills! And No, he didn’t Stop with just this Bouquet of Praises! He was Awestruck with the way we were there for them through the Designing Phase, the Testing Phase and even the Go-Live Phase of their App! Finally, he expressed his Desire to work with us AGAIN! We are moved by his Warm-Hearted Tone and Pleasant Remarks! V3Cube send LOVE!

Uber For Services App Live Demo Video

See your potential investment work in real.

Play the video and see the detailed interaction of Customer and Service Provider have with each other starting from hiring a Provider till completing the Job and providing reviews to each other.

service provider app live video demo

Explore the Various Aspects Involved

In the Service Provider App
User App
Service Provider App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
View Step by Step Graphical Flow

Industry Relevant Features of On-demand Service Apps

Rising above the ordinary stuff and making your business practical and profitable
An app is as good as the features that it has. This is why; our research team continuously works in harmony with the development team to ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of the most industry relevant advanced features to make your business practical and profitable.
User App
Service Provider App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
  • Social Media Login and Signup Social Media Login and Signup
  • Advanced Search Filter Choose from nearby Providers
  • Detailed Description of Menu Book one or multiple Services
  • Meal Customization< Make Payment using Cash, Card or Wallet
  • Book Now Book Now or Book Later
  • >Place Multiple Orders Track Provider
  • Multiple Payments Provide Reviews & Ratings
  • Order History Check Booking History
delivery driver app
  • Easy Login and Registration Easy Login and Registration
  • Accept or Decline Delivery Request Accept or Decline Job Request
  • Earning Statistics Track Job Location
  • View Delivery Location on Map Define your Service Area
  • manage vehicles Manage Services
  • Manage Availability Manage Availability
  • manage documents Manage Documents
  • wallet Manage Payments
  • social media Social Media Signup
  • Phone number login Login using Phone number
  • My Walllet My Walllet
  • Manage Profile Manage Profile
  • Booking History Booking History
admin panel
  • robust dashboard Robust Dashboard
  • Clear Map View of Bookings, Providers and Users Clear Map View of Bookings, Providers and Users
  • Access records of Users Access records of Users
  • Access Bookings Access Bookings
  • Manage Services Manage Services
  • Payments Reports Payments Reports
  • Admin Earning Reports Admin Earning Reports
  • Mass Push Notifications Mass Push Notifications

What We Offer With Our

Service Provider On Demand App

We offer you an all in one Service Provider App that includes more than 72 Services like Car Wash, Massage, Yoga Trainer, Tow Truck etc. You can Add / Modify / Delete these Services from Admin Panel. The Main Website, Service Provider & Client Web panel's are 100% responsive, which will show up on all personal digital assistants such as iPhones, iPads, all types of Smart Phones, tablets and PC Browsers.

The whole package is loaded with the following incredible sub systems and apps enabling the site owner to manage the system perfectly.

  • Main Website
  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • User Web Panel to manage Bookings, Profile, Wallet Money etc
  • Service Provider iOS App
  • Service Provider Android App
  • Service Provider Web Panel to manage Services, Payments, Profile etc.
  • Service Provider Company Web Panel
  • Billing Panel (Manage Payments and Site Earnings)
  • Dispatcher Panel (God's View, Manual Service Booking)
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the app i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Service Providers, Users, Reports etc.
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The Perfect Script

On-Demand Services Included

but not limited to..

Add as many services as you want and cover the whole market to earn commission on every task or job that happens through the service on demand apps or Thumbtack clone app. Add/ Manage your own Categories & Subcategories..

Online Video Consultation
Bid for Services
On-Demand Services

Flow of Advance Service Provider On Demand App - SuperX SP

Walkthrough the step by step functioning of the Service Provider App to know how it works on the app of the user as well as of the Service Provider.

  • Gone are the days when users would have to download multiple apps for the different services or deliveries that they would be requiring for themselves. But thanks to the On Demand Service Provider App, users can book multiple services like Massage, Beautician, Doctor, etc. for themselves just with the help of a few taps on their device like their smartphone device or iPhone device.
  • The functioning of the Service Provider App is simple. The user and the service providers need to login or signup on the app either through one single tap upon selecting the social media profile of their choice which includes Gmail or Facebook or by entering their basic details like name, mobile number, email address, etc or by Fingerprint or Face ID login.
  • For the app of the user as soon as the user completes the login they are shown the application menu which contains all the services that are offered to the user on the Service Provider app.
  • Users tap on the service that they need from the app which includes beauty services, home cleaning, doctor, dog grooming, etc and upon tapping on the service, they can tap on the subcategories of the service/services that they require. For example, if the user taps on a beauty service, they are provided with a list of subcategories (Eg. Haircut, Make up etc) and the user can thereby select one category or multiple categories that they require from the beautician service.
  • The user now gets presented with a list of service providers and they can sort their search based on featured, nearby or rating and the distance of the service provider.
  • The user now taps on the service provider of their choice and gets presented with the services that the service provider offers thus empowering them to select one service or multiple services that they require from the service provider along with their gallery and past reviews.
  • The user now taps on the service provider of their choice and gets presented with the services that the service provider offers thus empowering them to select one service or multiple services that they require from the service provider along with their gallery and past reviews.
  • User selects the service or services that they require from the service provider and then taps on the checkout button which in turn presents them with the booking details containing the details of the service/services, the coupon they can apply for a discount, the mode of payment which they can choose, the booking location and the day when they need the booking, i.e., book now or schedule for later. Users can choose from the following two options while making payment, Wallet, Cash or Card and can choose from two locations, namely, location of user and location of the service provider.
  • The service provider receives the request for the service that needs to be provided along with the location where the user wants service and thereby accept or decline the request.
  • Upon accepting the request for the service by the service provider, the user receives a notification on their device with ‘Service Provider Accepted Requested’ and can keep track of the service provider and the both can remain connected via VOIP based Call Masking or internet calls and the in-app chat feature.
  • As soon as service provider reaches the location of user they tap on ‘Arrived’ in order to enlighten the user about their arrival which in turn gets notified to the user on their app as ‘Service Provider Arrived’ and slide on ‘Start’ to start the service and the user gets notified that the services have started.
  • In Case of Video Consultation, Service Provider can Video call User at the Scheduled Time.
  • In Case of Bidding the Services, User and Service Provider can bid and make the Counter offer. Once the amount is finalized, Service provider can reach the Job location and can provide the Service.
  • As soon as the service gets completed, the service provider will tap on ‘Completed’ to notify the completion of the job which in turn would get sent to the user as ‘Job Completed’.
  • Upon the job completed, the app of the service provider gets an invoice summary auto generated containing the details of the service/services along with the mode of payment selected by the user which also gets shared with the user.
  • User and the service provider can leave a review for each other with the end of the services and the payment process getting completed with the review in turn containing the details of the experience of the service offered and received.

Create a Profitable Business

WITH OUR On Demand Service Provider App

This is your brainchild, so why make it small? Take the plunge into the world of business with our Service Provider App and start making enormous profits right from Day 1!

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Web Panel's Included

The Full-Service Package - A User-Friendly Website, A Smart Service Provider Panel, And The Precise Client Panel - A Service Package That Will Have Money Pouring Into Your Account From All Directions

We have a predesigned these service on demand apps, Thumbtack Clone. However, if you want to add or delete any service or even invent a new service, then speak to us and we will make your site just as you want it and your app doing exactly what you want it to do for maximum returns.

Lives are incomplete without services. Whether it a restaurant or a cleaner, we will always have a need for the service industry. They are interdependent on each other for their normal livelihood so you can rest assured that your business will thrive in any part of the world. Be the part of the most profitable business by getting all Service Providers of all Categories and Industries at one place, On demand Service Apps.

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Take a deep look at what our clients believe our potential is and hear their story of association with us.

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Who says you have to stop at just the on demand service provider app? We have a whole catalogue of on demand apps that you can choose to venture forth with your business.

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