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What Does your DeliveryKing App Include?

Launch you own DeliveryKing App loaded with powerful features in just 4-5 days. This App is all in one solution for all kind of Delivery you want.


This includes all kinds of On-Demand Delivery that is Store based where you place an order from your nearby Store and get it delivered by a Delivery Driver for below categories.

  • Food Delivery
    Food Delivery

    Order Food from a nearly restaurant and get it delivered to your place, like Uber Eats, etc.

  • Grocery Delivery
    Grocery Delivery

    Order Grocery from a nearly Store and get it delivered to your place, like Instacart, etc.

  • Pharmacy Delivery
    Pharmacy Delivery

    Order Pharmacy from a nearby Medical Store and get it delivered to your place.

  • Wine-Alcohol Delivery
    Wine-Alcohol Delivery

    Order Alcohol from a nearby Store and get it delivered to your place.

  • eCommerce

    Order items from a nearby Mall and get it delivered to your place instantly.

delivery genie app

Delivery Genie

To enable a professional delivery expert to buy different items from nearby Stores as per customer’s order & instructions and deliver it to the customer’s location.

  • Super Markets Super Markets
  • Medical Shops Medical Shops
  • Kids Shops Kids
  • Pet Store Pet
  • Electronic Shop Electronic Shop

Delivery Runner

Hire a professional delivery expert who will pickup, drop or deliver things as you want in nearby areas. Eg. Ask him to bring your Laptop from your home that you forgot to bring to the office.

on demand parcel delivery app
  • Send Lunchbox Send Lunchbox
  • Send Documents Send Documents
  • Send Gifts Send
  • Pick Up Laundry Pick Up Laundry
  • Pick Up Forgotten Keys Pick Up Forgotten Keys
on demand parcel delivery app

Parcel Delivery

To send across any kind of package and parcel from point A to point B or even from a single pick up point to multiple delivery locations.

  • Stationary DeliveryStationary Delivery
  • Bottled Water DeliveryBottled Water
  • Medical Marijuana DeliveryMedical Marijuana Delivery
  • Flower DeliveryFlower Delivery
  • Ice Cream DeliveryIce Cream Delivery
  • eCommerceMore as per
    your choice
online delivery business during corona crisis

Delivery King The Biggest On Demand Delivery App

Our team of experienced expert developers outdid themselves by creating this brand new version of the Delivery King app. With more features than you can ever imagine, this app can be the single, most powerful tool in the on demand delivery industry that can facilitate in your growth across the On Demand Delivery Spectrum.

Our aim is to continuously work towards offering innovating and practical solutions to our clients. To this end, we ensure that what we offer you in terms of the app is not just a single front end, but an entire system or mechanism that can support your business from every angle.

Apart from adding top features that cater even to the post CoVid 19 new normal norms, like contactless deliveries, mandatory face masks and more, we ensure that your app is the keystone to your success. Check out everything that you get when you purchase the Delivery King from us!

Honest Review Of Our Delivery King App In USA During The Pandemic

The pandemic hit us all pretty hard. But, the only thing that kept us going was the faith that our clients have put in us. We worked relentlessly to ensure that our hard work could help our clients even during these hard times. Here, in this video, a dear client of ours who purchased and launched our Delivery King app in the USA shares his experience in working with us and the quality of our apps. He recommends our apps to others around the world. Take a look!

app developed for our client during corona crisis

Delivery App Clients Speak

Understanding Every Component of the DeliveryKing App

Run Your Business Smoothly
User App
Delivery Driver App
Store App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • restaurant app
  • restaurant menu items
  • set timings
  • store details

All Delivery App

that Delivers Anything

The DeliveryKing is a giant application. However, notwithstanding the size of the app, any successful and operational business requires more than just an application to work with. There are many moving parts and components that make the app work. Take a look at the bouquet of multiple cogs that form an operational DeliveryKing app.

  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • User Web Panel
  • Kiosk Android Food Ordering App
  • Delivery Driver iOS App
  • Delivery Driver Android App
  • Delivery Driver Web Panel
  • Store iOS App
  • Store Android App
  • Store Web Panel
  • Main Website (Includes booking of Delivery through Website)
  • Dispatcher Panel (Manual Booking Panel)
  • Billing / Accounts Administrator Panel
  • Administrator Web Panel to manage all the Apps, Web Systems, Payments, Rates, Users, Drivers, Stores, bookings, Reports, Settings etc.
all delivery app

DeliveryKing Latest Features

  • White Labeling onyour Brand name
  • Launch Apps & Websitein Just 4-5 Days
  • 1 Domain Lifetime License forWebsite, iPhone & Android App for Lifetime
  • 10 Additional Languages &Currencies options of your choice
  • 12 Months FreeBug Support
  • Licensed Source CodeOpen for Customization
  • Apps Installation / Submissionon iOS App Store & Android Play Store
  • Booking fromWebsite & Apps
  • Free Upgradation within thenext year to keep your app latest

DeliveryKing Components

DeliveryKing app is one of the most advanced app that delivers everything. Below are the components that it includes:

how all delivery app works?
  • 1
    delivery services Purchase from Store & Get Delivered via Delivery Driver
    • food delivery
    • grocery delivery
    • Pharmacy delivery
    • wine delivery
    • other deliveries

    Let customers Order Food, Grocery, Pharmacy, Wine, etc from Stores & Restaurants from their nearby areas.

    Items can be ordered by customers through iOS Apps, Android Apps and Website.

  • 2
    X to Y location Send anything from X to Y location via Delivery Driver
    • Single delivery
    • multiple delivery
    • box
    • send

    Deliveries can be booked by Users through iOS Apps, Android Apps and Website.

  • 3
    Taxi booking with Rental & Pool

    Get any Item purchased from nearby Store / Shop / Mall as per your order/instructions and get it delivered to your door steps.

  • 4
    Taxi booking with Rental & Pool

    Get anything / any item / stuff picked up / dropped or delivered as you want in your nearby areas.

Empower your Customers to enjoy the most Secure Shopping and Delivery Experience

The CoVid 19 Corona Virus Pandemic has made it impossible for people to rest assured in terms of having security and safety against pathogens of different kinds. To put the minds of your users at ease with respect to what they can expect, the DeliveryKing app’s Store Section features some of the latest and most secure features such as Contactless Delivery, to ensure limited contact between user and service provider, Safety Badge, to ensure that the stores in question are following all standard security protocols as laid down by the government and the industry, and Take Away option, so that users can choose to get their stuff themselves.

delivery business entrepreneur

Allow Stores to Accept Delivery Orders in Every
Possible Way to Increase Your Business

Your system will accept order via Website, Calls, Apps and Store
  • ordering from application Ordering from Application

    Allow User to book Delivery Order from through Android and iOS Apps.

    View Video
  • ordering from website Ordering from Website

    Allow your Users to book Delivery Order through Website in Real - Time.

    The experience will be rich and advanced as if ordering from Apps.

    View Video
  • Call directly to Store and Order Call directly to Store and Order

    Users can directly call Stores which are registered on the system and can place the Orders.

    View Video
  • Call your Company Call your Company / Administrator and Order

    Users can directly call your Company and Order. Your back end team then process the order and get Items delivered.

    View Video

Avante Garde Features

TO SUPPORT YOUR deliver everything app
Take a look at some of the most advanced, out of the box and avante garde features that support the Mrsool clone and make it into something super successful.
Customer App
Delivery Driver App
Store App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
delivery users features
delivery driver app
Delivery Driver Features
restaurant app
Store Features
delivery web panel features
admin panel
delivery admin panel features

Pricing and Budget Concerns

For an all out functional Delivery App

Building an application of any sort can be an exciting prospect. However, when it comes to building an app of this size and scope, things can become difficult and expensive really quickly. If you have been wondering how much expense is involved in building a Grabit clone, please note that it may be unrealistic to draw up an actual figure of expense before the product is completely done.

This is where our DeliveryKing app comes into the picture. Since the app is already built, you know exactly how much you will have to spend on your app. We also understand that not everyone’s budget is the same. Therefore, our app has different feature bundles shaped into packages for you.

general features pricing
View Features & Pricing
website view food on wheel


Take A Glimpse Of Our Website Functioning Screen By Screen

We provide a responsive website so that you don’t miss your ORDERS. It allows users to Order from nearby Stores and Restaurants through the Website in Real-Time. Your customers will love to order their favorite stuff in few clicks from their desktop/laptop. A responsive front-end website for your customers and delivery executives who can simply log in and access all the services. Experience exactly how the web pages look, it will be rich and advanced as if ordering from Apps. Take a look at the demo and understand how well your main website functions smoothly.

Interactive Admin Panel

Get Complete Control Of Your Website & Mobile App in Your ADMIN Dashboard

Our comprehensive admin panel gives you access to manage orders, restaurants orders, commission tracking, payment, reports, and more. Get a handful of insights from the dashboard reports in real-time and create a strategy to Increase Your Online Sales. Our White-label Script Solution script comes with advanced-level New Features that understand your On-Demand Delivery business completely. Take advantage of overall control with multiple access to manage the admin dashboard. Now you can monitor your business better with intuitive settings all under one panel.

Admin Panel dashboard Admin Users Panel

Your Video Guide

See how each feature works
  • Introduction to Food Delivery On Demand Apps
  • Introduction to Food Delivery On Demand Apps
  • KOT Print via Bluetooth printer
  • Manual Booking from Administrator Panel
  • Food Ordering via Website by User
  • Manual Booking from Store Panel
  • Take Away Feature
  • Contactless Delivery Feature
  • Delivery Driver Options - Store Own Drivers OR Marketplace Drivers
  • Best Safety Practices Badge for Store
  • Payment Flow
  • Review Ratings For Customers, Stores and Delivery Drivers
  • Social Media Signup Settings for Customers and Delivery Drivers
  • Communication Flow between Customer, Delivery Driver and Store
  • Store Item Categories & Discount

Client Reviews

See what our clients have to say after working with us
View More Hundreds of Video Reviews
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