Uber Clone Taxi Booking Software

Become World's Quickest Billionaire With V3Cube's Uber Clone App

Pre-built, User friendly and Feature-Rich Uber Clone App will let your Customers Book a Taxi Ride in just a few clicks! You can Launch your own Fully Functional Taxi Booking App for your Online Business in 7 days! With our User-friendly and Feature-rich Taxi Booking App, you can smoothly Launch your Taxi Business Online in just 7 days!

Once you Order and buy the Taxi Booking App software with us, we will start working on the Setup and White-labeling Process. We will add your Company’s Name & Logo to our Well-optimized Base Taxi App and change its Color Theme to match with the Color of your Logo and Branding. We will also integrate your preferred Languages, Currencies, SMS & Payment Gateways! You will earn Easy and Quick Money as Commissions on each and every Ride Booked on the App! What’s New and Unique in our Ultra-modern App? Your Taxi Drivers will be able to Earn Rewards and Badges for their Excellent Services. And the Riders will be able to Video Call their Taxi Drivers, Track them in real time, and Pay them Online via In-App Wallet, Credit Card, or in Cash!

Take the Demo App Trial before you buy our Advanced Uber Clone!

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What is Uber Clone?

Uber Clone is a robust on-demand Taxi Booking Software solution App that allows your Users to Book a taxi ride from One Location to Another within the City. Launch your own Uber Clone in 7 Days. The App will allow your Users to Book Services like Taxi Rentals, Car Pool, Schedule a Ride to the Airport, and much more with just a Few Clicks.

Taxi booking app makes it easy for your Users to Book the Car Type of their choice, select the Payment Method they prefer the most, Track the Ride, Add 5 Emergency Contacts, and more! For your Users, this is the Best Way to Quickly Book Taxi Rides. And, for the App Owners like Yourself, this Taxi App is a Robust Money-Making Platform.

Get White-labeled Uber-like App in just 1 to 2 weeks! Launch the App and Start Earning Money in form of a Commission on every Ride booked with this App! In no time, You will be Making Heavy Profits!

white label taxi booking app

Build Your Own Uber Clone App For your Taxi Business

taxi booking app

V3Cube has become one of the industry stalwarts of the on-demand Taxi-Booking Business by using its Trump card - Quick Delivery of fully-functional market-tested apps. V3Cube has a highly-qualified team of App Developers who have crafted innovative and futuristic features into the On-Demand Taxi Booking App Like Uber with successfully launching them in the countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Egypt, Canada, UK etc. We take 6-7 days before the App launch that are exclusively utilized for white-labelling your Uber Clone App.

You can call us Cheetahs of the On-demand Uber like Taxi App Development industry having global clients from The USA, Mexico, Kenya, Chile, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Africa and more. We are fast, strong-willed, and charismatic pioneers just like the fiery Cheetah! This is what makes us stand out and helps us steal the spotlight every single time, our ability to launch Apps in a record time of 7 days! We are the number #1 seller of the Uber clone app worldwide!

What do we offer in our Uber Clone App Package?

Approved on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Our Uber Clone App will work flawlessly on all personal digital assistants like iPhones, iPad, Android Phones, and Android Tablets.

The White-Label Uber Clone Script Includes:
User Apps
  • Rider iOS App
  • Rider Android App
  • Rider Web Panel
  • Kiosk Android App (Optional)
  • Taxi Booking iWatch App (Optional)
Driver Apps
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Driver Web Panel
Website & Admin Panel
  • Main Website (Marketing Responsive & Booking of Taxi)
  • Taxi Company Web Panel
  • Manual Taxi Dispatcher Panel
  • Billing Administrator Panel
  • Administrator Web Panel
Supporting Panels
  • Organization Web Panel (For Corporate Rides)
  • Hotel/Tourist Office Booking Panel
  • User Web Based Panel for Taxi Booking, Parcel Delivery Booking, Food & Grocery Delivery and other Store Deliveries.
Start Your Own Taxi Business in Just a Few Steps:
  • Contact us via phone, email, or chat to discuss your requirements for an on-demand taxi booking app. We will give you more information on the app once we have a complete understanding of your cab service business needs. We give you access to a free, real-time demo of the application so you may test it out in action.

  • You can place an order with us after viewing the app's Demo and deciding that you like it.

  • We will give you a dedicated project manager who will handle every aspect of the app for you from the very beginning till it is released.

  • The team will Start Work on your White-Label Cab App. You'll have your Logo, Brand Name, Preferred Languages and Currencies set on the App.

  • The app is essentially ready after this step. We give you a working demo of your application complete with your text, graphics, content, logo, etc. so you can confirm it. Upon receiving your approval, we deploy these apps in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

  • YAY! Your Taxi Booking App like Uber is now live and ready to earn you money!

  • After Successfully Launching the Uber App Clone and Delivering them to your Servers and Stores, we will also hand over the Licensed Uber Clone Source Code to you.

Commitment Delivered - 100%

Take a look at this video to understand the credibility of our company as well as know about how we have won the heart of our amazing clients by standing true to the commitment made by us. Our motto is simple - honesty, transparency and 100% hard+ smart work

Uber Clone Script - Best Taxi Booking App available in the Market

We have launched 100+ Uber like Taxi Apps in the past couple of years itself and have dealt with diverse numerous clients by far. We have tested our App on the Road for more than a Thousand Mile to check how strong the core functioning system is, unlike our Competitors who may have sit inside their office to test the App’s potential and capability by having two smartphones in their hands with Riders’ App on one smartphone and Taxi Drivers’ App on the other. Let’s take a real life scenario. The true test of an Uber like Taxi App can be done only on the road via driving. While sitting in your office, how would you know the status of your cab that is undergoing a tunnel that does not have an access to the internet? So unless you test your Uber Clone App in the real world in the practical setup, you won’t be able to know for sure if the app is flawless or not.

We have patiently listened to feedback of our successful clients whose Taxi Booking Apps have an average of 10,000 rides a day. And after taking into consideration their practical feedbacks that we made further enhancements to the App. And now it has become our pride! We are selling Fully-Functional Uber Clone Script that are optimized and mature. And it has adapted to the fluid and the uncertain nature of this industry. V3Cube has spearheaded the revolution in the on-demand Taxi Booking industry only because they are a Maestro of developing clone apps and have been doing so for around five years now.

Premier Features of Uber Clone App

While Our Competitors burn a hole in your pocket, here's a list of all the advanced features we offer ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Our Team has developed an Immaculate, Market-ready Uber-like Taxi Solution that lets you transform your traditional taxi business into an Online Ride-hailing business. Our White-label Taxi Booking App Solution offers a Premium Set of Features along with 100% Customization and Supporting Multi-currency and Languages that facilitate everything from On-demand taxi rides, to Bike taxis, to Taxi Rentals, to Moto Rentals, to Taxi Pooling across the globe.

However, there is more! Numerous additional features are available that will accelerate your success. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to learn more about any additional "Add-Ons".

Unique Features that will make your Apps Powerful
  • Licensed Source Code

    FREE Licensed Source Code

  • FREE Bug Support

    365 days FREE Bug Support

  • White Label Uber Clone

    White Label Uber Clone Taxi App

  • Follow Privacy Policies & NDA

    Strictly Follow Privacy Policies & NDA

  • iOS App Rejection Support

    iOS App Rejection Support - Free

  • Free Localization

    Free Localization - Go Local or International

  • Website & Admin Panel Launch on Hosting Server

    Website & Admin Panel Launch on Hosting Server

  • Android App Rejection Support

    Android App Rejection Support - Free

  • Color theme

    Color theme to match with your LOGO

  • iOS App Installation

    iOS App Installation on App Store

  • Android App installation on Google Play Store

    Android App installation on Google Play Store

  • Free Upgradation

    2 YEARS of Free Upgradation

  • Language Integration

    FREE Language Integration

  • Currency Integration

    Free Currency Integration

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Payment Gateway Integration

  • Wallet Integration

    Internal In App Wallet Integration

  • Taxi Booking iWatch App

    Taxi Booking iWatch App

  • Google Ads

    Many More -
    Hundreds of Advanced Features

Recently Added New Features
  • Smart Login

    Login - Fingerprints & Face IDs Restricting the Number of Passengers

  • Driver Reward

    More Trips, Higher the Rewards!

  • Application Login

    Application Login / Sign-Up Restricting the Number of Passengers

  • Back-to-back Trips

    Back-to-back Trips Restricting the Number of Passengers

  • Facebook Pixel

    Facebook Pixel - Analytical Tool Restricting the Number of Passengers

  • Multiple credit card

    Adding multiple Credit Cards

  • Video Call

    Video Call with Taxi Driver

  • Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ads integration Restricting the Number of Passengers

  • Google Ads

    Hundreds of Advanced Features

v3cube client

V3Cube Your Developers for Lifetime

Our V3Cube family works with the mantra to always make sure to keep our best foot forward for our clients and also keep perfection as the sole motto behind what we do.

Take a look at the video to see what clients have to say about us. Watch the video to get a glimpse into their past experience of working with other companies in their ten to fifteen year long tenure and how they didn’t manage to deliver the product they promised and also took away all their money.

Listen to them thereafter go on to share their experience working with us discussing the timely delivery of the apps as per the promise and ending it commending the Project Manager for the heartfelt support, awarding us the title “Developers for Life" and motivating other businesses to work with us.

Our App gets Crowned as the Best Start Up App in Angola!

You know you are on to something special when you get recognized. We are proud to inform you that our app helped our clients in Angola to bag the first prize in the Digital Start Up Competition that was held there.

We toil to ensure that our product leaves nothing else to be desired. Every single kink smoothened and every feature made to ensure that it promotes and supports your business. We aim not just to sell you a simple white labeled uber clone app, but to share with you, our wisdom and experience to make sure that you can fine tune your strategies to attain success at every step.

*Please note that all details mentioned above are only here after the approval from our client.

our client won app prize
uber app clone demo

Deal with Our Taxi Booking App Demo Now!

We let you try our Demo Uber Clone App for free. You can download it on your smartphone and test it on a real-time basis. Try it in every possible situation and be impressed by its fluidity.

view demo
  • 01 View Graphical Flow

    We know how confusing it can be to Understand the Technical Flow of all App. That's why we've created a Graphical Flow of our Uber Clone App, so you can see exactly how it works Screen by Screen in Android and iOS Phones.

    view app screens & Flow
  • 02 Web Panel Visuals

    Instead of showing you a Mock-Up or Rough Sketches of the Apps, we will want to show you exact Visual Screens of Web Version of Driver, Rider and Admin Panel. So you know how they look and function.

    Front Visuals Admin Visuals
  • 03 Features

    We have the most sophisticated Uber Clone Script with Superior and Advanced Features. You name the feature and we've got it!

    View All Features
  • 04 Add ons & Customizations

    We understand that each Business is Unique and may have its custom Requirements so we Offer Custom Modifications too on top of our Apps. Our team will Analyse your Enhancement Requests and incorporate them into the Uber App Clone, so you can get the exact product you need. Feel free to discuss the Enhancement you require and we’ll get you their estimates.

    View Detail
  • 05 Pricing & Purchase Options

    No two business ideas are same. That is why we have customized our business packages to suit your budgetary needs. Whether you want to start small and pick up the pace later or you wish to go all-in with your first step, let us know. We assure you that we will have a particular package to suit your needs.

    View Pricing Options

Smooth Delivery & Purchase Process

We are specialists in Taxi Apps. And number one in whole world.
We take pride in ourselves for having Coded World's Best and most Advanced Taxi System with which you can go LIVE in just 1.5 Weeks with your Brandings.
We have put emphasis on making the Purchase and Delivery Process Simplest as possible so you can Concentrate more on Planning your Business' & Operations and less about Technical Dealings with us. See below Video's to understand how smooth & simple the Delivery and Purchase Process is.

A Real Company With Real Clients

We Sell Real Products That Makes Real Money For Our Clients. When we visit our clients, they extend the same courtesy to us.

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Our Team

Involved with you in the processing of acquiring Taxi Apps

  • Shreay
    Need Assistance / Have Queries?

    Ask Shrey

    He is always available for assisting clients from all over the world. Talk to him and he'll assist you to set up your online business. In his 18 years professional career, he has assisted more than hundreds of companies to establish their online business.

    Ask Now
  • Mayuri
    Do you have Queries? Good!

    Ask MAYURI!

    Mayuri is from our Sales Team. Any Question that Pops-Up in your Head - Just Ask her! She’ll Assist you for information related to App Launch and Setup, Payment Milestones, License Terms! She is Expert and knows all about V3Cube and its Products!

    Contact Mayuri
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    Contact Aarti

    Aarti will be your point of contact for all questions related to Resources and their Management.

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    For all enquiries relating to Visiting us, Travel, Accommodation, Availability, Meeting, Planning, etc., speak to Kuldeep and she'll arrange all for you.

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  • Contact
    For Project Execution & Delivery Team of 52

    Our Team of 52 that specializes in Real Time Systems is available for Smooth and Timely Delivery of our Products. Our Team of Experts will works Directly / In-Directly with you during the Project Delivery Process. We will be availabel for all your queries.

    Contact Us
What our clients are saying ABOUT US

We practice NDA policy this means there is complete privacy when we work with our clients. There is no mentioning of the apps they purchased from us, their business names, location, and so on anywhere on our website. Please note, all our clients are either Entrepreneurs or Agencies looking for reselling our product after the creation of the white label Uber clone Script.

We are glad to inform you that we launch 2 products every day around the world. Our clients are extremely satisfied and happy with our work and gave us video testimonials and permission to release them. See below to find what our customers have to say about us.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ's)

  • Rider Panel
  • Driver Panel
  • Website & Admin Panel
  • What technology is Taxi Rider App build in?

    Taxi Rider App is built in latest Native technology. iOS is built in Swift - XCode and Android is Java - Android Studio.

  • Does the Apps have limit on number of Riders?

    No. Our Taxi booking application does not have any limit, Unlimited Riders can register on the Apps.

  • Have you taken care of Ride Cancellation Process?


  • Can riders pay via their preferred means on App? Like Wallet, Cash or Cards?

    Yes. Our taxi app have all 3 ways to accept money via rider - Internal Wallet, Cash and Credit Card. Rider can pay via his preferred method.

  • Will Rider see same Taxi's with same rates in all cities and countries?

    Our taxi Application allow you to define different vehicles and their rates per city and country if you want to. You can also keep common vehilces and rates if you want.

  • I have more queries.

    Feel free to write us at [email protected] and we'll come back to you with detailed replies.

  • What technology is the Taxi Driver App build in?

    Taxi Driver App is built in the latest Native technology. iOS is built in Swift - XCode and Android is Java - Android Studio. Our App is not built with react native or flutter, it is purely built on native technologies.

  • Does the Taxi booking App has limit on number of Drivers?

    No. Our taxi booking App does not have any limit, Unlimited Drivers can register on the App.

  • Does Driver just register on App and start accepting rides? What if the driver is a criminal? I want to approve all Drivers before they can take rides in my Apps.

    Drivers can register on App and will need to upload their documents like licenses, car documents, etc. You as the App Administrator will need check the Driver's detail. Upon your approval, the driver will be able to become online and accept rides.

  • What if the rider only pays the driver cash? How can I still get my commission from him?

    Contact us for such queries. We have been doing Uber clone since long time and have thus taken care of all such scenarios. We have made the flow of Apps in a way that that you as the App owner will never in loss and always be covered.

  • What if I dont want my drivers to receive request from Crime prone areas of my city as I dont want my drivers to be in trouble?

    We have advanced geo fencing features. You can decide from where your drivers must get ride request.

  • I have more queries.

    Feel free to write us at [email protected] and we'll come back to you with detailed replies.

  • What is the website for?

    We give you a Website too in our package. You will need it for marketing purpose and for showing your presence on WWW - internet.

  • What if a person has a fleet of Taxi's - will be able to manage his Drivers and Taxi's through Apps?

    Yes, We do provide Company Panel too Users having a fleet of Taxi's will be able to register as a taxi Company and can manage their Taxi's through our System. You make commission on all their rides.

  • How powerful is Administrator Panel?

    You can manage all Vehicles, their rates, your revenue, accounts, reports, App's settings, etc via Administrator Panel. The Administrator Panel is exteremely dynamic, robust and user friendly.

  • Do you give seperate panel for Billings and Manual Taxi Dispatcher?


  • What if some passengar calls me and want to book a taxi? How do I allot a driver to him?

    You can use Manual Taxi Dispatch feature and book a driver for him using God's View feature.

  • I have more queries.

    Feel free to write us at [email protected] and we'll come back to you with detailed replies.

Uber Clone App for Online on-Demand Taxi Business

Following the lockdown, worldwide taxi app providers launched their Taxi Booking app services, allowing individuals to go about their regular lives without interruption. According to statistics, an increasing number of people are selecting taxi services over public transportation to avoid being exposed to the Corona Covid-19 virus.

If you've been thinking about starting an On Demand Taxi Riding business, now is the moment because people have gradually begun to use Taxi Apps again. Taxi Ride Booking Services are thriving in nations such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Vietnam, Turkey, Colombia, UAE, Kenya, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia to name a few. With increased demand, it is easy to see why businesses and entrepreneurs are reinvesting in building On Demand Uber Clone Taxi App.

Loaded with potential features and advanced COVID19 safety features, set your taxi riding booking services with our successful App.

Our On Demand Taxi Booking App was developed to provide residents with easy and pleasant taxi travel services. Many entrepreneurs created Uber clone applications after learning about the Uber business model. However, after observing the hardships of entrepreneurs and customers, our Ride-hailing App is of exceptional quality and well-crafted with features and functionalities. As a result, our app is the final taxi app solution that solves all of your problems. It is outfitted with all of the latest features to help you achieve new heights.

Why You Should Buy our On Demand Uber Clone App For Your Business?

Whether you are already running a taxi business or wish to start new, creating an On-Demand Taxi App service is the perfect solution to grow and expand your business regardless of the COVID19 situation.

Today the majority of people are dependent on On-Demand Apps for a variety of reasons. Therefore, developing An Demand Taxi App is a viable solution to take your business further.

User-friendly Design / Interface

We are experts when it comes to building Taxi Booking App.

Get your hands on a highly functional application pacakage that comes equipped with customizable features that are tailormade to improve the browsing experience of the users.

We are specialists in creating a high-quality Uber Clone Taxi app at affordable prices. With our vast experience in building On Demand App covering varied segments, our team will understand your ideas and for careful planning and execution.

Whether you’re looking for a customized Taxi Clone App Solution or a specific Taxi App within a short time, our team of experts not only will develop a world-class clone app for you, but comprehensively test, install, and launch it in a highly efficient and thought out process.

Our Uber Clone Solution is readymade, which can launch your taxi business in just 5 days.

The Top Features Of Uber Clone Script
Free Taxi App Licensed Source Code

The only way to have complete control of the application is to make sure that you have complete access to the licensed source code. The licensed source code is like a “building foundation” to your app.

With the licensed source code, you can customize and modify the uber app clone as per your comfort or choice. It eliminates the dependency, providing you full rights to make changes as to how your business demands.

Systematic Procedure

We’ve been developing app since we were kids (You can say that)!! We are in the mobile app development business since 2005 and launching on an average of 2 apps per day. We take pride in saying that we have only a global clientele, for this reason, we are very systematic and dedicated in our On-Demand App building process.

Below-mentioned is the primary steps involved in the process:

  • The client takes the Uber Clone Taxi App to live demo and finalizes the order
  • We share the “Scope Document” and raise the invoice with the client
  • The client goes through the scope document, verifying everything, and confirms to go ahead with the order
  • A dedicated project manager is allotted to handle the entire project from start to finish
  • After this, the client provides us with their Logo and other pertinent information
  • Your white-label Uber clone Script is ready for launch
  • Once the client approves it, we launch it in the app stores for you
  • The entire process of developing white label taxi booking app takes about 7 to 9 working days
Hotel Panel and Kiosk

There are many areas you can tap into so that more and more people are using your application. To make sure that people are using your platform to make all their ride requests, we offer many different options.

You can reach out to more people with the Hotel panel and kiosk application.

The application has been specifically designed so that people who are traveling locally can use the Hotel Panel to hire rides.

Provide your commuting details at the Hotel reception and hotel staff will book the ride for you, making it super easy and quick.

The Kiosk mechanism is slightly different. Kiosks are going to be structured with a tablet. An individual can directly make a booking using these kiosks. Once again, the pickup point will be preset to the place where the kiosk is already kept and the user has to enter the destination. The app will automatically look for nearby drivers and send them the request.

Take a bigger step to reaping bigger profits

With the changing trends, businesses too should adopt newer ways to do business. This helps in staying ahead in the competition, builds you bigger profits. With the way the Taxi Transportation business has evolved, it is quite evident that entrepreneurs want to follow the successful business model like Uber clone app, Taxify, Careem, Lyft, Yellow Cab, Gett, zTrip, Addison Lee, taxa, Sheprd, Riide, and more that can be easy to launch at any location globally.

Do Business Globally

Our clients are from Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, United States (USA), Brazil, Nigeria, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom (UK), Kenya, the Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia), Egypt, Ethiopia etc who are running their taxi booking business successfully using our Uber App Clone.

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