Uber Clone App Administrator Panel

Manage the profile of your Drivers and Your Riders along with the Rides of Your Riders through the powerful Admin Panel. View the rides taken through the Apps and the commission you have earned. Take a God’s Eye view to enlighten yourself with the Taxis currently Online / Offline. Change the Commission Rate, Surcharges, Vehicle Type, Cost per Vehicle, etc. Also view extensive reports to plan the next step for your business.


Easy & Attractive Interface

View summary of entire system like number of Rider, Drivers registered, Total Earnings, Total Trips taken, On Going Trips, Latest Trips, Notifications etc..

Admin Dashboard Screen

Admin Users Management

Super Admin can manage Admin Users from here. Admin can add/modify/delete Admin and their rights.

Admin Users Management Screen

Company Management

Admin can manage the companies registered on the System. They can review the documents and drivers registered under any company. Admin can add/modify/delete any company.

Company Management Screen

Drivers Management

Admin can manage the Drivers registered on the System. Admin can review the Documents and Vehicles added by them. Admin can approve/reject any Driver's account. Driver would be able to get online only if their account is been approved by the Admin. Admin can add/modify/delete any Drivers.

Drivers Management Screen

Taxis/Vehicles Management

Admin can manage the Taxis/Vehicles added by the Drivers. Admin can review the Vehicle document and can approve/reject the Vehicle. Admin can add/modify/delete any Taxi/Vehicle.

Taxis Management Screen

Manage Rental Package

Use this section to manage the price for the different vehicles. You can also change/ modify or even add different vehicle types from right here and prepare different packages like Basic, Luxurious, Moto or Normal.

Manage Rental Packages Screen

Basic Rental Packages

This page will allow you to view all the different packages within the basic package that you have set. You will see fields like Total Rental Price, Rental Miles, Rental Hours, and Additional Price Etc. This page will also be used for changing any of these settings.

Basic rental packages

Vehicle Type Management

Admin can manage the Vehicle Type/ Categories shown on Rider App. They can define the Vehicle Type name, Rates and other details.

Vehicle Type Management Screen

Vehicle Type/Rates Management

Rates will be defined based of Vehicle Type/Categories. Admin would define the Price per Kms, Price Per minute, Minimum Fare, Base Fare, Commission (%), Cancellation Charges and Peak time charges for each Vehicle Type.

Vehicle Rates Management Screen

Riders Management

Admin can manage the Riders registered on the System. Admin can add/modify/delete any Rider.

Riders List Management Screen

Manual Taxi Dispatch

Anyone who does not have the uber clone app on their mobile like the elderly people or those not possessing the knowledge of using technology to request a Taxi via their phone can manually call Your Taxi Company and book the Taxi. They do not have to register or login in anywhere. Admin will manually dispatch Taxi for you by taking the details such as Name, Email address, Pick up location, Drop off location, Time and date etc... Admin can manually choose the Driver or let the system auto assign the Driver. The Taxi will be dispatched on the specified time and the Rider will get the details of the Driver X minutes prior to the Trip time.

Manual Taxi Dispatch Screen

Ride Later Bookings

Admin can view all the Trips booked for a later time. The System will auto assign the Driver for each Trip booked or the admin can manually assign the Trip to any Driver who are available at that time.

Ride Later Bookings Screen

Trips Management

Admin can view all the Trips done so far on the System. Admin can filter the Trip by Date, Company, Driver, Rider and view invoice of any Trip.

Trips Management Screen

Promo Code

Use Promo code to provide discount and offers to your Riders and promote your services. Also offer discounts on Festivals and other Events to get more Rides.

Promo Code Screen

God's View

Admin can view all the Taxis on the world map. All the Taxis that are online will show with their busy or empty status using the real time GPS Tracking System. The admin can also keep track of all the Taxis in real time location and click on any Driver to see their basic details.

God's View Screen

Heat Map View

Admin can see the location where the maximum number of riders may be looking for a taxi in order to divert them to those locations and take advantage of the requirement.

Heat Map View Screen


This section will enable the admin to view all the reviews that have been given over the app for the Drivers by the Riders as well as for the Riders by the Drivers. The Admin will be able to export this into an excel sheet report.


Advertisement Banners

Use this section to promote, highlight or even showcase the different offers as well as information about your app. You can also put in all the details from here and the information you set on this section will reflect on the opening page of the application.

Advertisement Banners

Decline/ Cancelled Trips Alert for Drivers

This is a section that will help you see how many trips have been declined or cancelled by the driver. You will also be able to see the information of every individual driver. This section will also give you an option of Blocking the Driver or allowing them to continue getting ride requests.

Cancelled Trips


We have an enhancement report section where in you as an Admin can see various reports like Payment Report, Total Earning Report, Referral Report, User wallet Report, Driver Payment report, Driver Log Report etc.. Using our advanced Payment reports - You can see how much you are earning. Check where you need to put in more efforts - whether to increase/decrease the commission or work on more marketing. Our advanced reports will help you to plan your business well.

Payment Reports Screen

Manage Locations (Geofence Locations)

This is an extremely useful feature that can enable you to set a parameter for various reasons. For example, you can list an area for specific location wise fare or for setting up an area restriction to prevent ride requests.

Restricted Area Screen

Add Location

This feature will enable you to basically create a geolocation and identify a particular area to mark it separately for Area restriction, Vehicle type restriction, Location Wise Fare or Airport surcharge.

Restricted Area Screen

Restricted Area

Restrict the Area and dark zones where you don't want your Rides to start or end. In short, define the areas where you don't want to do any Business and take unnecessary risk. Such areas may include areas with high crime rate etc.

Restricted Area Screen

Add Restricted Area

This is basically a feature which would prevent a particular area that is marked by you from being able to send out ride requests. In case, the pick up or drop location happens to fall within the restricted area, the app would not send out ride requests.

Add restricted area

Location Wise Fare

This page will show you a list of all the locations where you have added a separate kind of fare. This will also show the vehicle type, the flat rate for the area as well as the status of the type of ride.

Locationwise fare

Add Location Wise Fare

This is a simple and yet useful feature that allows you to demarcate specific locations to provide a specific fare. For example, rides in the area X will have a particular pricing while rides in Area Y will have a different kind of pricing.

Add Location wise fare

Airport Surcharge

This feature will basically enable you to add an additional surcharge to the rides originating from or terminating at the airport. You mark the Airport area separately and thereby whenever a ride is requested to or from the airport, the price is automatically calculated as per the surcharge pricing.

Airport Surcharge


Admin can manage all the Settings related to entire System from here like General Settings, Email templates, Documents, Language labels, Car Make/Models, Information Pages, Currency Rates Management, SEO Settings, Database backup, FAQs etc..

Admin Settings Screen

Utility (Localization)

This is the section that will allow you to set specific units for specific locations. You will be able to “Localize” the features of your app to ensure that every city or country that you offer your services in can be relevant. Here you will see a list of locations and you can add/modify the units of distance, code etc.


Send Push-Notification

This is a feature that will allow you to connect with your entire user base by giving them information regarding various offers or promotions that you have. You can select user type, select Riders and put down the message that you want to send out.

Send Push-Notification

Manage Ride Profiles (Organization)

Your Users can book rides for personal use as well as corporate use. This section will allow you to see which rides were made under which section. It will also allow you to set details of the organizations and payment methods.

Manage Ride Profiles

Add Organization

This segment will allow you as an admin to add organizations to the app. This section will show you all the fields such as name of the organization, email address, password etc.

Add Organization
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