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A website comprises multiple pages. Each with its own unique set of potential. You can use different sections in this page, such as About Us and Home to introduce your company and brand to your customers, while other pages allow them to book services. Take a look at the important components that make up this website and their functionalities.
  • web front panel home page
  • Choose Your Language
  • Choose Your Language
  • Book a Taxi by panel
  • Order Your Food by panel
  • Get Things Delivered
  • Book A Moto
  • Sign Up to Earn
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Web Booking

Why force your customers to download the app, when they can enjoy the convenience of booking right from the website? Not every customer has the bandwidth or even space on their phones to download and use apps. Some customers may even be reluctant to do so because of other inhibitions. With the help of the web booking section, now your customers can enjoy instant bookings right from the website itself! Take a look!
  • Login
  • Register
  • Choose Taxi Types
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Choose Moto Types
  • Ordering Food
  • List Of Restaurants
  • Choose Food Items
  • Take Away
  • Contactless Delivery

Manage Account

Once your User, Driver or Delivery Driver logs in to your app, their profile will be saved. This section in the website will allow each of them to visit their profiles and manage their accounts right from here. They can see their details and update them as necessary without even opening the app! Check it out!
  • Login
  • Register
  • My profile
  • My trips
  • My orders
  • My wallet
  • Provider profile
  • My Taxi's
  • Provider Services
  • Provider Availability
  • Provider Trips/Jobs
  • Provider Orders/Earnings
  • Provider Earnings
  • Provider wallet
  • Restaurant Settings
  • Restaurant Settings
  • Restaurant Profile
  • Food Categories
  • Restaurant Items
  • Processing Orders
  • Restaurant Earnings
  • Restaurant Settings
  • Organization Profile
  • Organization Users
  • Organization User Trips
  • Organization Trip Report

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