TaskRabbit Clone Unique Features with Low Price

We believe in offering our clients a complete and holistic solution. We aren't greedy! This is why we offer an all-inclusive package with no additional cost for TaskRabbit clone app!

  • White labelingWhite labeling

    Your app deserves your name and logo. This is why we white label the app with your brand name and launch the apps on the Google Play store as well as the Apple app store under your brand name only.

  • In App WalletIn App Wallet

    The app offers an excellent option of in app wallet for payments. This enables users who do not wish to make payments through card or cash can also use the app comfortably.

  • Open Code For Future CustomizationOpen Code For Future Customization

    We provide a full open source code to our clients when they buy the app so that they can make their own customizations in the future based on their business requirements.

  • MapsNavigation

    Your app is enriched with the best navigation features making use of Google maps to ensure that your service providers and customers can both have a seamless experience.

  • Choice of Additional languageChoice of Additional

    We incorporate an additional language apart from English into the TaskRabbit clone app to help you launch it anywhere in the world.

  • Choice of Additional CurrencyChoice of Additional

    Launch your app like uber in any country with the help of localized currency integration that we offer apart from the standard USD.

  • Responsive designResponsive design

    Regardless of whether your customer uses the app via smart phone, tablet, PC or laptop, your app will be perfect in usability always.

  • Referral RewardsReferral Rewards

    The app allows your customers to earn rewards such as free rides and discounts by referring others to use your app.

  • Promo CodesPromo And Referral Codes

    You can give your customers a promo code which will help them avail discounts on events and festivals of your choice.

  • ChattingChatting

    The user and the service provider can chat with each other after the job has been accepted.

  • Compare RatesCompare Rates

    The user is free to choose which service provider they would like to hire based on the rates.

  • God's Eye ViewGod's Eye View

    As TaskRabbit clone app admin, you will be able to track and monitor the position of all the service providers (service wise) on a map.

  • Ratings And ReviewsRatings And Reviews

    The app enables the customers as well as the service providers give reviews to each other based on their experience.

  • Push NotificationsPush Notifications

    The user and the service providers are informed of various events that are happening during the course of the task through push notifications.

Guaranteed on time Delivery!

The market may be flooded with other apps like Taskrabbit, but ours is unique and more reliable in every way. We offer not just an app, but a holistic feature rich solution for the service providers, the end users as well as the app owner. What's more we offer all this and much more at the most competitive industry rates! Ensure that your app can give on time delivery of every service that is ordered through your app with our Taskrabbit clone.

Our Taskrabbit clone is very similar to the original Taskrabbit app and provides a perfect medium for the service providers and the customers to come together. It is a simple and straightforward solution that allows a customer to instantly book any on demand service through the app while the app owner makes money on every booking!

Perfect TaskRabbit Clone Script

Kick Start an Entrepreneur journey with Low Maintenance Business

A businessman trying to "Uberize" their business with the help of an on demand app. A consultant willing to resell application based solutions to other clients.

We ensure that our Taskrabbit clone script is made such that it can offer the best possible experience to the service provider, the user as well as the app owner. This is why we give you a bundle of the following to ensure you can succeed with your business.

TaskRabbit Clone App Live Demo Video

See your potential investment work in real.
TaskRabbit Clone App Demo Video

Similar to TaskRabbit On-Demand Services Included But Not Limited To

Add as many services as you want

There's so much that this TaskRabbit clone app can offer! 52 services and more! Buy now and get the most attractive offers NOW!!

Online Video Consultation
Bid for Services
On-Demand Services

TaskRabbit Clone App

Be The Top Leader In On-Demand Marketplace Launching Taskrabbit Clone App With Our Power-packed Features

With our ground breaking futuristic features, we present you with unique capabilities in TaskRabbit that are destined to grab the hearts of global users. Launching a high-end On-Demand Marketplace has never been more relevant, and our TaskRabbit Clone is exactly what you need.

Video Consulting
Service Bidding
Video Consulting
Service Bidding

How The Taskrabbit Clone App Works

  • This app has been specially created to ensure that the user can make the most of a smart application that requires the least amount of efforts in order to make a booking for the service needed. Here's how the TaskRabbit clone app works:
  • The customer can log in to the app after downloading it via social media or by creating a unique sign up. Once that is done, the user will be shown a screen which lists all the services that your app offers. The user is free to click on any needed service in order to proceed with booking.
  • Within the selection, the user will have to mention the exact specifics of nature of job, time of job and venue of the job. Based on the requirement, your technically advanced app searches for all the service providers who seem appropriate for the task.
  • At this point, the user will be able to view the ratings, reviews, experience and other such details of the service providers. An informed choice of who seems most suited for the job can be made now. When the user finalizes which service provider they want to go with, they have to select them with a click.
  • User can choose the option whether he wants the Service at his location or Provider's location.
  • When the user selects a service provider, a request is sent out to the service provider which he or she may accept or reject. If the request is rejected, the user is notified and asked to make another selection. If the request is accepted, the user is notified the same.
  • The service provider reaches the mentioned location of job at the given time and marks the task as "Started" in the app. On completion the service provider updates the app as "Task Completed". When the task is shown as completed in the app, an automatic invoice is generated with all details of the job.
  • Payment is deducted automatically from pre selected payment modes like credit card or in app wallet. In case the payment option is cash only, then the customer can directly make the payment to the service provider.
  • Each time a booking is thus made for ANY kind of service through the taskrabbit clone, you stand to make a hefty commission. This commission value is also set by you.

Taskrabbit Clone App Flow

Explore the screen by screen flow of the App
User App
Provider App
  • Book a Service
  • Video Consulting
  • Service Bidding
  • Video Call Option
  • Service Provider App
  • Accept \ Decline Request
  • Service Provider View Task
  • Service Provider Mark Arrive
View Step by Step Graphical Flow

Make It Large In the Business World

with Our Shark Package

Be a Titan in the race of business! Have a look at our Shark Package and see how your business shall get all its desired requirements with it and help you in making enormous gains along the way!

All That We Offer

apps like taskrabbit

This taskrabbit clone app is meant to be a complete and holistic solution for your business. Now, in order to develop your business you will require more than just an app. This is why our team of expert professionals have put together an all inclusive package to facilitate all your business requirements. We bring to you the main application itself which is used by your customer, along with the application that will be used by your service provider. These two apps will be ready and optimized for both the Android and the iOS platform.

Apart from this we give you online web presence with a website representing your company. You get an admin panel through which you can control and manage the entire operations of the apps. Through the web panel you will be able to observe and track the service providers, set your commission amount, get reports on how you are earning, manage the service providers and their pricing, create fields and a lot more!

This is your chance to make it big. Step on this rung to reach the highest place in this on demand app based industry.

Explore the Flow of the Website and Admin Panel

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