An Honest CoVid 19 ExperienceShared by our client

The Pandemic has shaken the very foundation of business for most people across the world. While we have always tried to ensure that our services are such that they can always help our clients in their need, we worked from home relentlessly to ensure that we could provide our clients with what they needed even during these critical times.

Here is an honest review of our app and its success during the CoVid 19 Corona virus pandemic. The clients shares his hones experience in launching the app amid this crisis and how it helped in ensuring that his business could stay successful and stand the trial of the times.

app developed for our client during corona crisis
Home Cleaning app client
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Home Cleaning app client

On Demand Cleaning App Script

Uber for House Cleaning service App is based on our top selling uber Taxi app clone which are pre-approved by the Google Play Stores and Apple Stores.The House Cleaning Website, House Cleaner & Client Web panel's are 100% responsive, which will show up on all personal digital assistants such as iPhones, iPads, all types of Smart Phones, tablets and PC Browsers.

  • House Cleaner Website (Includes booking from website)
  • Client iOS App
  • Client Android App
  • Client Web Panel
  • House Cleaner iOS App
  • House Cleaner Android App
  • House Cleaner Web Panel
  • House Cleaner Company Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the app i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, House Cleaning, Client, etc.

See how the Home Cleaning On Demand Service App Works

on the User and the Home Cleaner’s App

Walkthrough the flawless functioning of the home cleaning on demand service app on the app of the user and the app of the home cleaner and get ready to get amazed.

App of User
  • User logs in with their social media profiles like Facebook or Google+ or creates an account by entering their basic details like full name, email address and mobile number.
  • User enters the application and gets presented with a list of all the different home cleaning types like full home deep cleaning, post party cleaning, office cleaning, etc.
  • User selects the home cleaning type they need and gets presented with a list of all the nearby home cleaners, their rating as well as map view of the home cleaners.
  • User selects home cleaner of their choice and gets presented with a list of all the services offered by them along with a gallery of all their work and their past review.
  • User selects the service/services they need from the home cleaner and taps on the Checkout Tab to get redirected to the Booking Summary containing the details of the booking.
  • User chooses the preferred mode of payment for the home cleaning service, cash or card and adds the location where they need the service/services from the home cleaner and schedule the booking for the same day or a later date and confirm the booking.
  • User gets notified as soon as home cleaner accepts request with the message ‘Home Cleaner Has Accepted Job Request’ and can track and remain connected with the home cleaner via in-app chats and internet calls.
  • User gets notified of the arrival of home cleaner with message ‘Home Cleaner Has Arrived’ and gets notified of the beginning of the service with the message ‘Home Cleaner Has Begun Job’ and can track the progress of the home cleaning service.
  • With the completion of the home cleaning services, user gets notified with message ‘Home Cleaner Has Completed Job’.
  • User receives an invoice summary containing the details of the home cleaning service/services and the amount that is to be paid.
  • User provides a review to the home cleaner for the home cleaning service/services and rates them based on the experience.
App of Home Cleaner
  • Home Cleaner accepts the job request as soon as they set their availability as online and receives the details of the home cleaning service/services selected by the user along with the location of the home cleaning service/services, the day when service is required and the mode of payment and thereby accept or decline the request.
  • On accepting job request the home cleaner taps on ‘Accept Job Request’ to confirm the request of home cleaning service.
  • Home Cleaner can remain connected with the user via internet calls and messages until they arrive.
  • On arrival the home cleaner taps on ‘Arrived At Job Location’ to confirm the user of the arrival
  • Home Cleaner taps on ‘Job Started’ to begin the home cleaning service/services and can track the progress of the same through their app.
  • Home Cleaner taps on ‘Job Completed’ to confirm the completion of home cleaning service/services and gets an invoice summary generated automatically on their screen.
  • Home Cleaner receives the details of the home cleaning service/services along with the mode of payment chosen by user. If user selects cash mode, home cleaner taps on ‘Collect Payment’ to collect the cash from user.
  • Home Cleaner provides a review to the user and rates them based on the experience of home cleaning service/services that were offered to the user.

Taking a Peek into the

Various Components of the On Demand Home Cleaning App
User App
Home Cleaner App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • Home Cleaner app
  • select your work location
  • job request
  • Booking Details
View Step by Step Graphical Flow

Free Features Of Our CubeHouseCleaning

That Others Charge For
  • licenses source code
  • free support
  • updates
  • white labeling
  • NDA & Privacy Policy
  • Language Integration
  • Currency Integration
  • Localization
  • Website Launch
  • iOs App installation
  • Android App Submission
  • Manual booking from admin
  • Accounts web panel
  • App rejection support
  • Multiple payment
  • Service booking from website

Advanced Features

To help your business Grow
The features of an app literally make or break its standing in the market. Take a look at the bouquet of the advanced features that we have packed in this app for you.
User App
Home Cleaner App
Admin Panel
Customer App Features
user app features
home cleaner app
home cleaner app features
Customer App Features
website features
admin panel
admin panel features


Website of On Demand Home Cleaning Business
  • Home
    Home Page
  • Select Language
    Choose Language
  • Login
    User Login
  • Register
    Account Registration
  • User Profile
    User Profile
  • Booking from Website
    Find Service From Website
  • Select Provider
    Select Service Type
  • User Bookings
    User Trips Booking
  • Invoice
    Filter Invoice No
  • User Wallet
    Wallet Payment History
  • Home Cleaner Profile
    Home Cleaner Profile
  • Home Cleaner - Manage Services
    Home Cleaner - Manage Services
  • Home Clenners Availability
    Home Cleaner Availability
  • Home Cleaner Jobs
    Home Cleaner Jobs
  • Home Cleaner Earnings
    Home Cleaner Earnings
  • Home Cleaner Wallet
    Home Cleaner Wallet
  • Payment Withdraw Request
    Payment Withdraw Request
  • Company Profile
    Add Company Profile
  • Company - Manage Home Cleaner
    Company - Manage Home Cleaner
  • Add Home Cleaner
    Add Home Cleaner
  • Manual Booking through Company Panel
    User Details Through Company Panel
  • Job Later Bookings
    Search Ride and Job Booking
  • Company Jobs
    Find Company Job

Admin Panel

Easy Management Tool for Your Home Cleaning Business
  • V3c Driver Dashboard
    Home Cleanner Overview
  • Site Stastic
    Register Users Stastic
  • Admin Groups
    Add Admin Groups Name
  • Company Details
    Add Company Name
  • Home Cleaners
    Home Cleaners
  • Users
    Add User Name
  • Home Cleaning Category
    Sub Service Category
  • User Details
    Manual Booking Admin
  • Search Trips/Jobs
    Filter Jobs
  • Ride Later Booking
    Job Later Booking
  • Promocode
    Add Gift/Promocode
  • Heat View
    Toggle Heatmap
  • Reviews
    Search Reviews
  • Advertisement Banners
    Add Advertisement Banners
  • Search Trip Job Alert For Home Cleaners
    Decline Cancelled Job Alert
  • Payment Report
    Payment Report Filteration
  • Geo Fence Location
    Add Location
  • General Settings
    General Settings for Admin
  • Country
    Add Country Feature
  • God's View
    God's View dashboard

Pricing and Features

Of your On Demand Home Cleaning App

Building an app is a big job. It takes years to come up with a perfect and realistic solution for the market, not to mention the amount of money that is needed to build it. However, don’t worry! We have created a flawless, practical and functional app for you that meets all your requirements! The best thing about our app is that we are not forcing you to purchase all the features! We have created packages with feature bundles that you can choose from. This means that you only pay for the stuff that you want for your app and leave behind the features that are irrelevant to your business.

general features pricing
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Clients Speak

Here is a loaded section of honest, real and authentic testimonials shared by our clients from around the world.

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