Lyft Clone Script

Start Robust Ride-hailing Business in 1 Week

Inspired by Lyft, we have Developed the Most Reliable Taxi-hailing Solution so Aspiring Entrepreneurs like you can Start their Businesses with no worries. Incorporating the Taxi Industry’s Trendy Features, this Pre-built Solution is ready to Launch your App in just 1-2 Weeks.

Our In-house Experts will work with you to White-label the Taxi App to suit your Business Needs. Be it changing your App’s Color Theme, adding your Branding, or Integrating the Languages and Currencies you want, we’ve got your back. Developed using the Latest Technologies and Trending UI/UX, our Lyft Clone seamlessly connects Passengers and Drivers in One Click.

Oh, and here's the best part: You earn Commissions on every Single Ride booked through your App! So, are you Ready to be your Own Boss? Let us help you Start your Business Easily and Quickly.

lyft app clone
lyft clone

What Is Lyft Clone?

Lyft Clone is a Taxi Booking Application that allows users to Book Rides On Demand. The app lets users Find Affordable Taxis and get around the city with the flexibility of Cashless Payments.

Entrepreneurs can start an Online Ride-hailing Business in just a few days using the app, as it's Pre-built! This Robust Solution also empowers Entrepreneurs to Manage their Businesses Remotely.

The Powerful Admin Panel also helps them Control Fares, Commissions, Reviews, Discounts, and more.

We offer an advanced Lyft Clone Script that you can White-label Anytime and Launch Quickly on the App Stores. The Platform works like Lyft, the Popular Taxi App, offering Trending Features, an Excellent Technology stack, and a User-friendly UI/UX.

Advantages of Launching a Lyft Clone

Entrepreneurs wondering why Lyft Clone is the Best Solution for their Taxi Business, let us Quote some of them for you!

  • 01
    Task Automation
  • 02
    Expanded Market Reach and Visibility
  • 03
    New Revenue Streams
  • 04
    Enhanced Branding
  • 05
    Easy Business Scalability
  • 06
    Gain Competitive Edge

Discover Powerful Features of Our Lyft App Clone

Our Lyft Clone app provides Multiple Advantages, like Quick and Easy Customization, a Top-notch Interface, and more. Discover the “Extra Benefits” you can leverage when Investing in our Robust Taxi-hailing Solution.

  • White-Label Apps

    We'll add your Branding, including the Name, Logo, and Tagline, to the Lyft Clone App and Website to ensure it's Unique and Outshines your Competitors.

  • Lifetime Licensed Source Code

    We understand that you may want to Modify your App in the Future. So, we give you Complete Ownership of the App by Sending you the Lifetime Licensed Source Code for One Domain for Free.

  • Multiple Languages and Currencies

    Our App is Powerful and can be launched anywhere in the World. So, you can Add Multiple Languages and Currencies to the app so your Target Users can use it without any Trouble.

  • App Submission

    Once we White-label the App, our experts will Submit it to the App Store upon your Approval.

  • Bug Support

    Our Experts work around the clock to Develop High-quality, Bug-free Apps for you. However, if you find any Bugs in the App, we offer 365-day Support and will Fix them for Free!

  • NDA

    We value the Privacy of our Clients. So, we Sign an NDA affirming that we'll not Disclose any Information about the App we have Built for you or other Clients.

Essential Components of Our Lyft Clone App Package

The Lyft Clone Script Package we offer is Designed to make it Easy for your Users to Book Taxis. Here are the Key Components of our Package that will help you Deliver an Extraordinary User Experience and keep you ahead of your Competitors.

User App Main Screen

Rider App

It is a User-friendly Application that allows users to Book Rides with a Single Tap. Users can also Track the Rides in Real Time, Pay Online, Provide Feedback, Schedule Rides, and much more.

Driver App

Drivers in the city willing to Offer On-demand Ride Services can Register with the App and start Earning Money on Every Ride. They can use the App to Manage the Services, Earn Rewards, Pay Commissions, etc.

driver app driver app
Kisok App

Taxi Kiosk App

You can Place KIOSKs at Hotels and Airports, allowing people to Book Rides on your Platform without downloading the App. KIOSK Apps can help you Reach Customers who have Never used your App before.


Launch your Lyft Clone Website and let your Users Book Taxis Online. They can also Explore all the other Services that you Offer. The Website allows them to choose their Preferred Language, Currency, Login, and Register as well!

Kisok App
Kisok App

Admin Dashboard

Our Lyft Clone Admin Panel is Cleverly Designed And Developed to help you Manage and Control your Business without fuss. It Integrates High-end Features and Settings, enabling App Administrators to make Manual Bookings, Manage User Profiles, Verify Drivers, and so on.

We’re the Best at What We Do!

Watch these Testimonials and See what Clients say about our White-label App Development Services. Hundreds of Clients from Around the World Trust Us and say that we are Professional, Reliable, and the Best when it comes to helping Entrepreneurs start their On-demand Businesses Quickly!

Mr. Stephane A.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Mr. Stephane A. from Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire on his CubeX project (Grab Clone). In a heartfelt testimonial video, he expressed his satisfaction with the application we developed and even gave a special shout out to our amazing Project Manager and excited to collaborate on more projects with us in the future.

Mr. Jean

Mr. Jean, our valued client from Switzerland, is partnering with us for his 5th project! Since 2019, we've worked together, earning his trust and satisfaction. During his week-long visit to our head office, Mr. Jean met our team, discussing project details. He's an integral part of our success story, and it's an honor to be a part of his.

Mr. Omar

Mr. Omar from Finland, needed a Taxi on-demand app, and he couldn't be happier with what we delivered. He loved our app, and our services, support, and professionalism made him ecstatic! He's now recommending V3Cube to all entrepreneurs without any hesitation. We're grateful for his kind words and appreciate the team's consistent support and hard work.

Mr. Franck

Mr. Franck and his team from West Africa visited our headquarters in India to Buy our latest KINGX PRO 2023 - GoJek Clone App. Our bond with Mr. Franck goes back to 2020, and it's an honor to see our clients succeed and return to us for New Ventures. We were thrilled when he shared his requirements for our New App. His video testimonial speaks volumes about how our New App boosted his business and increased profits.

Mr. Decio

Mr. Decio from Mozambique is very happy with our Taxi and Parcel Delivery App. He recorded a video to share his positive experience with us. He is grateful to our team and plans to buy another app from us in the future. His encouragement to "continue developing these apps for us" motivates us to keep up the good work.

Mr. Tarek

We visited Egypt and met with our client, Mr. Tarek. We explored strategies to elevate his business and acquire the cutting-edge New KingX Pro 2023 App for his upcoming venture. We ended the meeting by promising to Develop the Best App visit Egypt for a great Rendezvous. We extended our thanks to Mr. Tarek for his gracious hospitality and kind words throughout our visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Entrepreneurs often Ask Us if we can Deliver their App in 1 to 2 weeks. Well, yes, we can and have already Done It several times. Read through some more Questions that Entrepreneurs Ask Us all the time. If you don’t find your Query answered here, drop us an Email right away!


We offer pre-built or ready-made solutions only and also, white-label them for our clients. We have crafted all our apps with the single goal - making it easy and quick for entrepreneurs to start their online businesses like Lyft.

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