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Lyft Mobile Apps and Website Clone

With the conundrum of traffic on the streets, everyone would rather take a taxi than drive by themselves! The Lyft Cab Clone Website & Apps are specifically designed by us is to help you achieve just that for your customers! Our system is aimed at ensuring that you can offer the best possible taxi solutions to your customers at their own convenience and preference. This means, that when you buy the clone of lyft Android & lyft iOS from us, you will be able to give your users a platform where they find a ride for themselves as per their schedule and in most user friendly way.

The best Lyft clone!

Our cab sharing clone isn't a simple one made on the principles of helping people simply find a cab. But our lyft clone is specifically designed to ensure that people not only end up getting a safe and cheap ride, but also one that they enjoy. Our clone allows you to enable your customers put in minor details of personal preferences such as a pet friendly cab, or a 'prefers not to smoke' kind of an environment. When you buy the lyft share mobile Apps clone from us, you will not only be the one with the most smashing business idea, but will also be the proud owner of a site so unique that it helps people get rides that they'll enjoy at a much lower price at the same time help the whole world reduce its carbon footprints! As a business owner, you will earn a specific % on each ride that is booked in your Apps.

Coolest features

This cab sharing website & Mobile Apps isn't just another website & App in the vast internet atmosphere, but one that is all set to change how you thought about your own business capacity forever. Powerful and intuitive design: it all begins with the face value. If the website & Apps looks great, it helps people use it and enjoy it. The site has a flawless intuitive flow which ensures that no one has any problem in using it. Preset market place: since it is a clone of a pre existing website, there are already people using these services. Since they are familiar with the concept, you will have no problem finding a customer base and getting all that commission from the bookings! Designed for expansion: you will soon realize that your site has become far more popular than you thought possible and will find yourself in need for expansion. Our lyft clone comes with multi language and multi currency options to help you increase your business quickly and easily. And we also have Android App and iOS App for Mobile users who want to use the service on the go.

Give your customers a system where they just request a ride on their mobile app and all the active drivers in their area will get notification about the rider's request. The driver can then accept the ride and pickup the rider.

Simply order the lyft Mobile Apps clone and Web Site from us and get below apps and web panel's delivered to you within a week with your branding, logo and details. This is a complete package to launch your own Lyft like apps in your city/country.

  • Main Website
  • Rider's iOS App
  • Rider's Android App
  • Rider's Web Panel
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Driver Web Panel
  • Company Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage all - Payments, Rates, Passengers, Drivers, etc.

Lyft Clone site design template

Lyft Clone site design template

Can't decide yet?

Take a quick tour of the site and decide for yourself! Enjoy the look and feel of the site and decide for yourself if you want to own the most profitable business in your town!

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lyft clone main layout
lyft clone site Template 1
Color: Amaranth
Template 2
Color: Sky Blue
Template 3
Color: Purple
Template 4
Color: Orange
Template 5
Color: Light Sea Green
Template 6
Color: Light Green
Template 7
Color: Medium Slate Blue
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