Complimentary Features in Our Fitness On-Demand App

  • Licensed Source Code Licensed Source Code

    We provide the App’s Licensed Source Code at No Additional Cost if you purchase a Package. Your Technical Team can use this code to make enhancements anytime.

  • 1-Year Bug Support 1-Year Bug Support

    We offer one year of free Support for any Technical Bugs you may find in our Source Code.

  • Annual Updates Annual Updates

    You will receive the Free Annual Upgrade after One Year. Please inform us, and we will provide you with the Updated Code for the Purchased Package.

  • White-Labeling White-Labeling

    We will host your App and Website on your Servers and list them in the App Stores.

  • NDA & Privacy Policy NDA & Privacy Policy

    We will Not Claim your apps as our own or showcase them in our Portfolio, as we strictly follow NDAs and Privacy Policies.

  • App Rejection Support App Rejection Support

    We will help you Fix the Issue and get it Approved if your app is Rejected by the App Store for a Technical Reason.

On Demand Personal Trainer App Script

Considering the current Market Trends and Industry Standards, we’ve developed the Best Scripts to help you launch the perfect On-demand Fitness App. With our Ready-made Solution, you can launch an Uber-competitive App in just 1-2 weeks and begin earning Returns from the day you go Live.

Here’s what you get once you Purchase the Package and choose to Launch Enhance Clone on iOS and Android App Stores and Web Servers.

  • Fitness Coach Website
  • Fitness Coach iOS App
  • Fitness Coach Android App
  • Fitness Coach Web Panel
  • Client iOS App
  • Client Android App
  • Client Web Panel
  • Fitness Coach Company Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the App i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Fitness Coach, Client, etc.
uber for fitness trainers

Sequential Process of the Fitness On Demand App

Walk through the step by step flow of the fitness on demand service App and get ready to get amazed with the enthralling experience of this App.
  • User Login/Registration: Users can log in to the app using their Social Media Accounts, Fingerprints/Face IDs. Those who haven't registered on the App can create an Account by providing basic details such as their Full Name, Email Address, and Phone Number.
  • Browse Fitness Services: Upon logging in, users are presented with a list of available Fitness Services, including options like Aerobic Exercise, Resistance Exercise, Flexibility Training, and more.
  • Select Services and Trainers: Users can choose the specific Fitness Service they want, and they'll be able to see a list of Fitness Trainers offering the same service near their Location.
  • Explore Trainer Profiles: Users can explore the profiles of different Fitness Coaches as per their preferences. They'll be able to see Reviews, Photos, and other Services that they provide.
  • Service Booking: Users select the desired service from their chosen Fitness Coach, proceed to the Checkout Tab, and select their Preferred Payment method. They also specify the location for the Fitness Service and Schedule the Booking for the Same Day or a Later date before confirming the booking. Once they choose the Book Now/Book Later option, the request is sent to the service provider.
  • Acceptance Confirmation: When the coach Accepts the request, the user gets a Confirmation Notification on the App.
  • In-App Communication:The user and fitness coach can stay connected through In-app Chats and VOIP-based calls until the Fitness Coach arrives at the service location.
  • Service Begins: After the OTP Verification process is successfully completed, the Fitness Coach initiates the service by tapping on 'Start Job'. Both the user and the provider to track the progress of the Fitness Session.
  • Job Completion: After completing the session, the Fitness Coach marks the job as completed by tapping on 'Job Completed'. The user is instantly notified that the Fitness Coach has finished the job.
  • Payment: Both the User and the Provider receive an Invoice Summary on their screens, detailing the Fare Breakdown. If the user selects the Cash Payment Option, the fitness coach can tap on 'Collect Payment' to receive Cash from the user.
  • Review and Rating: After the Payment Process, both the user and fitness coach can Rate and Review each other.

Perks of Launching Fitness on-Demand App

Launching an Uber-like Fitness App will offer you, as the Entrepreneur, Multiple Perks, including better Convenience and Accessibility.

Moreover, your users will be able to access your Services 24/7, making Appointments with the Best Fitness Coaches near them. The app will also provide you with Valuable Data Insights for Better Decision-Making and User Experience Enhancement.

As people want to be Healthier, this app helps you grow your business globally. It's also a great way to market your services without incurring Extra Costs, Reach More Customers, and Engage with existing ones. In short, launching this app is a Smart Investment for your business.

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Core Features

  • Real-time Tracking Real-time Tracking

    Users can Track the Location of the booked Fitness Trainers in real-time.

  • Online Payments Online Payments

    Users can make Online Payments for the services using the In-app Wallet or Credit Cards.

  • In-app calls/chats In-app calls/chats

    Fitness Trainers and Users can connect Online via In-app Chats and Calls until the Service begins.

  • Login with Face ID/Fingerprint Login with Face ID/Fingerprint

    Users can login using their Face ID (iPhone) or Fingerprint Recognition (Android).

  • Ratings & Review Ratings & Review

    Users and Providers can Rate and Review one another after the Service ends.

  • Book/Schedule Trainers Book/Schedule Trainers

    Users can Book Same-day Services or Schedule them for a Later Date or Time.

on demand delivery App web panel

Website and Admin Panel

We have built the most Top-notch Website for your Users and a Highly Responsive Admin Panel for you to handle your business like a pro.

Using the Website, users can easily Login/Register, See Bookings, access previous Invoices, Wallet Transactions, and more.

The Admin Panel will let you control your business from a Single Dashboard. Here, you can Manage Geofencing Locations, View Payment Reports, Manage Ad Banners, and more. Also, you can Control Commissions, User Profiles, Service Categories, etc.

Cost of Developing an Uber for Fitness Trainers

Bid goodbye to spending huge amounts of money on Developing an app like Uber for On-demand Fitness Services. With our Ready-to-Launch Solution, you can Go Live with your application without burning a hole in your pocket. Whether you want to expand your business or kick-start one, it costs only a fraction of the cost of building the Uber for Personal Trainers app from scratch. Take a look at our Pricing Page for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Uber for Fitness Trainers?

    The app is based on the Uber model, which allows users to find the best fitness trainers near them and book services. Users can compare profiles of multiple professionals, make online payments, choose the time of the service, and also post their ratings and reviews.

  • Does the app support multi-currency and multi-languages?

    Yes, you can add up to 25 languages and currencies to the app, depending on the market in which you wish to launch it.

  • Who owns the app after it's launched?

    After we launch the Fitness On Demand App and complete all the required paperwork, we will provide you with the licensed source code based on your purchased package. In short, you’ll have complete ownership of the App.

  • Is it possible to make Modifications to the Source Code?

    Once you have the Source Code, your Technical Team can make the necessary Modifications.

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