Step by Step Graphical Flow

Loading Screen

user app
  • As the user opens the app, they are greeted with a well designed and calm splash screen which stays on for 2 to 3 seconds while displaying your logo as well the name of your app.
  • As the Massage Therapist opens their app they get greeted with a beautifully designed splash screen bearing your logo and the name of your app. This screen stays on for about 2 to 3 seconds.
massage therapist application


on demand massage app introduction
  • If your App has more than 1 Language and more than 1 Currency, then the user will see Language and Currency selection option here on the on demand Uber for Massage Introduction Screen.


user login and registrationn
  • This screen permits the user to log in into the app using their Gmail, Facebook or LinkedIn account.
  • They can also register by providing their email address or phone number.
  • In case the user forgets their password, they can recover their account using this screen.
  • With the help of this screen, the Massage Therapist can easily log in and register into the app using their any Gmail, Facebook or Linkedin account.
  • As an alternative, they can also register themselves on the app providing their email address or phone number.
  • In case the Massage Therapist forgets their password, they can regain their password with this screen.
massage therapist app login and registration


account verification
  • The user and the Massage Therapist’s accounts are verified. This is done by sending an OTP to their registered phone numbers to ascertain that the numbers are not fake entries.
  • An email verification link is also sent to their mail IDs to absolutely avoid fake registrations at all costs and unwanted spamming.

Application Menu

User profile features
  • A simple and effective design intuitively allows the users to access the important features on their profile. They can see their Profile photo and wallet balance right on top along with the settings button.
  • The Massage Therapist gets a unique and seamless panel to manage, edit and view their profile from this screen. They can add/modify/ update their bank details, documents, manage jobs, manage availability and much more from here. They will also be able to see their profile picture along with their wallet balance and the settings button right on top.
massage therapist profile features

Choose the massage therapist

user selects the Service needed
  • User selects the Service needed and the location where the service is needed.
  • The screen displays a list of the different services like Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, etc. These Categories are manageable by Admin
  • User can select multiple Services at a time.
massage therapist gets online
    Massage Therapist can get online and set his availability from right here
  • This screen will allow the Massage Therapist to go “Online” in order to start accepting jobs.
  • If the Massage Therapist does not want to get Job Requests, he can turn his availability to “Offline”.
  • This screen will also show the Massage Therapist their mentioned work address along with the radius of Job Requests.

book a massage therapist

nearby available massage therapist
    Choose nearby available Massage Therapist.
  • Based on selected Categories/Services, list of nearby Massage Therapist will be displayed.
  • User can also view the nearest available Massage Therapists in Map View.
  • User can filter the list based on Services they want.

manage services

massage therapist manage services
    Manage Services and personal documents from Application.
  • Massage Therapist can manage the Services he is offering. He can define the rates for the services he is providing.
  • Massage Therapist can also upload his Experience Certificate or any document he has.
View massage therapist Profile User can add special instructions
    View Massage Therapist Profile
  • User can select any Massage Therapist and can see his Profile details.
  • User can see the Services offered by that Massage Therapist.
  • User can select multiple services from same Category and same Massage Therapist in one go.
  • He can add special instructions for Massage Therapist and can select Quantity. User can select the number of Services User want to get done.
View reviews of massage therapist View Gallery images uploaded by massage therapist
    View Gallery and Reviews
  • User can see the Gallery Images uploaded by the Massage Therapist.
  • User can see the Reviews of selected Massage Therapist.
Booking details payment methods
    The User can now choose the payment method that suits them best from Cash or Card.
  • The User can simply click on their choice of payment.
  • If they Choose Cash option, they pay cash directly to the Massage Therapist and if they choose the “Pay Online” option, they can pay using their Credit or Debit cards.They can choose to pay via in App wallet.
  • User can book the Service Now or for later time.
select booking location
  • User can choose the option whether they want the massage at their location or the Massage Therapist's location only if the Massage Therapist opt to go to User's place.
  • Massage Therapist can choose the option to work at any location.
manage work location
send request to massage therapist

Once book now button is clicked, a request will be sent to selected Massage Therapist.

The selected Massage Therapist will receive a notification on their mobile with countdown screen. They will have option to Accept/Decline the incoming Job request. They can also see the Job details before accepting the request.

massage therapist accept or decline job request

Job request accepted

user can view on going job
  • As soon as the Massage Therapist accepts the Job request, the Job will be added to ongoing Jobs.
  • User can see the status of ongoing Job anytime.
  • Massage Therapist can track the Job location in Map .
  • Massage Therapist anytime can call, message or cancel the Job. He can also see special instructions if any.
massage therapist track the Job location in Map

Internal Chat between user/client and massage therapist

The massage therapist and User/Client can start to chat with each other as soon as the request is accepted by the Massage Therapist and until the job begins.

VOIP based Call masking

VIOP based calling completely eliminates the need to make additional payment for Call Masking. With the help of this feature, Users and Massage Therapist can make calls to each other over the internet. This means their phone numbers are neither required nor displayed.

Massage Therapist reaches the Job location

user get notification that massage therapist reached at job location
  • User will get a notification saying that Massage Therapist has reached to Job location.
  • Massage Therapist will mark Job status as "Arrived" once he has arrived at Job location and Slide the button to start the Job once the Massage Therapist is ready to start the Job.
massage therapist slide to begin job


job started
  • User will receive a notification that the Job has started and is in progress.
  • Massage Therapist & the user both can track the Job progress. A timer will be shown on Massage Therapist App.
user and massage therapist both track job progress


job completed notification
  • Upon this, the User will see in-app notification that the Job is completed.
  • Once the Job has completed, the Massage Therapist will Slide the button to end the Job. Massage Therapist can add the additional charges if any.
massage therapist add Additional charges

Invoice summary

total fare
  • Once the Job is completed, the invoice summary will be displayed on the User's screen.
  • Once the Job is completed, the invoice summary will be displayed on the Massage Therapist's screen.
  • And upon clicking on "Collect Payment" button, the money will be AUTO deducted from the Credit Card of the User. In-case the, the User choose to pay by cash, he will hand over cash to the Massage Therapist. The User & Massage Therapist can also rate the each other.
collect payment


User booking now or later option
  • User can select the booking option as Now or Later.
  • User can select date & time when he wants the Job to be done.
  • Massage Therapist can also set his availability from his on demand Massage Therapist apps.
  • The Massage Therapist who are available on selected time will get the request from Users.
massage therapist set his availibility
booking requested confirmation message
  • User can see confirmation message on the App.
  • On the other side the Massage Therapist who is available on selected time slot will receive the request. Massage Therapist can accept/decline the request.
massage therapist pending jobs

job history

massage therapist View Past and Upcoming Jobs
    View Past and Upcoming Jobs.
  • User can view Past Jobs and its Invoice details.
  • User can view status of Upcoming Jobs (whether its accepted by Massage Therapist or delined). If it is declined by the Massage Therapist then User can rebook the Job for some other Massage Therapist.
Massage Therapist manages his Pending, Upcoming and Past Jobs
    Massage Therapist manages his Pending, Upcoming and Past Jobs.
  • Massage Therapist can manage pending Jobs by accepting it or declining.
  • Massage Therapist can view his Job history date wise.

Manage gallery

massage therapist manage gallery
  • Massage Therapist manage the Gallery that he wants to show in his Profile like before after photos etc.

Payment Options

  • User & Massage Therapist can manage their Credit Card information through this screen. The card detail is NOT stored in the on demand Massage Therapist APPs or in the App database. It's stored in the safe vault of the Payment Gateway Company. We just call the card using token and the secure transaction happens on the App.
  • Users can also scan their Card.
massage therapist and user manage their card info
  • User & Massage Therapist can top up their wallet too. User can pay through wallet for the Job done.
  • Commission of Cash Job gets deducted from Massage Therapist's Wallet.

User bank detail

bank details
  • Massage Therapist can provide his Bank details in order to get his earning from Admin.

Emergency / Panic Button

  • Panic/Emergency Button in Massage Therapist on demand Apps takes care safety. Massage Therapist & Car Owner can simply click on panic icon while they sense any threat or danger while Job is going on. Immediately a SMS will be sent to their Emergency Contacts with their real time location. And if they want, they can even contact their local Police on single click.
emergency contact
  • Upto 5 emergency contacts can be added to your list

User & Service Provider Feedback

User and massage therapist feedback
  • User can provide feedback for Massage Therapist for each Job. All feedback will be listed here.
  • Massage Therapist can provide feedback for User for each Job. All feedback will be listed here.


massage therapist jobs & earning statistics
  • Massage Therapist can view their Jobs and earnings in graphical / statistical format.

Invite Friends

invite friends
  • User & Massage Therapist can invite their friends to join the on demand Massage Therapist apps. They simply click on Invite Friends and their Referral Code along with invitation message will be sent to their selected contacts through WhatsApp, Gmail, Skype, Facebook, etc. An easy way for them to earn and best way you to get more users.

Notifications and Newsfeed

  • The News Feed and Notifications section will enable the users to look at different promotional content that is given on the Massage Therapist App. They will also be given notifications.

Promo Code

promo code
  • Admin can add different offers promo code.
  • User can avail any discount offer by entering the Promo Code.

Secondary screens

app support
    Support Menu & About Us
  • There will be information Pages on the Uber for Massage Therapist App.
  • The administrator will be able to Edit the Information Pages from back end.
  • User can also opt for Live Chat option

Edit Profile

user & massage therapist manage profile
  • User & Massage Therapist can manage their profile details like Photo, Name, Email Address, Mobile number, Preferred Language, Preferred Currency and Places from their My Profile Screen.
  • They can change their password from Change Password Screen.
change password
FAQ & contact us
  • There will be help and contact Pages on the Massage Therapist Apps like Uber.
  • The administrator will be able to Edit the Information Pages from back end.
terms and condition
    Terms and Conditions & Privacy policy
  • There will be Terms and Conditions & Privacy Pages on the Massage Therapist on demand Apps.
  • The administrator will be able to Edit the Information Pages from back end.
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