Taxi Booking Rider App & Driver App Demo Video

The following video will illustrate the usage and the flow of the entire application in a lucid and transparent way.
This will assist you in understanding the functioning of the App and then taking a live demo of the same by yourself by downloading it on your own handsets.

Taxi booking app demo Video

Discover Our Taxi Booking App's Exceptional Features

Streamlining Rider Registration in Taxi Booking Apps

Buy taxi App from our company and place the rest of the process in the hands of our highly skilled experts. Check out some of the advanced features of our smart Apps. The first and foremost is the Registration and the Login feature, a feature that will either make your business or break it. Our Apps have been designed such that a rider can easily register and login into the App using a number of ways which include Login using Mobile Number, Facebook, Email, Google account, Face ID and Finger Print. By using this method we make it easy for riders to register, thus ensuring that you cover a wider market in a short span of time.

registration for rider App Login Rider App
Select Your Taxi Select Your Taxi

Infinite Taxi Types with Local Rates Worldwide Coverage

Our App has a unique feature that will allow you to set different Taxis according to the different cities and locations. E.g. If the local population have a preference for Hatchbacks or Minis, then the App owner can set the rates of those two types of Taxis only.

In cities which are frequently haunted by tourists, people prefer all types of Taxis. In such cities the vehicles can be set to Sedans, Limousine, Ferraris, Volkswagen etc and the rates and surcharges can be set accordingly. The driver document requirements can also be defined according to that city's jurisdiction and transport laws.

Select Your Business's Preferred Taxi Request Algorithm

B. Whichever taxi driver has been waiting for the longest in your coverage area of X miles/X kilometers will get first preference for any ride request. If he does not accept the ride, the next one gets the request. This method of driver selection is known as FIFO.

C. The taxi driver closest to the rider will get first preference, which will be passed to the second nearest one if he does not accept the ride request.

customized cab booking App
Taxi booking softare Reviews and Ratings

Invoice and Ratings/Reviews After Trip Completion

Once the ride is over, you can view and receive the invoice via email, complete with Tax and VAT according to your location. As soon as you give us the rule guidance on your local Tax and VAT or what the local Transport Government rules are, we will set then up for you on your Apps. As soon as the ride is complete, the Driver and Rider can rate and review each other. By this method, you can easily eliminate the drivers who provide poor services and create a bad reputation for your company.

Invoice Generation

Vast array of features

Login using Social Media
  • Mobile Number
  • Face ID / Finger Print
  • Facebook
  • Google Account
Choice of payment options

The user can get the freedom to choose the kind of payment methodology they want to adopt for the payment of the particular trip. They can pay using cash directly to the driver or use their credit cards or debit cards for the payment. The third option of making easy payments is by using the preconfigured in App wallets.

Reject Rides

The Driver has the ability to reject rides in case it is not convenient for him or her. Our App is so made that it puts value on the freedom of choice for both the service provider as well as the passenger. So, while the customer can place a request for the booking of the taxi, your App will allow the drivers who are sent the request to, to make a selection of the "accept" or "reject" options.

Navigation through powerful maps

The app comes integrated with very powerful maps with provides seamless navigation for the driver. Regardless of whether the driver is a local or is completely unfamiliar with the area, he or she can rely on our App to reach the right pick up and drop destinations always!

Rider application

The App includes the main App that is designed for the riders. Through here the riders can make a booking for a taxi whenever they need it. The rider needs to download the App and register on it. After the process of registration the user is free to make a booking whenever needed.

Driver application

This side of the application is designed for the driver. It is the tool for the driver to register him or her to the App along with the details of their vehicle and other important and relevant information. This front of the app will help the rider manage rides, accept or reject bookings and so on and so forth.

Web panel

This is the master panel of the App. The admin can manage the entire App from here. The App owner can set regulations, commission, observe rides, monitor fares and trip and a lot more from right here. This web panel will also help in making any modification and alterations to the fields in the app as and when required.

Complete Non Disclosure

We believe in the security of our client's information and the success of their business. Keeping these two factors in mind we strictly adhere to the non disclosure policy. By this we ascertain that your competitors can't reach out to us and buy the same app with better enhancements to supersede you in the business.

We assure you that our team will not use your brand name or your logos anywhere on our site. Not just this, we will never mention the App itself on our portfolio. It is very important for us that you are fortified in every respect to make sure that your business can run uninterrupted.

Any more doubts stuck in your mind? Take a free demo and give the App an on road trial before you buy.

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Our Comprehensive Taxi App Development Package

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Taxi App development

If you're seeking a ready-made solution to kickstart your On-demand Taxi Booking Services, our App Script Plan Package is tailor-made for you. We handle the technical intricacies of App development, allowing you to dedicate your efforts to business expansion. Our comprehensive app package equips you with all the necessary tools to launch your very own on-demand taxi booking venture. Boasting User-Friendly Interfaces for Customers, Drivers, and Administrators, coupled with a Responsive Website, you'll have a complete package at your disposal. Deliver a delightful trip experience to your users while efficiently overseeing your entire taxi operations.

Taxi app development cost package

What we offer?

We are a reputed Taxi App development company. Our team of dedicated professionals has specifically designed the Taxi Booking App development to ensure that you don't have to sweat at all. This site is fully automated and all monetary transactions happen quickly and seamlessly.

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