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Looking for an Uber Clone Script for your Taxi Business?

Go live in just 3 days using our Advanced, Optimized, Customizable & User Friendly

CubeTaxi App(100% Clone Uber Taxi)

Get your own white-labeled Uber Clone App launched in just 3 days in language & currency of your choice. Our uber clone script is best in market. GrabTaxi Clone, Uber Clone Script Package for Taxi Business includes Source Code & Free Installation of Android Apps, iOS/iPhone Apps and Web Panels. Our CubeTaxi4Plus App is a complete Taxi booking app solution and can be used as Cab Booking Application, Taxi Dispatch Software and Cab Dispatch System.

It's a new, dynamic, technically advanced and simply the best on demand taxi booking app available in the market that has been designed using the latest state of the art technology, making it perfect for entrepreneurs who want to start their very own cab business.

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Uber Clone Script is approved by the Google Play Stores and Apple Stores and the Web Panels for Driver, Passenger, Company are 100% responsive, which will show up on all personal digital assistants such as iPhones, iPads, Android Tablets, all types of Smart Phones, PC Browsers. The whole package is loaded with the following incredible 11 Sub Systems and Apps enabling the App owner to manage the system perfectly.

  • Main Website
  • Rider iOS App
  • Rider Android App
  • Rider Web Panel
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Driver Web Panel
  • Web Panel for the Taxi Companies
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Billing Administrator Panel
  • An interactive Admin Web Panel that will help manage the full workings of the App including Passengers, Rates, Drivers, Payments etc
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Uber Clone App - Advanced Features

(Below features will be available in our latest 18X Package)

Our word is our bond. At V3Cube, we promise to deliver the whole package to you at the mentioned prices with no hidden cost. Every app and website needs a set of ADDONs & Customizations for it to be successful. The Standard Apps that we offer are absolutely complete and come INCLUSIVE of almost every customisation and ADDON necessary for one to launch the Uber like App. Our team of skilled professionals have dedicated a lot of hard work and time in bringing to you an end product that stands absolutely ready to be live and running.

We value our clients and find that our success is in theirs. So, we are the place that offers you an App that is absolutely tailor made with necessary features like Local Language and Currency incorporated within the original uber clone script App without any extra charges. We are not mere technical bots. Our team thinks intelligently about the clients probable requirements and ensures that our product delivers to them everything that they can hope for absolutely FREE! However, if you have other inputs and need some more work done on the uber clone source code app, we will gladly get your job done at an hourly rate of a meagre 10 USD. What's more, we'll sign an NDA for you as well!

While Our Competitors burn a hole in your pocket,
here's a list of all the advanced features we offer ABSOLUTELY FREE!

  • FREE Source Code, Licensed

    FREE Source Code, Licensed

    We assure you that we will hand over the Uber clone Source Code to your team for backup. Using it, your local team will easily be able to modify it as per your requirement for your copy. Since we have done the licensing for the same already, you get it from us absolutely FREE for your 1 domain/brand.

  • FREE 365 days Bug Support

    FREE 365 days Bug Support

    We pride ourselves in making a perfect taxi booking application, free of any bugs, and tested multiple numbers of times; however, if our clients were to encounter any, we offer a whole year of bug support absolutely free of cost! Who doesn't like a little bit of reassurance?

  • FREE upgrade anytime!


    We love our clients! This is why we bring to you a "never heard of" offer of FREE upgrades. Get annual Up-gradation absolutely FREE of cost! Just tell us you need an upgrade and we will get it done and send it right across to you! (free upgrades are subject to chosen package)

  • FREE White labelling for your company

    FREE White labelling for your company

    Since it is your website and your app, it is important for it to bear your logo and company name everywhere. We give you just that and don't charge a penny to do that! When you buy Uber clone, we remove our name and logo from everywhere visible and replace it with yours. We promise not to claim to be the original developers of the app.

  • Strict Adherence to Privacy Policy and NDA

    Strict Adherence to Privacy Policy and NDA

    We understand how important your privacy is and respect your purchase from us. We offer you a free non disclosure and respect your privacy. You can rest assured that we will not mention your App in any of our Portfolios anywhere. Rest assured that your competitors will never know that it was us who provided and launched your Uber taxi clone.

  • FREE Language Integration

    FREE Language Integration

    Whichever region you want to customise the app for, we will integrate the language along with English. This means, if you wish to launch this on demand taxi booking app in Mexico, we will integrate the Spanish language within the app absolutely FREE! Tell us any one language you want to use in the app like Spanish, French, Italian or Arabic (RTL-R2L), and we'll do it for you without an extra penny.

  • Free Currency integration

    Free Currency integration

    Whichever country you launch this app for will require local currency transactions like GBP, CAD, EUR, JOD, SAR, MXN, BRL and AUD etc. This is why we offer to add and integrate a currency of your choice along with USD in the taxi booking application completely free of cost. You can even manage rate of your base currency with additional currency..

  • FREE Localization Feature? Go Local or international

    FREE Localization Feature? Go Local or international

    This extremely useful add-on will allow you to manage your business in various different regions from one single place. It allows you to change, adapt and modify the Car Types, their fare/rates, units of distance, surcharges and much more based on the location. Keep in mind that every Country, City will have different kind of Taxi's, Rates, etc and so we make sure that your uber like app source code would be able to maintain it.

  • FREE Internal Text chatting between Driver & Rider

    FREE Internal Text chatting between Driver & Rider

    Once a Ride is booked, allow your Drivers and Riders to Text Chat with each other without disclosing their phone numbers for privacy. As soon as the Driver Accepts the Ride, the Driver & Rider can text chat with each other to discuss directions, pickup location, etc detail. Users who are busy & don't want to talk to Driver on call, prefer this feature for communication. All our competitors are charging heavily to incorporate this feature but we offer it absolutely FREE

  • iOS App Installation on App Store

    iOS App Installation on App Store

    We will launch the iOS Apps on the App Store for you. Once uploaded, installed a through QA will also be done upon approval. We also provide support if your Apps get rejected. Please see our detail on rejection assistance for iOS Apps.

  • Android App installation on Google Play Store

    Android App installation on Google Play Store

    We'll launch the Android Apps on the Google Play Store for you. We'll upload, install and do a through QA of the Once Android Apps upon approval. We also provide support if your Android Apps get rejected by Google Play Store. Please see our detail on rejection assistance for Android Apps.

  • Launch of Website and Admin Panel on Hosting Server

    Launch of Website and Admin Panel on Hosting Server

    We'll upload and launch Website, Rider's Web panel, Driver's Web Panel, Company Web Panel, Billing Administrator Panel, Manual Dispatcher Panel and Administrator Panel on your Hosting Server. A final through QA will be done before launch to make sure the configuration Is done correctly.

  • iOS App Rejection Support For Free

    iOS App Rejection Support For Free

    Our expertise in this industry allows us to know the ins and outs of iTunes App approval regulations. We will assist you in ensuring that your Uber clone app does not get rejected for any technical reason at all. For every other reason, we will be your ethical guide and try to give you suggestions to ensure that you overcome the short comings.

  • Android App Rejection support for free

    Android App Rejection support for free

    Our expertise in this industry allows us to know the ins and outs of Google Play Store App approval regulations. We will assist you and ensure that your Uber taxi app clone don't get rejected for any technical reason at all. For every other reason, we will try our best to assist and guide you so your get Approved and without re-rejections.

  • Free Manual Taxi Dispatch Panel

    Free Manual Taxi Dispatch Paneltaxi dispatch feature demo video

    This module will help you allow users to book cabs simply by calling you. There will be many people in your city who do not have access to a smartphone or the internet or would simply prefer calling rather than online booking. You can accept rides via phone calls and through this feature manually book the Ride for them from your Administrator Panel.

  • FREE Accounting Web Panel

    FREE Accounting Web Panel

    Give access to Accounts related Pages, Reports and downloadable CSV/Excel Files to selective Administrative users who need to maintain and look after only book keeping, financial transaction monitoring and Accounts of the Taxi Company. So you dedicate this Panel only to the accountants. This prevents everyone from having access to the private data of the Users, Ride settings and much more.

  • FREE Taxi Companies Web Panel

    FREE Taxi Companies Web Paneltaxi company web panel feature demo video

    You can allow smaller Taxi companies to access and manage their convoy of Taxis and Drivers through their Company Account on your website. You earn a commission on all the rides that happen through that company's Taxis as well. We offer this feature to you absolutely free. This will help smaller companies enjoy management without investing in an taxi booking application and help you earn as well.

  • Payment Options: Wallet, Credit Card & Cash

    Payment Options: Wallet, Credit Card & Cashpayment options feature demo video

    For you ease, we have a pre integrated Stripe & Paypal - Braintree Payment Gateway that helps you to start accepting payment right away through Debit and Credit Card of your users. And also by their Paypal Id. Our advanced flow also enables you to handle and regulate the cash transaction made to the Driver. We have also made available a internal Wallet to be used for both the rider and the driver.

  • Taxi Hailing

    Taxi Hailingtaxi hailing feature demo video

    Let's say a person is standing on road and hails at a Taxi. The driver will simply mark Ride as "hailed" and start the ride in the App. The rider here is a normal person and doesnt have the Taxi booking application in his phone nor has booked a ride with us in advance. He just hails at driver and gets a ride. The ride's detail will be stored in the App & the App owner will earn commission on this ride too.

  • Handicap accessibility

    Handicap accessibilityhandicap accessibility feature demo video

    If your Drivers have Taxi with Handicap accessibility they tick the option as YES in their Taxi Profile. And thus they will be preferred for rides requested by Handicap Riders (Optional - can be made On/OFF as per your Taxi Company's Policy) And also must be in my profile where rider ticks that he is handicap)

  • Gender based preference

    Gender based preference

    Make your Uber clone App Women friendly. Allow Women Drivers to register in your company and only accept rides from female Riders. (Optional - can be made On/OFF as per your Taxi Company's Policy)

  • Pickup and Drop Restriction using Geo-Fencing

    Pickup and Drop Restriction using Geo-Fencing geo fencing feature demo video

    Pickup and Drop Restriction (Define DARK and Crime Prone Areas on Map & Restrict those areas to avoid Pickup or Drop in them. This way you decide the location where you want to do the business)

  • Schedule Ride for a Later time

    Schedule Ride for a Later time

    Get option to Ride Now or Ride at a Later time. The Ride request for a Later Time will be auto sent to the Drivers in range at appropriate time. Scheduling a ride at 2am for airport now becomes easy for riders.

  • Call masking for internal calls between Driver & Rider

    Call masking for internal calls between Driver & Ridercall masking feature demo video

    We offer a very important feature at a very economic cost which our competitors are charging a bomb. This feature allows your Riders and Drivers call each other with a tap of their finger on their Smartphone without revealing the original number of either parties. This helps in maintaining the privacy of the users.

  • Color theme to match with your LOGO

    Color theme to match with your LOGO

    You wouldn't change your logo to go with the aesthetics of the site. We get that. So, we offer you a customisable color theme option that you can choose to make sure that your logo and company name are reflected well across the taxi booking app and the Website. We promise and deliver a beautiful theme with the right colors at a small additional cost.

  • Add Destination Later

    Add Destination Later

    Is your customer changing their mind? Well, the add destination later feature will now empower your customer to add the destination of their ride later. In case they have already put in the destination, they will have the freedom to change it mid ride as well.

Many more Features like God's Eye View, Promotion Codes, etc.

Please check our Features Page for more such advanced features.

View All Features
On Time Delivery guaranteed

No more waiting for months to get your app up! Unlike our competition that takes months to set you up, we promise to get your apps set ready to launch with all the above features in JUST 72 Hours!

Unlike others in the market who accept orders first and then set the wheels in motion, our app is absolutely ready and waiting for you to launch it NOW.

You simply buy Uber clone from us and get to review it on the 4th day. Once the feedback phase is completed. We immediately start upload and launch process of Apps on your Google Play Store and iTunes App Store!

On Time Delivery guaranteed

Take A Look At Our Uber Clone Demo Download Our Free Apps

How are we different

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Try it before you Buy it!

Itching to try out the app before you put your dime in it? Well, now it's possible! With our live Uber clone DEMO you can now take the app, download it on your mobiles and take it for a real time test. Try it in every possible situation and be impressed by its fluidity.

view demo
  • 01 View Graphical Flow

    Tired of someone telling how this Uber clone app works? Well, see for yourself. With this unique graphical flow of the app, you will have a clear understanding of exactly how it works page by page.

    view app screens & Flow
  • 02 Web Panel Visuals

    What's with the suspense of how the final product will look like? Don’t worry! We present to you the exact visuals of how the Driver, Rider and Web panel look like!

    Front Visuals Admin Visuals
  • 03 Features

    If there was an app with superior and advanced features, it's ours! We have the most sophisticated Uber taxi app clone in the whole market. You name the feature, and we've got it!

    View All Features
  • 04 Add ons & Customizations

    It's your app and chances are that you will want custom modifications for it. Well, what are we here for? Just let us know what you want and our team will analyze it and incorporate it.

    View Detail
  • 05 Pricing & Purchase Options

    Not everyone has the same business plan. This is why we have made different business packages to suit everyone's particular needs. Whether you want to start small and pick up the pace later or you want go all in with your first step, just let us know! We assure you that we will have a particular package suit your needs.

    View Pricing Options
X to ylocation

We offer this unique feature that allows you to keep a fixed cost for preset popular pick up and drop locations like point A and point B. For e.g. if the number of rides between the airport and the railway station is very high, you can mark it at a fixed price of “X”.

This price will not be variable on traffic, surges or any other reason. These Locations can be two popular places within the city or even to commute between two cities. X to Y location feature demo video

X to Y Location
Call Masking

Call masking is a very important security feature that you don’t want to forego! You don’t want to jeopardize the safety of your customers. This Uber clone feature hides the personal number of both the riders and the drivers when they make calls to each other for pick up.

Your female passengers and female drivers will thank you for putting their interests first! call masking feature demo video


​Why pay for it when you can get it for FREE! Yes! We offer a full 3 years worth of FREE annual upgrades for your Uber clone app.

Ask and you shall receive has never been truer! The app market has never seen an offer such as this. Buy now to avail this offer!

3 years of Free Upgrades
Rent A Car (Available from 15th May 2018)

Get a car rental feature right within your taxi booking application! Enable your customers to rent a car on hourly basis and on the basis of distance. By adding both taxi and hire options in a single app with both to delight your customers and ensure higher income for you! Rent a car feature demo video

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Uber Clone App - Get Your On Demand Taxi Taxi Business Up & Running In Just 6 Steps
  • 1

    Email us / Call us and we'll setup the working demo for you. Download the Demo Apps on your Android/iPhone, take a ride on road in real to see how the Apps work.

  • 2

    Let us know if you need any enhancements/customization's. Once we have discussed, you may place an order with us.

  • 3

    We'll start to setup the Apps & Web Panel's for you. The Apps will be white labelled on your company name with your logo on it and your preferred Language & Currency preference.

  • 4

    Once the Apps are ready, we give you a working Demo, set your text, images, content, take care of your feedback and then launch on your Play Stores and Web Panel's upon your approval.

  • 5

    That's all. Congratulations. You now own a Taxi booking app and will now able to earn commission on every ride that happens through the Apps.

  • 6

    Once the Apps are delivered on your servers and Play Stores, we'll send you Licensed Uber Clone Source Code copy too. You will be provided a licensed copy of the source code for your 1 domain that will allow you to modify the code as per your requirement. The code is open so even your in-house team can make modifications in it.

support for Uber Clone App
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Our Portfolio

We don't keep our client's Apps or business names on our website as portfolio. Please note that all our clients are either Entrepreneurs or Agencies looking for reselling our product after white labeling it. Both of these buyers prefer that we do not disclose that they are our customers and have bought script from us under Non Disclaimer Agreement (NDA).

Following the NDA, we don't keep our client's Apps or business names on our website as portfolio. Same way, we'll neither share with anyone that we worked with you nor will publish anywhere that your uber clone App was developed by us. If we dont follow NDA and reveal our existing client's names, even your competitors will easily find that you purchased from us and ask us for same software as yours, buy it and give you competition.

We would be happy to inform you that atleast 2 of our products are launched every day around the world. Few of our clients were extremely satisfied with our work that they went ahead and provided us with video testimonials and also approval to publish them. See below to find what our customers say about us.

What our customers says about us

See what our clients have to say about us. We are indeed honoured that all our clients speak so highly of us - and we hope to continue the same trend of making all our clients happy with our services. They are the reason we continue to making better and bigger apps every day.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)
What is the website for?

We give you a Website too in our package. You will need it for marketing purpose and for showing your presence on WWW - internet.

What if a person has a fleet of Taxi's - will be be able to manage his Drivers and Taxi's through Apps?

We do provide Company Panel too.
Users having a fleet of Taxi's will be able to register as a taxi Company and can manage their Taxi's through our System. You make commission on all their rides.

How powerful is Administrator Panel?

You can manage all Vehicles, their rates, your revenue, accounts, reports, App's settings, etc via Administrator Panel. The Administrator Panel is exteremely dynamic, robust and user friendly.

What if some passengar calls me and want to book a taxi? How do I allot a driver to him?

You can use Manual Taxi Dispatch feature and book a driver for him using God's View feature.

I have more queries.

Feel free to write us at sales@v3cube.com and we'll come back to you with detailed replies.

Frequently Question Answer

Payment gateways are an integral part of every On Demand taxi applciation. You wan to ensure that your clients can have as may payment options as possible. Don't worry! We've got it covered! We specialise in the following payment gateways to make every payment as semaless as it could be!

  • Stripe Payment Gateway Stripe Available Worldwide
  • PayMaya Payment Gateway Paymaya Available in Philippines
  • zoop Payment Gateway Zoop Available in Brazil
  • Stripe Payment Gateway Xendit Available in Indonesia
  • PayBox Payment Gateway PayBox Available in Kazakhstan
  • Iyzico Payment Gateway Iyzico Available in Turkey
  • iugu Payment Gateway Iugu Available in Brazil
  • paypal Payment Gateway Braintree (Paypal) Available Worldwide
  • adyen Payment Gateway flutterwave Available in Countries:
    • Nigeria
    • Kenya
    • Ghana
    • South Africa
    • United States
  • omise Payment Gateway PayFort Available in Countries:
    • UAE ( Dubai )
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Qatar
    • Egypt
    • Lebanon
    • Jordan
  • payu Payment Gateway Payu latam Available in Countries:
    • Brazil
    • Mexico
    • Colombia
    • Chile
  • omise Payment Gateway Omise.co Available in Countries:
    • Thailand
    • Singapore
  • Couldn't Find Your Payment Gateway? Contact Us now!
  • Technologies Used to Develop Uber Clone Package

    We use only state of the art technology to ensure that you can get the best results. These are some of the latest technologies that powers our apps for your business!

  • tech
  • iOS
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • Swift iOS
  • Android
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Linux
There are many development tools in the market today but we have used the best in building our Uber clone script for Android and iOS.
  • Our iOS app has been designed using the latest technology on the market today, iOS SWIFT Technology. This technology is also supported extensively by Apple. We use Xcode as IDE.
  • Again, for our Android app, we have used the latest technology, Native Java technology, which is also supported extensively by Google. Our IDE is Android Studio.
  • The web panels are built in PHP, which is a very strong web language. Renowned brands like Facebook.com and Yahoo.com have been built using this language.
  • Our uber clone app are highly optimized that they can run on the most common available servers like Linux, Shared server, and Amazon AWS Cloud Server.
  • JSON, the most secure and reliable web service is used.
  • Google Maps APIs have been used for maps, geo-locations and paths as it is the most precise and accurate map available today.
  • Waze maps can be integrated too as an option to google maps. They are used as an alternative to google maps in many countries.
uber clone source code

This is the business idea that you have always been waiting for. You have been thinking about this business since a very long time. It is now time for action. A onetime investment can bring you a life time of earnings.

If you think it's too good to be true, just check the working apps and take a free demo to become awed by its awesomeness! Hurry! Time's running out. Don’t miss the bus. Don’t let your competition outrun you in this race.

Call us on our USA, UK or Indian Sales & Support number or contact us through our Enquiry Form or Buy Now Form to start a conversation with us to purchase the Apps and become owner of most profitable business.

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