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Uber Clone Shark Package
The Biggest, Baddest Predator in the Market

It’s here and it’s beckoning you to take over the entire world of Taxi Business by storm with its strength and powerful features like Kiosk, Hotel Panel, etc. We offer you what no one else in the industry has been able to create so far.

Bite into the Taxi Shark Package Now!

If you are a business Giant and want to come into the market and tear your competition to bits, then you have met your match in the Taxi Shark Package. We know what it is to dominate a market and therefore, we’ve built a solution that will help you do just that.

Jaws loaded with some of the most fantastic and advanced features in the industry, this Shark will bite at your competition and lead you to complete success in no time. You are an entrepreneur born to win. Let this Shark make you the Titan of this market.

What we offer
A full fledged business solution

While others in the market may be squirming to make it in this industry, the Uber Clone Shark Package will give you all the undue advantage that you need in order to succeed almost instantly. You don’t have to worry about setting anything up. Our team of expert professionals handles it for you.

We have built this app with a team of qualified engineers, experienced analysts and a whole lot of planning and strategy. When you place an order with us, we ensure that we don’t stop at just giving you a simple app.

We offer you the following all put together in one simple bundle:

    Take a big Bite

    This is your turn to take big bite from the massive potential of this industry. Check out all the features that we offer to you NOW!

    taxi shark package

    What’s the Entire Buzz About?

    Still trying to wrap your head around what this Shark package brings new to the table? Well, take a look at this video to understand what the experts have to say about it.

    Latest Features

    Hear it from the Team!

    They’ve made it, so they know it better than anyone else! Take a look at what they have to say about the Shark package. They explain how much time it took to put together all of its advanced features in one place!

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    View the App Inside Out!

    We do What We Say!

    Here is a video through which we wanted you to show the effectiveness of our company and how we develop a feeling of trust among our customers by offering them a remarkable service. We believe in providing the maximum satisfaction level to our customers by matching all their demands.

    User friendly Interface of the Front End and the Admin Panel

    Our team of expert designers has taken special care in ensuring that the UI/ UX of the Front End as well as the Admin panel are absolutely easy to use.
    front panel view

    This is the section of the app that will be visible to everyone. This is your online presence. We understand what making a big statement is all about. So, being the Shark that you are, we have ensured that the Front Panel View justifies its name.

    Your Users and Drivers will be able to register into the app from this website. This webpage front panel will also serve as your marketing website, where you can feature your promotions, offers and much more.

    taxi app fron end web panel
    hotel panel
    Hotel Panel

    Increase your user base instantly with the help of the Hotel Panel for your Uber Taxi clone app. This feature will allow hotels to book your taxis for all their customers right from their reception. Offering a commission to the hotels keeps them incentivized to use your services all the time!

    The guests in the hotel have to simply ask for a ride from the reception. The receptionist can use their hotel panel to manually book a cab for their guests. The pickup point will continue to remain the hotel’s reception but the drop point can be of the choice of the User.

    Company Panel

    Want to give your partners more power with the app? The company panel will help you do just that. With the help of this application’s company panel, the independent companies that register with your app to use it as a digital platform will be able to mind and monitor their fleet.

    They will be able to manually send out taxis when a customer requests them to. They will also be able to view reports on their vehicles and monitor the number of rides taken by their drivers. Think of it as a mini admin panel within your primary admin panel.

    company panel
    admin panel view

    It’s interesting to peek at the cogs in a clock and this admin panel will help you do exactly. Your app will work seamlessly just like clockwork and this Admin Panel view is going to give you the access to everything that is going on in the application.

    Know your Drivers, Riders, their activities, their history, how much money they are making, how much money you are making, where are the maximum number of ride requests coming from and much more right from here!

    Admin panel view

    Add ons And Customizations

    Technology and mobile apps are a never ending saga of growth and development. This is why our teams are relentlessly dedicated at working towards bettering our core product with new and enhanced features continuously.

    We have built one of the most complete and holistic apps that you will ever find in the market. If there is a feature that is important to run this business, chances are, our app already has it. But if you still feel that there is something more that you want, do not hesitate to get in touch with us for it!

    Tight Budget

    Dreams may be free but there’s always a cost attached to fulfilling them. This package might seem a little steep with respect to pricing, but it has all the features that you can think of which will help you in establishing a massive impact on the market.

    We all know what it’s like to run on a low budget. Don’t worry, we understand your pain. You want to start a business with every important feature but don’t have the right budget just yet? No problem! We have made two other packages just for you. Take a look and decide for yourself, which one seems the closes to your requirements.

    View other Packages

    Socializing with the Clients!

    We’ve been told we make the best tea and a lot of clients visit us to sip on their cuppa as we work on their apps. We love it when our clients visit us and spend some time with us. It is also very encouraging to hear their kind words when they watch the magic unfold right in front of their eyes.

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    State of the Art Technology

    We don’t rest until we’ve secured the best and the latest for our clients. This is why we use only the best of technologies to craft your apps to perfection. Take a look at everything that goes into building that flawless app for you.
    • Swift
    • ios
    • Java
    • android platform
    • PHP
    • jQuery
    • MySQL
    • Bootstrap
    • Linux
    • Node
    • Socket Cluster

    Multiple choices of Payment Gateways

    Money has a strange quality! It behaves in strange ways in different parts of the world. Regardless of what currency you want or what payment gateway, we’ve got it covered! We’ve worked with all of the Payment gateways mentioned here, so pick one and let us know!

    • Stripe Payment Gateway
    • Paymaya Payment Gateway
    • Zoop Payment Gateway
    • Xendit Payment Gateway
    • Paybox Payment Gateway
    • Iyzico Payment Gateway
    • Iugu Payment Gateway
    • Senangpay Payment Gateway
    • m-pesa
    • Payment Gateway
    • Payu Payment Gateway
    • Paymentez Payment Gateway
    • Payfort Payment Gateway
    • More Payment Gateway

    Ready to Start With Us?

    Starting a business has a few challenges and we are all aware about those. If you have some worries, doubts or queries that you’d like more information on, reach out to us via email, call or even Whatsapp!
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    The best Option in the industry

    This is your chance to make it big in the industry. This app has all the features that you could possibly want in order to make a big bang with your entry into the market. It is loaded, power-packed and extremely efficient.

    Try the app now to see for yourself how you can get some of the biggest advantages of using this app NOW!

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