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Start earning good commission on each Ride right from the moment the site is launched

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Android & iPhone Apps will be in sync with the website and help you to reach more people

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We will upload, configure and launch the site on your standard Linux Server


We help you become an Appreneur!

We know you want your business to be up and running soon, so, help you turn an idea into a successful business. Our eagerness and our easy business model are sure to help you succeed. We serve you all the way: right from the beginning to launching your business!

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Discuss your requirement with us and choose the script you want to buy

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Ride Sharing Flow

Here is a user friendly info-grahpic explaining the flow of our standard car sharing clone.

Ride Sharing Flow

How The Payment Flow Works!

  • Driver Registers on the Website
  • Post Rides and fills ride detail
  • Search Rides
  • View Rides details
  • Book a Ride & Make Payment
  • View Booking Summary
  • Rate Ride and Review Driver after the Ride is over
online payment mode offline payment mode
  • View Reports of all the Rides, Members & Payments
  • Manage Content of the Website
  • Auto receive payment from Riders upon Ride Booking
  • Manually Transfer payments to the Drivers upon completion of the Ride
  • View Reports of all the Rides & Members
  • Manage Content of the Website
  • Since Riders pay cash directly to Drivers upon completion of ride, Admin will not manage any payments here
Ride Sharing Clone What is

Carpooling Clone?

Why buy from us?

  • Get site up in just 2 daysGet site up in just 2 days.Its 100% ready to be launched.
  • No additional setup feesNo additional setup fees required.Our experts will configure the site on your server at no additional cost.
  • dollars in development scratchNo spending thousands of dollars in development from scratch.Has all features already developed.
  • No testing and QA process No testing and QA process involved.Already tested and used by top companies.
  • multi currency and multi language featureHas multi currency and multi languagefeature to match with your country.

If you have been on the lookout for a safe and healthy money generating business that requires the least amount of effort, well then you have reached the right place. We will help you to start your own carpool website today!

It works on its own!

Car pooling web panel, Andoid app, iPhone app

Of course it does. All you need to do is buy clone script from us once and you will automatically have a license on it for life! What's more, every time someone books a ride through your website, you will automatically get a commission from it. Yes, this offer is too good and true!

Yes! It's that simple!

Obviously, every business begins after months of pondering and a lot of research, but hey! We did that for you! Buy Ride Sharing cloned script from us and you are good to launch immediately. We have put in research and efforts in creating and enhancing a licensed copy of the script thereby allowing you to begin big in terms of business immediately.

This is your chance to be at the helm of the next big thing in the market. As more and more people understand the advantage of carpooling, the demand for a website or common grounds for the car owner and the ride seeker to meet are increasing by the minute.

Our website has customised and niche features that not only allow people to book their rides but also make sure that your customers have a comfortable and pleasant journey.

Get your money's worth in no time!

If you are apprehensive about spending money in purchasing the CarPool website and script clone, then don't worry. You will get your money's worth and more in no time as this site is so designed that it allows you to decide the percentage of commission per ride. This means that you get to decide how much money you want to make and how soon.

You can start with a 5 percent and gradually keep on moving it for a healthy growth of income and profitability. That being said, the system has been designed to be accurate and fool proof so that no one (neither ride seeker nor car owner) can cheat you out of your money.

This website has no limits!

Yes, literally, you can scale the whole world with this website. After you spend some time with it in a local circle, it will soon become really popular. You can then move this website on and launch it in various countries in and around your position and who knows scale the whole globe with it!

This website supports multiple languages and currencies to help you out. This is an opportunity that seldom comes. With such cool features and a lifelong support on bug fixes, who could possibly say no to this!

Still Doubtful?

When it comes to spending money, even if it is for a life changing opportunity, people often get too worried. If you are in that position right now, feel free to give us a call. We can help in explaining the entire site to you and all the legalities of it right from the bottom.

Call us now and we'll also give you a free demo of the look and feel of the site and its admin dashboard. This is your chance to make it big. Just trust your instincts and dial the phone! If you don't like it, it's not like we're forcing!

Carpooling Clone
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