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Ever wondered what it would be like to own your own boatyard? Your days for wondering are now over. We bring you the best online boat sharing app clone that will make your dream come true, even without buying one single boat.

Yep, you can now buy the boat sharing website script and allow people from all over the world to share a boat together. This means that your water pool app clone will facilitate people to share rides (or sails) on a boat of their liking.

From powerboats to household boats, from luxurious yachts to sail boats, from kayaks to jet skis, for fishing to sports and adventure, you can offer all these and help people co own boats so that their sailing experience remains monumental whilst reducing the costs significantly.

Synopsis Of The Boat Sharing App

Synopsis Of The Boat Sharing App

The boat owner may regularly or seldom use it. When he does use it, he can put the spare seats to good use by getting others to share it with him. When he travels from A to B, he will post the empty seats on site and can take other members who book and want to travel with him. By sharing his boat, he gets to share his passion of sailing with others who have the same passion, adding fun to the whole sailing experience.

Most boating freaks back out of their hobby, as it is too expensive to pursue if you are on your own. However if you get to share the experience and cost with others who have the same zeal as yours then it is a different ball game altogether.

Boats are not only used for leisure purposes. Many people live in remote islands but work or have businesses on the mainland. Boat owners who commute for this purpose can offer to share their boat to other people who are travelling to the mainland for the same purposes.

When you buy the boat sharing app, you open up and facilitate the world of boating for passionate sailors. As the owner of the script, you benefit by a set commission for every boat that is listed on your site for sharing purposes.

The Cycle Of Events

The script works wells when three main parties, namely the boat owners, the passengers and the website owner get involved and work together.

  • THE ROLE OF THE BOAT OWNER - He is responsible for posting the details of the sail that he is taking. This will include the size, type, and number of boaters it can hold, the rate that he will charge per boater, where he is sailing, details of any stopovers, the time it will take for the journey, embarkation and disembarkation ports. He may also put a picture of the boat.
  • THE PASSENGERS - The passengers will search for boats on your site that are available for sharing purposes and if they find their perfect match, then they will book to sail with the owner. If the boat owner and passenger agree, then they have a deal.
  • THE WEBSITE OWNER/SITE ADMINISTRATOR - He is in charge of the whole system, which includes managing the boat owner, the passengers and the finances. He gets to make a commission for every boat that is listed for sharing through his site.

The passenger requests the booking, at which time the rent amount will be blocked automatically from his credit card. The rent will be deducted once the boat owner confirms the booking.

Boat Sharing Website

Administrator Panel

Mobile Application

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A Script That Matches No Other

  • The perfect reason to buy boat-sharing clone is that it is the best script in the market that matches no other.
  • It has the most amazing feature combinations that a boat sharing script can have.
  • It will show up on iPhones, iPads, Androids, other smart phones, tablets and PC Browsers as it is a 100% responsive and dynamic site.
  • From the minute, you look us up on the website to the time you are up and operational, we will be with all the way.
  • The launch of the system is only three days from the day you finalise the deal.
  • The launch, configuration and installation of the site on your server and App stores are at no cost to you.
  • A lifetime license for 1 domain
  • Free minor modifications for the first week are free. The modifications include changes in text and banner images.
  • For every boat rented through your site, you get a commission. The best way to make money quickly
  • For the first year, we provide free bug support.
  • A free currency and language option will be added to the system.
  • This script is so flexible that you can make changes and customize the code to your requirements. Get it designed the way you want.
  • Boat owners and companies that are in the business of renting boats can manage and rent their boats via your website.
  • A unique license is provided to you to ensure that your code is copyright protected.
  • As it is your website, we will ensure that it only has your name and branding on it.

The Perfect Features Of Our Perfect Script

  • We have designed the site in such a way that it can be launched from anywhere in the world, as we can adapt the language and currency of the site to your specifications. In the event that you want to launch the site in Denmark, we will change the language to Danish and the euro will be the chosen currency.
  • The geo location features allow the site to be accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • The system is designed to accept both credit and Pay pal payments.
  • Two modes of payments are integrated into the system, namely cash and credit card. The credit card payment is done automatically by the system, once the boat booking is confirmed, while the cash payment is made directly by the sailor to the boat owner.
  • Check out all the unique features in our manual before making the decision to buy water pool app clone

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Reasons To Buy Boat Sharing App Clone From Us

  • Our team of highly qualified professionals will listen to your requirements and suggest solutions accordingly.
  • We are a reliable company and you can trust us to support you right from the start to the finish when you earn your first penny.
  • You do not have to be technically proficient to operate the script, as it is a fully automated system. You just sit back all through from the time the boat is listed until the time you receive the payment.
  • Our software is easy to customise, update and set up making it perfect for all our entrepreneurs.
  • Within just three days of setting up, our script will start giving you returns.

The Investment That Will Make Your Life

  • Our boat sharing website script is the one place that will allow you to own a boatyard, without investing in a single boat.
  • Create your own website by using our script as a base, and start the business that will give you big returns with minimal investment.
  • The one business that is stress free, without any staffing issues, no rental overheads.
  • Earn anytime, any day, anywhere
  • Your business facilitates the connection of boat owners to sailors while you earn for the service.
  • Do not think. Just contact us and we will do the rest for you.

The Investment That Will Make Your Life

Find out more about your potential investment by:

  • Calling us. We have a USA, UK and Indian Sales Support number.
  • Completing our enquiry form
  • Converse with us through our "Buy Now" Form, to purchase the app
  • By investing in the water pool app clone, you are helping to create a community who share the zeal and passion for boating. Buy the boat sharing script and change the way the world goes boating.

Clone site design template

Clone site design template

FULL SCREEN MODERN DESIGN TEMPLATES boat sharing Available Templates and Color Variations

main layout
boat sharing view full screen layout
Color: Light sea green
boat sharing orange templates
Color: Orange
boat sharing magenta templates
Color: Magenta
boat sharing green templates
Color: Green
boat sharing blue templates
Color: Blue
boat sharing light slate blue templates
Color: Light Slate Blue
boat sharing venetian red templates
Color: Venetian Red
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