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Ever wondered how awesome it would be to be able to get a school carpool app that would help many students to avail the services of a college carpool app clone. Well, here is the biggest thing in college or university transportation today. The college carpool app clone is a unique and stylish school carpool app clone site that would help students carpool their way to the university every day.

If you are

  • A lecturer or part of the management team of the college looking for a commuting solution for your students who have no means of transport
  • An entrepreneur who would like to venture into pastures new

You are at the right place where you will be able to see what the university rideshare clone is all about and how the school carpool app works.

The Modus Operandi Of The College Carpooling Clone

The Modus Operandi Of The College Carpooling App Clone

The college carpool app clone is ideal for students looking for a ride to and from university, saving them money as well as the hassles of commuting using public transport. The university car-pooling clone matches drivers to university students and provides a safe and cost effective way of commuting to and from college.

The site is made secure in such a way that only students and staff of the university have access to it. This is done by way of email verification of every member that registers on it, as all the students will have a unique college email address. The system also requires that all users upload their student identification cards for approval before allowing full access to the system.

The ride sharing facility is strictly from a meeting point or residence to the college and vice versa.

Students can now arrive on time and in style, thanks to the university ride sharing clone

How The School Carpool App Operates

The clone works successfully when the three parties namely, the driver, the rider and the admin work in perfect harmony.

  • THE DRIVER - He will list his ride to and from the college, his email details, the number of seats available and the rate he will charge for every seat that is occupied. He gets to make a little pocket and petrol money as well as the tag of a good Samaritan.
  • THE PASSENGER - He will put out a request for a lift on the system or search for one. If he gets the right one, he will contact the driver and if they both reach an agreement, they shake on it.
  • THE SCRIPT OWNER AKA THE ADMIN - He is in charge of managing the whole system, which include the drivers, the passengers and the finances. For every ride booked through the system he gets to make a set amount of commission.

University & College Ride Sharing Website

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Clone site design template

Clone site design template

FULL SCREEN MODERN DESIGN TEMPLATES university sharing Available Templates and Color Variations

university sharing main layout
clone site design templates
Color: Orange
university sharing venetian red templates
Color: Venetian Red
university sharing magenta templates
Color: Magenta
university sharing light sea green
Color: Light sea green
university sharing green templates
Color: Green
university sharing light slate blue templates
Color: Light Slate Blue
university sharing blue templates
Color: Blue
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