Uber Clone Script Customization

Get a strong foothold in the world of taxi booking business with your very own Online On Demand Taxi Booking system, the Custom Uber Clone Script! Our team of expert developers have put together their years of experience in building an app that has all the best advantages of the Uber app, but also with custom features that might just be the best thing for your business. Check it out!

uber clone customization

Recent Major features

Custom CoVid 19 Safety Features for your Taxi App

To ensure that your business always wins the battle against the deadly CoVid 19 Corona Virus Pandemic, we have included some custom features. Let us dive into them and understand what they offer for your Riders and Drivers.
  • Limited Passengers Only Restricting the Number of Passengers

    CoVid 19 CoronaVirus is an extremely contagious disease. The only effective way to curb its spreading is to make sure that one limits physical contact with other people. This is why; the Drivers can now limit the number of passengers in their taxis. Regardless of the capacity of the vehicle, the drivers can make a manual selection of the number of seats that they want to make available.

  • Safety Mask Verifications Face Mask Verification

    One of the first and foremost government guidelines towards conduct during CoVid 19 is the use of Facial Masks. This feature in the app will ensure that your drivers can only begin a ride if they are wearing their face masks. The Driver must upload a Selfie on the app wearing the mask. Only then will the app allow them to start the ride.

  • Safety Checklist during CoVid 19 CoVid 19 Safety Checklist

    Taking a Ride during CoVid 19 has become relatively safer now because most people are aware of the safety regulations that need to be followed. However, for the benefit of those people who aren’t aware of the same and to make sure that you can protect everyone’s safety, the app presents a safety checklist to the riders as well as the drivers right at the beginning of the trip.

  • Safety Rating and Reviews Safety Ratings and Reviews

    While the app facilitates every possible safety measure to be followed in case the Driver or the Rider ignore these regulations and fail to follow through, the Driver as well as the Rider have the right to rate each other on the basis of this factor so that necessary actions can be taken in the future.

  • Ride Cancellation due to Safety

    One must take their own safety seriously. Although the app makes it very clear about what are the safety regulations as imposed by the government, in case the Rider or the Driver do not wish to follow through, the other party reserves to cancel the ride citing failure of safety measures as the reason.

  • Apply Toll Costs Manually

    To make sure that the process of inter city travel is seamless; the app facilitates manual toll fare addition considering that the toll can be different at different borders. This feature proves to be a big help to the drivers as they can manually enter the fare for the ride.

  • Models of Taxi Fare Calculation

    The app allows the admin to choose from 2 different types of taxi fare calculation. They can either set a fixed fare per mile or keep it as an incremental rate which means that the fare changes at every few miles.

  • Orange Mobile Money

    The app has the facility for users to access the Orange Mobile Money wallet based payments. Orange Mobile money works across 13 different countries, so if your users wish to pay using this wallet, they can do so easily.

  • M-Pesa Mobile Payment Gateway

    Our Uber Clone App has M Pesa Integrated within it. M Pesa is Africa’s leading phone based money transfer and payments system. So, in case your users are in Africa, they can enjoy a seamless payment using the M Pesa wallet.

Latest Add ons

Customization Latest ADD ONS

Taxi Ordering Made Simple For Tourists - Hotel Taxi Booking Kiosk For Travelers - Android App For Tablet

Our Corporate App for kiosks has been designed keeping that traveller in a strange city in mind, making it easy for them to order a taxi without getting muddled in the intricacies of smart technology, destination, currencies and languages. It is perfect for hotels, company receptions and corporate venues. Launch it anywhere, everywhere and make travelling safe and easy for everyone. Invest in the smart and affordable app that will earn you profits tomorrow.

Just place the tablet with our App on the desk of the Hotel Reception and allow clients to book a Taxi in less than 30 seconds. They can book the taxi for Airport, Famous locations in the city at one single click and get a taxi available immediately in front of the hotel and receive the approximate estimate for the ride too in their local currency.

Customisation Of Uber App Script

With the conception of Uber, the world as a whole has become Uberised. Not only is everyone designing Uber equivalents, there is a huge market now for Uber like apps. A single product has opened an avenue for a whole range of other Uber like products ranging from laundry to Escorts.

The Many Avenues Opened Through The Customisation Of Uber App Clone

The Uber app clone was conceived as a taxi app, an app whose concept spread from one service to another giving birth to Uber for X. We have an Uber for X for any service of your choice.

  • Want a pizza? An Uber like application will link you up with the nearest pizzeria.
  • Or maybe a plumber? The app will show you all the plumbers in your locality.
  • Baby sitter please. Uber it is!

The Uber App script customization is limitless – the avenues unending and the script, 100% scalable. The perfect recipe to get your Uber clone source code made to your specifications and doing what you want it to do, whether it is shopping deliveries or masseuse.

Bring your dream Uber for X idea to us and we will breathe life into it. All you need to do is explain your vision of your Uber for X and we will do the rest, and will be there for you every step of the way. All you need to do is explain to us what your dream app should be doing and we will do everything – from analysis and implementation to the successful launch of your app.

If you fancy one from our current portfolio but would like it enhanced to your specifications, we will do that for you too. Whether it is the language or the currency or any other customization you want, all you need to do is say the word and our team will be at your service.

We are your one stop shop for every Uber app script product – whether it is a taxi app or an Uber for X.

How To Use The Uber Like App For Your Business

Designed from the original Uber concept, these Uber like apps are actually mobile applications with much better and smarter features in comparison to the original one.

As an owner of one of these apps, you can get the script designed to suit your business and get the app to do the rest. You do not have to worry about hiring employees as the fully automated app works on its own.

Below are some of the ventures that can be "uberised".

The list however is endless so if you want a service not listed, do not worry. Just tell us what you require and we will customize your script accordingly. Start your own Uber Now!

Why Use Our Script For Your Business?

Our script has the most powerful and convenient features, one of the best that is available in the market today, ensuring that your job is made as easy as possible.

  • Our smart admin panel adapts to all types of businesses and we will ensure that as the owner of your app, you will be able to control every aspect of it. We will show you how it can be accessed, and utilized by both consumers and service providers.
  • A fully automated system designed for easy communication between customers and service providers.
  • Real time tracking solutions,
  • Time saving, as it does most of the tasks itself, thereby reducing operational costs

With such advantages, it makes perfect sense to get an Uber like app for a new venture or expand your existing one.


The world of the On Demand Businesses is growing like never before. We have created some of the best on demand apps that suit custom requirements of many businesses. Take a look at which way you want to go with the help of our apps.

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