Corporate Carpooling Clone

One car, several people, all going to the same destination, this is the concept of the company carpooling clone or staff carpooling clone. What's more, this concept helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, employee stress, traffic congestions and helps build a solid work team. All the reasons why an employer, or an entrepreneur, for that matter should invest in a corporate carpooling clone.

The best company ride share clone is now in the market. It helps employers facilitate employee carpooling whilst getting a little incentive at the same time.

Corporate Carpooling Script

Organisation Carpooling Clone - Process Overview

Many employees drive on their own to work, amidst traffic and congestion. However, they have seats that are literally begging to be occupied. Other employees working for the organisation can occupy the empty seats. This is the idea that gave birth to the staff carpooling clone.

All the driver has to do is post the details of the empty seats in his car whilst he is travelling to work. Of course, this option is only open to other employees of the same company as the system is designed to accept only the company email address and contact details of the employees of that company, thus ensuring security and a common platform for employees only.

Employees looking to carpool with the driver will log onto the site and check for rides that are convenient for them as far as route and timing is concerned.

As an employer or the owner of the company carpooling clone, you benefit by getting a set commission for every car and rider that uses your services.

The most important advantage for employers is that by introducing the employee carpooling clone, all their employees will be punctual. Whilst travelling together, it is imperative that their conversation will gear towards work at some point, thus building a healthy and creative team. The staff that will reach work will be ready to take on the challenges of the new day because they are mentally geared to start work.

The Order Of Events

The three main people or involved in the cycle of events are the rider, the passenger and of course the owner of the corporate carpooling clone, whether it is the company or an entrepreneur, using the script to earn a living.

For security purposes, all users, be it driver or passenger; have to register on the site using their company payroll number and email address as access to the system is only given to company employees.

  • THE DRIVER - The driver will input his details, the number of available seats in his car, pick up and/or drop off point if not picking from residential address, as well as arrival and departure times to and from the office. He will also include his rates on the system.
  • THE PASSENGER - The passenger logs on to the system and checks the availability of the most convenient option for him by way of time and pick up point. If it is agreeable to both, then the driver and passenger will come to an agreement.
  • THE WEBSITE OWNER OR SITE ADMINISTRATOR - He is in charge of the whole system including the finances, passengers and drivers. He also benefits by getting a set commission for every passenger that books a ride through the employee rideshare clone

Advantages Of Carpooling For The Organisation

  • Petrol costs for the entire staff force are reduced
  • Increase employee productivity and morale too
  • Reduces costs linked to company cars
  • A reduction in the company's carbon footprint by lowering greenhouse emissions.
  • Savings obtained through carpooling act as a pay increase

Advantages Of Carpooling For The Employees

  • No parking hassles
  • Reduction in travel costs
  • Better working relationships with co-workers
  • Non drivers can travel to work with drivers
  • Reach work faster by travelling on the High Occupancy Vehicle lane
  • A way of contributing individually to help protect the environment.

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Clone site design template

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