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Our site is 100% custom made and thus all kind of enhancements are feasible to implement in them. Below is the list of additional features that are commonly requested by most of our clients. We have thus developed them as installable functions. Please select the functions you want to be integrated in your standard site and we'll come back to you with detail.

  • Payment Gateway
    Payment Gateway Integration

    Get local Payment Gateway of your choice Integrated in your Standard Product

  • Additional Currency
    Additional Currency Integration

    Get your local Currency option integrated in your Standard Product

  • Bit Coin
    Bit Coin Integration

    Get latest Payment Gateway “BitCoin” Integrated in your Standard Product

  • Additional Language
    Option Integration
    Additional Language Option Integration

    Get Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Chinese, Finnish, Finnish, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Swedish, Italian, Brazil, Arabic, Persian etc preferred Language Option integrated in your Standard Product

  • R2L Language Option
    R2L Language Option Integration

    Get Hebrew, Urdu, Arabic, etc R2L Languages Option integrated in your Standard Product. Also, let us know if you want the layout to be flipped in R2L style when user shifts to these languages from English Language.

  • Online Chat
    Online Chat Integration

    Get instant Chat Software Integrated in your Standard Product and provide best support to your site members

  • Mutual
    Facebook Friends
    Mutual Facebook Friends

    Get Facebook API’s integrated wherein the Riders will see Driver’s common Facebook Friends while they book a ride.

  • Custom Categories
    for Rides
    Custom Categories for Rides

    Ride Category Module will help you to add new categories for rides dynamically. You can add predefined rides types like Airport Ride, Shopping Rides, etc to the site.

  • Background Video
    Integration on Home Page
    Background Video Integration on Home Page

    Get your preferred Video Integrated on Home Page of the site instead of normal Banner Images.

  • Ride Map
    Ride Map

    Passenger's to provide their exact location on map to driver before ride starts and vice-versa.

  • Cover more Countries
    Cover more Countries

    Want to launch more copies of the sites & Apps on different domains for more countries with different languages, currency, logo, banners, etc settings ? Buy additional licenses for your Website and Apps.

  • Color modifications as per
    your logo​ Image
    Color modifications as per your logo​ Image

    Cant find a theme that matches exactly with your logo’s color ?
    Provide us your logo and we’ll prepare a theme as per your logo’s color’s.

  • SSL Integration​
    SSL Integration​

    Make your site super secure and get SSL installed in it.

  • SEO Promotion​
    SEO Promotion​

    More users & booking on site means more income. This service will make your site appear on top on google when some one searches for car pooling / ride sharing services in the areas you will operate. And thus get you more users.

  • Odd Even Car Rule​
    Odd Even Car Rule​

    Some big cities of many countries follow Odd-Even Number rule wherein odd number car will run on odd dates and vice versa for even number cars.This addon will help you to run car pooling business in such cities.

  • SMTP – Mail Gun
    SMTP – Mail Gun Integration

    Make sure that all auto emails sent from your new site go directly to inbox and not to spam folder of your members. Get most reliable Mail Gun SMPT Email Service integrated to your site to get emails delivered perfectly.

  • Share Ride on Facebook
    Share Ride on Facebook

    Allow users to share the Rides on their Facebook wall on a single click.


Q. Are your source codes modifiable?

The scripts designed by V3CUBE are 100% scalable and can be customized according to individual needs and requirements.

Q. Is the source code encrypted?

You will be provided a licensed copy that will allow you to modify the code as per your requirement. The code is open so even your in-house team can make modifications in it. However, you wont be able to redistribute it in the market.
Just the files related to licenses will be encrypted.

Q. Does V3CUBE provide technical support?

A week's worth of free technical support is provided.

Q. How doesV3CUBE's technical supports work?

We have an efficient bug tracking system whereby clients can voice their concerns and/or problems. Each client gets a unique number and the query will be dealt according to the order in which they received the number.

Q. Will V3CUBE's products operate on multiple domains?

No, our products will operate on a single domain only. For the purposes of testing and development, clients will need to get a license for another domain.

Q. Does your company offer post-delivery maintenance?

Yes, we provide post-delivery maintenance at different levels of pricing and slabs, depending on the job at hand.

Q. Are custom development services applicable for all your products?

Yes. All our products can be customized. We have three models for customization, namely fixed cost, hourly hire and dedicated system development.

Q. How does V3CUBE deal with immediate bug fixing issues?

We have a flexible chat option as well as telephone conversations dedicated to bug fixing. Our support for minor bugs is free for 1 year.

Q. How can I control and monitor the ongoing project development process?

An exclusive server suited to the user's need will be set up, and the access links will solely be provided to the client. The changes in the ongoing project related to the entire data will be updated on that server. This allows clients to control the development of the project.

Q. According to what time zone does V3CUBE operate?

We operate on Indian Standard Time but start early to cover time zones of Eastern Countries like Australia, Japan, Singapore and work late to support Time Zone of USA.

Q. What rates do you provide?

We offer highly competitive rates. Both product customization and customer support rates start from $10 an hour. The rates will change depending on the complexity of the task assigned.

Q. What terms do you follow to make payments for products and customization?

We operate on an "Up-Front Policy" for our Products and "Milestone Basis" Payment's for Custom Work.

Q. How V3CUBE ensures confidentiality?

Client confidential is very much on top of the list as far as our clients are concerned, and we, therefore, sign the non-disclosure agreement based on the current industry standards.

Q. Can V3CUBE adapt on-site development?

Yes, we adapt to our client's onsite development requirements.

Q. Do V3CUBE sign contracts and agreements?

Yes, we sign service level agreements as well as contracts.

Q. How V3CUBE differs from other web development companies?

We have a wide range of web solutions and products, which are made using advanced web technologies. We also provide a reliant business development and customer support service. With our highly competitive pricing and professional service we remain as one of the best designing companies.

Q. Can you deliver the exact product as shown in the demo?

Yes. It will be exact copy as the demo with agreed Language Option, Currency Option and other Custom Addons.

Q. How can I get access to the demo?

The demo link is listed on the page that has the product details. Just follow the link to access the demo.

Q. How long does V3CUBE take to develop a customized website?

A customized website usually takes about 2 weeks time. However, that varies depending on the client's requirements.

Q. What other services do V3CUBE technologies offer despite web designing and development?

Our list of many services includes digital marketing, dedicated developer and SaaS.

Q. Do V3CUBE provide website hosting?

Although we do not provide any kind of web hosting services, we will be able to recommend specific web hosting services.

Q. Do I own my website completely?

The website and applications that we develop for you will be completely in your control and authority.

Q. How V3CUBE assures reliability and quality?

To assure the reliability and quality of the products that we deliver to our clients, we maintain a comprehensive software testing process and agile work methodology.

Q. Will the website be white labelled on my personal or my company name ?

Yes. The website will be White Labelled on your Brand Name you would prefer.

Q. Does all product have "Free Additional Currency Option" and which Currency can I choose from ?

Mostly all products have "Free Additional Currency Option". You can select the Currency option you want and it will be provided to you.

Q. Does all product have "Free Additional Language* Option" and which Language can I choose from ?

Mostly all products have "Free Additional Language Option". You can select the Language option you want and it will be provided to you.
Once the Language option is created, you can translate all text of the site whole site from the Admin Panel easily.
Languages having Fonts similar to English Language are covered in this option. Please contact us if you need Languages that have complex Fonts like Arabic, Hindi (Indian), Chinese, Urdu, L2R, etc and ask for custom quote.

Q. Is the installation of Website & Apps included ? Or do you just send us code like many other common companies out there do and thus make to go through all hassles of uploading the script and configuring on the server or end up paying hundreds of dollars to some local developer to launch the site for us ?

One time installation on your server is included and is 100% Free. We dont just sell the product to you but also launch it for you on your Server and Play Stores. Make sure you get a server with all components as requested by the development manager. We will Upload, Install, Configure and once do a through QA on your Server.

Q. Is the payment gateway already integrated ? What is I want you to integrate my preferred payment Gateway ?

Yes. Most of the products have standard payment gateway integrated in them as per the flow of the Website & Apps.
Please contact our sales team and provide them with the detail of the Payment Gateway you prefer. They will analyze the detail of your payment gateway and provide you with precise time and cost estimate.

Q. My Query is not on your list. I need more detail.

Feel free to contact us and we'll come back to you with the solution within 1 working day.