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Some chores can be easy! While the world loves to go green, no one likes a garden running wild with overgrown grass. But do you know what people don't like even more? Mowing it! Now mowing the grass doesn't have to be a pain for your clients. With your on demand lawn care app, you can offer easy on demand lawn mowing services to the customers who like a beautiful garden but hate the hard work that comes with it!
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Free Features Of Our CubeLawn Mowing

That Others Charge For
  • lawn-mowings on demand app installation
  • lawn-mowings on demand app approval on play store
  • lawn-mowings app white labelling
  • advanced analytics
  • advanced reports
  • wallet
  • life time license
  • licensed code open for customization's
  • responsive web panel's

Unparalleled Script And Interface

The most important thing about any application is the comfort of the user. One has to be able to access your app from any and all devices. This is why, our team of experts render an app so flawless and unique, it comes pre approved on the Google play store and Apple store.

This lawn mowing app has a superior user interface and is totally responsive thereby runs seamlessly over all digital assistants.digital assistants. What's more, since the basis of its script is that of very popular taxi apps you never need to worry about its quality!

  • Main Website
  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • User Web Panel
  • Lawn Mower iOS App
  • Lawn Mower Android App
  • Lawn Mower Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage all - Payments, Commissions, Users, Lawn Mower, Categories etc.
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It takes just a finger to mow your lawns with Uber for Lawn Mowing Service App!

    Lawn mowing is a necessity for many homes. Mostly people try to handle it on off days and ruin a perfect holiday. Sometimes, there are injuries that don't allow home owners to mow their laws properly. This is why, there is a huge demand for such an "lawn mowing service app" that allows home or office owners to simply make a booking by clicking on their smart phones and forgetting about any hassle at all!

  • To use this app, the first step is to download it from your respective play stores. Once you do that, you will be required to create a profile for yourself. This is a very simple process, just like creating a profile on any social media platform. The only exception is that here you are also required to put in your credit card details for payments if and when you make a booking and the job is done.
  • Once your profile is created, you are all set to start making any number of bookings that you want from the app. In order to proceed with a booking, you will have to choose from the categories of residential or commercial. These categories are customisable as per the administrator's choice.
  • The beauty of this app is that it gives enough control to the admin to identify and create its own categories. Also, you being the owner of the lawn mowing app can decide how the modality of pricing will work. You can choose to decide the price per hour yourself, or give the different service providers this choice of setting their own price as per their own requirements.
  • Once your customer has made the choices as per the given categories, he will be shown a list of all the lawn mowing service providers that are available in and around that area. The clients will be able to see a small icon with the picture of the lawn mowers. On scrolling over these profile pictures, the clients will be able to see the entire portfolio of these professionals along with their ratings from previous users and the pricing offered by them.
  • The client can choose whoever he thinks is fit for the task at hand.
  • The final step before confirming the booking is to schedule the time. The customer can either book it for immediate service or even for a later time. Once the time is set, the customer can confirm the booking.
  • On client confirmation, the lawn mowing professional also gets an intimation of the job offered, which when accepted the client is also notified.
  • At the time allocated, the service provider will reach the destination and begin the task after marking it as "STARTED". Once the service provider finishes the task, he can mark it as "FINISHED". The moment the task is marked finished, an invoice is generated, where the amount is calculated based on the pre set rate per hour, the nature of the job, the area and so on and so forth (as per admin's discretion). The amount for the same is deducted from the credit card information as added while making the profile.
  • There is an option of clicking before and after images to keep the record of how the task was done. These images can be added to the invoice if required. Three copies of the invoice are generated, one for the customer, one for the service provider and finally one for the admin.
  • Once everything is done, both parties are free to rate each other and offer reviews based on their experience.

Allow your customers to get a manicured garden without breaking a sweat!

It's the best thing you can do for your customers! Just by investing in this app one time, you will be able to offer all your clients the easiest way of getting perfect gardens.

And every time they do, you get a big fat commission! What could be better than having a business that provides a unique on demand service to your customers and makes you a truckload of money quickly and easily! Give the chance to your customers, to use the smartest app on their smart phones with this simple yet powerful new Uber for lawn mowing service app.

This is your chance to succeed. We have dedicated highly professional experts in building this app for you so that you can take your business to newer height. We believe in your entrepreneurial acumen and are certain that you will surely leave your competition behind with our robust application.

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4 Steps To Your Product
  • Download our App
  • Preferred language & Currancy
  • Provide Server, Play Store & your Logo
  • We Launch Your Apps On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores
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multilanguage/multicurrency feature in app cash or pay by cash
real time tracking & booking scheduling option features in app

Included Web Panels

Web panel

An all round app that will mow away all your troubles in a jiffy

The digital wave is upon us and if you really want to make some good money, then this is the time to do it. Enter the digital space with our fully equipped app for the best on demand lawn care app. We offer you an app that is tri pronged to give you the best results. You get a service provider end, a user end and an admin panel to facilitate everything that a successful digital business needs.

Our main aim is to help you develop a business that can continue to make money for you without any efforts from your end at all. Therefore, although we have built a superlative app, if you feel like there is some other enhancement that it needs in order to give it a unique identity and to personalise it as your own app, we will gladly do it for you.

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