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Educating the future of tomorrow for a better world – Allow students to request the services of a tutor as and when they require with just single click - on demand tutor app

uber for tutors

Free Features Of Our CubeTutor

That Others Charge For
  • apps installation
  • apps approval on play store
  • white labelling
  • advanced analytics
  • advanced reports
  • wallet
  • life time license
  • licensed code open for customization's
  • responsive web panel's

The Perfect Script

Tutoring App like uber is based on our top selling Taxi Apps which are pre-approved by the Google Play Stores and Apple Stores. The Tutor Website, Tutor & Student Web panel's are 100% responsive, which will show up on all personal digital assistants such as iPhones, iPads, all types of Smart Phones, tablets and PC Browsers.

whole package

  • Tutor Website
  • Student iOS App
  • Student Android App
  • Student Web Panel
  • Tutor iOS App
  • Tutor Android App
  • Tutor Web Panel
  • Tutor Company Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the app i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Student, Tutor, etc.
Tutor On Demand App Script

Tutoring app like uber That Makes Learning Easy And Available For All Students

  • It is a known fact that when students study at home they come up with questions and doubts that they overlooked when they were in class. When these doubts arise, where do they go? Your online school off course! All they need to do is get the tutor of their choice to clear their doubts on-demand.
  • All students wishing to use their trendy and smart app will register their personal and debit/credit information on the tutor on demand app. When they require a tutoring session, all they will do is tap on the app; choose the subject of their choice i.e. Geography, Chemistry, French, English etc and the date and time they want the tutoring session for.
  • Once this information has been fed into the on demand tutor app, all the available tutors for that particular subject and time will be visible on the map. Students can view the profiles of each tutor, by tapping on each. The profile will also have details like tutor reviews, ratings, availability, rates by the hour etc.
  • Once the student chooses the tutor of his preference, that particular tutor will get a request on his app, giving the student’s location and the time it will take for him to reach there. The tutor confirms the booking and that notification will be sent to the student.
  • The tutor will start his timer once he reaches the student’s place for the coaching session, and stops once the session is over. Payment will automatically be deducted from the student’s credit/debit card account, depending on the length of the tutoring session.
  • Once the job is over, both the student and tutor, can review and rate each other.


Meet the needs and demands of students all over the world by investing in this app – an app that is popular everywhere. The demand for education is getting bigger by the day. Meet that growing demand by launching this on demand tutor app in your hometown and start earning within two days. Teach and earn - The best part is that you are not doing the teaching, you are only earning, earning and earning. Day or night, the earnings just keep on coming. Such is the need for your unique tutoring app like uber.

Starting your own business can be a hard thing to do. Especially you don’t know too much about technology. But, we offer you a turnkey and disruptive solution that is so easy to use that you don’t have to worry about the technology at all!

Invest in this application once and get all the right support at the right time to be able to establish this into a holistic and fruitful business quickly and instantly. This is your chance to succeed. Don’t let a little technology worry you!

uber for tutors service Tutor on demand iPhone app
4 Steps to Your Product
  • Download Our Apps & Test in Real Enviroment
  • Tell Us Your preferred Language & Currency
  • Provide Service, Play Store & Your logo
  • We Launch Your Apps On Your Brand Name On Your Play Stores
Core Features
local language and currency feature multicurrency and multilanguage
real time tracking feature
  • on demand tutors app graphical flow
  • uber for tutors app splash screen
  • uber for tutors app introduction screen
  • client and tutors app login/registration screen
  • client and tutors app account verification screen
  • on demand tutors app menu screen
  • client choose the tutors service they want
  • client book a tutor
  • tutors get online
  • client choose payment mode
  • Client sending request to tutors
    tutors accept or reject client request
  • tutor accepted job request
  • internal chat between client and tutors
    Intrnal Chat Features
  • tutors reaches at the job location
  • client and tutors job started screen
  • tutors job completed screen
  • on demand tutors app invoice summary screen
  • client app book later option screen
  • client select best tutors in their area
  • upcoming and pending job request screen
  • on demand tutors app job history screen
  • on demand tutors app view past and upcoming jobs
  • tutors manage services
  • client and tutors payment option screen
  • on demand tutor app job and earnings statastics screen
  • client and tutors edit profile and invite friends to join app
  • emergency button for client and tutors
  • client and tutors feedback screen
  • on demand tutors app support menu & about us screen
  • on demand tutors app contact us & help screen
  • on demand tutors app terms and conditions & privacy policy screen


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