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HOW Talabat clone app WORKS

This is the most well-organized and successful method to smooth the progress of people with Food ordering app source code. This is the most user friendly iFood clone application that focuses on the usability of every one that is involved!

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Talabat Clone User App Flow

Let’s try to understand the way this app works for the User:

In order to use this app, the User will first have to download the iFood clone app. After this, they will be required to register into the app using social media or create a new ID by signing up. The user can sign up with their phone numbers and their email addresses.

The user will now be able to order the food of their choice whenever they like! On opening the app they will see the list of all the restaurants that are available in the app. After selecting the restaurant, they will get access to their menus.

They can now select the meal of their choice and order it for home delivery.

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How does talabat clone Payment work?

Not everyone wants to make cash payment. Not everyone doesn’t! This is why we allow you to give your users the flexibility of payment. Your users can now choose to make a payment using their debit cards or credit cards.

In case this doesn’t seem like a suitable option, the User can also choose to make a payment within the Talabat clone app using the “In app wallet”. The wallet feature is extremely useful and allows for users to recharge the wallet using the cards as well.

If both these options aren’t suitable for your customers, they can always choose to pay using cash! Cash is directly paid at the end when the food is delivered at the desired location mentioned by the User. Each time someone transacts using the iFood clone, the app owner makes a very handsome commission!

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User Application Features

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The time is NOW

The time is upon you to use this iFood clone to create a beautiful and unique solution to kickstart your business with pomp and adore! Today it’s no longer just about food. People look at food as comfort, luxury and security. With your app, you will be able to provide all three to your customers quickly and easily.

Your iFood clone is the biggest tool that will help restaurants tap into all the business that they were previously missing out on. Give local car and bike riders the ability to make more money through this application.

Make the most of this app NOW! Don’t let anyone else beat you to it! This is your time to succeed! Buy food ordering app source code NOW!

Admin Panel

Admin panel feature

Admin panel
  • technology Used

  • iOS
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • Swift iOS
  • Android
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Linux
  • Node js
  • Socket Cluster


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